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Welcome to Good Mythical MORE with Rhett \u0026 Link! GMMORE is the show after the show where things are a little more relaxed, but every bit as interesting as Good Mythical Morning. Tune in daily for even more taste tests, challenges, and games!\n\nPick up official GMM and Mythical merch at\nand\n\nJoin the Mythical Society:\n\nOrder our new novel:\n\nFollow Mythical:\nInstagram:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nWebsite:

Making "Grandpa Soap" DIY
Dessert MRE Taste Test
Testing Icy Hot Patches
Weird Mustard Taste Test
IKEA Sweets Taste Test
Vegan Yogurt Taste Test
We Play Sushi Jenga
School Supply Smell Test
Chicken Chips Taste Test
Kinetic Sand Pictionary
Roasting Pop Stars

Roasting Pop Stars

5 months ago

  1. bslewi

    bslewi16 hours ago

    I think it would be better if Rhett and Link's window was a bit bigger. It's hard to see them, and they're more interesting than the game. Just a suggestion. Thanks

  2. Katie Dullaghan

    Katie Dullaghan16 hours ago

    Y’all are sleeping on the rainbow chip frosting 🧁

  3. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour16 hours ago

    Migos new single - Dip't'n hummus n bite it.

  4. An Eye Later

    An Eye Later16 hours ago

    Link is so bad at all video games, I wonder if this caused distress in their couch co-op experiences over the years

  5. link

    link16 hours ago

    Link's hair looked so cool under the microscope

  6. Sandyandi

    Sandyandi16 hours ago

    In my family, we used to spread frosting on graham crackers and then sprinkled colored sugar on top.

  7. Jacob Clapp

    Jacob Clapp16 hours ago

    Watching Link play video games is so infuriating

  8. Dr. LumpyPants

    Dr. LumpyPants16 hours ago

    I was beat as a kid, our dogs also were. My children and dogs will also be beaten. Within reason of course.

  9. Basket case

    Basket case16 hours ago

    I had to use Grammerly for each of my masters papers to keep the paper from falling into the exact things you discussed, repeating words, synonyms, punctuation errors, and improving sentence structure. Probably saved many of my papers from the trash can....

  10. Amber Huntsman

    Amber Huntsman16 hours ago

    The only acceptable betty crocker icing is the rainbow chip.

  11. Rory Meade

    Rory Meade16 hours ago

    How did they miss Beanland?????

  12. hungryYT

    hungryYT17 hours ago

    Who's watching this in 2021 and u just see how much felix has changed

  13. kayla smith

    kayla smith17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that HATED the reaction to him asking for a dragon? I was literally screaming on the inside.

  14. Rearea Dumpster Diva

    Rearea Dumpster Diva17 hours ago

    You missed a few flavors

  15. Patrick Torring

    Patrick Torring17 hours ago

    Love the tranquility in this video 😌

  16. Jon Hoover

    Jon Hoover17 hours ago

    And sometimes I skip GMMORE.

  17. Bo McCormick

    Bo McCormick18 hours ago

    i play gmm in my headphones at work sometimes when i’m running around but i don’t think this video works for that

  18. KG

    KG18 hours ago

    Wish you guys would do more Let's Play. This definitely should be a regular thing!

  19. GSK

    GSK18 hours ago

    This was SO FUN 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Saxonous

    Saxonous18 hours ago

    Never played this but I feel this made it seem way harder than it actually is

  21. Gutz2464

    Gutz246418 hours ago

    6:39 : Wait thats illegal

  22. Nhi Nguyen

    Nhi Nguyen18 hours ago

    Idk why Rhett at 0:11-0:13 reminds me so much of Shep lol

  23. sushant pandita

    sushant pandita18 hours ago

    "You could float yourself across Niagara with this one"

  24. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma18 hours ago

    7:50 LOL

  25. DeadlyFredXXX

    DeadlyFredXXX18 hours ago

    Chocolate is a much more overbearing flavor so I would put the vanilla on top. I feel like if you put the chocolate on top it would melt all over the vanilla and just make it taste like chocolate.

  26. Dillinger 25

    Dillinger 2518 hours ago

    This conversation 🤣

  27. butt fuzz

    butt fuzz18 hours ago

    😂😂😂 I'm dieing!

  28. stinky man

    stinky man18 hours ago

    Link's brain actively refuses to accept new information and I love it

  29. macmoney20

    macmoney2018 hours ago

    Before Rhett turned around, I thought he was wearing a wig. I haven’t watched in a while LOL

  30. Bethany Wagner

    Bethany Wagner18 hours ago

    Rhett not responding to the first glimpse of “BEANLAND” is breaking my heart

  31. Ms. Grimm

    Ms. Grimm18 hours ago

    The reason for the vertical and horizontal labeling is to make it easier when people are stocking shelves. If it doesn’t fit vertically it might fit horizontally better

  32. minorking1121

    minorking112118 hours ago

    I've only ever used these on homemade Christmas sugar cookies. They hold the sprinkles on. (Red and green sprinkles only. The smaller glass like ones)

  33. diojeanes

    diojeanes18 hours ago

    ;ink was honetly so infuriating to watch play this one omg

  34. Josh Manning

    Josh Manning18 hours ago

    Watching them purposefully avoid the beans when they were supposed to knock them all over was so frustrating 😂

  35. Rae Cooley

    Rae Cooley18 hours ago

    Awww. It was really nice of you guys to let Anna B. borrow $30 😂

  36. fatsyfatso

    fatsyfatso18 hours ago

    Anyone who watches more than 1 minute of this is a hero

  37. jalynne conley

    jalynne conley18 hours ago

    at my house we dip animal crackers in it!

  38. Srsly Awkward

    Srsly Awkward19 hours ago

    I was not paying attention, but my cats were quite entertained by you guys playing this game. (I was going to attach a picture, but I guess that's not an option.)

  39. Jessica Collins

    Jessica Collins19 hours ago

    Naked cookies! My grandma makes me those and I love them! Chocolate cookies sans chocolate chips. The best

  40. cadewallace20111

    cadewallace2011119 hours ago

    "A little bit of pre-milk" Nobody caught Rhett's innuendo.

  41. John Carlos Roales

    John Carlos Roales19 hours ago

    Let's Play series is always frustrating and fun

  42. Jen Ye

    Jen Ye19 hours ago

    Betty Crooker has now been around for 100 years

  43. Peachy

    Peachy19 hours ago

    Rainbow Chip is the best hands down for me 😋

  44. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie19 hours ago

    i doubtd this more at the start but omg it was so good as usual

  45. jrbship

    jrbship19 hours ago

    I’m still processing “shaking hands with the Pope” from the main episode. I’ve never heard that one before. But I guess both make you feel closer to god?

  46. Stefan Lopuszanski

    Stefan Lopuszanski19 hours ago

    Link was using a keyboard so he didn't actually have to scream at all... no wonder they were doing so well :-P

  47. Alan Calvillo

    Alan Calvillo19 hours ago


  48. Savannah Perrin

    Savannah Perrin19 hours ago

    But you don’t have the ACTUAL winner in the lineup... where’s the RAINBOW CHIP ICING?! Haha

  49. LRB

    LRB19 hours ago

    5:05.. you had lots of time to sanitize your hands after blowing your nose Rhett.. we're in a global pandemic ya know.. lol

  50. Bush League BP

    Bush League BP19 hours ago

    These guys are making this game way more difficult than it needs to be... 😅

  51. shady 88

    shady 8819 hours ago

    Is this a real game or did they make this 😳

  52. Madeline Slaughter

    Madeline Slaughter20 hours ago

    Most frustrating thing I’ve ever seen

  53. susan clark

    susan clark20 hours ago

    I didn't really like the questions during the taste test.

  54. razzamatazification

    razzamatazification20 hours ago

    that was surprisingly enjoyable to watch!

  55. Madison Mings

    Madison Mings20 hours ago

    LMFAOOO OMG THIS GAME IS HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE THE GOAT SCREAMING HAHA!!! and Rhett: "I'm the man" Link: "And I'm the donkey" Me and Rhett at the same time: "It's a goat" LMFAOOOO!!! THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM!!!

  56. acdmoney2

    acdmoney220 hours ago

    It doesn't matter what pizza they're talking about unless is from New Haven CT

  57. Sensei William

    Sensei William20 hours ago

    quarantine isolation has done this to all of us

  58. Axel Blake

    Axel Blake20 hours ago

    It’s amazing how bad they are at video games.

  59. XDviper45

    XDviper4520 hours ago

    Lemon. All. The. Way

  60. Nick Poverman

    Nick Poverman20 hours ago

    When you said Cult I thought of The orange thing that left DC.

  61. Chrissy J

    Chrissy J20 hours ago

    Kinda sad that link cheated the last few games.... didnt even yell

  62. Grant Zolldan

    Grant Zolldan20 hours ago

    I love when Rhett laughs like a crazy old prospector

  63. Bradley Kempker

    Bradley Kempker20 hours ago

    Is this the game to end all video games?

  64. That’s What I said

    That’s What I said20 hours ago

    There is NO option to try the mythical society for free. SMH

  65. Julie Hayes

    Julie Hayes20 hours ago

    Have a splitting headache but watched anyway


    AKF XYRENIX20 hours ago

    good thinking with the lets play but u should try prop hunt or minecraft or granny simulator

  67. Brittney Anderson

    Brittney Anderson20 hours ago

    i am CACKLING at Link's goat noises omg hahahahaha

  68. Lauren Whitehead

    Lauren Whitehead20 hours ago

    anybody like gmmore better than the main show? just me? okay.

  69. Emily Schubert

    Emily Schubert20 hours ago

    what did i just watch

  70. Jane Winchester

    Jane Winchester20 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well the auto play completely disturbed my relaxing nap! Woke thinking I was on a funny farm 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐐🐐🐐🐐

  71. Tracie Murphy

    Tracie Murphy20 hours ago

    None of them!!!

  72. Amber Diane

    Amber Diane20 hours ago

    Wait what? 🤣 omg

  73. Noah Falk

    Noah Falk20 hours ago

    Watching you guys play video games is like watching my dad I wanna yell at you and tell you you're doing it wrong but I know you won't understand lmao

  74. Jenna Rasmussen

    Jenna Rasmussen20 hours ago

    I used to dip graham crackers in Betty Crocker icing. It’s so good

  75. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones21 hour ago

    It cracks me up whenever the guys say dudn't

  76. Michael

    Michael21 hour ago

    If there was no orbee in Link’s ear then Rhett was essentially sucking on his eardrum 😂😂

  77. Leonardo Vaquerano

    Leonardo Vaquerano21 hour ago

    How are they gonna pass Beanland and not go in?

  78. Josey Thompson

    Josey Thompson21 hour ago

    Who ate the icing 😂

  79. Efi Siapiti

    Efi Siapiti21 hour ago

    They basically performed the Turing test huh.

  80. Catherine Reardon

    Catherine Reardon21 hour ago

    I'm allergic to sweet potatoes so I can't enjoy them.