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  1. art perez

    art perez16 hours ago

    Respect Eddie!

  2. Ray Rosas

    Ray Rosas16 hours ago

    That’s why one needs to practice humility & gratitude. As old as Bob is, he should be one talking all this wisdom, not showing ugly sides. It’s off putting & counterproductive.

  3. Rodrigo Emilio Arredondo Sánchez

    Rodrigo Emilio Arredondo Sánchez16 hours ago

    Vamos Canelo 🥊🇮🇹❤️

  4. Jorge Negrete

    Jorge Negrete16 hours ago

    El Turco está pensando .... de voy a un tu .........deceso de Él y los haters. Suerte para los dos.

  5. The flow of Streetwall

    The flow of Streetwall16 hours ago

    Yildirim getting paid good for him he seems like a cool guy and good luck tomorrow night 🇹🇷

  6. Zain Hector

    Zain Hector16 hours ago

    For the dummies in the back he said they over paid.

  7. Chedda Bob

    Chedda Bob16 hours ago

    P4P! 🥊🇲🇽

  8. Rene Garcia

    Rene Garcia16 hours ago

    Must be crazy how left out yildrim must feel

  9. Jesus Lugo

    Jesus Lugo16 hours ago

    Constantino saludes. Muy buen trabajo siempre. Fui el primer comentario del “pound por pound” en tu primer video. 🤣 me conformo con un saludo del Canelo. Si gana en el 2 o 3 round.

  10. MtY TV On YouTube

    MtY TV On YouTube17 hours ago

    P4p I’m glad castantino gets love from team Canelo the let only genuine people in there circle ⭕️

  11. Chivis Lujano

    Chivis Lujano17 hours ago

    I peeped the shoes

  12. Hmon Goose

    Hmon Goose17 hours ago

    canelo is mexican.. no mexican will root for pacman.. pacman is aka the mexican killer

  13. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton17 hours ago

    Mikey what’s your favorite cheat meal...yes

  14. gustavo medina

    gustavo medina17 hours ago

    A lot respect for eddie truly a definition of what a promoter is

  15. Tou Cha

    Tou Cha17 hours ago

    I actually really respect this guy Eddie for talking like that, if all in honesty.

  16. Siegmund Gehrke

    Siegmund Gehrke17 hours ago

    This is a silly fight comeon yildrim got knocked out by Eubank jnr so Carnelos gonna kill him


    P4P HIGHLIGHTS17 hours ago

    Lets go zaddy canelo🥱

  18. Julio Arroyo

    Julio Arroyo17 hours ago

    Appreciate the interviews but can you make them longer and ask better questions, thanks

  19. Alejandro Rivero Jr.

    Alejandro Rivero Jr.17 hours ago

    Yldirim gonna be at least 190lbs fight night.

  20. Ukeme Idiong

    Ukeme Idiong17 hours ago

    Nothing but respect Eddie Cares about his fighters and he'd the only ones who talks about health and respect

  21. Pupps Dawg

    Pupps Dawg17 hours ago

    When your nickname is huesos 🤣

  22. ERHdaBest1 4L

    ERHdaBest1 4L17 hours ago

    Eddie Hearns is great for boxing.

  23. Reynante Ciriaco

    Reynante Ciriaco17 hours ago

    Eddie knows his craft.😁😁😁

  24. Da Ru

    Da Ru17 hours ago

    Pequeño Gigante

  25. Alberto Ochoa

    Alberto Ochoa17 hours ago

    I’m your dreams lil man 👨 lol 😂

  26. Raul Mateo

    Raul Mateo17 hours ago

    Este güey se pasa usualmente lo más bajo del boxeo pelean a Taxi Driver pero este desgraciado se fue más alla,para pelear al mecánico del Taxi Driver.😂😂😂

  27. gjjl 1st

    gjjl 1st17 hours ago

    I like Hearn stand up guy with respect 4 his fighters

  28. Pedro Aquino

    Pedro Aquino17 hours ago

    Q ara canelo tan chavitto y y contantos millones. Eso. Es el hodio. Porque. Todos los ex.boxiadores. se isieron biejos. Ynunca alcansaron loQ tiene elcanelo

  29. Pete

    Pete17 hours ago

    poun 4 poun!

  30. Abe

    Abe17 hours ago

    ESO!! 🇲🇽 💪

  31. bum boxer

    bum boxer17 hours ago

    I have nothing against top rank they put on good cards

  32. Jesus Moreno

    Jesus Moreno17 hours ago


  33. daveking777

    daveking77718 hours ago

    Aj will never fight Andy Ruiz again .. not now the biggest fight is aj fury... Ruiz needs to call out wilder knock him the fuck out and that will put more pressure on aj to fight him

  34. Little Giant Boxing

    Little Giant Boxing18 hours ago


  35. Erick Tellez

    Erick Tellez18 hours ago


  36. Cirilo Quintana

    Cirilo Quintana18 hours ago

    great content 💯

  37. Wack Mole

    Wack Mole18 hours ago

    I agree with this dude

  38. MuZiclife 4thepeople

    MuZiclife 4thepeople18 hours ago

    Ask Andy Ruiz who he knocks out next ?!

  39. markwayne143

    markwayne14318 hours ago

    And that my friends is why Eddie and Matchroom will be taking over the planet here soon.

  40. Gospel Musicians

    Gospel Musicians18 hours ago

    Somebody Forward this video to Terrence Crawford

  41. Ram

    Ram18 hours ago

    Shit, Canelo’s now the Hugh Hefner of boxing.

  42. MrBear2073

    MrBear207318 hours ago

    Awesome vids brotha, keep em coming. Ruiz needs to work on closing in. Joshua used his length well last time. Ruiz needs to find a way to get inside. Estaria con madre ver que gane Ruiz de nuevo.

  43. Lebron Lopez

    Lebron Lopez18 hours ago

    Esta perrona su pillama 💚🤍❤

  44. Ram

    Ram18 hours ago

    Tbh, I was hoping for some drama, even tho I knew it wouldn't come. I wanted to see the Clubber Lang, RockyIII meeting in the lobby.

  45. Lauro Pena

    Lauro Pena18 hours ago

    If he knocked him down 5 times with out bein in shape and good training like this he gone go down 10 timesss

  46. guts brah

    guts brah18 hours ago

    Under Reynoso the Trilogy would be much more interesting, one of Reynoso's greatest tests as a trainer

  47. Mario Garcia

    Mario Garcia18 hours ago

    Arriba mi gente 🇲🇽💯💯 we don’t back down for shit!

  48. Drop Kick Murphy00

    Drop Kick Murphy0018 hours ago

    Put up subtitles please next time. I dont speak mexican

  49. youngnutsack17

    youngnutsack1718 hours ago

    Andy is his own worst enemy, if he stays dedicated he can take AJs belts and be the first undisputed Mexican heavyweight champ

  50. jay cutler

    jay cutler18 hours ago


  51. Drop Kick Murphy00

    Drop Kick Murphy0018 hours ago

    Hearn was so ready to ignite the rematch originally and Andy accepted like a class act. They win the 2nd fight and never again talk about the trilogy. AJ owes this to Ruiz out of integrity. Let's go AJ trilogy time bro

  52. MikyMike242

    MikyMike24218 hours ago

    He will say anything.

  53. Manuel Razo

    Manuel Razo18 hours ago

    Aver si es sierto y se mantiene disiplinado para defenderlo, es mas dificil defender un titulo que ganarlo.

  54. WestTex Drew

    WestTex Drew18 hours ago

    FACTS💯 if he learns to stay disciplined!

  55. xmucane yooko

    xmucane yooko18 hours ago

    es el pan x pan excelente boxeador el canelo

  56. Carlos Castro

    Carlos Castro18 hours ago

    Another easy fight for Canelo

  57. rany lopez

    rany lopez18 hours ago

    Dope tattoo canelo made reynoso rich

  58. Sergio Bowers

    Sergio Bowers18 hours ago

    I like Eddie Hearn's answers, what a humble and straightforward guy.

  59. frank 1040

    frank 104018 hours ago

    Puro pinche villista cabrones! Let’s go get that billy next!

  60. MarkoTiano

    MarkoTiano18 hours ago

    Canelo is like " hey buddy I m a whoop your ass tomorrow, no hard feelings".

  61. Boxing Proff

    Boxing Proff18 hours ago

    Kingnelo about to whoop another bum.

  62. Notfrom Thisworld

    Notfrom Thisworld18 hours ago


  63. Max Wayne

    Max Wayne18 hours ago

    Much much respect to Eddie Hearn✊🏼

  64. Westside Snoop

    Westside Snoop18 hours ago

    Bud Crawford rubbing his hands like birdman

  65. Westside Snoop

    Westside Snoop18 hours ago


  66. Texas Jedi

    Texas Jedi18 hours ago

    Constantino gettin lots of love from Team Canelo these days,love to see it! Keep it up brotha🙏🏽

  67. Alfredo

    Alfredo18 hours ago

    Bro what ever happened to Chepo? Is it because of the pandemic?

  68. Ricardo Rosas

    Ricardo Rosas18 hours ago

    U heard that Bob...

  69. Ricardo Rosas

    Ricardo Rosas18 hours ago

    Thank u bro nicely said

  70. Adrian Quijano

    Adrian Quijano18 hours ago

    Me caía mal Eddie Hearn con todo ese ambiente posh de A Joshua, aquí con los mexas se ve muy humilde y agradable.

  71. Roberto Santoyo

    Roberto Santoyo19 hours ago

    Bob can go with Don king now is anew era

  72. Andre Devon

    Andre Devon19 hours ago

    Bottom Rank does it again. Pretty sure Triller is going to make a ton of this whole fight card.

  73. Marvin Acosta

    Marvin Acosta19 hours ago

    "The Nostradamus effect!!!🇭🇳👍💛😎😜💪🇭🇳

  74. Patricio Valenzuela Girault

    Patricio Valenzuela Girault19 hours ago


  75. Francisco ramirez

    Francisco ramirez19 hours ago

    canelo sabe que ryan no le va a ganar

  76. menji613

    menji61319 hours ago

    Eddie is officially my favorite promoter 👍🏾

  77. Hashmat Sultani

    Hashmat Sultani19 hours ago

    Lets go canelo 😘

  78. Marvin Acosta

    Marvin Acosta19 hours ago

    Massive ego from a guy that comes from a different era ! True that !!!👀