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The Hunting Public
The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public is an online video series that focuses on relating to all groups of hunters. By hunting in a variety of different situations we will try to teach our viewers different strategies for harvesting game.

  1. Joe B

    Joe B14 hours ago

    If you had to re attach an antler that fell off at which point in this process would you reattach im guessing the very end you glue it back on not sure though

  2. Andrea Green

    Andrea Green14 hours ago

    nice buck and great tackle

  3. JEFF M.

    JEFF M.16 hours ago

    Greg, what is the half-face covering that you used for this hunt ? Looks 'breathable.' Good hunt.

  4. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer17 hours ago

    That was classic. I can't get over how much whispering you guys get away with and Zach's obscene phone caller breathing makes it pretty exciting. Ted has that same heavy breathing routine

  5. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer18 hours ago

    It's easy turkey hunting on your spots but you guys going all over and hunting unfamiliar places. The travelling turkey hunter faces a lot more challenge I think. Still, I'd love to do a multi state turkey tour some day.

  6. JEFF M.

    JEFF M.18 hours ago

    Good one Ted. 50".

  7. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer18 hours ago

    Pretty typical turkey hunt. Stubborn toms with hens but eventually they can't resist

  8. JEFF M.

    JEFF M.18 hours ago

    Aaron, what type of facemask do you have in this video ? Good jake endings at the end of some of the mouth calling sequences. Possible with the slate call for locating also ?

  9. Aaron Petersen

    Aaron Petersen18 hours ago

    Jake looks like some sort of white wannabe rapper in the beginning of the video lol

  10. Bruce Terhune

    Bruce Terhune19 hours ago

    Can't believe how little that buck was. I live in western NY state. That area looked similar to the hills that I've hunted here. Guys from other states who come here to hunt usually find it tougher than they thought. I once shot a button buck that yielded only 40 lbs. of meat. Hope that isn't a typical size for a Georgia buck.

  11. Garrett Straffon

    Garrett Straffon19 hours ago

    Can’t wash the coffee cup. My dad always said The residue adds flavor. 😂

  12. Matthew Sims

    Matthew Sims20 hours ago

    Dont ya just love it when a plan comes together. Sometimes turkey hunting can drive ya mad and other times it seems to easy. Congrats

  13. Clappin Woodies Outdoors

    Clappin Woodies Outdoors21 hour ago

    I recommend the Federal TSS. Patterns great with a Primos turkey choke

  14. TannerJay Fishing

    TannerJay Fishing21 hour ago

    Very cool to see the whole experience! Congrats guys and awesome video!🤙🏼

  15. TJMill3r

    TJMill3r21 hour ago

    I run cell cameras near my ladder stand so I never have to go in and check it. Good video guys.

  16. Carter W

    Carter W21 hour ago

    Get a ice castle

  17. Carter W

    Carter W21 hour ago

    We have dog just like Oakley

  18. ITCian Coulter

    ITCian Coulter22 hours ago

    #turkey tour

  19. Kyle Lamberti

    Kyle Lamberti22 hours ago

    Re watching the turkey tour is getting me fired up for turkey season 2021!!!!

  20. Garrett Straffon

    Garrett Straffon22 hours ago

    More pa would be nice! Keep up the good work!

  21. Alan Tenney

    Alan Tenney22 hours ago

    that's hunting live and learn

  22. rich merlo

    rich merlo23 hours ago

    That's a great tip for tuning , thanks.

  23. Timothy Knutsen

    Timothy KnutsenDay ago

    Hey Jim, nice shot. He didn't have a chance with that Browning. I was thinking about picking one of those Browning 16 gauges. Thanks for the info on the Sweet 16, sounds like a good all around shotgun.

  24. Ray Spencer

    Ray SpencerDay ago

    Old man Jake. Be needing a cane soon.

  25. Karson Akins

    Karson AkinsDay ago

    Could you just leave skill in a cage in the woods and let it all just rot off?

  26. Paul Ogie

    Paul OgieDay ago

    I live 10 minutes from the lake. Only went out once with a buddy, but I take part in the party on an annual basis. Only place in the 🌎 you can do this. It's a CrAzY 🤪 good time.

  27. Matthew Sims

    Matthew SimsDay ago

    I like deer hunting with buddies or calling turkeys for someone else. But if I’m turkey hunting, i would rather do it alone. I tend to be very impatient/aggressive in the turkey woods. The down side is, if you kill, you dont have anyone to celebrate with. Nice job self filming. Congrats

  28. Xsv ShOnUfF vsX x89x

    Xsv ShOnUfF vsX x89xDay ago

    What kinda hunt/hike shoes-boots y’all wear? I’ve got some old boys and are in need of a good recommendation for a new set. Love the content.

  29. Dan Winter

    Dan WinterDay ago

    Great song Jim R!

  30. Janice Asbury

    Janice AsburyDay ago

    We're thankful to have you in the woods

  31. Don White

    Don WhiteDay ago

    How do you’ll get to hunt all season do you’ll have jobs or own bussiness

  32. Jamie Bryson

    Jamie BrysonDay ago

    Awesome video! Congrats Grant 🙌

  33. Jamie Bryson

    Jamie BrysonDay ago

    Up in the Yaak (Montana) bow hunting a couple of years ago and walked up in a grizzly in some thick stuff he started popping & smacking he's Jaws really loud😢 I backed out real slow luckily I made it out without any problems, it's definitely creepy being 30yrds from a big grizzly especially when you are alone.......great series!

  34. Darnell Watkins

    Darnell WatkinsDay ago

    Fudd question, where the hell are you guys? Nm, def Sconsin’.

  35. Clappin Woodies Outdoors

    Clappin Woodies OutdoorsDay ago

    This is my favorite video of y’alls



    I'm new and looking to get into the sport... Is all this tuning and learning cost extra or is it just standard when buying a bow??

  37. Justin M.

    Justin M.Day ago

    The fact that you found a Remington 870 and you didn’t buy it during these times is really weird because I would’ve bought both one for the video and the other for me

  38. Michael Lydick

    Michael LydickDay ago

    Every time I watch you Zach, I feel like I'm watching one of greatest bowhunters in history. It's a privilege to watch you and the team do what you do. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us mortals.

  39. Stacey Dodd

    Stacey DoddDay ago

    Does sturgeon taste good?

  40. Unanimous Arts

    Unanimous ArtsDay ago

    Props to the salesman! He is doing a fantastic job! I would feel 100% comfortable taking advice and learning from him.

  41. Rob Greer

    Rob GreerDay ago

    I absolutely love the turkey coffin!

  42. Rob Greer

    Rob GreerDay ago

    Excellent tactical approach and positioning!

  43. Rob Greer

    Rob GreerDay ago

    Remind me to leave this state off my next turkey tour

  44. Steve

    SteveDay ago

    Not being judgmental, just curious. Who on the Hunting Public crew, when hunting wild turkey, loads 2 shells in their shotgun and who loads 3, and why?

  45. Thad Helmlinger

    Thad HelmlingerDay ago


  46. Wyatt Burleson

    Wyatt BurlesonDay ago

    Guys, I love your hunting videos, especially the deer. But I enjoy the sturgeon ones the best, and I'm not even a fisherman! Keep up the great work!

  47. Bennie White

    Bennie WhiteDay ago

    You just made me hungry

  48. Jack Frye

    Jack FryeDay ago

    Question what about dinosaurs what do I use for them?

  49. Thomas Hartmann

    Thomas HartmannDay ago

    Perfect music during Jake's catch shit was catchy!!!!

  50. a dude on the interweb

    a dude on the interweb2 days ago

    i`ve gained US citizenship after watching this video

  51. john martin

    john martin2 days ago

    DSGB Here the closest I’ve come to ice fishing was Wednesday when the fish sticks fell out of the box in the freezer lol I don’t do cold

  52. jeff Graf

    jeff Graf2 days ago

    Love it and miss it . It is that fun and a blast one of these days am going back to my home state of Wisconsin and doing this again . Congratulations ya all on the sturgeon. Makes me hungry sturgeon is so good too eat aawww. Mmmmm good.

  53. JD Kear

    JD Kear2 days ago


  54. Rusty Shackleford gribble

    Rusty Shackleford gribble2 days ago

    Better than buck commander

  55. Damon Moore

    Damon Moore2 days ago

    Nice job on the banded turkey

  56. chandler spiller

    chandler spiller2 days ago

    Go to gulf mountain in Scotland AR. thank me later

  57. Brian Stovers

    Brian Stovers2 days ago

    Hey guys, I enjoy watching yall. I live in Alabama. I was wondering what part of Alabama are you guys hunting. Thanks

  58. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer2 days ago

    Every Spring I thank God that most people can't understand how hard it is and how much fun it is. If everybody understood there'd be people behind every tree and no turkeys left.

  59. Joel Mcmahan

    Joel Mcmahan2 days ago

    As all ways a great video, thanks again to The Hunting Public crew and families 👍🇺🇸

  60. lawrence nowinski

    lawrence nowinski2 days ago

    Awesome job guys!

  61. nunya business

    nunya business2 days ago

    I guess the way I look at it is a 9mm vs .45, Faster lighter bullet going to travel faster further at longer distance then a Heavier slower bullet. You lose speed and range with a Heavier front and also add more wind resistance both to slow down an arrow as well as more surface area for crosswinds to send your arrow off target.

  62. Rob Greer

    Rob Greer2 days ago

    Ted is really hard on himself, especially in turkey hunting. Needs Aaron to ground him. Good job

  63. Jamie Bryson

    Jamie Bryson2 days ago

    Looking forward to the rest of the series! Also looking at The Ravin R-10 I heard it was a great crossbow

  64. Gene Delong

    Gene Delong2 days ago

    I need a bow

  65. Allen Chason

    Allen Chason2 days ago

    Great hunt and beautiful buck! I'm going Traditional myself after 40+ years of shooting a compound. I'm shooting a Recurve and longbow now and loving the learning process. Good luck in the future, shooting Trad is so much fun!

  66. Basit Zaman

    Basit Zaman2 days ago

    Substantial animals are becoming exotic try to increase reproduction!

  67. Conner Baxley

    Conner Baxley2 days ago

    Hey guys love the show. I'm from central fl. And would love to have yall down for an osceola Turkey hunt. Comment back if your interested

  68. Henry’s Outdoors

    Henry’s Outdoors2 days ago


  69. Mikey Menser

    Mikey Menser2 days ago

    Great customer service lol

  70. Grant Gemlo

    Grant Gemlo2 days ago

    At 32:45 does ted say “all f’ed up boys” ?

  71. Blake Merritt

    Blake Merritt2 days ago

    One of my favorite elk hunting vids. No stupid music, awesome bugling, awesome tracking. Nice work guys. Hope to be doing the same in September in unit 131.

  72. Nathan Dowden

    Nathan Dowden2 days ago

    Y’all come to Louisiana. I have a camper and 2 extra rooms. 4 HUGE pieces of public land within 15 minutes. April 2-May 2

  73. Human Tacos

    Human Tacos2 days ago

    Does Walmart even sell ammo anymore? I feel like they stopped here. I don't mean they can't get it from suppliers, but they stopped carrying it period.

  74. Brad Bartkus

    Brad Bartkus2 days ago

    Why don't you guys bring a ground blind with you? Even a tiny one that would just give you some cover would be better than just standing out in the open.

  75. Ric Carrasco

    Ric Carrasco2 days ago

    Just came back and rewatched this. I just wanted to say that I've watched all the videos you guys have put out and I know there are others that are great content. You know, the ones that it's unbelievable you got that close or the set up was perfect or the tactics were spot on and showed exactly what you wanted it to in order to illustrate what you've been trying to tell us. However, This video hits the mark on a few things that I think are perfect draws to get people excited about getting out out in the woods. This was a master class in how to observe nature up close. I don't care if you're hunting, photographing, or just out to see something, this is how it should be done. I hunt, mainly, New Mexico. (I to, often, have limited fuel lol) I often get asked how to get close to animals. Elk, Mule deer, Antelope and such. The first thing I tell people is to get outside, take a camera or phone, and go find animals. do it outside the hunt seasons and just try and find them, don't worry about getting close just find them. once you do that you can worry about tactics to get close. That's how I teach my kids, in addition to bringing them out to hunt. but in the off season they get to make mistakes and try emulating dad without pressure. in hunting season, everyone is in a hurry. NM is a draw only state and bow season is 14 days, rifle season 5. if you want to learn animal behavior, take the time outside the hunt seasons and shoot with a camera. challenge yourself to do better every time. Anyway... sorry for the long comment. I really just wanted to say that I think this in the top 5 videos I would recommend to anyone. Family friendly content with humor, fun, and education. Thanks THP and if you're ever in NM and want a buddy to hunt with... hit me up.

  76. Eli Murphree

    Eli Murphree2 days ago

    Hunted those areas before! If you can kill one around there you can kill one anywhere

  77. frostcbr

    frostcbr2 days ago

    Beer and spear!

  78. Mike Engelmann

    Mike Engelmann2 days ago

    Baby Shark

  79. Average Outdoorsman

    Average Outdoorsman2 days ago

    I was learning so much. I hope yall do an episode where you two just talk mapping whitetails and turkeys.

  80. R Bakken

    R Bakken2 days ago

    OUTSTANDING VIDEO GUYS! What a riot watching you guys. Good shot Jake! Hope someday you guys can spear northerns.