Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED
Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED
Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED

  1. Caitlyn Brown

    Caitlyn Brown23 hours ago

    I’m now saying “white van speaker scam” to anything questionable now lol

  2. Fiona C. T

    Fiona C. T23 hours ago

    “Or I can just start doing heroine” *cut to advert 😂 I love them 🤣

  3. Beanybaby

    Beanybaby23 hours ago

    what happened to kenny?

  4. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin HernandezDay ago

    That Naruto run tho 😂🤣

  5. Briana Mattingly

    Briana MattinglyDay ago

    wait did anyone else think about the fact that maybe the guy riding the bike that's blind, was maybe trying to ride by and is the one who hit matt by accident lol XD i love you guys

  6. MaksymLozOfficial

    MaksymLozOfficialDay ago

    You should also get Dominic Deangelis on the show

  7. Tiana Folland

    Tiana FollandDay ago

    No I’m fr upset about this and am about to send out an email to all my past teachers asking why tf they lie straight through their teeth like that. I’m 18 and just found out bats aren’t blind and that camels do not have water in their humps. That’s sad

  8. Tansu Yesilay

    Tansu YesilayDay ago

    We get it Matt your last name is king

  9. Joshua Kurian

    Joshua KurianDay ago

    Honestly gonna start watchung this podcast over views. I love views more then anything. But the last three have been trash. Its not as good as the podcasts thus far with JUST david and jason with ilya and joe for a bit in between. Natalie fucking sucks as always and now they’re doijg a guest shiw type thing and its trash. So here i am.

  10. Lauren Piontkowski

    Lauren PiontkowskiDay ago

    Omg Mariah, you really are from PA if you know about Camelback!

  11. Faye Morgan

    Faye MorganDay ago

    What's with the cereal bowl?

  12. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer SmithDay ago

    The poised credit intralysosomally shock because gallon sicily guarantee down a endurable climb. absent, tedious santa


    ANGEL PULEDay ago

    this is the best podcast ever... i laughed my ass off. i loved the witch bitch part!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Azza Shaik

    Azza ShaikDay ago

    We STAN Hidaya

  15. Caoimhe_Plays

    Caoimhe_PlaysDay ago

    21:45 Matt sounds like that Nicki Minaj video “I’m obsssssssessed” 😂

  16. Lindy Thomas

    Lindy ThomasDay ago

    Damn Zane $150... I died laughing🤣🤣🤣

  17. Safah Siddique

    Safah SiddiqueDay ago

    Matt is so cute he seems like he’s having so much fun with his besties🥺

  18. Kati Rosenbaum

    Kati RosenbaumDay ago

    stfu jet blue bad too. we know you fly delta.

  19. panda hero

    panda heroDay ago

    i mean how the ad was structured; she could’ve been saying it makes her look gleeful. but regardless everyone is entitled to their own opinion, etc etc. plus we’re at a day in age where nothing should offend us. ._.

  20. Noah Trf

    Noah TrfDay ago

    Am I the only one that wants the high episode they talked bout

  21. Karlee

    KarleeDay ago

    OMG omg omg !!! I hope someone replies to this lol DOES KENNY HAVE DOUBLE JOINTED FINGERS WHERE THEY DON’T STRAIGHTEN????? Cause holy shit me too if so and I’ve always been made fun of for it and never met someone else with them lol

  22. ProbablyAlan

    ProbablyAlanDay ago

    Coffee except for house blend Is sold out 😭😭😭

  23. Meep!9

    Meep!9Day ago

    Thank goodness Matt’s back

  24. Mel Murray

    Mel MurrayDay ago

    Literally made me laugh so hard loving this channel

  25. AJ Moore

    AJ MooreDay ago

    every time i go to the grocery store, i say hi to the lobsters. they still have them around here

  26. Eli G

    Eli GDay ago

    I love her but take a shot everytime she says like

  27. AshlyDown

    AshlyDownDay ago

    Not sure which ADHD medication Zane is taking, but my daughter’s medication takes about three months to actually have full effect

  28. Mel Murray

    Mel MurrayDay ago

    Absolutely love this they well into it now binge watched first 9 this past day EPIC USlikes family

  29. K. B.

    K. B.Day ago

    heath i have an intuition and i feel like who ever is getting married was destined to get married. that’s why the song was playing, it was a confirmation that you were supposed to be going there. heath they will have a long marriage. i wish them the best. the universe was watching over you guys. good job!

  30. Miranda

    MirandaDay ago

    Love linguistics lol geo tags on twitter can tell you where a word is mostly used

  31. Kylee Jonas

    Kylee JonasDay ago

    Mariah seems weird at the end, like there’s something wrong. Anyone else see it? Hope she’s ok🥺💕

  32. bb

    bbDay ago

    Cart narcs!!!

  33. tanisha haze

    tanisha hazeDay ago

    My Aunty actually got weed through airport security and on a plane pretending it was loose leaf tea 😂

  34. Michael Thomas

    Michael ThomasDay ago

    My gf has spend a little over $1000 on games on her phone over 2-3 years 🤦‍♂️

  35. Samantha Saade

    Samantha SaadeDay ago

    Bobby is outttt hahahahah

  36. Amber Schramm

    Amber SchrammDay ago

    episode 67 twice???

  37. Rachel K

    Rachel KDay ago

    Hollister had a limit of 20 items per customer when I worked there because so often people would come and buy bulk just to sell it online for more.

  38. shay bae

    shay baeDay ago

    Me looking for the quiz link : 👁👄👁

  39. Jos Helgren

    Jos HelgrenDay ago


  40. Dani M.

    Dani M.Day ago

    I wanna know how many degrees of separation there are between Mariah and Pete Davidson lmao

  41. Koree McDonald

    Koree McDonaldDay ago

    You guys should make a USlikes VR Video!!

  42. tanisha haze

    tanisha hazeDay ago

    I literally put this podcast on to keep me from boredom while cooking a hello fresh meal as you started with your ad read 😂 Edit: although, your code doesn’t work for Australia!

  43. Catherine Nemeth

    Catherine NemethDay ago

    I think ppl cling to tech boxes cus they’re apart of human like history like how we interacted in 2003 w Nokia idk something sentimental and nostalgic. I still have my phone from middle school and it’s in its box. I can plug her in and turn her on. It was a Samsung intensity LOL

  44. Jacinta Eveleigh

    Jacinta EveleighDay ago

    I can't get over the ending about the near death experiences, that's crazy. I was really intrigued and had legit goosebumps when listening to that. I've only just started watching Zane and Health Unfiltered but shit do I love these group of people and their amazing dynamic of conversation!!

  45. Lori

    LoriDay ago

    okay so about the credit cards!! At my bank, there is a credit card where you pick a spending limit and then you have to put down that much and they keep that money on hold the whole time your credit card is open. If there is ever a point where you don't pay off your credit card and they have to close it then they have that money on hold that was yours to begin with to pay it off! I was able to get my first credit card right out of high school and I chose a limit that stays under my monthly spending budget and I just put everything on it and pay it off when I get paid. I don't know how many banks do this but its actually so cool and helpful and now im 20 with amazing credit:)

  46. Britney Manipakone

    Britney ManipakoneDay ago

    One time I had frozen egg rolls and they thought I was transporting illegal things. Opened my bag and then saw food. They were so confused

  47. M G

    M GDay ago

    .... is no one gonna mention the David situation

  48. Gabriela Atilano Lizarraga

    Gabriela Atilano LizarragaDay ago

    People actually sell the apple boxes

  49. Rachel Ferrell

    Rachel FerrellDay ago

    Drink every time Tana says ‘of it all’

  50. Hannah Hufham

    Hannah HufhamDay ago

    here them talking about britney spears knowing what i do now is so crazy

  51. Roy McLaughlin

    Roy McLaughlinDay ago

    When he said "there was 2 kids standing in my fucking face" I lost it😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Bree Jeffcoat

    Bree JeffcoatDay ago

    I met Tyler & Jc when they were there in Hawaii for the O2L tour hahah

  53. Genesis Rodriguez

    Genesis RodriguezDay ago

    Zane should do more cover

  54. Abi Garrett

    Abi GarrettDay ago

    I’m 20 and I still haven’t had a credit card. I’m gonna be screwed 😟

  55. evelyn

    evelynDay ago


  56. Sydney May

    Sydney MayDay ago

    I’ve been silently dying laughing rocking my 4 month old to sleep 😂 Heath thinking there was a ghost next to him when matt was talking to him...I lost it 😂

  57. Annika Hogan

    Annika HoganDay ago

    There’s literally a pull ups commercial with a rap that sounds exactly like Scott and I thought it was him for the longest time

  58. Ren R

    Ren RDay ago

    BROOOOOO MATTS BACK ??? i’m back

  59. Lindsey Fritts

    Lindsey FrittsDay ago

    1:28:56 Matt: you can’t touch your palm to your shoulder Me: hmmm🤔 *brings my right palm to my left shoulder*

  60. Angie F

    Angie FDay ago

    Pls drop the lingo quiz link I’m lost lol

  61. The Rican

    The RicanDay ago

    I think I can speak for everyone thanking you for 2 hours of only you guys!

  62. bye felicia

    bye feliciaDay ago


  63. Chelsea Arganbright

    Chelsea ArganbrightDay ago

    Haunted episode soon pleaseeeee

  64. Madison Schrimpe

    Madison SchrimpeDay ago

    I am a freshman in high school and we have to take financial literacy in freshman or sophomore year. And that class is learning about taxes and job applications etc

  65. Madison Schrimpe

    Madison SchrimpeDay ago

    We still make brochures in school

  66. Alexis Mishaan

    Alexis MishaanDay ago

    Can we please get the conspiracy theories video now that Matt is back

  67. Jack Van Pelt

    Jack Van PeltDay ago

    35:44 *Matt laughing at Zane* Mariah: Then I start tearing up. Matt: 😦☹️

  68. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren OliviaDay ago

    Sugar Crush said "make his pockets hurt" to zane

  69. ThatGirlLib

    ThatGirlLibDay ago

    School is suppose to educate you. Your parents are the ones who are suppose to teach you about life. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ High school is like general Ed. You want to learn about taxes, accounting... etc, then go to college. You guys expect to learn all that when kids brains aren’t fully formed or functional? Yikes!

  70. Sierra Carrico

    Sierra CarricoDay ago

    mariah looking at the camera after they all laugh. 😂

  71. dallas sadler

    dallas sadlerDay ago

    i know zane and heath but the third kid? no one really cares to hear his opinion jssss

  72. Lea Rose

    Lea RoseDay ago

    I don't speak arabic but clearly Zane u don't either my friend jyst said that it's pronounced K(!)asaCHstan not CH-asaCHstan 😂

  73. Meliza Hernandez

    Meliza HernandezDay ago

    PLEASE BRING JC BACK!! We need that crackdad back <3

  74. Charlotte Saintsing

    Charlotte SaintsingDay ago

    me a junior in high school still making brochures 😳

  75. Britt xo

    Britt xoDay ago

    I love Matt but I miss kenny

  76. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren OliviaDay ago

    When they did a sponsor break for their own coffee I lost it because they were talking about it as if it wasn't their own company.

  77. Marjorie Gagnon

    Marjorie GagnonDay ago

    I remember in 2018-2017 my friends were all going to rave. In Canada Québec it was still popular

  78. Rosa Morales

    Rosa MoralesDay ago

    Not me seeing the ring in an add below this video

  79. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShftDay ago

    Hey Zane & Heath what are Kenny’s socials so we can support him.

  80. Cyn N’ Lex

    Cyn N’ LexDay ago

    hey guys i have an idea for an extra video i would loveeeee for you guys to play geoguesser it’s such a fun and entertaining game and i think matt would really be good at it 😂 look into it! love you guys!!