Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.
Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods \u0026 Random indie games!
I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie!
I love cats and anything cute :3

P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too!

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  1. Kai Lee

    Kai Lee3 minutes ago

    Silk touch for 8 diamonds 20:56

  2. muslim islam

    muslim islam10 minutes ago

    I love the final one

  3. Binxy G

    Binxy G14 minutes ago

    I do love the sieres but I cant sum or live I still live with my parents cause I am only 8 soo sorry wish I could.

  4. Raven Folkerts

    Raven Folkerts18 minutes ago


  5. RiverPlayz

    RiverPlayz19 minutes ago

    I had a minecraft world since I was three now I’m eight and I had a world for 5 years

  6. The Lydia Show

    The Lydia Show20 minutes ago

    The “Baby elephant” is adorable!!!!

  7. Møchii :P

    Møchii :P21 minute ago

    The moment she leaves: B U R N

  8. chris hartsock

    chris hartsock21 minute ago

    You should call your title best Lizzy

  9. Amelia

    Amelia21 minute ago

    EnGaGe MoTh MoDe

  10. queen _of_the_gooses

    queen _of_the_gooses21 minute ago

    its REMI

  11. xoffiex

    xoffiex22 minutes ago

    Lizzie:It's 2019 people! Me: It's 2021 people! 👁️👄👁️🤚

  12. Brenda Crausen

    Brenda Crausen26 minutes ago

    You forgot the wishing well!!!!!!!

  13. Fantasy Mind

    Fantasy Mind26 minutes ago

    I am in fact a real witch and I would live there like a shot, but I'd probs get rid of the dead animals cause it would break my heart. I'm a good witch!

  14. Presley Playz

    Presley Playz30 minutes ago

    I was on a game and I made my name LDshadowlady hehe

  15. Gamer Uni

    Gamer Uni32 minutes ago

    All rooms bootful Can i live in them all

  16. Liz Reynolds

    Liz Reynolds32 minutes ago

    can u add amerthist armor

  17. Jonathan Andres Arias Duran

    Jonathan Andres Arias Duran36 minutes ago

    what do app did you go to chace mobs

  18. Bronx Allen

    Bronx Allen36 minutes ago

    are you going to make a new server wen u die in xlife

  19. Grayson Holmes

    Grayson Holmes38 minutes ago

    Eight diamonds? Wow

  20. Lorly Caperida

    Lorly Caperida38 minutes ago



    GIRO MIGUEL FLORES40 minutes ago

    What did lizzei say shamalama dingdong ????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Honeyleth Morimonte

    Honeyleth Morimonte43 minutes ago

    I have Minecraft I am playing Minecraft in 3 am I saw in a cave a lot of head of villager head

  23. Sophia Mena

    Sophia Mena46 minutes ago

    I love xlife but funcraft episodes just hit different

  24. kookie_moon 21

    kookie_moon 2147 minutes ago

    Lizzie u put a fnaf magle head

  25. Mie Rimas

    Mie Rimas50 minutes ago

    Lizzie please I dare you to not adopt any pets please they will just die- 👁️👄👁️ really fast by an "AcCiDeNt"

  26. Lily

    Lily56 minutes ago

    Come to: me and make my house

  27. emma page

    emma page57 minutes ago

    No ones gonna ask how she got the obsidian for the enchanting table

  28. Ahmad Youssef

    Ahmad Youssef58 minutes ago


  29. CiAZ4

    CiAZ458 minutes ago

    some of the pages in the book just say "pandas don't exist" lol

  30. julios escoderos

    julios escoderos59 minutes ago


  31. Æsthetic_Ash

    Æsthetic_AshHour ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2021?

  32. Erika T

    Erika THour ago

    So much pic's

  33. Erika T

    Erika THour ago

    When she said stich i though it was spit

  34. ghostiwaskidnapped

    ghostiwaskidnappedHour ago

    People: "wolf" Lizzy: "Welf"

  35. Markdheniel Acaso

    Markdheniel AcasoHour ago

    lezzie how did you install crazycaraft 3.0



    rest in peace polar wolf :c

  37. Poppy-Grace Beacham

    Poppy-Grace BeachamHour ago

    Lizzie OJG A BAT BACKPACK Me its a bat pack

  38. game with Erich Rapas

    game with Erich RapasHour ago

    What mode are you using

  39. Erin MacLachlan

    Erin MacLachlanHour ago

    The sully build looks more like randal



    rest in peace polar wolf :c

  41. Alison Marples

    Alison MarplesHour ago

    Lizzy, i think u mist a pet, when you were looking for the pets to adopt, when u were at Pauline, there was something in the lava

  42. Alice Jones

    Alice JonesHour ago

    its joel

  43. Jessica o connor

    Jessica o connorHour ago

    Me: Questions lizzie is crazy 😜 lol bf comes what are you doing lizzie: umm minecraft 😅 bf k😑

  44. Ashley Feng

    Ashley FengHour ago

    The moon shaped island was the island with all different animals and the heart shaped one had the bunny’s Lizzie!!!

  45. vmaryz

    vmaryzHour ago

    Sana all

  46. webber chiu

    webber chiuHour ago


  47. Olivia Jean Dicker

    Olivia Jean DickerHour ago

    The SLEEP OVER ROOM it's so cute

  48. Matilda Brownbill

    Matilda BrownbillHour ago

    You should have put fairy lights on the tree!

  49. Yvonne Fogarty

    Yvonne FogartyHour ago

    Your deer

  50. Marc John Francia

    Marc John FranciaHour ago


  51. The Stealthy Thing

    The Stealthy ThingHour ago

    Make a part two 200 days in Minecraft

  52. Lauren Schouten

    Lauren SchoutenHour ago

    wre dimond armer to match and chicken fast matchy flying

  53. Jumana olaimat

    Jumana olaimatHour ago


  54. Cute Fatima Hassan

    Cute Fatima HassanHour ago

    It is so cool but it is a big house like my house in Minecraft

  55. amelia sarah

    amelia sarahHour ago

    how to get graphics like uh???

  56. leah •o•

    leah •o•Hour ago

    woah that fanart inspired me too i want to draw one like it:D

  57. john mooring

    john mooringHour ago

    tiny slimes don`t do damage.

  58. Lucinda Swift

    Lucinda SwiftHour ago

    Wow, a normal intro! Nice job Lizzie!

  59. Eri cutecat

    Eri cutecatHour ago

    League of villains my brain thinking of my hero academia

  60. LinenIsMyLife

    LinenIsMyLifeHour ago

    shes almost at 6 million now lol

  61. Venice Lozano

    Venice LozanoHour ago

    Me:like in KSA toy years us?

  62. Gurpinder Aujla

    Gurpinder AujlaHour ago

    U could have used steak 😆😆😆

  63. matilda johnsson

    matilda johnssonHour ago

    Why is it that my dream is to be in a vid with her

  64. Thomas Halstead

    Thomas HalsteadHour ago

    I never noticed that on a song with youtubers that the 1 with glasses was LDShadowLady

  65. Hannah Eliza

    Hannah ElizaHour ago

    what shaders do you use?

  66. XxGamerSarahxX

    XxGamerSarahxXHour ago

    Hmm maybe somebody can get in like seapeekay because u made a video

  67. Old Newzz

    Old Newzz2 hours ago

    My Least To Fav Series: (Minecraft Only) 1- Kingdom Craft 2-Enchanted Oasis 3-Funcraft 4-Shadowcraft 5-One Life 2.0 6-One Life 7-Shadowcraft 2.0 8-Crazy Craft 9-X Life 10-Trollcraft 11-Build Battle 12-Pixel Painters 13-Build VS

  68. Amanat X

    Amanat X2 hours ago

    Why didnt you just craft an emerald pick? Wont it have silk touch?????🤨🤨

  69. Sassy Kassey

    Sassy Kassey2 hours ago

    what about base invaders?

  70. Erin Costello

    Erin Costello2 hours ago

    Who else is watching this in 2021 uhhhhh

  71. Bethan Sey

    Bethan Sey2 hours ago

    Anyone else get shadowcraft vibes from the house? 😂

  72. Cool Banana

    Cool Banana2 hours ago


  73. baz749

    baz7492 hours ago

    It was seapeekay!!!!!!

  74. Jalisa Huebschwerlen

    Jalisa Huebschwerlen2 hours ago

    Pls can u name a dog Stella and a cat named Eaor the cat is my dead cat and my dog was givin away

  75. Red_bułl

    Red_bułl2 hours ago

    Can I have nuggies Lizze 2021

  76. Amanat X

    Amanat X2 hours ago

    Am i the only one who remembers her room in joels house?

  77. Gemma Burke

    Gemma Burke2 hours ago

    How do you get mods????

  78. XxMysterious GirlxX

    XxMysterious GirlxX2 hours ago

    Boi meh got all of those on my upcoming movie

  79. Fries the panda girl

    Fries the panda girl2 hours ago

    Don't sprint it makes you smaller

  80. Luna

    Luna2 hours ago

    Lizzie, i heard that the server is going to close down... I was on GeminiTays yt and.. Yeah...