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Analyzing R. Kelly
Tim Dillon's AirBnB Saga
  1. Nikisright

    Nikisright3 hours ago

    🙏🙏🙏 Prayers!

  2. Brian Crawford

    Brian Crawford3 hours ago

    Handling it brilliantly? Dude had a naval hospital ship in NYC and didn't touch it. Or the warehouse of ventilators. He's a clown

  3. jgodawa13

    jgodawa133 hours ago

    Bob Lazar is awesome love that guy!Jeremy is typical UFO douche can't stop himself from wondering off into the weeds like a guy trying to convince himself of something

  4. Professor Barmental

    Professor Barmental3 hours ago

    Aliens are really shy

  5. Mat Salleh

    Mat Salleh3 hours ago

    Antivirus couldn't prevent my computer from being infected by virus.. ☹️☹️

  6. Mathew Pryor

    Mathew Pryor3 hours ago

    My favourite Simpsons episode is the same one 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    LINDA BELL3 hours ago

    13:17 FACTS. we need to stop doing this.

  8. Dreamcee

    Dreamcee3 hours ago

    A man wearing a mushroom hat is about to tell you more interesting stuff within 2 minutes than you've heard in years

  9. Blazzord DigiByte Memes

    Blazzord DigiByte Memes3 hours ago

    Fuck Spotify Invest in DigiByte

  10. gvbrixl_gb

    gvbrixl_gb3 hours ago

    you know i mean

  11. francie vaughan

    francie vaughan3 hours ago

    1hr 52m55s is the funniest thing I have listened too in my life.

  12. Brian Crawford

    Brian Crawford3 hours ago

    Like they are going to do anything to him. Dems aren't ever punished for shit

  13. Nikisright

    Nikisright3 hours ago

    Greece probably found dinosaur bones and those were mythological creatures.


    PEPE STROKEY3 hours ago

    Joe Rogan. You are one of the top ten WORST comedians of all time. Right there with schumer and brendan schaub. Great podcaster and commentator, garbage ass comedian.

  15. Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson3 hours ago

    One last thing for now, Electric cars and fossil fueld cars both break the laws of thermodynamics. And each one wastes a finite resource on the wrong problem. Fossil fuels are a one time gift from earth and should never be used unless we need to grow food in warehouses because less sunlight is making it to the surface for one reason or another, like if a supervolcano erupts that we don't drain, or an asteroid hits and throws stuff in the atmosphere that takes years settle out. Electric cars waste finite rare earths we need for the asteroid detection, defense, and mining program we should have. Super efficient cars that last a super long time that run off a fuel like algal biomass or element 115. See what I did there I left room for innovation in the right direction. Fossil fuels and rare earths both have a place and time they will be of use to humanity. Cars aren't it.


    GEORGE LOOKAS4 hours ago

    I miss Joe on USlikes. Can’t stand the commercials on Spotify and don’t want to pay for no commercials. Grrrr

  17. Joey Store

    Joey Store4 hours ago

    Joe is such a Goat

  18. Piney Air

    Piney Air4 hours ago

    @3:40 did someone shot Joe up? He got ridicusily hyped up

  19. italian_kid

    italian_kid4 hours ago

    Fuck Spotify

  20. jo hn

    jo hn4 hours ago

    That house fits Joe’s sensibilities. He comes off that in private he would be so pretentious. That house would be perfect for him.

  21. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Wilson4 hours ago

    Alex is fucking skied up... Jaw twisted a keep swallowing from the drain👃

  22. Winston Brown

    Winston Brown4 hours ago

    "You don't have to have a premium account to (watch) new JRE episodes". Is this true, cos I can't find shit!

  23. Kek Gorilla

    Kek Gorilla4 hours ago

    I escaped a cult, told someone feds and they immediately tried to frame me with the drugs and weapons that they stole out the evidence locker. All the conspiracies are true, pedophile cannibals run the world and all our government agencies exist to protect them.

  24. Wasim Ahmed

    Wasim Ahmed4 hours ago

    "And that's not gonna change?" "No" *"CATCH NEW EPISODES OF JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE FOR FREE....................."*

  25. Mr J

    Mr J4 hours ago

    So the F.B.I. provided the Pure crack for him to smoke. Then they also had a EMT there with them so when he Over Dosed they could CYA .

  26. Jake Smith

    Jake Smith4 hours ago

    Love the guy, but Tim is back on a stimulant

  27. Dennis Williams

    Dennis Williams4 hours ago

    PS...How do you know the government wants you to believe somethign? They DISCREDIT it and You!!!! LOL...And you fall for it every time....The Government doesnt discredit people they want silenced...THEY KILL THEM!!!!

  28. charmaine684

    charmaine6844 hours ago

    When this story broke out my dad took the opportunity to tell me that in America you can be anything if you put your mind to it. Even mayor with a humiliating crack addiction. Told me again when George W became president. "See.. . a C average student can become president here."

  29. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith4 hours ago

    That house is dull as fuck

  30. Paul Giamatti

    Paul Giamatti4 hours ago

    William Randolph Hearst

  31. Matthew Otremba

    Matthew Otremba4 hours ago

    My Mom stroked out in her sleep , yet , was breathing and shooting like a CHAMP Well , they Intubated her FOR NO REASON Except to perhaps monitor her easier , and , make her go away Her arms , legs , and all , swelled up and , dear Lord I hope she was not suffering Well , we then had to make the decision to pull the plug Lord have mercy

  32. MrKerbal1

    MrKerbal14 hours ago

    an object from "out of our solar system" is "not from this earth", no shit lol

  33. Kek Gorilla

    Kek Gorilla4 hours ago

    6:26 only serial killers work for the drug cartel we call FBI. These monsters deserve to be skinned alive.

  34. ganxtah rex

    ganxtah rex4 hours ago

    bill needs to go back and watch the whole george floyd video...it wasnt that obvious either. he made the same mistake hes complaining about.

  35. 095mateusg

    095mateusg4 hours ago

    What could Ted do? How about his damn job lol

  36. Dennis Williams

    Dennis Williams4 hours ago

    LOL....Did they just use the NYT as a Reliable source of information!!??? LOL...The only thing this show is missing is a report from CNN and Fox Mulder and Scully showing up!!!! NOT ONE PIECE of Evidence in this entire show,......LOTS of He said, he saw, 'Credible' Pilots who work for the GOVERNMENT ...and we all know the Government NEVER LIES TO YOU! LOL ....What a JOKE!

  37. Zak Wang

    Zak Wang4 hours ago

    30 secs in,I was sure:Yup! He is American

  38. clobber online

    clobber online4 hours ago


  39. Matt Tarita

    Matt Tarita4 hours ago

    Joe... the world is fucked . Needs help. Thank God I am rich and can laugh

  40. danny many

    danny many4 hours ago

    It was a set up he wasn’t even smoking crack

  41. Charlie

    Charlie4 hours ago


  42. will diduch

    will diduch4 hours ago

    bygones! lmso

  43. Gregory Leblanc

    Gregory Leblanc4 hours ago

    A winter storm just as bad or worse happened in the late 1950s in south Texas and Louisiana in March. Snow, sleet and freezing rain just like this one. My grandmother told us about it and Shangri La Botanical Garden in Orange, TX closed down for 50 years before it opened back up. So it's a 50 to 100 year event. In Louisiana there was one like this just 5 years ago, though not as widespread. Don't believe the hype that its never happened before.

  44. Kendall Clark

    Kendall Clark4 hours ago

    man you have to let ye just go

  45. Jay Rich

    Jay Rich4 hours ago

    Freddy is a swordsman

  46. Aaron Black

    Aaron Black4 hours ago


  47. Big Beef89

    Big Beef894 hours ago

    Don’t go see his show, I love him but if you watched his specials or a podcast you’ll be wasting your money . Same jokes

  48. GamerNot Valid

    GamerNot Valid4 hours ago

    High as fuck from those 5mg lollipops Joey always talks shit about? 😂😂 Couldn't get a baby buzzed from those 😂😂

  49. Tyler James

    Tyler James4 hours ago

    Joes face at the end ... slides in a little question about Aliens!! Amazing 😆! What a Beauty

  50. 06 6

    06 64 hours ago

    Freddie Gibbs: I shot a crackhead 9 times Joe Rogan: Hmm... Do you think your Wu Tang sword can defeat me?

  51. optiplex sarkodie

    optiplex sarkodie4 hours ago

    lmao i think i will stick to watching clips. im not fucking getting Spotify

  52. mojosodope45

    mojosodope454 hours ago

    R. Kelly is a legend. I heard that Biden used to call him up and ask for special golden shower discounts from Kelly.

  53. Kek Gorilla

    Kek Gorilla4 hours ago

    1:57 "I was smoking tobacco out of a crack pipe, because I thought it was a bong"

  54. M B

    M B4 hours ago

    I saw a UFO when I was a child. A moment that I will never forget 🛸

  55. Daniel Cross

    Daniel Cross4 hours ago

    Stupid people don't like real academics and real problem solver's

  56. mark k

    mark k4 hours ago

    Im at the crossroads as well.. I think my love affair with the almighty weed is over. too much of a habit and it definitely feels like its time to close up shop! On to greener pastures!! so to speak... lol

  57. David Lafaye

    David Lafaye4 hours ago

    He isn't lying..he truly is a fuckin alien!

  58. Kek Gorilla

    Kek Gorilla4 hours ago

    Obama's a crackhead.

  59. Yaseen Hoque

    Yaseen Hoque4 hours ago

    Whos watching this in 2099

  60. Makoto Film

    Makoto Film4 hours ago

    “All this good crack in here and you want to hide a camera” crying lmaoo

  61. Mike M

    Mike M4 hours ago

    TR3B look it up

  62. Big Joke

    Big Joke4 hours ago

    I can only play the intro on Spotify of this episode

  63. Mopedicures Greaseundernails

    Mopedicures Greaseundernails4 hours ago

    I used to love 12 play til I found out he was playing with a 12 year old 🤮

  64. Generation-X

    Generation-X4 hours ago

    i seen a late 80s pure white on white firebird trans am split in half to the windshied after hitting the wire from a telephone pole.. it lifted the back end and wedged the car between the cable and the pole.. the back of the car was head high in the air, and the pole cable split the car engine bay in half to the fire wall... the kid got out and ran to his highschool football game, and played, while the cops and people were out on the back road dealing with the accident and the missing kid... lol...

  65. Ava Edmonds

    Ava Edmonds4 hours ago

    mot funny..should not be played with

  66. Dee Welch

    Dee Welch4 hours ago

    That was Base not crack!

  67. Real american Fan

    Real american Fan4 hours ago

    I'm not mad that R Kelly went to jail it will always be weird to me that I can give my kid to a complete stranger for money and let them do whatever and then come back and try to accuse that person to a crime when knowing i gave my child away to a complete stranger, I'm saying I should go to jail as well R Kelly accusers

  68. Ju Lo

    Ju Lo4 hours ago

    Doea anyone know how to play video on spotify? Im on a note 10 and i dont see the option anywhere

  69. Matthew Otremba

    Matthew Otremba4 hours ago

    (gravely voice) ,,,,,,, Joe , have a swig Doing shots causes Esophageal cancer folks

  70. LC

    LC4 hours ago


  71. Puro Pesado

    Puro Pesado4 hours ago

    The skinny dust generally brush because plain aesthetically bare following a silky receipt. heavenly heavy hellish, gleaming deal

  72. Jon Adams

    Jon Adams4 hours ago

    1 hour into this and my takeaway so far: Mainstream science says ancient civilization was this. Joe: mainstream science is obviously wrong. Mainstream scientists say global warming is like this. Joe: mainstream science is unquestionable. Love Joe but this frustrated me a bit.

  73. fraol girma

    fraol girma4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it the first and only time Jordan Peterson didn't face a combative journalist with an agenda and got the opportunity to teach?🤔

  74. —Saturn—

    —Saturn—4 hours ago

    One of the best interviews ever from this podcast

  75. Dom Jazo

    Dom Jazo4 hours ago

    Damn Freddie you shouldn't mention that they are shipping the stuff to europe XD they just found 16 tonnes of coke in Hamburg coming from Paraguay

  76. Alexandra Iacob

    Alexandra Iacob4 hours ago

    PCP and Ketamine are chemically related but not the same thing.

  77. Matthew Otremba

    Matthew Otremba4 hours ago

    My little Brain hurts , yet , hope none of my comments are taken down , much like the ones about ,,,,,,,,,,, David Dinkins being a crack head Wow , autospell / autoword ?, finished this statement for me !

  78. Dee Terrnigian

    Dee Terrnigian4 hours ago

    freddie said i wanna know how they got that in a crack recipe lololol

  79. autogirl53208

    autogirl532084 hours ago


  80. BluJay

    BluJay4 hours ago

    A rational explanation without an agenda to advance. I didn't think such a thing was possible any more.