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  1. Ellie glued to the telly

    Ellie glued to the telly8 hours ago

    Sorry i couldn't get pass all the makeup the news caster had on!

  2. The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band

    The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band8 hours ago

    Gather them up, lock them up and check in on them in about 10 years.

  3. Nicole Victory

    Nicole Victory8 hours ago

    I'm convinced that some of these are vampires

  4. drakethedragon100

    drakethedragon1008 hours ago

    They are all a bunch of mommaโ€™s boys...which explains a lot about these men and why they did what they did. They lash out when they donโ€™t get their way.

  5. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane8 hours ago

    She should be denied healthcare if she needs it. She just wants to go to the hospital for attention..

  6. Bid d Planb

    Bid d Planb8 hours ago

    Why are these people not arrested , a man and his young daughters attacked by antifa uslikes.info/house/fX-wushlw5-be50/video.html

  7. gonzido2

    gonzido28 hours ago

    a 4chan manchild

  8. Roger Reid

    Roger Reid8 hours ago

    It wasn't right for the man taking the tazer say if that was a real gun, he should of took the DUI. Police dealt with it accordingly until the fatal killing due to 2 shots to his back. The officers need to comply too not just the citizen. Both wrong he should of took the arrest. And the officer shot and kicked the man when his down and let him bleed out. None of the officers should get their job back.

  9. Oliver Seitz

    Oliver Seitz8 hours ago

    Lock them up. Very easy. 10 years in prison will calm them down.

  10. The Honest Blackman

    The Honest Blackman8 hours ago

    But no investigation into Ruby Freeman pulling 60,000 ballots outta Dracula's Coffin at midnight and running them on camera through the machines 3 times, thats not important enough to investigate.

  11. Devin Williams

    Devin Williams8 hours ago

    Dude looks like he eats meth for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  12. Mary Littleton

    Mary Littleton8 hours ago

    Loved her voice. She had the sweetest demeanor. I will miss that voice. Ya'll take care.๐Ÿ’ž

  13. amindra wanigasekera

    amindra wanigasekera8 hours ago

    Was the mama"s boy in the Capitol building to arrest Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence?

  14. hizzle mobizzle

    hizzle mobizzle8 hours ago

    He better hope he does not meet Donald Trump in the afterlife. I hear it's mighty hot there.

  15. Jimi Jam

    Jimi Jam8 hours ago

    I heard they were very intimate with each other. SMH

  16. Candace Greer

    Candace Greer8 hours ago


  17. Wendy Lou

    Wendy Lou8 hours ago

    Good. Arrest ALL that were involved with intent of malice, but DO NOT paint people who love this country with such a broad brush. Especially when more evidence is coming out daily. This is, and will be multi-facited! The media will play a huge roll in the healing of this country...let's see if they actually care ๐Ÿค”

  18. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson8 hours ago

    Very sad but what do ya expect from a McDonald Trump treasonous rally.

  19. The Bruh Spirit

    The Bruh Spirit8 hours ago

    Probably some wannabe gangster

  20. Renata Couch

    Renata Couch8 hours ago

    It is what it is....there lucky they didn't get shot off top...

  21. G P

    G P8 hours ago

    Officers do things to avoid getting in trouble gets in trouble.

  22. Svetlana Rodriguez

    Svetlana Rodriguez8 hours ago

    Horrible parent. You will find no sympathy from me.

  23. Mexican MARINE

    Mexican MARINE8 hours ago

    Hold up, I need to borrow trump's mail order skanks jacket, the one that said " ask me if I care." The news reports coming out of this get together of idots are hilarious! Too bad way more of these idiot trump supporters didn't die! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ JOE BIDEN is your PRESIDENT, you dumb maga FU(KS didn't accomplish ๐Ÿ’ฉ with your TREASONOUS acts! MAYBE if you hold your breath long enough your glorious POS leader will pay for your legal fees!


    ALEX -UNIK-CA8 hours ago

    Poor Lisa,I bet your mom is disappointed,not because your her daughter but because on the video she is walking all tough but I bet now she's looking at 20 years and crying asking for PARDON because she is white. Plus she looks like a gluten free person,which jail and prison don't have gluten free food.

  25. fue yang

    fue yang8 hours ago

    Deport them!

  26. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane8 hours ago

    She's used to talking her way out of everything.. There's a lot of Deranged nurses and drs like her. 1 in every hospital is wayyyy too many. #1 quality in a good nurse or dr, should be empathy. You should care enough to feel the urgency and want to do your best to help in any way you can. None of this Psychopath crap. Who oversaw her? Nobody noticed she was off?

  27. freemindthinker ezrapound

    freemindthinker ezrapound8 hours ago

    What planet is America on

  28. michael straughn

    michael straughn8 hours ago

    It's a shame that the FBI and other authorities have to waste time and manpower to have a national manhunt to apprehend the rioters of the insurrection at the Capitol, when they had them ALL in one place at the same time, and basically escorted them safely out of the building and safely home. Disgusting!

  29. Faith 33

    Faith 338 hours ago

    She is so Right ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Thank You for standing up and telling the truth about Democrats

  30. Dan Scaglione

    Dan Scaglione8 hours ago

    Great christian values. Maybe they can convert religions in prison. Christianity just isn't working out for them

  31. David Murray

    David Murray8 hours ago

    Need widescreen to fit that reporter in.

  32. Private Name

    Private Name8 hours ago

    I'd refuse to work with that cop that refused to shoot and LET him grab me!

  33. ray ray

    ray ray8 hours ago

    I did not know this news lady used to be a man!

  34. Woman of Steel

    Woman of Steel8 hours ago

    No more plea-bargaining no more bullshit people like that just need to go to death row and be executed immediately preferably with a guillotine thatโ€™s a sure fire way to do it no more electric chair no more drugs none of that guillotine and itโ€™s over

  35. jess glasgow

    jess glasgow8 hours ago

    If a judge can overturn a jury vertic, then why have a jury!?

  36. Mr.NoChill

    Mr.NoChill8 hours ago

    Weak ass simp!!! Worse than a simp... u tried to get off the person who killed your child!!? By burning her body .... you the one who suppose to protect her !!!! Not a man

  37. Robert Huertas

    Robert Huertas8 hours ago


  38. penelope 2232

    penelope 22328 hours ago

    Im in Virginia and my daughter has been doing this all year. We absolutely love it. I am immune suppressed and disabled, and she doesn't have to worry about getting me sick. Her grades are almost straight A's and she enjoys doing it at home. It works very well for us. I wish this option was always available.

  39. John Douglas

    John Douglas8 hours ago