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  1. Eric

    Eric23 hours ago

    Step 0: pray that the servers will be decent

  2. Louis palko

    Louis palko23 hours ago

    What region is he queuing in?

  3. tyb_martin

    tyb_martin23 hours ago

    How do I send to it

  4. tyb_martin

    tyb_martin23 hours ago

    Hi you probably won't see this but I found a rare animation for Valkyrie

  5. Mr. Goodday

    Mr. Goodday23 hours ago

    Valkyrie is a pilot

  6. Exe.Maniac

    Exe.Maniac23 hours ago

    An1 knows where TGM'S website went??? Or i am I just notup to date

  7. ripply man

    ripply man23 hours ago


  8. 氷山匕尺

    氷山匕尺23 hours ago

    I asked for a tutorial not a challenge

  9. adam belmont

    adam belmont23 hours ago

    1:52 Bangalore new passive: a third arm.

  10. Joshua Harrold

    Joshua HarroldDay ago

    had a 9 win streak wanted to be the first in my club to get 10 lost at 10 and my friend stole the glory. im so salty

  11. Brandon Aumiller

    Brandon AumillerDay ago

    It’s the pilots and here’s why: The guns in titanfall are LASER BEAMS compared to the guns in apex. It was always my personal head canon that the absurd accuracy is not the performance of the weapon itself, but rather the skill of the pilots.

  12. Rimona Rattan

    Rimona RattanDay ago

    I get both the octane stims quite a bit

  13. • Riftis •

    • Riftis •Day ago

    "How To Win In Apex Legends Arena In Just 5 Minutes" Step 1: have great aim and positioning Step 2: do literally anything

  14. Jackson Jason

    Jackson JasonDay ago

    step 1: enemy team are bots

  15. El Ferry Loco

    El Ferry LocoDay ago

    The pricing in arena is not very good. Spitfire in round 1 is OP as well while 150 bucks for a shield bat is too much

  16. The Gaming Mobster

    The Gaming MobsterDay ago

    I love the new UI.

  17. Katho

    KathoDay ago

    Apex legend will probably win because it take so long to kill.. that bullet sponge fest is game breaking

  18. Matt Hamel

    Matt HamelDay ago

    The first game I played today the other team left after 2 seconds in first round, no damage was done, no kills, the win didn’t feel acceptable

  19. Velayutham saravanan

    Velayutham saravananDay ago

    Got 4k in arenas

  20. MeEPuNhA

    MeEPuNhADay ago

    He's Thai and he said "Where were you going?" in frustrated sound. and then go go go up up up

  21. Sean Carrao

    Sean CarraoDay ago

    sponsored by ea so he can play in easy lobbies lmao, sponsored smurfing to get clips.

  22. Davin Johnson.

    Davin Johnson.Day ago

    this taught me nothing

  23. JP

    JPDay ago

    Is she also lesbian like every other female character?

  24. Decha Phasuk

    Decha PhasukDay ago

    Lmao im thai and they are trashtalk at you in thai language

  25. Darkness Edgy IK

    Darkness Edgy IKDay ago

    Just heavy things