Olivia Rodrigo
  1. ana paula campillo

    ana paula campillo6 hours ago

    You are the best

  2. Henna’s Random stuff

    Henna’s Random stuff6 hours ago

    Honestly if I met Olivia Rodrigo at a concert and her braids were hitting me I wouldn’t care, I’m would just be jamming out with her 🤣

  3. Abby Terra

    Abby Terra6 hours ago

    She has a nice voice And lots of people love you songs And a little famous


    KASHVI KWATRA7 hours ago

    One thing ik about her is She is a Big fan of Tay just like us! 🙌🏻🦋 We need a COLLAB With You and Tayyy! 🥺❤️

  5. alicia moneey

    alicia moneey7 hours ago

    The fact that Olivia is a vegetarian and her least favourite food is vegetables 😂😂😂

  6. Mobbin Girl

    Mobbin Girl8 hours ago

    You are so amazing and chill! Can’t wait to see you thrive even more 💕

  7. Fatimah Quraishi

    Fatimah Quraishi8 hours ago

    oh no girl not taco bell girl Imma get you some real mexican food I know ppl

  8. rosario solano

    rosario solano8 hours ago

    aint nobody gonna talk about the butterfly in her hand? its so cute

  9. Rest Selah Walker

    Rest Selah Walker9 hours ago

    I love taco bell too.

  10. Zethawa

    Zethawa9 hours ago

    Ohh hi from Budapest baby❤💖💜

  11. Kauã chowon

    Kauã chowon10 hours ago

    Ela é tão perfeita meu pai

  12. Kauã chowon

    Kauã chowon10 hours ago


  13. Fanni Felföldi

    Fanni Felföldi11 hours ago

    I live in HUNGARY🇭🇺 and your fav place is hungary omg

  14. Leki's Crafts

    Leki's Crafts12 hours ago

    olivia is queen

  15. Beteringhe Teodora

    Beteringhe Teodora12 hours ago

    guys i think she likes taylor swift

  16. Happy life

    Happy life12 hours ago

    She is positive about everything. she loves everybody. i love her style too.

  17. Brian Lynch

    Brian Lynch12 hours ago

    I love olivia rodrigo love your music

  18. madeline patrick tarbard

    madeline patrick tarbard13 hours ago

    I love that show

  19. Caomi Rampley

    Caomi Rampley13 hours ago

    Olivia, I'm pinoy too

  20. Ashlie Lopez

    Ashlie Lopez13 hours ago

    this reminds me of those old Disney channel commercials for some odd reason

  21. S o p h

    S o p h14 hours ago

    Omg Olivia & Julia 😍😍🥰🥰

  22. Manasvi Gupta

    Manasvi Gupta14 hours ago

    Did she got a butterfly tattoo on her hand🤩?? Because I saw the same butterfly on every interview of hers.

  23. Isidora

    Isidora14 hours ago

    im a mf geek n i saw “BOOKS” i freaked out istg SHE READS, IM NOT OKAY

  24. Mutating Skyline

    Mutating Skyline14 hours ago

    I’m so Zelous of how INTRICATE she is!!!!!!!

  25. Isidora

    Isidora14 hours ago


  26. Isidora

    Isidora14 hours ago

    love u sm

  27. Nicko Esteban

    Nicko Esteban14 hours ago

    Sending you love from the Philippines ❤️🇵🇭😘

  28. Maja Kiss

    Maja Kiss14 hours ago

    im from budapest her favorite place😎💅✨



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  30. Boba msd

    Boba msd15 hours ago

    she seems like the one friend everyone wants to have

  31. Keren Yafe

    Keren Yafe15 hours ago

    happy birthday

  32. moises mezidor

    moises mezidor15 hours ago

    if oliva fav color is green, then me and her are already alike😌✋

  33. Farzana Muna

    Farzana Muna15 hours ago

    wow she’s a year younger than me. Omg

  34. consueloo!!!

    consueloo!!!15 hours ago


  35. consueloo!!!

    consueloo!!!15 hours ago


  36. consueloo!!!

    consueloo!!!15 hours ago


  37. Mars Playz

    Mars Playz15 hours ago

    who first discovered Olivia Rodrigo in the movie ‘Grace Stirs up Success’ and was shocked that this was her now :)..


    GAVIN KAROW15 hours ago

    The fact that She said She was one of the best Jack White Fans ever, is just freaking amazing

  39. Cristian Pestillos

    Cristian Pestillos15 hours ago

    Yess queen

  40. Jayla Renee

    Jayla Renee16 hours ago

    I believe their going to collab, because Taylor loves her too:)

  41. Easton Mercer

    Easton Mercer16 hours ago

    Justin Bieber and Olivia should collab

  42. I live in Taylor Swift's drawer

    I live in Taylor Swift's drawer16 hours ago

    We really have the same taste. Taylor Swift, Lorde, Halsey as your inspirations? I know that's right.

  43. Zoliswa Sapula

    Zoliswa Sapula16 hours ago

    I love how she mentioned Madison😭❤️❤️

  44. Saoirse O'Reilly

    Saoirse O'Reilly16 hours ago

    It's the Olivia being on therapist tiktok for me

  45. Jason Armstrong

    Jason Armstrong16 hours ago

    That makes me happy that I was right about her having some Julia Michaels influence.

  46. Cath Jane

    Cath Jane17 hours ago

    when she said vegetables she sounded like harry in the one word answer dunkirk interview

  47. Nina Didnothingwrong

    Nina Didnothingwrong17 hours ago

    Oh shut up

  48. سارہ علی

    سارہ علی17 hours ago

    she is look like western girl😳🧐

  49. Dua Lipa World

    Dua Lipa World17 hours ago

    i love you, now I know more things about you 😭💘

  50. Ayşe İpek Taşdemir

    Ayşe İpek Taşdemir18 hours ago

    I never listened to her or knew whi she was i knew drivers license but i dont like it that mcuh but she seens so cool and fun to be ariund

  51. Jalynne Ovalles-Cardany

    Jalynne Ovalles-Cardany18 hours ago

    Best concert? I seriously thought she would say t swift

  52. lhachey dema

    lhachey dema18 hours ago


  53. kelly pineda

    kelly pineda18 hours ago

    you queen i love you

  54. lhachey dema

    lhachey dema18 hours ago

    I love you 😘

  55. Nabam Jimmy

    Nabam Jimmy18 hours ago

    I hope Taylor watch this and contact you to do a collab😁

  56. It's Jiah

    It's Jiah18 hours ago

    Are you gonna be youtuber or vlogger or what

  57. Annabelle

    Annabelle19 hours ago

    She likes One direction I LOVE HER 😍

  58. Terfa Abdullah

    Terfa Abdullah19 hours ago

    When she said her fav color is purple or green I was freaking cuz those r my fav colors like omg !!! lysm 🌹⭐️

  59. EllieMarieTV

    EllieMarieTV19 hours ago

    #taylorandolivia on Twitter guys

  60. Sahithi T

    Sahithi T19 hours ago

    "My names Olivia Rodrigo" Oh trust me honey, we know.

  61. Tiffany Ezeoke

    Tiffany Ezeoke20 hours ago

    I love her

  62. Victoria Elizabeth

    Victoria Elizabeth21 hour ago

    God loves you

  63. Corey Manton

    Corey Manton21 hour ago

    Sing driver license

  64. Corey Manton

    Corey Manton21 hour ago

    I love this song

  65. Bia Lyrics

    Bia Lyrics21 hour ago


  66. Corey Manton

    Corey Manton21 hour ago

    I love driver license

  67. Jorgii Art

    Jorgii Art21 hour ago

    Bizardvark go brrrrrrr

  68. Fiona gandolfo

    Fiona gandolfo22 hours ago

    This girl literally hit a historical record, has surpassed every artist ever (even the ones she is talking about) and is still so down to earth.

  69. Oda Jacobsen

    Oda Jacobsen22 hours ago

    Olivia👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩wow ily and ur voice is so amazing !!!!!

  70. Kittieswiftie

    Kittieswiftie22 hours ago

    I clicked here knowing she would mention Taylor. Olivia is all of us as swifties😂

  71. Burt W.

    Burt W.22 hours ago

    This girl is so cute!

  72. iame LIO

    iame LIO22 hours ago

    Olivia you're very beautiful 💜💜💜

  73. Denise Rosseline

    Denise Rosseline22 hours ago


  74. Vince Carritt

    Vince Carritt22 hours ago

    you look like you could be twins with a girl I know, your singing voices sound almost identical and you look a lot like her

  75. Vania Aram

    Vania Aram23 hours ago

    I love you Olivia !😁😊😉

  76. life is beautiful darling I'm lovin it

    life is beautiful darling I'm lovin it23 hours ago

    Jesus loves you! Repent for your sins he is coming back! Olivia is awesome but so is Jesus! Jesus is even more awesome he died for your sins on the cross, believe in that and you'll go to Heaven! John 3 16! He loves you! Trust in Jesus!! ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Jj Cruz

    Jj Cruz23 hours ago

    “Ewww David”

  78. Anakha Jacob

    Anakha Jacob23 hours ago

    olivia ur my idol ur the best i hope u post more videos like this the fav song r drivers licence and all i want is love that lasts

  79. Lucia Van Den Heever

    Lucia Van Den Heever23 hours ago

    Olivia I love you!!!!!

  80. a'tin na Cyclone na bloom

    a'tin na Cyclone na bloom23 hours ago

    Mahal kitaaaa