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  1. Dejan Pavlovic

    Dejan Pavlovic5 hours ago

    Seems like Mave holds Bobby becose he makes Luka happy?

  2. TheRodFarva

    TheRodFarva6 hours ago

    The reporter who asked Najee that stupid question is the same reporter that asked Jeff Okudah why his play was so sloppy at the Combine.

  3. Raniel L

    Raniel L7 hours ago

    Legend says they still hugging to this day

  4. Igor Horvat

    Igor Horvat8 hours ago

    can we just agree that both are great, both deserving? i believe that reporters are biased, as are fans and coaches. some think that one thing is more important then other, but the stupidest things is all the fighting about it. some fans are racist, some reporters are obviously openly racist S.A.S. (although they don`t understand when they say it xD) just chill, it`s an all star game...

  5. Brian Adair

    Brian Adair8 hours ago

    Donavan sounds like Vin Diesel. Mark my words... SPIDA WILL TAKE SHAQS JOB TALKING HOOPS! The Don will reveal Shaq is a hack. SHAQ sucks needs to retire and join AA.

  6. Jose Mendoza

    Jose Mendoza10 hours ago

    Which one is which???

  7. eqwrwer wqerqwe

    eqwrwer wqerqwe10 hours ago

    1:29 tolle

  8. PTNZajW adOjS7f

    PTNZajW adOjS7f10 hours ago

    As we have seen in Tom Brady recent success, if MJ plays in today NBA, his #1 value will not be his offense nor defense, but his leadership... As we've seen in various documentaries, no NBA player can lead intense practice session as well as MJ

  9. Art Studio Utopia

    Art Studio Utopia11 hours ago

    The NFL should make Tom Brady a Hall of Fame....Today!!!

  10. totalyouttacontrol

    totalyouttacontrol11 hours ago

    plain and simple you heard the coach say play them hard. when tom was with patriots they always do this. they piss off the other teams player so they will make a penalty. also if tom see a receiver being held but no refs are looking he will throw the ball in that direction make pass un catch able but it enough to get the ref attention for the hold . the pats do it all the time. you just got played and fell into the trap

  11. Sulaiman Kabir

    Sulaiman Kabir11 hours ago

    he is right

  12. varjag

    varjag13 hours ago

    WTF is this music, put some goos SERBIAN music !!!! #LD77 #MFFL This is what the background music should be:

  13. Timothy Clay

    Timothy Clay13 hours ago

    Now they have to go up against 2 of the best teams in basketball, Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Let's hope that they can keep it up.

  14. Timothy Clay

    Timothy Clay13 hours ago

    While I respect and love Luka as a player, I don't think that you should be comparing him to any of these guys until he starts winning some championships. MJ has 6. Kobe has 5. Bird has 3. And I think that Lebum Dumbs has 4.

  15. K M

    K M13 hours ago

    Damn it’s been a year now 🙏🏻

  16. Studio Grafika

    Studio Grafika14 hours ago


  17. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin17 hours ago

    I truly believe he’s truly genuine and normal. Has to be the concussions for all the issues he’s had. Too much evidence with the concussions causing a plethora of mental problems. I’ve had one and still recall the day it happened. Once that human brain suffers major trauma, it’s almost impossible to be 100% normal again.

  18. ToniGG BSC

    ToniGG BSC18 hours ago

    Its funny because thats reminds me NBA 2k21 post Game show interviewed with headphones and all that stuff 😂


    NATHAN POYSER19 hours ago

    Half the time he wasn't paying attention XD

  20. Nya Burke

    Nya Burke19 hours ago

    Give our man a a chance.

  21. Kat Nashville

    Kat Nashville19 hours ago

    I am so sorry for his happens to black men routinely. You handled it well with restraint and should be admired for that! Thank you for being a gentleman when a crazy person attacks you. I always think of the song Imagine by John Lennon. He was a visionary ! Imagine a brotherhood of man ! The lyrics are how we should live ! Love always Trumps Hate! 🥰

  22. Comfylisa

    Comfylisa20 hours ago

    And then luka silenced them with a dagger 😎😎😎

  23. 2 Sm00th025

    2 Sm00th02520 hours ago

    Young goat !!! Top 3 player of all time!

  24. JavierIsInfamous

    JavierIsInfamous20 hours ago

    The fact the first interviewer said they got robbed🙄. Even if those little fouls they got called for weren’t called my Bucs still would have won. Everyone wants to blame the refs for “giving the Bucs opportunity to score” in actuality the chiefs just got bodied up by a strong defense.

  25. C. Antolin

    C. Antolin21 hour ago

    Nice to see....big heart to all of them!

  26. Ryan OSRS

    Ryan OSRS21 hour ago

    Jessie Smollet 2.0. lmao

  27. Ryan Yu

    Ryan Yu23 hours ago

    Nice to watch HAPPY Mavericks❤

  28. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat Imanli23 hours ago

    Luka from the"office"! Clutch!

  29. Dana kaleb

    Dana kalebDay ago

    They’re dancing kolo - Serbian dance

  30. NN Begin

    NN BeginDay ago



    PURGE-SZNDay ago

    Start up that luka MVP talk

  32. Matt W

    Matt WDay ago

    LOL. So. Much. ADD.........

  33. void on yt

    void on ytDay ago

    And now he’s out of Houston, hell even a year ago he was showing sings that he wasn’t tryna be there, u see the D he played the WHOLE SEASON

  34. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliDay ago

    That boy is legit all star starter

  35. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliDay ago

    That boy is legit all star starter

  36. Mario Lah

    Mario LahDay ago

    I know you search for song: Dzej i Mina - Slavija

  37. Have a good time, All the time.

    Have a good time, All the time.Day ago


  38. winz

    winzDay ago

    Tell u what .. cuban takes care of his guys. Boban will retire a mav

  39. Aleksandar Sulejic

    Aleksandar SulejicDay ago

    Nice try with Irish dance but if u wanna see original music for this u should try with "Kolo" most popular would probably be "Moravac Kolo"

  40. Matt Stone

    Matt StoneDay ago

    Elite NBA Player if he was on a slightly more talented roster he would definitely already be an MVP winner. He's carrying this Mavs Franchise on his back and hopefully Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson Jr. do everything in their power to upgrade this roster to be at least a contender in the NBA especially in the stacked Western Conference. Great Game Luka showing why you're a Top 5 NBA player.


    PURGE-SZNDay ago

    Showing again why he is on the path to becoming one of if not the greatest player of all time

  42. Yuan Lemuel Montejo

    Yuan Lemuel MontejoDay ago

    mark seems to like bobi

  43. leicester city

    leicester cityDay ago

    Nice game

  44. Wayne Verhoff

    Wayne VerhoffDay ago

    He doesn't look nearly as young when he's flushed with his today red cheeks lol

  45. sWho?shing

    sWho?shingDay ago

    Just another day at the office for Luka. But lets not forget that they blew a 12 point lead in less then 2 minutes and in that stretch Luka hade some 🤔🤨 decisions. Never the less it all came out great. Hope KP returns soon.

  46. Freerange PH

    Freerange PHDay ago

    It's good that trade talks on Porzingis is ongoing lol.. The garbage has to go..

  47. EGE 4Life Royal G

    EGE 4Life Royal GDay ago

    Please no disrespect 🙏 but this is the age of the"BITCH"😱 these so called fighters don't have heart 💜 they don't have that natural killer instinct 👑 when you get in the ring it's all friendship goes out the window 🤔 it's "AB"about business 💰

  48. Виктор Вик

    Виктор ВикDay ago

    I hope he realise that it will be much work to do in clutch plays. Lets be honest,he is not good in clutch,but hope he will improve

  49. GOAT

    GOATDay ago

    He won the super bowl over patty mahomo who'd a thunk that?

  50. rbysjti jhazzroucher

    rbysjti jhazzroucherDay ago

    They really need to help Luka.

  51. Darrell Perez

    Darrell PerezDay ago

    What happens when you mix tomato, garlic, chile and onion? It makes salsa and becomes a great mix. That's what we have here. A mix of greatness and it works great

  52. Echa Banana

    Echa BananaDay ago

    man luka sucha nice kid

  53. kai burke

    kai burkeDay ago

    Mitchell and Rudy will be both Allstate no doubt

  54. Aubree Emmalee

    Aubree EmmaleeDay ago

    The better carp probably mine because mist aesthetically mug through a slow population. materialistic, curved pleasure

  55. 7pinky7

    7pinky7Day ago

    Victor Ortiz gave Floyd a hell of a fight until his lack of discipline got the better of him. Also he lacked a good trainer and neglected his defensive foot work. He traded until he dropped not the way to fight at the top. Shame really like the guy.

  56. Onisak25

    Onisak25Day ago

    Hes Mavs nr. 2 IMO. Gg Timmy, you a beast.

  57. Brian Nwabara

    Brian NwabaraDay ago


  58. kevin hart

    kevin hartDay ago

    God is good,god is great,AB get that 🥇🍺❄🏈 god bless you☝️☝️☝️☝️

  59. GurlTalkkTV

    GurlTalkkTVDay ago

    After watching this, you can never say again, that you don't know what a happy soul looks like!

  60. JORDAN44

    JORDAN44Day ago

    A black man has to be saved by a white man. Black men grow the Fup! You have young Black men looking up to you.

  61. GH Sense

    GH SenseDay ago

    Luka is a very nice guy but its unfortunate his fans are biased racists

  62. Rudy Gobert

    Rudy GobertDay ago

    Look at that handsome man on the video I wonder who he us is

  63. Ja MadeIt

    Ja MadeItDay ago

    That report face changed when it didn’t get the response he wanted😂 when he asked about the dunk on giannis

  64. Rafael Prestes

    Rafael PrestesDay ago

    who is this blonde? my God, my crush list has been updated😍😍😍😍🇧🇷

  65. Leonard Kamatoy

    Leonard KamatoyDay ago

    End your basketball career at Jazz

  66. Paul Carpenter

    Paul CarpenterDay ago

    Is Donvon Mitchell happy with the uhta jazz

  67. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris2 days ago

    1:10 😂😂 tell em Rudy. Great game go Jazzzz

  68. ReflexPoint

    ReflexPoint2 days ago

    Ah man - look at him - he is so happy. It even puts a smile on my face seeing him so giddy!

  69. Twix

    Twix2 days ago

    There was nothing about joe yo

  70. Nizami Alizada

    Nizami Alizada2 days ago

    what a great player on and off the court 🐐

  71. imhotep nixon

    imhotep nixon2 days ago

    1:14 who the fook is that guy *Connor McGregor* voice

  72. HH Channel

    HH Channel2 days ago

    He’s good looking, pause

  73. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat Imanli2 days ago

    First game when Luka had easy night at last... Hope they will always stick together

  74. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren2 days ago

    He is trolling... Put some respect on his game dummies

  75. Ben Vasilinda

    Ben Vasilinda2 days ago

    Gronk is old, broken and got 4 rings looking for more. Go Bucs.

  76. The dude

    The dude2 days ago

    Brady and Trump are from the same claw. They don’t look at you for the color of your skin. If you good you’re good and they want you on their side

  77. Adam Perez

    Adam Perez2 days ago

    All the holding and pass interference was justified the chiefs fans and players can say whatever they want but when there throwing punches after the whistle and shit they don’t ever talk about that lmao bum ass FRAUDS ! Got exposed by the GOAT!

  78. Jaime Torres

    Jaime Torres2 days ago

    This guy is a prick, now he thanks God because he's been giving so many chances. He's hurt so many people, I don't think he's genuine

  79. Kieran Crockett

    Kieran Crockett2 days ago

    Honestly, both of them deserved it. They've both played incredibly well, there's so much talent in the NBA now, we're gonna' need more than 1 all star game. 1st all stars and 2nd all stars.