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  1. vedant patel

    vedant patel7 hours ago

    Who’s watching cuz he might fight canelo next?

  2. Dennis Harry

    Dennis Harry7 hours ago

    After watching this Canelo will destroy plant



    Canelo never wants to fight real fighters

  4. Dennis Harry

    Dennis Harry7 hours ago

    Who's here after canelo vs Saunders

  5. Linda Dehoyos

    Linda Dehoyos7 hours ago


  6. IVORY

    IVORY7 hours ago

    So this is the guy people saying canelo will fight next

  7. Tideman11

    Tideman117 hours ago

    Easy work for Canelo. Very easy work.

  8. lofay los

    lofay los7 hours ago

    Canelos next victim

  9. kevin maroney

    kevin maroney7 hours ago

    Don’t think he could take bjs or canelo no shot

  10. Clinton Johnson

    Clinton Johnson8 hours ago

    His the 💪🏿🔥

  11. InnKolddBludd

    InnKolddBludd8 hours ago

    He's about to get what he wants now . Be careful what u wish for. . But I will be rooting for him in this canelo fight.. why not

  12. jManraM

    jManraM8 hours ago

    Nah, he don't stand a chance against canelo. Too many mistakes here that Canelo would've capitalize on 💪🥊🔥

  13. Gregory Swift

    Gregory Swift8 hours ago

    I don’t see him standing much chance against Canelo, it’s another level Canelo is bringing 👊🏽

  14. Jay R

    Jay R8 hours ago


  15. Rommel Barbin

    Rommel Barbin8 hours ago

    just be fair in making highlights 😃

  16. JL

    JL8 hours ago

    Yawn, just here checking out Canelo's next victim. Looks like he should be able to last 2 more rounds than BJS did, should!

  17. Joe Duff

    Joe Duff8 hours ago

    There can only be one!!

  18. Sean Hardman

    Sean Hardman8 hours ago

    Canelo is going to beat the pants off plant

  19. Joe Duff

    Joe Duff8 hours ago

    Big dosser!!

  20. leandro galvez

    leandro galvez8 hours ago

    break doun

  21. The Shy Guy

    The Shy Guy9 hours ago

    Don't like Canelo, but he gets another easy win here

  22. codefoxx

    codefoxx9 hours ago

    This dude sucks

  23. Eagle

    Eagle10 hours ago

    What round did you break your hand? Caleb: it was the third, forth , fifth round

  24. Brandon H.

    Brandon H.10 hours ago

    He looks like Jake Paul if he ACTUALLY took a boxing route instead of a social media influencer route in life.

  25. J R

    J R10 hours ago

    Canelo just beat bjs.... caleb plant your next buddy!

  26. skylimitkt

    skylimitkt10 hours ago

    Canelo think he wants it! Caleb Plant will beat Canelo

  27. Michael Centeno Silva

    Michael Centeno Silva10 hours ago

    Canelo just beat BJS and now he's coming for C Plants eye sockets...

  28. skrt

    skrt10 hours ago

    i just realized there's no crowd. also Canelo is coming my friend

  29. Ninja's Rose

    Ninja's Rose11 hours ago

    Canelo knocks him out within 6 rounds with an overhand right!


    CLEZZYS CHANNEL11 hours ago

    to me Canelo only fought two fighters worth notating May weather and triple g and we see how those fights went now whether you on one side or the other on the triple g decisions we know he lost to Mayweather and some of us believe he lost to triple g since then he hasn't fought anybody with true hands I don't know why boxing is giving titles to any and everybody but some of these dudes don't deserve titles nobody's running from Caleb plant and nobody definitely was running from Billy Joe. I'm a Pacquiao fan because he reminds me of some of those old '80s fighters that will fight the top fighters period. hearns hagler sugar Ray Duran

  31. cantthinkofaname

    cantthinkofaname11 hours ago

    Kind of peak knowing that Canelo is going to take that belt of him

  32. Kweisi B

    Kweisi B11 hours ago

    I wish he would've did this another fight

  33. Megawatt Fitness

    Megawatt Fitness11 hours ago

    Canelo is coming for plant 😅

  34. 月光Angelcc

    月光Angelcc12 hours ago

    Who’s here after he lost to canelo????

  35. Scott Portingale

    Scott Portingale12 hours ago

    Most punches thrown without a knockdown,or any cuts, more like a sparring session 🤦‍♂️

  36. superflash133

    superflash13312 hours ago

    Look at your face! 😆 and he thinks he has a chance against the Canelo. 🤦‍♂️😆

  37. Allen Manzo

    Allen Manzo12 hours ago

    Caleb plant is dangerous to any ordinary person but for canelo I don't think so. Don't get me wrong he is a good fighter I respect fighters that get inside a ring alot. But canelo is another level. He might prove me wrong who knows anything can happen in boxing

  38. Tayyub Mohammed

    Tayyub Mohammed12 hours ago

    Definitely much easier than Billy joe Saunders

  39. David Villatoro

    David Villatoro12 hours ago

    Oh yeah canelo is definitely gonna make himself an order of ribs w this man

  40. Irving Ruiz

    Irving Ruiz12 hours ago

    Caleb is boastful but let him face the canelo alvares.

  41. Dennis Acuna

    Dennis Acuna12 hours ago

    Whos here after canelo called him next

  42. adf286

    adf28612 hours ago

    Lmao what bum, only fights bums and uses dead daughter for clout 😂 canelos going to knock this bum clean out the ring

  43. conor 'motivated' mcgregor

    conor 'motivated' mcgregor12 hours ago

    This guy seems so green and basic. This is a soft touch for canelo and an easy belt. Nowhere near thr skill level as bjs. Callus Smith bought much more to the table than he will. Easy easy fight 4-5 rnd ko

  44. Meliton Rodriguez

    Meliton Rodriguez13 hours ago

    Dame I last up to rd 2 And I woke up 8 videos latter

  45. Rene Paz

    Rene Paz13 hours ago

    Nah this guy ain’t no chance against Canelo. He is quick but ain’t got the power like Canelo

  46. Monica Tobar

    Monica Tobar13 hours ago

    Who's here to see what this guys has against canelo

  47. Emmanuel Negron

    Emmanuel Negron13 hours ago

    Who came here after Canelo figh lol👍

  48. Diego Gonzales

    Diego Gonzales13 hours ago

    so we all here because of canelo

  49. JayDeColdest

    JayDeColdest13 hours ago

    Everybody wants to fight Camelo but won’t fight each other

  50. t F

    t F13 hours ago

    Fake fans fake fan noise

  51. Atqmic

    Atqmic13 hours ago

    Whos hear after the canelo fight??

  52. Benny_M92

    Benny_M9213 hours ago

    Mexican fighters are James Kirkland’s kryptonite.

  53. Jacob James

    Jacob James13 hours ago

    Dead man walking 😈

  54. Kris Hundreds

    Kris Hundreds13 hours ago

    Kid keeps his hands down way too much

  55. G bellamy

    G bellamy13 hours ago

    Canelo would destroy this wanna be

  56. TheKMA

    TheKMA13 hours ago

    Is it me or did this entire fight seem like it was in slow motion? And he hopes to beat Canelo? Nah bro.

  57. Rafa T

    Rafa T14 hours ago

    That fight won’t be on fox buddy it’ll be dazn 😂😂

  58. Migüel BS

    Migüel BS14 hours ago

    Yo sólo vengo para ver quién será la próxima víctima de Canelo

  59. Gabriel Mendez

    Gabriel Mendez14 hours ago

    He too stationary for canelo

  60. Rubí

    Rubí14 hours ago

    Próxima víctima del Canelo Alvarez.😈

  61. Sledge Hammer

    Sledge Hammer14 hours ago

    Imagine Efe Ajagba landing his jabs and rights punches on this guys 🤣🤣🤣😂😂. EFE AJAGBA will KO this two guys faster

  62. L0ADED

    L0ADED14 hours ago

    Anyone here after watching Canelo smash Saunders?

  63. AwaKe Danny

    AwaKe Danny14 hours ago

    he don’t want any part of canelo.

  64. Roy Gayuma

    Roy Gayuma15 hours ago

    Caleb is 100 % no match to canelo. You will become a punching bag.

  65. Willy Cruz

    Willy Cruz15 hours ago


  66. Keto Kaze

    Keto Kaze15 hours ago

    No one mentions the fact they both have the same name?

  67. Marc Dolyar

    Marc Dolyar15 hours ago

    Looks like a fixed fight

  68. Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary

    Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary15 hours ago

    Doe's that belt qualify you as a champion? or its not important because its just regular🏌️‍♂️

  69. Gerardo

    Gerardo15 hours ago

    Canelo gonna destroy this guy

  70. Noe Rivera

    Noe Rivera15 hours ago

    Bro this guy is gonna get beat up by canelo

  71. Joel 727

    Joel 72715 hours ago

    1, 2, canelos coming for you ..... hahah

  72. Ric Benj

    Ric Benj15 hours ago

    canelo will be the one knocking this guy down instead.

  73. Mikyle Tampol

    Mikyle Tampol15 hours ago

    Plant VS Canelo Next fight

  74. P&A Guthriie

    P&A Guthriie15 hours ago

    Thats what u suppose to say. But u ain't beating Canelo you clown🤡

  75. Miguel Wellington

    Miguel Wellington15 hours ago

    This guy has no chance for canelo..

  76. Ángel GS

    Ángel GS16 hours ago

    No is problem for Canelo

  77. Martin River

    Martin River16 hours ago

    This man has Zero chance against canelo and I’m a ggg fan