Brad Owen
Brad Owen
Brad Owen

Poker player in Las Vegas, NV

  1. Lary Bird

    Lary Bird11 hours ago

    I like yo videos bruh 👌🏽

  2. gobbler 1234

    gobbler 123411 hours ago

    Gambling is not fun. It is stressful and is not worth it.

  3. Yeah Hi

    Yeah Hi12 hours ago

    So much confusion JAJDJWJHDJE I wanted to learn how to play poker

  4. Tannon Rounsaville

    Tannon Rounsaville13 hours ago

    Watching this in 2021 seeing he sold his Bitcoin for $16k when it’s at $50k now 😂

  5. 51st state

    51st state14 hours ago

    Brad, that sucked! It happens.

  6. Kiley

    Kiley14 hours ago

    You had me at Poker Brat.

  7. Nate

    Nate14 hours ago

    What’s the drawing hand?

  8. c0cksm4ck

    c0cksm4ck14 hours ago

    280lb pasty white guy with no muscle wearing a "Big Daddy" hat lmao

  9. Hunter

    Hunter14 hours ago

    Double Ace, double queens and double jacks all back to back, insane

  10. Ryan Watson

    Ryan Watson15 hours ago

    How are you able to film your camera at the table? Man it must take a lot of work making these videos

  11. Diz Briz

    Diz Briz15 hours ago

    make no mistake, small children definitely need help with bankroll management

  12. [ RichGucci1 ]

    [ RichGucci1 ]15 hours ago

    Fat stain on your shirt

  13. Reliwknuhs

    Reliwknuhs15 hours ago

    The Bradley dollars shirt killed me lmao I love it

  14. gearge

    gearge15 hours ago

    bro could say anything and ill still think hes talking about poker

  15. Patrick Brennan

    Patrick Brennan15 hours ago

    I don't know if it's the pandemic or your recent run bad but you're getting funnier... bravo Brad.

  16. Gavin Thompson

    Gavin Thompson15 hours ago

    Thanks for listening...very kind...the reaction was on point too...My flop of 222 vs his flop of A2A2...then he runs out AA he only needed one, the quads was just to hurt me lol

  17. Sky Guy Gamer

    Sky Guy Gamer16 hours ago

    No idea how to play poker but looks lit

  18. Ehab Musallam

    Ehab Musallam16 hours ago

    Great seeing you back good luck

  19. John Boe

    John Boe16 hours ago

    I liked for the mcjiggiddies

  20. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott16 hours ago

    It's like watching an instructional video about how to lose money playing poker

  21. Names Tick

    Names Tick16 hours ago

    These videos got recommended by youtube now I play poker again lmao

  22. Matt Ellison

    Matt Ellison17 hours ago

    Stop saying you won, you earned that shit. You made* 3600

  23. Light Burning

    Light Burning17 hours ago

    @Brad Owen What does it mean you say I'm stuck?

  24. Nate

    Nate17 hours ago

    What’s the button?

  25. OriginaldoBo

    OriginaldoBo17 hours ago

    lmao a house so full Danny Tanner would be jealous... Im dying

  26. Triangle

    Triangle18 hours ago

    Give me 100 dolars 🙏

  27. JoshM54

    JoshM5418 hours ago

    "Los Higgities" ROFL

  28. nyloco619

    nyloco61918 hours ago

    This was tough to watch. Your videos are awesome and insightful. I probably would have folded those queens before I saw this video, but not now. Thanks, man.

  29. smoozzums

    smoozzums18 hours ago

    you're like the davie504 of poker i love you dude

  30. Minh T

    Minh T18 hours ago

    One of the funniest poker vlogs out there! lol

  31. Austin Covey

    Austin Covey18 hours ago

    This is cathartic

  32. Kieth Mergard

    Kieth Mergard18 hours ago

    9S6SQS8SAS is not the nuts. The buts would have the king of spades. This is a common mistake. The nuts is the best possible hand for the board. Brad had a flush.

  33. Tim Pools Beanie

    Tim Pools Beanie19 hours ago

    Question for the comments section, what is the best poker app for iOS

  34. THEgameZONE

    THEgameZONE19 hours ago

    Brad: **flips his cards** Me: he has double jacks in his hand. Brad:" I got two piece McJiggities under the gun" What poetic phrasing

  35. Ha Lu

    Ha Lu19 hours ago

    Anything fun with $ if u winning. I could play heads n tail n if I'm winning $ ill b having fun.

  36. Ray Martinez

    Ray Martinez19 hours ago

    Good to have you back, bro!

  37. Slayinaiden123

    Slayinaiden12319 hours ago

    Honestly how do you keep getting these good cards?

  38. Bill Breunig

    Bill Breunig20 hours ago

    LOL, great ending

  39. Eric Hansen

    Eric Hansen20 hours ago

    People that call every street with 66 and hit on the river, is why I don’t play poker.

  40. Kevin McHenry

    Kevin McHenry20 hours ago

    this makes me scared to play in vegas lol

  41. Jeffrey Sullivan

    Jeffrey Sullivan20 hours ago

    Hey Brad! Tell me.... Is PokerStars fixed? I consider myself a pretty good player after 10 years and easily a million hands. Speaking of "running", do you believe it's actually possible to play on PS for for 10 hours with my experience and win like 4 or 5 hands total? (Play money). It seems impossible to run that bad, no? It's weird too because if I play 25 hands in a row with no luck or getting burned everytime by a higher straight, flush etc, I'll fold say 7 2 and flop a FH, after sitting for literally hours without hitting absolutely anything. I have to admit, I've spammed "PS is fixed" in there message board. Am I paying for it with computer algorithms against me or am I truly insane? I'd love your opinion or anyone else's you may have heard re: whether you feel it's fixed. P.S. I'm concerned because I deposited $100 with them and they never credited my account. When I asked customer service why, I was ignored. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  42. Monty

    Monty20 hours ago

    Glad you got over Covid all good brad keep killing it !

  43. Ian Foster

    Ian Foster21 hour ago

    Thanks for taking time to hear our bad beat stories at the end there. Its great that you care so much!

  44. Cryptoletsgo 1

    Cryptoletsgo 121 hour ago

    Smashed it. Bradley dollar bonanza 😄✌🏼

  45. izzzzzz6

    izzzzzz621 hour ago

    The Pain!

  46. Kieron Bilton

    Kieron Bilton21 hour ago

    Dude Great Ending. If you play by Your Rules and the cards don't play nice. What Can Ya Do

  47. Elliot Zink

    Elliot Zink21 hour ago

    Good play with aces

  48. KurtNCarlene Ruden

    KurtNCarlene Ruden21 hour ago

    Its rare a poker player posts a losing session. Thanks for the honesty.

  49. Philip Beattie

    Philip Beattie22 hours ago

    4th wall breach confirmed. Nice one Bradley, loved it.



    It was Chewy 09:35

  51. tuto gammee

    tuto gammee23 hours ago

    long time no see

  52. masterxDh20

    masterxDh2023 hours ago

    OOOOOFFF he only takes L's for 6k they better give you some good comps

  53. mike Vincent

    mike Vincent23 hours ago

    Jonathan little seems to be the only person I’ve seen who adds your chips into the pot odds amount. For example guy bets 10 into a 10 dollar pot so it’s 10 to win 20. 2:1. Jonathan says 10 to win 30. 3:1.

  54. Marty Breuninger

    Marty BreuningerDay ago

    @Brad Owen Why do you go to the casino at 3 AM? Looking for fish?

  55. Surfersideb

    SurfersidebDay ago

    Wow Brad. You nailed that charity knowledge challenge 🙂

  56. Jeff Graham

    Jeff GrahamDay ago

    Couldn’t find this in to clarify you guys bought 500$ in tickets and cleaned up?

  57. itsTabani

    itsTabaniDay ago

    i didnt see this for 2 days omg. hes finally back

  58. AU88

    AU88Day ago

    More of the world than the Mongol Empire. Nice.

  59. Slayinaiden123

    Slayinaiden123Day ago

    Dude your getting the best cards ive ever seen in a row.

  60. Island Thunder

    Island ThunderDay ago

    Commentary alone deserves multiple subs! Good stuff brada

  61. epicstyles07

    epicstyles07Day ago

    Best video you ever made.

  62. William Zagarella

    William ZagarellaDay ago

    Everybody who's saying bad call clearly doesnt understand poker lol. Theres comes many times where you don't play the hand, you play the player. You guys werent sitting with that guy all night deducing how that guy played. Hes done similair bets in situations with just a pair numerous times. It was the right call in that situation.

  63. Emiel Wagenaar

    Emiel WagenaarDay ago

    Tony G with hair on 2:40 LOL

  64. Mirko Bunjevac

    Mirko BunjevacDay ago

    plus when you r drunk

  65. Iron-sights Cody

    Iron-sights CodyDay ago

    Is that the same casino that participated in the cheating scandal with that one dickhead?

  66. James89

    James89Day ago

    Love the videos! Just getting into poker myself

  67. Alfred Guevarra

    Alfred GuevarraDay ago

    Lol. Nice ending. Acting isn’t bad!

  68. Real Hasta La Muerte

    Real Hasta La MuerteDay ago

    My new best friend 💪

  69. Vahid Zeinzli

    Vahid ZeinzliDay ago

    I liked cuz of your creativity lmao where you said count to 3 and then gigidies 😛🤣🤣

  70. Ishavedmymohawk

    IshavedmymohawkDay ago

    Snuggle is TERRIBLE lol. Wow.

  71. Tom Price

    Tom PriceDay ago

    Nice. News flash = No one wants to hear about your bad beats, including Brad, who's being generous, but clever.

  72. Francis Friel

    Francis FrielDay ago

    Did you thank the douche with the 6s for the slowroll?

  73. Enrique Cota

    Enrique CotaDay ago

    "I bring my hand ranking card" Lmao

  74. Uncensored_Thrack

    Uncensored_ThrackDay ago

    Watching things like this blows my mind as a hobby blackjack player, and makes me want to learn poker so bad. When do you start taking students?

  75. Cameron Meers

    Cameron MeersDay ago

    Happy to see you're now the most popular poker vlogger!

  76. Giveaway with pris

    Giveaway with prisDay ago

    Naol nalang

  77. Chevy Chase

    Chevy ChaseDay ago

    Your camera is so clear. Amazing

  78. Santana Alexander

    Santana AlexanderDay ago

    who else whatching this in 2021

  79. Noah Schmartz

    Noah SchmartzDay ago

    Said it years ago say it again, Brad is one of the most creatively funny vloggers on you tube, should be working as a comedy writer somewhere.

  80. Raj Shrestha Juneja

    Raj Shrestha JunejaDay ago

    this one was funny as hell with the "like" button to JJ and the end universal template to each bad beat story! lol