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  1. Google Account

    Google Account15 hours ago

    It takes 2 to tango man.... Rozen looked startled and out of place

  2. Kuba Jarzebowski

    Kuba Jarzebowski15 hours ago

    Hes not wrong

  3. Perjaka Bodoh

    Perjaka Bodoh15 hours ago

    Dana is may beach!

  4. Ben P

    Ben P16 hours ago

    I’d actually pay to see Dana get in there to fight a heavyweight

  5. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin Richard16 hours ago

    Caceres can't lose! :-0

  6. DaringDanny

    DaringDanny16 hours ago

    great win for gane. he's brand new and already beating the top heavyweights with veteran patience.

  7. mark hulswit

    mark hulswit16 hours ago


  8. Kong Vang

    Kong Vang16 hours ago

    This guy is legit. He finished 6 of 8 opponents and Dana is going to be a crybaby about this one? Dana is a businessman foremost, then a fight fan. He doesn't care about the livelihood of these athletes as long as the kill each other. Dana is nothing close to being a combat fighter. These fighters have their future/career to worry about. A variety of cage experience will only make Gane better and more complete. He can't be going in and KO every fighter. Gane will be a title contender by the end of this year or start of next.

  9. French Bolt

    French Bolt16 hours ago

    Good fight from Ciryl. Dana’s opinion is irrelevant, he’s not the one fighting Jairzinho, it’s completely different knowing your in a cage with guy who tore off Overeem’s lip. Respect to both fighters.

  10. Maria ruby Aure

    Maria ruby Aure16 hours ago

    He seems such a kinda hearted man. Very polite and genuine. The energy he gives off is so positive even when there’s criticism thrown he’s way. How do you not like the dude? 50-45 3x? Amazing performance! He’s definitely gonna be a champ later for sure. The attitude plus amazing technique 💗 what more could ask for? Most HW fighters have that mean spirit but he doesn’t. I like him a lot

  11. Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now16 hours ago

    Hey can't be mad at the guy. He did more then Jairzinho did and won.

  12. pierrot92

    pierrot9216 hours ago

    il a des progrès a faire en anglais lolz

  13. john doe

    john doe16 hours ago

    Gane, do not fall for the media, fans, and Dana’s hate. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get where you’re supposed to be. Especially in a division thin on competitors

  14. Agnieszka Mastej

    Agnieszka Mastej16 hours ago

    love this guy attitude very humble and down to earth

  15. Aston22692 Martin

    Aston22692 Martin16 hours ago

    Croom was my first training partner, he's several years older. Had a hard run and deserves to be where he is. Hard to see him lose and have his last win overturned.

  16. Lonely Coaster Tx

    Lonely Coaster Tx16 hours ago

    Reporter : Dana really didn’t like your fight Gane: oh yeah.. That’s the boss ( I’m happy ) Translator : Dana thinks you sucked Gane : ooooo ahhhhhh 🥴 ehhhhh Lol This guys funny

  17. O G

    O G16 hours ago

    Lets not act all spoilt here guys.. we've had our portion of (t)ko's just a week ago right?

  18. Noel Taylor

    Noel Taylor16 hours ago

    USADA dropping the ball

  19. ShezzaBoyy

    ShezzaBoyy16 hours ago

    Dana come on man Cyril was going against a Beast and he picked him apart like overreeem did for 5 rounds and didn’t get dropped like overreem what’s the issue he destroyed him over 5 rounds...

  20. Bruce Gelman

    Bruce Gelman16 hours ago

    DANA...I need my fighters to be more entertaining so I can make more money WHITE

  21. Laura Walker

    Laura Walker16 hours ago

    An empty chair for an hour, great video idiot.

  22. andyomsen007

    andyomsen00716 hours ago

    Now he can make Money

  23. alien saurus

    alien saurus16 hours ago

    yea a cloud volkanovski has beaten twice lmao

  24. Jesse Balentine

    Jesse Balentine16 hours ago

    Just like ngannou vs lewis

  25. Manuel Rodriguez

    Manuel Rodriguez16 hours ago

    goood dance 🕺💃 performance jajajajaja

  26. Anthony Lavelle

    Anthony Lavelle16 hours ago

    I like this guy, seems like a great person.

  27. Raket Madsen

    Raket Madsen16 hours ago

    Seems like a really nice dude

  28. How Depressing

    How Depressing17 hours ago

    Yoel got em cyclists thighs

  29. Thad Castle

    Thad Castle17 hours ago

    Who gives a fuck what Dana thinks. Guy needs to move on.


    MrROUGHTOUGHGUY17 hours ago

    Holy cringe lord

  31. Slick Silver

    Slick Silver17 hours ago

    I was rooting for Rozenstruik but I Cyril Gane is a very likeable guy and def a talented fighter.

  32. Themilio xperience

    Themilio xperience17 hours ago

    They hate on Gane mean while while when Usman stomps his way to the top not a peep.

  33. The Expert

    The Expert17 hours ago

    Hit or miss w heavyweights sometimes...but he did pressure Rose

  34. Themilio xperience

    Themilio xperience17 hours ago

    People are only happy when someone is knocked out. But the fight game is about strategy not brute force. Gane dominated this fight bar nun.

  35. B00024406

    B0002440617 hours ago

    The fight looked a lot like Izzie vs Romero. You need two to Tango, and the one trick poneys with only their power, if they are not in a brawl do not do anything but wait, so managing the fight is in this case the smart thing to do, but indeed quite boring. JR is to blame for that, Gane did what he reasonnably could, even ghrew a few TD.

  36. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin Richard17 hours ago

    Hey great fight, thank you!

  37. C63 AMG

    C63 AMG17 hours ago

    Oh shitttt im dead at him thinking dana was happy with him hahaha

  38. Moonlight Covers

    Moonlight Covers17 hours ago

    his voice is so ugly

  39. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana17 hours ago

    Respect Khabib si good fighter!

  40. JK96

    JK9617 hours ago

    Let’s all be honest here, maxim won rounds 1 and 3, lol. How the fk did jacoby even win round 3?

  41. Saul Maldonado

    Saul Maldonado17 hours ago

    Dana shut the hell up

  42. Sum bhoy

    Sum bhoy17 hours ago

    Looks like Zabit after some Dana white trt

  43. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy17 hours ago

    If HW's got hit as much as lighter weight guys HW fights wouldn't ever last 5 round's . Lighter fighters can be active and grind opponents, out hustle people to win etx. Heavy weights, any big strong doof can knoock. Your block off with 1 single punch. Look at blaydes, my boy hit Derek atleast 3x more then he got hit that fight, looked great for 99% of the fight. One major mistake and Bam. Over. One uppercut,

  44. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman17 hours ago

    Ciryl's reaction to Dana White's criticism is priceless (4:22) ! Long live Bon Gamin, greatest French MMA fighters ambassador 🇫🇷

  45. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy17 hours ago

    Rozen boy wasn't doing anything the whole fight.he was willing to get picked apart instead of putting himself at risk. Gane did fine. What's great HW

  46. Knocking Master Jiro

    Knocking Master Jiro17 hours ago

    Dana Blight being an unfair idiot again

  47. Neeto Lemutant

    Neeto Lemutant17 hours ago

    Cyril said himself just after the fight that he was disappointed with the pace of his fight being not as spectacular as he wanted, so the question about White’s comment wasn’t that necessary. That’s how you win fights, by matching the opposition… Gane’s coach already told that in order to see what he really has in store, it would take an opponent dangerous enough to push him out of his comfort zone, which obviously hasn’t been the case until now. So, business done, that’s about it. But White’s comment may have been meant to tell « ok, now he’s in the top 5, there will be some other steps before getting to the title shot », cutting off any controversy about letting Jones coming through to the title shot.

  48. Adal Hussain

    Adal Hussain18 hours ago

    Ghane vs Volkov make it happen

  49. waste of Ṧpéŕm

    waste of Ṧpéŕm18 hours ago

    dana is mad ciryl gane didn`t rush in and get knocked out

  50. sntm87

    sntm8718 hours ago

    I completely disagree that this fight was boring. I saw technique, precision, incredible movement and strategy, and with the power involved here the fight was intense. I'm not watching just for a KO, but some probably are. The idea that Gane should throw everything he learned away for a highlight reel and not adapt to the opponent is stupid to me.

  51. olga zhdanova

    olga zhdanova18 hours ago

    😄😄😄 pretty pretty👍 and the mindset is the right one 👍👍 congrats 🎉

  52. Ago Tam

    Ago Tam18 hours ago

    I watch this atleast once a couple of months

  53. GTR LIFE

    GTR LIFE18 hours ago


  54. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike18 hours ago

    Gane fought the smart fight here What did Dana expect? That he was gonna dive in head first and get caught

  55. olga zhdanova

    olga zhdanova18 hours ago

    😄😄😄💜💜💜👍👍👍🗼🗼🗼💎💎💎 parisian sweetheart here. Love french 😍 and he is so fun and corky))) 💜 good boy. Merci, sir! 🙌

  56. Ma1q

    Ma1q18 hours ago

    I’ve never seen a ceo talk shit about there staff. Dana always talks shit about fighters having never fought his whole life he shows no respect and the fertitta brothers started the ufc Dana ugly ass is just the face

  57. Ali Mohammad

    Ali Mohammad18 hours ago

    He has the best build in UFC how he is so big and flexible is beyond me ?

  58. Mind for Combat

    Mind for Combat18 hours ago

    With only 7 fights he was fighting a top contender with over 80 kick boxing fights. He had a great performance should be proud I'm very excited. He showed poise, control, conditioning and a maturity beyond his years. Great win

  59. connor shadwrick

    connor shadwrick18 hours ago

    I think this guy knows what he wants and where he wants to go

  60. R Jonas

    R Jonas18 hours ago

    Why are we doing a water bottle with a monster sticker on it now?

  61. R. Inge

    R. Inge18 hours ago

    This press conference was exactly like the main event. A little bit of something and a whole lot of nothing 😔

  62. Simon Masson-Dupras

    Simon Masson-Dupras18 hours ago

    Not a single bruised after a 25 minute

  63. virzak

    virzak18 hours ago

    Переводчик отстой

  64. Enoch Arcturus

    Enoch Arcturus18 hours ago

    ACL js one of the worst pain ever. I have one.. And i havent had surgery.. It gives out at least 3 or 4 times a year and left in crutches and and recovery the rest of the year..had to learn to walk 4 was so sensitive the pajama touching my skin is horrific.

  65. Bossnian

    Bossnian19 hours ago

    How was that a boring fight? It had beautiful grappling and good striking from both fighters. Wtf are we expecting fight from fighters at this point?

  66. Dracorex0

    Dracorex019 hours ago

    Styles make fights. I think he’ll have a more exciting fight against the top 3 or jones. Jair could not get into gane’s range at all

  67. mutthius1

    mutthius119 hours ago


  68. Kid Cthulhu

    Kid Cthulhu19 hours ago

    Aww, that was cute when he thought Dana was praising his performance and then had to be corrected. He handled it well though. Good man.

  69. Sultan Sultan

    Sultan Sultan19 hours ago

    I like him.. He's chill and very calm every time I see him.. Very interesting fighter.. I wish him good luck.. New fan here

  70. Mfundi Mkhize

    Mfundi Mkhize19 hours ago

    Rozenstruik is a journeyman it's now clear. Gane gets his wins fair enough but I think we got another Marty Usman here fellas. He'll win and probably get to a title but not worth a PPV buy. Beautiful technique is great and all that but you're not at the dojo buddy you're on TV for entertainment!!!!

  71. Suleiman Anaisah

    Suleiman Anaisah19 hours ago

    Gane did all he could to beat up that guy, but the guy wasn't its not Gane's fault.

  72. ruin3r

    ruin3r19 hours ago

    Imagine if after a NFL game, if there wasn't a bunch of touchdowns and interceptions and crazy moments, the team owner shit all over his own team? Dana is an immature baby who throws a tantrum anytime things don't go exactly to plan, i.e. a HW fight without a brutal knockout. If this is a real sport then every fight can't just be fuel for someone's highlight reel and a PPV promo package.

  73. Guillaume Turello

    Guillaume Turello19 hours ago

    Completely agree with comments below, Cyril was the one engaging.. If you look at the stats on strikes Cyril was a lot ahead so that tells you he was the active one...he’s tried to finish him but was not able to, it’s not going to work every time.., The fight reminds me Israel vs yoel romero... you have to be two to dance if one of them he’s not willing to, that is the king of fight you get..

  74. Lea nn Logan aa Rogan

    Lea nn Logan aa Rogan20 hours ago

    Um there was a night terrors having talking and sited me so i saved dana more then

  75. Tzar Leonardi

    Tzar Leonardi20 hours ago

    Holly "The Garden Path" Holm

  76. Flo Z

    Flo Z20 hours ago

    Gane has a super fight IQ and super mobility for heavyweights. It was a masterclass of mastery. Though I understand that it was not the most bankable fight ... Francis is Dana’s man. Coming back to Cyril, putting those performances after only 3 years of MMA, that’s super impressive and he has a great future ahead. Let’s see the Francis vs Cyril in main event for the first time UFC in Paris.

  77. Lea nn Logan aa Rogan

    Lea nn Logan aa Rogan20 hours ago

    Dana gl i did everything +)

  78. 1.4142

    1.414220 hours ago

    ramadan ding dong ramadan ding ding dong

  79. JohSentenza

    JohSentenza20 hours ago

    Let's be honest, Rozenstruik is the only one to blame.

  80. Big Ounce

    Big Ounce20 hours ago

    Gane is awesome he didn't have a KO like Francis as Dana says but how many decisions has Francis won ?