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CBS 11 News Now

CBS 11 News Now

4 days ago

Sunny, Mild Thursday
Pet Of The Week: Niko
  1. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin NguyenHour ago

    She flew to DC on a private jet. I'm sure she'll be able to pay her defense fees and live in one of those luxury prisons like Martha Stewart.

  2. Brian Jones

    Brian JonesHour ago

    No you’re not sorry you just don’t want to do time in jail

  3. Phiz Ix

    Phiz IxHour ago

    exile? exile.

  4. The Memory Traveler

    The Memory TravelerHour ago

    SMH!!!! She’s a grown-up? I wouldn’t have you represent me in buying or selling if your discernment is that damn weak.

  5. One40tyFour Sealed

    One40tyFour SealedHour ago

    Why didn't the white woman that threatened to storm the news studios? What about charging all of these folks with murder. Last I checked, when someone is killed during a crime everybody that took part or was just there get charged with the death of said person. Whether target or perpetrator. Does that law only apply to the colored folk? 🤔

  6. Kamil K

    Kamil KHour ago

    but.. but ...she's white lol

  7. Nerdlin Geeksly

    Nerdlin GeekslyHour ago

    What's the door unlocked or did they get a key for the front door?

  8. ZbgZ

    ZbgZHour ago

    Shush.. Trump is going away soon



    She is worried about her insignificant "real estate license" and does not once mention the fallen officer. You are disgraceful and deplorable

  10. Aaron Schneider

    Aaron SchneiderHour ago

    She's well spoken, but she probably does deserve "prison sentence" (sic)

  11. Amaury Castillo

    Amaury CastilloHour ago

    Well, if you get pardon from your president, then, all of those intruders in Capital shoud get it too. And I don't think is gonig to happen. The one who broke Windows at the Capital just got 20 years behind bars. Good luck!!

  12. Alfred Cavazos

    Alfred CavazosHour ago

    Lol, you thought, no wait your master said when your done don't forget to: sit roll over.

  13. Jeanie Dalrymple

    Jeanie DalrympleHour ago

    You are not ok. You need to face reality, girl. That man has been lying for years. I hope God points you in the right direction now. We all make mistakes...but turn it around when you find out you are WRONG.

  14. TheEpicBaneman

    TheEpicBanemanHour ago

    Just hear me out. Orrr. . . we could put automatic braking systems into pedestrians who are unable to look both ways.

  15. Bradley Campbell

    Bradley CampbellHour ago

    Literally the dumbest person ever

  16. Dr. Manvendra Singh Rathore

    Dr. Manvendra Singh RathoreHour ago

    I guess the driver will sleep insted of driving 😂😂😂 if all these features are nicely operating.

  17. Luthando Mali

    Luthando MaliHour ago

    Trump saving pardons for himselfself sweet!! You goin to jail!!😁😁

  18. Andrew Kini

    Andrew KiniHour ago

    Lock her ass up

  19. Amarie

    AmarieHour ago

    T* * * * doesn't care. We don't care.

  20. TheSandman714 xx

    TheSandman714 xxHour ago

    You posed next to broken windows & threatened news media studios how were you not aware of violence?? PARDON ME for not understanding your stupidity. 💀💀💀

  21. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon JohnsonHour ago

    Lmao I swear I’m watching worlds dumbest criminals. lmao

  22. Gladys Harris

    Gladys HarrisHour ago

    Dic you see the latest?? Pop goes the pardon.... it was like the pied piper ..

  23. fokuz02

    fokuz02Hour ago

    You mean we actually have to have driving skills still??? Try NOT having your face buried in your phone and slow down when you drive. All these "driving aids" do is prove that we are literally regressing as a race.

  24. Al Greenwood

    Al GreenwoodHour ago

    She will lose her license for any criminal activity. She should ask herself was her career worth treasonous and seditious acts. Asking for a pardon for knowingly breaking the law? What trump should do since his worshipers were following his direct orders is to command they turn themselves in. Let's see how that works.

  25. Kameron Mack

    Kameron MackHour ago

    Really, surely she doesn't think that will hold up in court. God gave most but not all the ability to THINK....

  26. thefaceofthecentury

    thefaceofthecenturyHour ago

    And on "the best day of your life", a policeman was bludgeoned to death. YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

  27. Mickey Flick

    Mickey FlickHour ago

    No more real estate sales for you!

  28. Sun Shine

    Sun ShineHour ago

    You a pardon, you a pardon and you a pardon. She's getting dump confused with oprah.

  29. Demetria McFarland

    Demetria McFarlandHour ago

    Nothing but a coward. I hope and pray they get him off the streets as soon as possible.

  30. Mickey Flick

    Mickey FlickHour ago

    God, and Trump, are NOT taking care of you.

  31. Mary Jancsar

    Mary JancsarHour ago

    Sorry NOW Lemmings?

  32. arlie nelson

    arlie nelsonHour ago

    The perfect picture of white privledge...

  33. benjamin wood

    benjamin woodHour ago

    if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Trump has more on his plate to deal with than this whiney Karen.

  34. James Vertin

    James VertinHour ago

    Well at least they found one real case in Texas, And she was trying to help Trump win

  35. Carl Morgan

    Carl MorganHour ago

    Trump said 'Fight' not break in and trash the place. Lol

  36. lil reba

    lil rebaHour ago

    She doesn't deserve shit ! None of them do! U did the crime u do the time! Period!

  37. MrDiddyDee

    MrDiddyDeeHour ago

    Typical, she wants to take absolutely no responsibility for her own actions, claims to be patriotic whilst attacking the heart of democracy, and when caught out plays the victim, how very Republican of her.

  38. Carl Morgan

    Carl MorganHour ago

    Just shows how undeveloped her brain is. Take responsibility for your action...damn foolish woman.

  39. Carolina Gonzales-Branson

    Carolina Gonzales-BransonHour ago

    The entitlement and delusion is just unbelievable SMH

  40. Elijah Peterson

    Elijah PetersonHour ago

    Wow second arrest in Texas for voter fraud. Well that is two case's when fraud can never happen. Look deeper states and you will find many more.

  41. Brian Koss

    Brian KossHour ago

    If you had money for a private plane you should have stayed at the Trump hotel in DC, they offered a free wake up call for insurrections.

  42. Chris Garrett

    Chris GarrettHour ago

    This is what Ashli Babbitt would have been saying if she didn't get herself shot and killed at the Capitol.

  43. Bharath KA19

    Bharath KA19Hour ago

    Of non tala car

  44. Greg Yothers

    Greg YothersHour ago

    Oh my god. Really a pardon for your stupidity. No absolutely not. You deserve everything th as ts coming.

  45. Edward Rooney

    Edward RooneyHour ago

    I like people that weren't captured. - Donald Trump

  46. Anthony Bautista

    Anthony BautistaHour ago

    You're telling me a president Trump tells you to jump off a bridge you're going to jump off a bridge that's what you're telling me if he tells you to break the law you're going to break the law and if you break the law he should be punished end of line

  47. Jay Really

    Jay ReallyHour ago

    Imagine if all crime was like this... “Bought body armor to rob bank” “Made plans to rob bank” “Standing outside the bank” “We are robbing the bank” *live stream it all and say my full name* Gets arrested and let go. “I wasn’t really going to rob the bank” This is ridiculous.

  48. YenzHouse

    YenzHouseHour ago

    Of course you don’t feel like a criminal!! that’s what the “entitled” say!!

  49. alohathaxted

    alohathaxtedHour ago

    When you can’t fly to a great destination because of the Pandemic, then fly to a shitty location and do shitty things.

  50. Wm Wilson

    Wm WilsonHour ago


  51. Scott Gibson

    Scott GibsonHour ago

    They all claim to love America but they think my vote and the 80 plus million votes for Biden do not matter because they believe everything Trump tells them. Trump has always been a BS er his whole life. He lost and Trump played you.

  52. tdo7125

    tdo7125Hour ago

    She lied, typical behavior of Republicans

  53. Ambush My Manbush

    Ambush My ManbushHour ago

    The police had to type that ticket out in French because the language place in the language laws in Quebec tell them that English is not allowed

  54. Love Leitrim

    Love LeitrimHour ago

    I saw where she was interviewed on her way to the capitol. She declared she was on her way up there to break windows.

  55. Francis Lumanog

    Francis LumanogHour ago

    Always the victim she should take responsibility for her own actions just like everyone else.

  56. VisionsTalent

    VisionsTalentHour ago


  57. Apollogamer

    ApollogamerHour ago

    These people are same who followed some other leader 75-85 years ago and believe everything

  58. Keepruvthknight

    KeepruvthknightHour ago

    All of these people who were arrested and then let go will be going back to DC to 'finish the job'.

  59. Ramon Taylor

    Ramon TaylorHour ago


  60. E M

    E MHour ago

    Lock her up!!!!

  61. Rain H

    Rain HHour ago

    Another over-entitled Karen. She's dumb, willing to do anything which is DANGEROUS!

  62. Big_Smoke

    Big_SmokeHour ago

    And next up, a family of four was trapped inside a burning building, three bodies have been found.

  63. Uncle Ben

    Uncle BenHour ago

    well .. just will find out.😂😂

  64. debi anderson

    debi andersonHour ago

    You cant fix stupid or Trump supporters!

  65. Yancey Zimmerman

    Yancey ZimmermanHour ago

    Here's a solution: only responsible people that drive safely and obey traffic laws should be allowed to have a license and get behind the wheel.

  66. lray1234

    lray1234Hour ago

    It's adorable that she thinks Trump is going to stick his neck out for her....

  67. Computer Shutoff

    Computer Shutoff2 hours ago

    They were asians

  68. Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben2 hours ago

    Trump leaving office honey...he have not mentioned you!! .. sorry!!

  69. Stephen Pinder

    Stephen Pinder2 hours ago

    Please tell me she doesn't have children. This idiocy is what got don the con elected in the first place.

  70. Grimgar65 G

    Grimgar65 G2 hours ago

    Sorry you go down with the rest of them, live with it

  71. Water Bug

    Water Bug2 hours ago

    Gee, didn't the FBI hear her explain she did nothing wrong? She didn't even go into the Capitol building. The video of her inside the Capitol building is fake news, her body double, a alien from Mars. Come on FBI, this poor innocent blond woman was just out bird watching.

  72. Rhonda Lloyd

    Rhonda Lloyd2 hours ago

    She wanted to keep her tax breaks , 🙈 yes but now your going to prison , pardon really , grown women own will u do everything your told

  73. keyth jones

    keyth jones2 hours ago

    Magahats =you can't fix stupid

  74. SickPrid3

    SickPrid32 hours ago

    well, fuck that kid who runs in front of my car 🤣

  75. S Short

    S Short2 hours ago

    Really, she cannot be that doggone ignorant & stuck in stupid. Smh at the so bright as a box of dumb rock. Send her to jail

  76. keyth jones

    keyth jones2 hours ago

    One of trumpskis very Fine People 👹👺

  77. Dezzilio Devellini

    Dezzilio Devellini2 hours ago

    Spiritual advisor, Christian, Megachurch, mega$$$$, tax fraud , disgrace and jail? They go together...hand in hand, like a horse and its carriage. I have espousing that those lying SKUNHEADS pay TAXES. Whose idea was it to allow all those multimillionaire SKUN live tax-free? The CITIZENS need to get together and DEMAND change. What a MOCKERY of Christianity!

  78. Stuff.

    Stuff.2 hours ago

    I hope she goes to jail. How can you claim you didn't realize there was violence when you're posing next to damage and publicly threatening to do the same to news studios on social media.

  79. BS1

    BS12 hours ago

    No More Pain, No More Racism, No More Trump, Republicans Stand up for America not you're party. Yea Ted time to go, you lied for power and greed. We pause and we think you lied, about the election for Trump, for power and greed not the people.

  80. Tito 96

    Tito 962 hours ago

    They need to find that animal