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Live with Cardi B

6 months ago

  1. Chewy Samurai

    Chewy SamuraiHour ago

    4 minutes and 12 seconds ago i was still a virgin...

  2. nikki kwong

    nikki kwongHour ago

    Two iconic female rappers

  3. nikki kwong

    nikki kwongHour ago

    Believe it or not there is a 9 year old kid just sticking there butts out in my family to this song

  4. Александр Михайлов

    Александр МихайловHour ago

    Я вообще далек от рэпа, но скажу, что трек Инстасамки совсем не похож, даже с натяжкой не плагиат)

  5. Luka Kusovac

    Luka KusovacHour ago

    I always accidentally open this crap whenever I want to play the song Money by Pink Floyd...




  7. Amber Cutler

    Amber CutlerHour ago

    Your incredible 👏

  8. P.P. Bizon

    P.P. BizonHour ago

    > She don't cook > Macaroni in a pot Maybe Cardi ordered her manager or MTS to cook M&C for her.

  9. S N Lwin

    S N LwinHour ago

    Up is gonna be the sister of WAP

  10. Kesh Gaming

    Kesh GamingHour ago

    Wow Soon Hit 1B

  11. Jay K

    Jay KHour ago

    This song is ok

  12. Janeidy Rodriguez

    Janeidy RodriguezHour ago

    That song l like it

  13. Stefano Berlingeri

    Stefano BerlingeriHour ago

    Sé c'è qualche italiano scriva un commento

  14. Amar Hussain

    Amar HussainHour ago

    This porn has shit music.

  15. m1935

    m1935Hour ago

    Jesus christ that is the worst demonic bullshit I've ever seen masquerading as entertainment. You'll lose 10 IQ points listing to this garbage.

  16. Dilber Ayyürek

    Dilber AyyürekHour ago

    nobody: cardi b: fuck

  17. Aastha Arora

    Aastha AroraHour ago

    who wrote lyrics pls answer

  18. Daniel64

    Daniel64Hour ago

    I hope 5 year olds doesn't see this 0_o

  19. Fear_ Pres

    Fear_ PresHour ago


  20. piew piew to the ground

    piew piew to the groundHour ago

    whos here in 1989?

  21. david ejiro

    david ejiroHour ago

    Pure trash

  22. Moslim rousija Sasi

    Moslim rousija SasiHour ago


  23. david ejiro

    david ejiroHour ago

    This video is devlish she's promoting lesbianism she was kissing girls

  24. Corrina Ingels

    Corrina IngelsHour ago

    Omg this is fire

  25. Qrizy

    QrizyHour ago

    Here from finland

  26. _issleslie_

    _issleslie_Hour ago

    Oh ma gahh 🥵❤

  27. Vikash Rathor

    Vikash RathorHour ago


  28. ivan Kostov

    ivan KostovHour ago


  29. Jude Stephen Romanillos

    Jude Stephen RomanillosHour ago

    This song is highly recommend when you make out 👍

  30. dolzena orshan

    dolzena orshanHour ago

    Expensive song..ulalala🔥🔥🔥..i love u cardi b

  31. Dewa Ary

    Dewa AryHour ago

    Hello Nicki 😆

  32. Freedom seeker

    Freedom seekerHour ago

    3:05 is I want to say to Joe Biden 🥶

  33. _issleslie_

    _issleslie_Hour ago

    Just wow 🥵❤

  34. محمد عبد الباقي

    محمد عبد الباقيHour ago

    This close for the respect people😏

  35. moon shine

    moon shineHour ago

    Got some subliminal messaging going on cardi

  36. Freedom seeker

    Freedom seekerHour ago

    This song makes wanna tell the Illuminati they did a good job 👏

  37. kLx ́

    kLx ́Hour ago

    who upvotes this garbage?

  38. Gregorio Florentino

    Gregorio Florentino2 hours ago


  39. LibertyChap

    LibertyChap2 hours ago

    why this comes up first and not Pink Floyd..

  40. arkit yadav

    arkit yadav2 hours ago

    🤮🤮🤮full pron

  41. Dina Dina

    Dina Dina2 hours ago

    Quien en 2022 😏

  42. Mustafa Yalçın

    Mustafa Yalçın2 hours ago

    Beat is LEGEND

  43. WildKatt Production

    WildKatt Production2 hours ago

    *Cardi B makes a music video* All the Conspiracy Theorists looking for hidden meaning

  44. WildKatt Production

    WildKatt Production2 hours ago

    *Cardi B makes a music video* All the Conspiracy Theorists looking for hidden meaning

  45. Denia Paramita

    Denia Paramita2 hours ago

    I hope BTS Rapper line can do collab with Cardi B❤️

  46. A Long Yellow Thing

    A Long Yellow Thing2 hours ago


  47. Laela BOUAOU

    Laela BOUAOU2 hours ago

    Cardi b is the best 👑 queen

  48. Dinesh Maggoo

    Dinesh Maggoo2 hours ago

    Tigers are realising if they eat them up ,what would get wrong?

  49. Jernee Crosby

    Jernee Crosby2 hours ago

    You’re so funny I know that that’s just stupid Rick is a fucking wig

  50. Khunz Caberto

    Khunz Caberto2 hours ago

    I came here from Rae..... I regret it honestly...

  51. CAT

    CAT2 hours ago


  52. StrawberryMochi

    StrawberryMochi2 hours ago

    but why the 1 million dislikes like-

  53. سيليناتور

    سيليناتور2 hours ago

    Cardi B really I do not know😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  54. SAVAGE try

    SAVAGE try2 hours ago


  55. emina mušinović

    emina mušinović2 hours ago

    Who came here for the J Balvin part?

  56. Dave Mza

    Dave Mza2 hours ago

    CAP-anese lmao

  57. omprakash gupta

    omprakash gupta2 hours ago

    1:48 costume is copy by Nicki Minaj motorsport song 🤔🤔

  58. Julia Julia

    Julia Julia2 hours ago

    Dress dress dress dress dress cardi don't need no more dress

  59. jerry weachter

    jerry weachter2 hours ago

    When we cancelling dis chit?

  60. Gerard Joseph Pelayo

    Gerard Joseph Pelayo2 hours ago

    Wap means Worship and Prayer... So why do you need a bucket and a mop for worship and prayer? LMAO

  61. Amy Lismore

    Amy Lismore2 hours ago


  62. Diogo Mendes

    Diogo Mendes2 hours ago

    sephiroth in the thumbnail

  63. Tim Schulze

    Tim Schulze2 hours ago

    So I listened to russel brand talk about this on his youtube channel and had to see for myself. If this video is ment to impower women then I think women need to have a talk to them selves and kick out these two because all they are doing is selling sex to our children and making money off the womens rights movment at the moment. Nothing short of disgusting really and the fact the media played this up to be powerful for women really shows how far we are slipping and the morals the media wont our young people to take on🤦🏻‍♂️ In short its just softcore porn ffs

  64. XxVanniehh

    XxVanniehh2 hours ago

    Cardi b how old are you ?