1. Dark_Lion

    Dark_Lion22 hours ago

    holy- yass queen

  2. Nmarion Yarbrough

    Nmarion Yarbrough22 hours ago

    She is so talented

  3. Mrs. G

    Mrs. G22 hours ago

    It's a shame she just showed you she has sold her sold. The one eye, water, and fire ritual. Doesn't even sound, look, and/or act like herself. Is money/ fame this important. The new taylor swift. Her idol right???. She has been officially sexualized. Which is all she will reek of. Such a shame.

  4. Calvin Hu

    Calvin Hu22 hours ago

    Dude the fact that I live like minutes away from this market lol !!!

  5. hun ginnshie

    hun ginnshie22 hours ago

    Te encontré. Servando y florentino Listen

  6. Belen Benitez

    Belen Benitez22 hours ago

    Hopefully I’m here before this got famous

  7. pknm

    pknm22 hours ago



    DAFNE SOFIA DELPINO22 hours ago

    14 million in 1 day wtf many congratulations!!!

  9. Nia

    Nia22 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG I was listening to to for a literally A HOUR GREAT JOB OLIVIA❤️

  10. Jasmin Patel

    Jasmin Patel22 hours ago

    She has been on Disney channel aswell wth

  11. haven

    haven22 hours ago

    So no one is going to talk about her outfit? It's so cutee

  12. Unathi M

    Unathi M22 hours ago

    Aggressively twerking

  13. Barbie Silva

    Barbie Silva22 hours ago

    When u get the high school musical ad after just watching this

  14. Maria Angelica Carvalho

    Maria Angelica Carvalho22 hours ago

    Period!! Alguém brasileiro 🇧🇷??

  15. Esther Kalonda

    Esther Kalonda22 hours ago

    best song ever

  16. Ecenur Ozerdem

    Ecenur Ozerdem22 hours ago

    I open youtube and I am here AGAIN lol i can't stop listening to this song 😍 she is so talented 😭

  17. Ellen Cristina

    Ellen Cristina22 hours ago

    Grammy best new artist 🥰🥰

  18. Kiki Samuriwo

    Kiki Samuriwo22 hours ago

    fav song of your so far immm excited for sour

  19. Fleur Elise

    Fleur Elise22 hours ago

    This song is soo good it gives me Hayley Williams vibes 😀

  20. sky_zxty

    sky_zxty22 hours ago

    this is my favorite song by her so far

  21. That bitch lolipop

    That bitch lolipop22 hours ago

    That's too perfect

  22. Josie Wheeler

    Josie Wheeler22 hours ago

    Officially my favorite song by Olivia

  23. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum22 hours ago

    Kinda gives me Jennifer's body vibes

  24. sam .

    sam .22 hours ago

    giving me very much jennifer's body vibes .. im living for this

  25. Amandine Friderici

    Amandine Friderici22 hours ago


  26. Ben bagded Mehdh hwari

    Ben bagded Mehdh hwari22 hours ago

    So yeah young Taylor swift

  27. Mia Cece

    Mia Cece22 hours ago

    BEST SONG EVER!!! this song brings me so much nostalgia it hurts

  28. Vinicius Teixeira

    Vinicius Teixeira22 hours ago


  29. Cloy Calumpang

    Cloy Calumpang22 hours ago


  30. Adàve M

    Adàve M22 hours ago

    This is absolutely amazing!

  31. Marcela Colmenares

    Marcela Colmenares22 hours ago


  32. Artist Formally Known as 'Riq

    Artist Formally Known as 'Riq22 hours ago

    It's surprising Disney let them do this while having a main role on one of their shows

  33. boca threads

    boca threads22 hours ago

    olivia needed to buy gasoline cause she kept driving through the suburbs

  34. Analucia Berenz

    Analucia Berenz22 hours ago

    She is art

  35. Boblobblah4

    Boblobblah422 hours ago

    This song reminds me of “Misery Business”

  36. Adam Al-Husseiny

    Adam Al-Husseiny22 hours ago

    But I got him where I want him now Whoa, it was never my intention to brag

  37. raneem amr

    raneem amr22 hours ago

    Adraman a7la

  38. Kirby Star

    Kirby Star22 hours ago

    There should be a trending page for music

  39. Nikolas Nikolas

    Nikolas Nikolas22 hours ago

    Someone can work on subtitle maybe for free ? or please pay someone for cheap :)

  40. El Ziquito

    El Ziquito22 hours ago

    2:04 when ur a psycho but you think in the environment.... im dying hahahha

  41. Lu 26

    Lu 2622 hours ago

    Me encanta. 💜

  42. berna

    berna22 hours ago

    ok now who broke this girls heart

  43. Cesia Sandoval

    Cesia Sandoval22 hours ago

    te amo

  44. K Galani

    K Galani22 hours ago

    Don't mind me i just break the reply bottom 😄

  45. Leo

    Leo22 hours ago

    "Like a damn sociopath" AHH ITS SO ADICTING (2:50)

  46. Aiden

    Aiden22 hours ago


  47. Varlo Florez

    Varlo Florez22 hours ago

    Damn this is number 1 well I can't believe it's not Jcole, this songs good gotta admit. Anything relatable is tbh.

  48. Russian exo-l

    Russian exo-l22 hours ago

    Песня классная! Певица потрясающая!! Восторг!!!

  49. Fanny González

    Fanny González22 hours ago

    Otro temon de esta diva❤️❣️💖😍😍

  50. Ecenur Ozerdem

    Ecenur Ozerdem22 hours ago

    This is too good

  51. Jhonna Denise Cruz

    Jhonna Denise Cruz22 hours ago

    She reminds me of Catriona Gray.

  52. Always Science

    Always Science22 hours ago

    Smart Food FTW! 🍿 So loving the 90’s and Alanis vibe.

  53. Marie Coghlan

    Marie Coghlan22 hours ago

    Sponsored by Smartfood popcorn

  54. hun ginnshie

    hun ginnshie22 hours ago

    Te encontré Servando y florentino

  55. Ines Schira

    Ines Schira22 hours ago

    It’s so indie and I love it

  56. nikki

    nikki22 hours ago

    this is amazing oh my god

  57. Luija Quesada

    Luija Quesada22 hours ago

    Trendy #17 In Colombia

  58. Sceptical Automata

    Sceptical Automata22 hours ago

    Whos listening in 2031

  59. Melly Chew

    Melly Chew22 hours ago

    A bunch of tik tok trying to release music on the same day. LMAO GOOD LUCK. They’ll never hit this stage of amazing 😁😁

  60. Mia Lauren

    Mia Lauren22 hours ago


  61. Dead Cat

    Dead Cat22 hours ago

    i like the crazy chick vibe

  62. Alpha_Omega

    Alpha_Omega22 hours ago

    I don’t think she realises how much this song had taken of

  63. Judith Jimenez

    Judith Jimenez22 hours ago


  64. riven peters s2

    riven peters s222 hours ago


  65. Orla Sheerin

    Orla Sheerin22 hours ago

    I love the song and cuzs also love it🙂

  66. Olivia Brodarick

    Olivia Brodarick22 hours ago

    2:05-2:07 sounds like the beginning of what a pleasure by the beach fossils

  67. BeautyAl

    BeautyAl22 hours ago

    Sponsored by smartfood popcorn

  68. Asomekid 1031

    Asomekid 103122 hours ago

    I go there to shop. This place is in sgv I believe and near the market they have a pho shop

  69. Iliana Valenzuela

    Iliana Valenzuela22 hours ago


  70. Jamie Allison

    Jamie Allison22 hours ago


  71. Madison Thompson

    Madison Thompson22 hours ago

    This is just one big cell phone and smart food’s ad.

  72. ash

    ash22 hours ago

    avril + taylor + lorde + paramore

  73. Joie Twitch

    Joie Twitch22 hours ago

    Now i know who caused the gas shortage

  74. Pie Playz

    Pie Playz22 hours ago

    1:22 wow

  75. Celeste Daza

    Celeste Daza22 hours ago

    Ok, hablemos de la cara que hace Liv en el segundo 58 🛐

  76. Marine Movsisyan

    Marine Movsisyan22 hours ago

    She is definitely the Taylor Swift of gen z



    ahhh amooo best song

  78. Austin Zizzi

    Austin Zizzi22 hours ago

    Definitely not a one hit wonder this shit is special

  79. Elisabethh obregon

    Elisabethh obregon22 hours ago

    i got a ad with her rn for hsmtmts rn with her in while waiting to watch her video 😭😭

  80. Sophia Jensen

    Sophia Jensen22 hours ago

    Lovely song 🎧