The Broke, Stuck \u0026 F#^ked Recovery Team, And the Extreme off-road Wrecker travel to off-road events. We rescue broken and extremely stuck 4x4's, not for hire but for your entertainment. If you like this channel, subscribe, leave comments, and share my videos. Thank you for your support.

  1. M owler

    M owler5 minutes ago

    This Burrito tastes just like exhaust and 30 year old oil...mmmmm yummy

  2. Mr. AZ

    Mr. AZ37 minutes ago

    Why didn't they wait till summer to do this?

  3. Richard Guse

    Richard Guse58 minutes ago

    Time to get kinetic ropes.

  4. John Downing

    John DowningHour ago

    Still havent heard why it's so important to get this out right now after three yrs.. its frozen into the ground and been there.. what's the big yank now..?

  5. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan BeyeaHour ago

    What's up

  6. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan BeyeaHour ago


  7. Bob Davenport

    Bob DavenportHour ago

    Okay, so the truck has been out there for 3 years now. Any reason why at this point you didn't just wait until summer before attempting retrieval?

  8. Aaron Bush

    Aaron Bush2 hours ago

    You lost a front driver side tire chain

  9. dirty doggo

    dirty doggo2 hours ago

    Why not wait til summer when u could drive in there 2wd with a open diff

  10. Jim T

    Jim T3 hours ago

    Hows the new winch line working out?hope al is well.👍🇺🇸

  11. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago

    What's up

  12. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago


  13. Thomas Nichols

    Thomas Nichols3 hours ago

    Ran into “Towbie” at the gas station this morning after watching this video. Small world!

  14. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago

    What's up

  15. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago


  16. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago

    What's up

  17. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago


  18. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago

    What's up

  19. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea3 hours ago


  20. 504 Owner official

    504 Owner official3 hours ago

    can i have some support on my channel thank you all and welcome

  21. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea4 hours ago

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  23. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea4 hours ago

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  25. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea4 hours ago

    What's up

  26. Ryan Beyea

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  27. Tony_in_PA

    Tony_in_PA4 hours ago

    Synthetic ropes are great, but I bet the area down by the hook sees a lot of abuse. Even dirt in the fibers can wear out the rope from the inside. Good idea to keep the cable handy.

  28. Project Bumpa

    Project Bumpa5 hours ago

    I am curious as to where the winch line broke. I used to work on rope and it should not have broken. If it broke at the end it was a bad splice, if it broke somewhere in the middle it could be the sun ate it which is not supposed to happen either.

  29. Randy Winkleblech

    Randy Winkleblech5 hours ago

    This is a great series! Been watching for a few months. Thanks for the videos! The sound when you get on the wrecker is sweet!

  30. Gerald Wilcox

    Gerald Wilcox6 hours ago

    Normal speed.

  31. Miller

    Miller6 hours ago

    LOVE IT!!!!! Eric Yinz Should Come to Butler Pa The Birth Place of the Jeep and Home of the Heritage Jeep Fest Every Year in June. The Largest Jeep Parade in the World. Come down enjoy the Jeeps and I invite yinz to go wheelin on some private trails if yinz decide to come on down. Butler County Pennsylvania the Birth Place of the Jeep and Home of the Heritage Jeep Fest Every Year in June Fathers day weekend......The Bantam Hertiage Jeep Fest in Butler Pa

  32. Ken Lock

    Ken Lock7 hours ago

    Inspired me to build my 67' GMC 4x4 wrecker

  33. Patrick Sierra

    Patrick Sierra7 hours ago


  34. Alex Landsberger

    Alex Landsberger8 hours ago

    Tow truck needs to be shifted into first


    NOT FOR HIRE9 hours ago

    I can't believe that rope lasted that long! I remember when you put it on!

  36. Rheo Bartels

    Rheo Bartels10 hours ago

    yeah this is the only other great recovery channel

  37. Charles Vlcek

    Charles Vlcek10 hours ago

    Old army 6x6 would pull that out in the summer

  38. Gab Dumont

    Gab Dumont10 hours ago

    Follow you for soo long one of your greatest video eric good job And please make a video about how you running a small block ,we want your opinion and advice

  39. Bruce MacKinnon

    Bruce MacKinnon11 hours ago

    Why not wait for spring?

  40. Ted Walker

    Ted Walker11 hours ago


  41. c4or2ey0

    c4or2ey012 hours ago

    Are your tires on the towrig crosswind mt's?

  42. Bad Larry

    Bad Larry12 hours ago

    Hey Eric, I just subbed, nice work. I’ve been running various sets of those 16.5 take offs for years. The BFG Bajas are a real good tire, I prefer them over the Goodyear’s. Also there are a bunch of the XML 325/75/16s floating around if you wanna go 38 and 16”. Keep up the good work; lookin fwd to part 4!

  43. Benno Thompson

    Benno Thompson12 hours ago

    You've probably already answered this, but why does the Chev rev up and then back down when you're gunning it? It doesn't sound like throttle modulation.

  44. Chad Austin

    Chad Austin13 hours ago

    What motor do you run in your wrecker

  45. Morgan Adair

    Morgan Adair13 hours ago

    Your old 83 chevy wrecker is a twin to the one I had till just a few years ago. I had a western 8 1/2 blade on front with a winch pto driven as well. It got me out of some of the worst troubles a man should never get to. Looks to me that unless that old ten doesn't have one more hurraw left in it that getting it going again would be quite interesting but more work than fun with wires cold an tempers tested a few times... good luck

  46. Steven Black

    Steven Black13 hours ago

    Lol as soon as I said that a min later they did lmao 😂 wow they had a long wait on that thought process

  47. Steven Black

    Steven Black13 hours ago

    How come you couldn’t unlock the front Hubs?

  48. Sonny DEE

    Sonny DEE13 hours ago

    How's it going Mr. Eric? Is that wreaker continuously shifting between first and second when you are going through the snow? I hear it raving up then bogging down then reving back up again

  49. jeremiah nelson

    jeremiah nelson13 hours ago

    Ur tow truck still a bad @$$

  50. Ralph Rosario

    Ralph Rosario13 hours ago

    What year is the S -10 ?

  51. Two Waters

    Two Waters14 hours ago

    Give us the last one.

  52. Jeff Andrews

    Jeff Andrews14 hours ago

    Maybe block the tires from rolling us a good idea?

  53. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea14 hours ago

    What's up

  54. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea14 hours ago


  55. artardFTW

    artardFTW14 hours ago

    I would check the oil in the s10 and see if you can get it started. try to collect some warmth under it

  56. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea14 hours ago

    What's up

  57. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea14 hours ago


  58. outlawMrTuff

    outlawMrTuff14 hours ago

    hella trans on that wrecker!!

  59. Dan J

    Dan J14 hours ago

    That beautiful S10 is 100% worth the awesome adventure of a rescue. Love it.

  60. NYOTA !

    NYOTA !15 hours ago

    Loving this series! Thank you guys for uploading and all the hard work!

  61. Jack Caldwell

    Jack Caldwell15 hours ago

    I bet seat cover thought she was going to be bounced across to your lap lol

  62. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea15 hours ago

    What's up

  63. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea15 hours ago


  64. Jacob Bradburn

    Jacob Bradburn15 hours ago

    I love off road recovery. I do a lot of it. but it seems like a wide track dozer with a winch on the back would have been an easier way to go. Or maybe a couple of snatch blocks lol

  65. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea15 hours ago

    What's up

  66. Ryan Beyea

    Ryan Beyea15 hours ago


  67. MJW

    MJW15 hours ago

    Should have had it out the day it got stuck, a gas powered capstan winch would have had it out of the swamp and up that hill in no time.

  68. James Hall

    James Hall15 hours ago

    So you lost a tire chain ok. So would you're next set go to look for the Norse cam lock studded tire chains and get a set for the front and a we call them 3 railers those will go over your back axle and you'll never have a problem with getting around

  69. Liberty

    Liberty15 hours ago

    maybe you could drive a few snowmobiles out there with a couple sleds w materials build a tent with a tarp and some 2x4s put a torpedo heater in there let it heat up thaw the ground out for 4-5 hours then come back later

  70. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees15 hours ago

    My favorite seasoning is gas fumes lol. Really like the channel so far.

  71. 4x4 Rescue

    4x4 Rescue15 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of the series style recoveries. It’s ok to post multiple videos of it, just do it in the same day or next day.

  72. Xombi Xombi

    Xombi Xombi15 hours ago

    Let's go risk a hundred thousand dollars of stuff recovering a $500 s-10.. No vale la pena.

  73. M Y

    M Y15 hours ago

    When you guys shoveled the snow off the crossing you should have shoveled it in to the hole will give you a lot more support under the tack pads less chance of sinking in hole other wise great job very exciting adventures 👍👍

  74. PNW Tactical prepper

    PNW Tactical prepper15 hours ago

    Time for some lockers son, I think he has potential

  75. Mike S

    Mike S15 hours ago

    Am I the only one cringing listening to that old GM transmission hunt for a gear constantly?

  76. Bryan Leslie

    Bryan Leslie15 hours ago

    What part of Minnesota are you guys from.

  77. Jeff Andrews

    Jeff Andrews15 hours ago

    Awesome! Looks like that cruster ole things going to snap in half!

  78. Nick Graupman

    Nick Graupman16 hours ago

    Lmao rully

  79. Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Matt's Off Road Recovery16 hours ago

    Nice work. This has been a great series.

  80. jerry mansberger Sr

    jerry mansberger Sr16 hours ago

    i hope you find a good truck good luck