Marius Urucu
Marius Urucu
Marius Urucu

Some dork who loves action games, racing games, old-school FPS games and is obsessed with a blue hedgehog.

  1. The Boi

    The Boi15 hours ago

    This is really creative! I hope to see more great mods like this and the future.

  2. Evil Faris

    Evil Faris15 hours ago

    they a little bad at shooting but they got the spirit

  3. Gratis Beu

    Gratis Beu15 hours ago

    O cool they have one of those hollywood protagonist guns, i heard they were expensive how did they get them?!

  4. bot 500xx

    bot 500xx15 hours ago

    this is amazing

  5. Henry SakataLouis

    Henry SakataLouis15 hours ago

    if Friday Night Funkin' happened on brazil.

  6. THEGreat guy

    THEGreat guy15 hours ago

    No words just guns

  7. Bunno

    Bunno15 hours ago

    Is this on for every song? Edit: just read the description and it’s just for this song.

  8. Shahrizal Salim

    Shahrizal Salim15 hours ago

    I wish i could draw

  9. Abel Refasa

    Abel Refasa15 hours ago

    Amazing world of gumball but on steroids

  10. Darwish Rufaifa

    Darwish Rufaifa15 hours ago


  11. Vitor Lorenzo M. Brasil Vitinho

    Vitor Lorenzo M. Brasil Vitinho15 hours ago

    This os beutiful

  12. WolfyBobaTea

    WolfyBobaTea16 hours ago

    What amaster piece

  13. Fatna Frahna

    Fatna Frahna16 hours ago

    Whitty: *rips paper* BF:Bip bop bop Whitty: *sings song* BF:sings song’s

  14. miner vortex

    miner vortex16 hours ago

    am i the only one that hears the ginger dude (idk his name) keep saying "i wanna die" and the boyfriend saying "why do you want to die?" its starts at 0:44

  15. christain peguero

    christain peguero16 hours ago

    imagane the pain in this guys hand ]

  16. A Vegeta fan

    A Vegeta fan16 hours ago

    Why does everyone have a heart in their comments

  17. Cloudy Cloudy

    Cloudy Cloudy16 hours ago

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this sick

  18. AJ2399TV 1

    AJ2399TV 116 hours ago

    Te la rifaste

  19. Justin Pierce

    Justin Pierce16 hours ago

    Dang! Must’ve taken time to make those clay models being put into the exact motions the characters make in game! GREAT JOB THO

  20. Ghost henchmen

    Ghost henchmen16 hours ago

    No wonder how he sounds like a electric guitar!

  21. No-Visur TheGentleCat

    No-Visur TheGentleCat16 hours ago

    That epic pico lose bf wins

  22. Rehan Marcom

    Rehan Marcom16 hours ago

    This dude is legendary

  23. UWU bfb fnf chance fnaf

    UWU bfb fnf chance fnaf16 hours ago


  24. thunderhead

    thunderhead16 hours ago

    Alternate title: Mrs boomer spends painful hours moving clay for five minutes of animation

  25. Curly Brace

    Curly Brace16 hours ago

    This is dope. I like the mod showcases where people fail intentionally to show all the animations.

  26. El supremo cheems

    El supremo cheems16 hours ago

    Dadbattel is so cool

  27. Scar the hedgehog

    Scar the hedgehog16 hours ago


  28. killer! Sans

    killer! Sans16 hours ago


  29. Raven

    Raven16 hours ago

    This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long while

  30. BlueElectr0ツOfficial

    BlueElectr0ツOfficial16 hours ago


  31. Shannon Cobb

    Shannon Cobb16 hours ago

    He was pressing random buttons at end

  32. April Wang

    April Wang16 hours ago

    0:39 and 0:41 how did their glock 17 turn into a 18


    HERVE NEPTUNE16 hours ago

    Wow you are very insane dude like I can’t hit all those notes

  34. Pancake Soldier

    Pancake Soldier16 hours ago

    Pico's idle looks like he is looking the sky

  35. Rafael games trigueiro

    Rafael games trigueiro16 hours ago

    Bip boooooop skepoop

  36. Andrew Tee

    Andrew Tee16 hours ago

    Are you GOD?

  37. Devash12

    Devash1216 hours ago

    It fits!

  38. Shakimin25 Zamirruddin

    Shakimin25 Zamirruddin16 hours ago

    Wow Epic i love it❤❤

  39. sarasvati_png

    sarasvati_png16 hours ago

    the drip is at 50 million percent 🥶🥶🥶👌👌👌👌

  40. Jason Liu

    Jason Liu16 hours ago

    You so good at this game

  41. Metrack

    Metrack16 hours ago

    Even if this is a mod, this is really incredible and some serious dedication and talent

  42. VG Saiyan

    VG Saiyan16 hours ago

    Mans out here beating Robot Chicken

  43. Drip Mori

    Drip Mori16 hours ago

    woah they not even ran out of ammo

  44. Rose Prado

    Rose Prado16 hours ago

    This is FNF brazil edition

  45. oof

    oof16 hours ago

    how does the gf even hold a heavy boombox for that long-

  46. Dimitri Warchief

    Dimitri Warchief16 hours ago

    The people that play this game have the ora pra ora power in their fingers jesus

  47. e f l o Clark

    e f l o Clark16 hours ago

    6:13 seger man

  48. Marz_bar_animations

    Marz_bar_animations16 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how Whitty yeeted the mic?

  49. Goldamaire Cinco

    Goldamaire Cinco16 hours ago

    Dis is so cool dude

  50. Horror Sans

    Horror Sans16 hours ago


  51. 【 天使•Shadow 】

    【 天使•Shadow 】16 hours ago

    5:40 gf= *shaking in me boots* Its an inside joke btw

  52. Яна Алексеева

    Яна Алексеева16 hours ago

    Лублу это тот голос

  53. AGA1318 MOBILE

    AGA1318 MOBILE16 hours ago

    after this video i never want to see micheal jackson again (didnt want to in the first place)

  54. mizz eka

    mizz eka16 hours ago

    i know

  55. mizz eka

    mizz eka16 hours ago

    oh ya

  56. Bernice Hood

    Bernice Hood16 hours ago

    The epicest thing in the universe

  57. GroupOfInterests Someone

    GroupOfInterests Someone16 hours ago

    *BEEP BOOP BABEEP.* The language i speak..

  58. Frezzerz Gaming YT

    Frezzerz Gaming YT16 hours ago

    Your such a pro dude

  59. Темми Теммовна Тем Тем

    Темми Теммовна Тем Тем16 hours ago

    How you did it?

  60. Mochaela

    Mochaela16 hours ago

    Is he the one playing this? Cause I think he is not missing a single not O_O

  61. Chayen Drink

    Chayen Drink16 hours ago


  62. Wendra Winata

    Wendra Winata16 hours ago

    When rtx on

  63. Alpha

    Alpha16 hours ago

    This is SICK

  64. Makaylah Jones

    Makaylah Jones16 hours ago

    Gf: dad stop pls he my bf make this a lot scarier * cry* dad: * try to suit the boyfriend*

  65. Bernilux INF

    Bernilux INF16 hours ago

    7:45 *jeez*

  66. project mama

    project mama16 hours ago


  67. Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith16 hours ago

    my guy is speaking the best type,keep going whitty :D

  68. lotion

    lotion16 hours ago

    it feels faster and its giving me anxiety

  69. Josh Arts

    Josh Arts16 hours ago

    I fucking cried

  70. TY LEE

    TY LEE16 hours ago

    This is nice

  71. sied3

    sied316 hours ago

    the fight of molestion

  72. ryu zi

    ryu zi16 hours ago

    Its... its... its... its... its... its... Not good

  73. L4ZY BLOX

    L4ZY BLOX16 hours ago


  74. alone boy

    alone boy16 hours ago

    Any some background cany

  75. papyrus pro

    papyrus pro16 hours ago

    Is perfect the stop motion

  76. ArtMama113

    ArtMama11316 hours ago

    This mod is AMAZING.. LIKE.. HOLY FUCK DUDE???😍💕💕💕 (pardon my language. I'm just excited.😅)

  77. Oishi_Sammich

    Oishi_Sammich17 hours ago

    Dad's having a bit too much fun

  78. Patatazazapa

    Patatazazapa17 hours ago


  79. Maths TheGachaFR

    Maths TheGachaFR17 hours ago

    XDDDDDDDDDDD Its kinda cute lol

  80. Nguyen Thi Thit Ngoc

    Nguyen Thi Thit Ngoc17 hours ago