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  1. Dylan Tusler

    Dylan Tusler2 hours ago

    Keep going and you'll eventually make a legit full length asmr video

  2. top memesde

    top memesde3 hours ago

    Pls build a tracer on that gun that would look sick

  3. The man In the closet

    The man In the closet3 hours ago

    Yo game got glitchy bc he didn’t put his arms on the table

  4. Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro Gonzalez3 hours ago

    And tvis how school shooters are born. smh pathetic

  5. pc tea

    pc tea5 hours ago

    What gun is it i want it

  6. Zim Rivas

    Zim Rivas6 hours ago

    Nobody cares get a real gun🇺🇸 Merica

  7. ricky chunn

    ricky chunn7 hours ago

    Mine shoots 750 but its modded

  8. gh0stfacekiLLa

    gh0stfacekiLLa7 hours ago

    I want one of those so bad

  9. ABK 305

    ABK 3057 hours ago

    Them are nice. I have one

  10. Clueless

    Clueless7 hours ago

    Can an AK work?

  11. Jose Alanis

    Jose Alanis7 hours ago

    Yooooooo android

  12. Mason Cruz

    Mason Cruz8 hours ago

    That was really trippy

  13. Jody Holcomb

    Jody Holcomb8 hours ago

    Were u get em

  14. Jody Holcomb

    Jody Holcomb8 hours ago


  15. Michael Ott

    Michael Ott9 hours ago

    Where you get it

  16. no u uno reverse

    no u uno reverse9 hours ago

    Where am I get?


    ALLAH U AKBAR9 hours ago

    Outta do this with my sks

  18. Michael Salazar

    Michael Salazar10 hours ago

    Actually he just speed up the sound and slow down the video

  19. Akai Gomez

    Akai Gomez10 hours ago

    This is getting ridiculous

  20. Hanan Rusydi Majid

    Hanan Rusydi Majid10 hours ago

    Still waiting for full auto m1 garand

  21. Jeff Baxter

    Jeff Baxter11 hours ago

    This is brilliant lol

  22. Davis Morgan

    Davis Morgan11 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to fix it, same thing happened to me

  23. Dom Johnson

    Dom Johnson11 hours ago

    Hans, get ze mauser

  24. Agus Zerón

    Agus Zerón12 hours ago


  25. Jakub Sweder

    Jakub Sweder12 hours ago

    Bb gun

  26. Chill Vibes

    Chill Vibes12 hours ago

    I can see you’re inspired by shrodinger

  27. delirious dingo

    delirious dingo12 hours ago

    No way thats 460 you were lied to my man

  28. crazyman11eamon gg

    crazyman11eamon gg12 hours ago

    Not your video

  29. xandpa

    xandpa13 hours ago

    I have 3 bbs in my head because of this exact gun, my friend didnt know it was loaded and sprayed me down with it, I got hit 9 times. Started out with 5 bbs in my head but managed to pluck 2 out.

  30. Blk Fanatic

    Blk Fanatic13 hours ago

    That’s so real... the police would definitely shoot you no questions asked.. it’s need and orange cap on it

  31. Danijel Filipovic

    Danijel Filipovic14 hours ago

    Where i cam buy this gun and silenser?

  32. Christopher Flinn

    Christopher Flinn14 hours ago

    Looked like my hellcat at first lol get a real one

  33. Jalen Samson

    Jalen Samson15 hours ago

    Just patiently waiting for the guns to get larger and larger so I can hk slap my mp5

  34. Cleetus McBitties

    Cleetus McBitties15 hours ago

    get a real steel version

  35. daniel

    daniel15 hours ago

    the Germans secret weapon

  36. cartus mc

    cartus mc16 hours ago

    This is america baby

  37. BabyBenjii Topic

    BabyBenjii Topic16 hours ago

    It’s not even that small

  38. رفعه القحطاني

    رفعه القحطاني16 hours ago


  39. maqz malone

    maqz malone16 hours ago

    ah, the choice of an avid gun collector. it's a nice gun stranger. if you get the reference, major props to you.




  41. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith16 hours ago

    Where from and how much?

  42. Mozzy Gaming

    Mozzy Gaming17 hours ago

    How did u change it to full auto it won’t change for me

  43. Mozzy Gaming

    Mozzy Gaming17 hours ago

    I have a golden version

  44. M1A1 Abrams Tank

    M1A1 Abrams Tank17 hours ago

    Now do a Walther P38

  45. CSS SunRize

    CSS SunRize17 hours ago

    Cool but filmed with a potato

  46. Sandy Bros

    Sandy Bros19 hours ago

    Where u get that

  47. Bruh Like what

    Bruh Like what19 hours ago

    Wow more proof we living in a simulation Calm people just a joke we could be we may not be😂

  48. Hazel Maloto

    Hazel Maloto19 hours ago

    You dont wanna rob this guy

  49. carter

    carter19 hours ago

    I see this as an absolute win.

  50. VampireTFGaming

    VampireTFGaming19 hours ago

    Where can i buy one of this?

  51. DinoNugget Fate

    DinoNugget Fate19 hours ago

    Plot twist: he had a macro on

  52. Francesco Leone

    Francesco Leone20 hours ago

    My italian approvation

  53. Scott Byrne

    Scott Byrne20 hours ago

    Is the fact I can see the pellets mean that it doesn't have alot of power

  54. Blinke monke

    Blinke monke20 hours ago

    Robbers: "Hey look it's just a tiny kid what he going to do?" Kid: "Bet you didn't see this"

  55. KM TAN0

    KM TAN020 hours ago


  56. Stephen Antonsson

    Stephen Antonsson20 hours ago

    Bro what you worried about. This is an upgrade.

  57. Nehemiah Smith

    Nehemiah Smith20 hours ago

    Everyone now that one cav in r6 Me:breaks window Guy in my team: gets down 10 seconds later your position has been compromised

  58. K. Baker

    K. Baker20 hours ago

    So stupid how they make these things look so real.

  59. Louise Brice

    Louise Brice20 hours ago


  60. HungerBloxx

    HungerBloxx20 hours ago

    4 second holy shit!

  61. The Hvnt3r

    The Hvnt3r21 hour ago

    Is There Burst


    YEAH YEAH21 hour ago

    When you get made fun of by your friends at an Airsoft event for just bring that

  63. Ryne Niduaza

    Ryne Niduaza22 hours ago

    Barretta m9 full auto with extended mag

  64. Marko Eja

    Marko Eja22 hours ago


  65. kevin anderson

    kevin anderson22 hours ago

    What brand of air soft gun is this


    MOK SNAKEUU22 hours ago

    Hell noo

  67. n3gative brainz

    n3gative brainz22 hours ago

    Lmk if u want help w your shooting form

  68. Kris

    Kris22 hours ago

    Wow why do I keep getting recommended these lgbt videos

  69. Mc Mcgyver

    Mc Mcgyver22 hours ago


  70. André Luiz Almeida Diniz

    André Luiz Almeida Diniz22 hours ago

    Ah, you got a Taurus PT92

  71. Christopher Cranefield

    Christopher Cranefield23 hours ago

    Why is that gun so insanly realistic?!?! You can easily rob a place with it and they wouldnt know the difference

  72. LunarAir

    LunarAir23 hours ago

    H a c k s

  73. warp_ warp

    warp_ warp23 hours ago


  74. Mad Raider321

    Mad Raider32123 hours ago

    Wow that was really cool

  75. Dane Mate

    Dane Mate23 hours ago

    How much was that thing ? Looks sick!

  76. Moist Man

    Moist Man23 hours ago

    But like no full auto in buildings

  77. Alucard

    Alucard23 hours ago

    That's why you don't buy airsoft guns at Big5

  78. Andre

    AndreDay ago

    This is so dumm

  79. DD expert

    DD expertDay ago


  80. Beastman_789 and tahjeanpr Channel

    Beastman_789 and tahjeanpr ChannelDay ago

    It looks like from attack on titan