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  1. VocalsHD

    VocalsHD9 hours ago

    The ending made me tear up a little with the song and recaps of the beginning of the show to end

  2. Ajax Sid

    Ajax Sid9 hours ago

    So Adios Netflix?

  3. Perez

    Perez9 hours ago

  4. RDG EDM

    RDG EDM9 hours ago

    #Suicide_squad_Hindi_dubbed Please 😟

  5. vaibhav patil.

    vaibhav patil.9 hours ago

    In this BATMAN does things😂😂😂

  6. Javier Arjona

    Javier Arjona9 hours ago

    HBO Max, you subtitled "Conocida mundial" as "Hello, world". She does not say "good morning, world", she says "worldwide famous". So you better get those fixed ;)

  7. John Rivers

    John Rivers9 hours ago

    How can u not love Uncle Phil ❤

  8. Araib Sultan

    Araib Sultan9 hours ago

    This trailer, upcoming movie & the journey we gone thought to make this happen will always be one of the beautiful part of our life <3 Just a FAN, Hallelujah!

  9. FiguraCinque

    FiguraCinque9 hours ago

    This remix is inferior to the original, the new instrumental part is not necessary and too much over the top

  10. Hill B.

    Hill B.9 hours ago

    To hell with him!

  11. ellen herb

    ellen herb10 hours ago

    I love Bugs and Thugs. “Oho, he’s hiding in the stove ...”

  12. Tony

    Tony10 hours ago


  13. ohgeereadmore

    ohgeereadmore10 hours ago

    It was essentially a rite of passage for me and my friends.We all got hurt there to varying degrees but we loved the place. Went at least 5 summers. It was as George Carlin put it, dangerous fun

  14. Mahesh

    Mahesh10 hours ago

    What a missed opportunity. This would have been hilarious with Morgan freeman

  15. Ron-j Ignacio

    Ron-j Ignacio10 hours ago

    Hagstpo gahsto gahstys

  16. Sinestresyamor Online

    Sinestresyamor Online10 hours ago

    *Me gusta y me gustara siempre este ser maravilloso!! y para que sigan mirando todo tipo de películas y series GRATIS! LES DEJO ESTE LINK! **** Y DIOS ME LOS BENDIGA A TODOS, GRACIAS MIL!!👍😀🙏🙏*

  17. KEVIN 11

    KEVIN 1110 hours ago


  18. Trenton Quarantino

    Trenton Quarantino10 hours ago

    Rick is the kinda friend the shittiest of us deserve.

  19. Germain Dinropé

    Germain Dinropé10 hours ago

    That's super dumb. Could they stop making crapy movies and go back to real scenarios, real comedies, real actors? This bad joke is too long now.

  20. J H

    J H11 hours ago

    I tried to like the voice singing this.. and at some parts I do. But it's a little too piercing and intentionally hipster in some of the off-tones 4/10: Could of been much much better with a different less edgy band - IGN

  21. lisa sandeline

    lisa sandeline11 hours ago


  22. Artofficial

    Artofficial11 hours ago

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterization- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humor in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

  23. Otar 3000

    Otar 300011 hours ago

    Add distant lands to complete full circle

  24. Tomiwa Aina

    Tomiwa Aina11 hours ago

    This song still slaps

  25. Anees Niazi

    Anees Niazi11 hours ago

    I wonder if they'll do a scene on the Tiger Force, US soldiers who would rape, mutiliate, behead and murder Vietnamese children. Let's see if they "Love America" then.

  26. Ralvex Lee

    Ralvex Lee11 hours ago

    1:12 did i heard „fool ya“ right with amber? lol

  27. Abraham Jesse

    Abraham Jesse11 hours ago


  28. cynthia rouse

    cynthia rouse11 hours ago

  29. prasann gupta

    prasann gupta11 hours ago

    Batman: he never fought us.. not us united🔥🔥

  30. Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek Singh11 hours ago

    1:15 Uxas AKA Teen Darkseid ..... Idk why WB & Weedon cut this out...lost 200$ Million just by doing that...

  31. Amal Krishna T.S

    Amal Krishna T.S11 hours ago

    1:35 Keep testing your limits😍🔥

  32. Junie's So Conceieted

    Junie's So Conceieted11 hours ago

    Meta Af Parents just don’t understand

  33. Ethan

    Ethan12 hours ago

    is this gonna be the greatest movie ever? no. But is it gonna look cool as fuck and have great action. Yes, so fuck yeah i'm excited.

  34. Brynly

    Brynly12 hours ago

    This show is just bizarre. Just beloved. Talking of things that are bizarre, i heard HBO Max isn't available in the UK yet ;)

  35. viralshield

    viralshield12 hours ago

    The same propagandistic Borat things, only this time is bad programming. First of all, Sergei is a Russian Est European name and you expect a blonde big Russian. Secondly, you people don't get it, when exactly we well see a blonde white male in any of your movies? 10 years and nothing. What this movie is all about for you all to get it: - proper allocation of resources - everybody has a living wage - racial and gender equality - opportunities for underprivileged people - what am I a Rockefeller - madam president (Hillary like) - my colleges in the global community - this blue that blue - propaganda for the blue party - the largest global operation in history By the way, the mention of Oscars is annoying as all respect for actors are now fully gone

  36. amyyyamy

    amyyyamy12 hours ago

    WHERE can I watch this?! HBO Max discriminates against non-Americans

  37. Brynly

    Brynly12 hours ago

    "Ohhh, time to get shwifty in here" "HBO Max, make yourself available in the UK"

  38. Anton G.

    Anton G.12 hours ago

    Даунгрейд Хранителей? Meh.

  39. Escanor Lion's Sin Of Pride

    Escanor Lion's Sin Of Pride12 hours ago

    Wb :We Cannot Release 4 Hour Long Movie Zack And Fans:Who Decided That


    KAUSTAV SAHU13 hours ago

    *_This song Is stuck in my Head ..._*

  41. Katherene Wedic

    Katherene Wedic13 hours ago

    What's wrong with showing the whole f****** cartoon you're afraid somebody might develop an attention span

  42. Jee Kreesteene

    Jee Kreesteene13 hours ago

    Why aren't Key and Peele featured in this? Hahaha

  43. 〈easy〉coding

    〈easy〉coding13 hours ago

    If you have more self respect, just go and watch Her (2013) instead of this shameless rubbish.

  44. TayR0C

    TayR0C13 hours ago

    the losing edge is the funniest episode ever

  45. Tremor09

    Tremor0914 hours ago

    Why is this re-uploaded?

  46. KYLEVSv2 T

    KYLEVSv2 T14 hours ago

    This movie is gonna be lit

  47. Intellectual Idiot

    Intellectual Idiot14 hours ago

    Come on when’s the next special!

  48. Roshan Kamath

    Roshan Kamath14 hours ago

    Dario naharis killed by Penny!

  49. Samet Talha Şahin

    Samet Talha Şahin14 hours ago

    Probably this will be aired in 2037 in Turkey

  50. MechanicalMartialArtist

    MechanicalMartialArtist14 hours ago


  51. Speak Tagalog With JC

    Speak Tagalog With JC15 hours ago

    This looks really intriguing. Is it any good?

  52. mehabub rahaman

    mehabub rahaman15 hours ago

    which camera she is using for photography

  53. karkupau

    karkupau15 hours ago

    Very good, song is so much fun. Fiz uma versão Br do comercial da Sony Playstation, quem quiser

  54. Olan Comperada

    Olan Comperada15 hours ago

    The only one i dont like in this movie is the wife she cheated but when cal sleep with other women she mad

  55. #DC #Marvel

    #DC #Marvel15 hours ago

    Pinch me if I ain't dreaming?

  56. Matthew

    Matthew15 hours ago

    like her career

  57. apxllo

    apxllo15 hours ago

    Come watch tv?

  58. Paul Parsons

    Paul Parsons15 hours ago

    0:25 I bet that is the Rick who got rich from inventing the Jerry daycare.

  59. Ajay N

    Ajay N16 hours ago

    Someone: criticizes an aspect of the film entire comment section: go away marvel fanboy!! Seriously lol..

  60. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    At college

  61. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    Some one sed it’s was 10 years you end doctor who

  62. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    No David 10 years not 15 years

  63. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I like Christmas Carl

  64. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    On BBC iPlayer

  65. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I went back and started whit chis to David and Matt Peter

  66. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I like all of you

  67. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner16 hours ago

    Please make a sequel starring Henry Cavill. NOTE: PLEASE REPOST IT SO THAT WB CAN SEE WHAT THE FANS WANT

  68. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I like the darks

  69. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago


  70. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    Q Ben whiser form James Bond

  71. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner16 hours ago

    Please Wb, we need a sequel to Man of Steel. It's been 7 years and that's too much. Henry Cavill is more than perfect for the role.

  72. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    Why is the it’s got bad likes

  73. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I am very good whit tenolge

  74. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    I love you Jodie

  75. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    And Matt Smith

  76. Charlie Bond

    Charlie Bond16 hours ago

    David Tennant is amazing

  77. Satya

    Satya16 hours ago

    When does next season is coming, I m egarly waiting

  78. Conrado Javier

    Conrado Javier16 hours ago

    With this & Godfather Coda.

  79. Taw_Shin

    Taw_Shin17 hours ago

    Marvel's cgi is way better than dc