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  1. Karen Palmer

    Karen Palmer16 hours ago

    It’s a centipede, not a whale 🐳 lol

  2. Avilasha Ghosh

    Avilasha Ghosh16 hours ago

    No shade but why is granny's face ten times lighter than her body tone In 2:59 like WTH??!

  3. Julia

    Julia16 hours ago


  4. -_-nothing here to look at

    -_-nothing here to look at16 hours ago

    It's been 4 years, 👁️👄👁️this video is where I. First found the merrell twins

  5. 김혜진

    김혜진16 hours ago

    I think that vanessa is going to win💜

  6. Julia

    Julia16 hours ago


  7. Tara Plummer

    Tara Plummer16 hours ago

    I'm a triplet with 2 sisters . I'm tara.. My sisters are sara and kara

  8. octovina911

    octovina91116 hours ago

    I hope you didn’t get some in your eye @2:42 🥺🤢

  9. Karina Yeremenko

    Karina Yeremenko16 hours ago


  10. Shahar Reem

    Shahar Reem16 hours ago

    I like you videos in your channel

  11. Vidushi Baya

    Vidushi Baya16 hours ago

    🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕for tiger

  12. Ariana chowdhury

    Ariana chowdhury16 hours ago

    Is there episode 5???.

  13. Shahar Reem

    Shahar Reem16 hours ago

    Hi merrelltwins

  14. 17 _ Lona Kamel

    17 _ Lona Kamel16 hours ago

    I think roni

  15. Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson16 hours ago

    Nessa bedrom way bigger no fair spollied

  16. Kzy De Guzman

    Kzy De Guzman16 hours ago


  17. Aysha Aza Munaser

    Aysha Aza Munaser16 hours ago

    5:00 marrinette 🤣🤣🤣Lol

  18. Atia Ali

    Atia Ali16 hours ago

    Like - nessas room Comment - ronis room

  19. Keerthi Sujin

    Keerthi Sujin17 hours ago


  20. Unicorn_ Playz

    Unicorn_ Playz17 hours ago

    Wort video Among us ever not TV show

  21. Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson17 hours ago

    I thought frany would be better

  22. Lovely LoLo

    Lovely LoLo17 hours ago

    I can tell u guys apart by ur dimples and nessa has a bit rounder cheeks

  23. alliyah nadine ramirez

    alliyah nadine ramirez17 hours ago

    (5 yrs ago) it was nessa now ronnie but ronnie is more scary than nessa

  24. Leah Mae Regalado

    Leah Mae Regalado17 hours ago

    wow im so excited and roni was so beuty

  25. Neha Singh

    Neha Singh17 hours ago

    I wish I have a twin😂

  26. Raghad Alblooshi

    Raghad Alblooshi17 hours ago

    Not a big fan

  27. Valeria Briseno

    Valeria Briseno17 hours ago

    Did somone said sh! Word orchip

  28. Sogdiana Rakhimova

    Sogdiana Rakhimova17 hours ago

    Can u shoot this kinda moody movies or series

  29. Barbara Wilson

    Barbara Wilson17 hours ago

    only true fans can tell nessa and roni apart

  30. Xhaynnah Montalban

    Xhaynnah Montalban17 hours ago

    Who think that while shooting this they keep laughing 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  31. Hailey Christmas

    Hailey Christmas17 hours ago

    Is it just me or did Nessa look like a young Demi Lovato in some moments?

  32. Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ17 hours ago

    2:52 then skip 15 seconds

  33. Kailash Rao

    Kailash Rao17 hours ago

    Play it at 2x speed 🤣🤣

  34. The creative sisters

    The creative sisters17 hours ago

    i think nessa and roni are both beautiful

  35. Paulina Martinez

    Paulina Martinez17 hours ago

    I look so bad in green but they can both ROCK it

  36. Sara Demucha

    Sara Demucha18 hours ago

    love this video prom knight is my favorite video those videos made me want to become a actor and it would be a dream to one day meet you guys i hope I become a actor so one day I could act with you guys p.s. you guys are my favorite youtubers also i have been watching you guys for 3 years and you guys are amazing byee :)

  37. Lamar Almulla

    Lamar Almulla18 hours ago

    This is my fav song cause i love u guys

  38. Jagadeesh Bandika

    Jagadeesh Bandika18 hours ago

    i liked the song do more songs

  39. AcinTreasa

    AcinTreasa18 hours ago

    Hey twins.Can u please make one more video where u google yourself?The other one was sooo much fun to watch. Like this comment if u support this idea.

  40. Deborah Mcliesh

    Deborah Mcliesh18 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 there good

  41. Antonio medina

    Antonio medina18 hours ago

    I think Vanessa is going to win

  42. joy Mercado

    joy Mercado18 hours ago

    Go go go go go go go yes yes yes yes yes yes😀😀😀

  43. joy Mercado

    joy Mercado18 hours ago

    Go go go go go go go go go go go

  44. sianne

    sianne18 hours ago

    100% they kiss

  45. Ridhu Silasni

    Ridhu Silasni18 hours ago

    What is tiger’s breed?

  46. QT- DLDUB

    QT- DLDUB18 hours ago

    So did the game come out

  47. NOCAPMIRACL 1.46k

    NOCAPMIRACL 1.46k18 hours ago

    The song Ight

  48. Zero

    Zero18 hours ago

    Paul: I felt a lot of guilt after I did it..... Also Paul: AND ILL DO IT AGAIN BOP BOP BOP!

  49. Keisha Zackary

    Keisha Zackary18 hours ago

    Love this

  50. Carolyn Sierra

    Carolyn Sierra18 hours ago

    I love how nessa has a whole house, and roni is so humble and let's nessa have the room. I was like oop ok, but I would honestly have Veronica's room, it's more comfy to me.

  51. Shitseino And bitseino

    Shitseino And bitseino18 hours ago

    Can you do a part 3

  52. sharlett alexa

    sharlett alexa18 hours ago

    I love how nessa & roni do the baby voice Its just sooooooo cute ♥

  53. Zarahlya Delgado

    Zarahlya Delgado18 hours ago

    / [email protected](-7 a

  54. Victoria Marzuca

    Victoria Marzuca18 hours ago


  55. Thick Chick

    Thick Chick18 hours ago

    The video was entertaining

  56. Cadence Holt

    Cadence Holt18 hours ago

    4:54 her face literally says mission accomplished!

  57. Lydia Chaffee

    Lydia Chaffee18 hours ago

    I think nessas going win

  58. lamisah shaira

    lamisah shaira19 hours ago

    I like Nessa's theme and Roni's set up.

  59. Kelsi Durci

    Kelsi Durci19 hours ago

    My brother has a crush on mrs mustered

  60. Sogdiana Rakhimova

    Sogdiana Rakhimova19 hours ago

    I really want next seriesss

  61. cuthbert gultia

    cuthbert gultia19 hours ago

    nessa goin to win

  62. cute little demon

    cute little demon19 hours ago

    POOR ROGER 😭😭😭

  63. Dacey Randolph

    Dacey Randolph19 hours ago

    This is way better than the WAP song no offense Cardi and Megan

  64. Manaswi Shrestha

    Manaswi Shrestha19 hours ago

    Guess what the Queenss are backkk

  65. Crystal Ramos

    Crystal Ramos19 hours ago

    Hi 👋

  66. sAChiMo

    sAChiMo19 hours ago

    lol MT News has so many bloopers

  67. Sahaja Kakumanu

    Sahaja Kakumanu19 hours ago

    Roni and nessa are the most grateful and kind humans on this earth we need more people like them.😁😁

  68. Frenzo

    Frenzo19 hours ago

    I hate guacamole and this song is fire

  69. Monse Serrano

    Monse Serrano20 hours ago

    I do think roni is funny I always laugh at her jokes!

  70. Karo Bless Asongamine Kundju

    Karo Bless Asongamine Kundju20 hours ago


  71. Angel W

    Angel W20 hours ago

    There makeup lol. Not hating love you


    SHREYA SHARMA20 hours ago

    I am late...😐. Love ur videos....pls like my comment . Pls pls pls

  73. Patricia Jenkins

    Patricia Jenkins20 hours ago


  74. Sabrina PlayZ

    Sabrina PlayZ20 hours ago

    I still have an iPhone 6 or 7 lol I’m broke


    ISABEL BUSSE20 hours ago

    Nessa gave Roni the BEST makeover!! Now roni...I'm not sure...

  76. Jazz T

    Jazz T20 hours ago

    I have a friend that is like half of those friends u mentioned lol

  77. Gianna Ross

    Gianna Ross20 hours ago

    The queens dropped the mic 👑👑 Your not heathers heathers Wanna be you 🥴🥺🥰

  78. Audrey T.

    Audrey T.20 hours ago

    I love how they're acting like they're characters are other people when its just the whos playing the characters since ep. 1

  79. Audrey Lynn

    Audrey Lynn20 hours ago

    My favorite characters are James L and Helen,carol

  80. Muffin

    Muffin20 hours ago

    This is for decoration, to show people that I have money. And you don’t