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  1. Ashante' S

    Ashante' S7 hours ago


  2. Taine Mwanza

    Taine Mwanza7 hours ago

    This is honest. Heavy .

  3. 최에라

    최에라7 hours ago

    there was no song i didnt like from bryson and thats a fact

  4. ericmass11

    ericmass117 hours ago


  5. Jacob C

    Jacob C8 hours ago

    So this came out when I was a freshman in College and I always come back to it remember those fun times with friends. This song will always be a nostalgia trip for me.

  6. Fernando Sucre

    Fernando Sucre8 hours ago

    Scheiß Lied!

  7. Kav-anna James

    Kav-anna James8 hours ago

    He is different when he comes out he doe's it fully he don't hold back and this song is a hit .......💣💣

  8. Iam Thegoat

    Iam Thegoat9 hours ago

    Who's listening in 2021?

  9. Rodrigo Alejandro

    Rodrigo Alejandro9 hours ago

    2021 y aun sigo escuchándola, es que me trae nostalgia :')

  10. Harold

    Harold10 hours ago


  11. Sibella Nawases

    Sibella Nawases10 hours ago

    I made ur favorite rapper bring his A game wth him And his A game ain't hanging wth him

  12. Sibella Nawases

    Sibella Nawases10 hours ago

    Man this hits different 🔥

  13. Hanad Jama

    Hanad Jama10 hours ago


  14. Ilham MK Mk

    Ilham MK Mk11 hours ago

    Chanter hein

  15. the Voun

    the Voun11 hours ago

    What we all need to know what brand is that tan-paisley-jacket tiller is wearing? 1:58!? Fyreeeew flame

  16. Danice Valerio

    Danice Valerio11 hours ago

    Yowwwwwww This hit hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. LifeOfKobs

    LifeOfKobs12 hours ago

    This edit is insane! Transitions were incredible, so many little details put into it. Really makes the story be told through the video. Hats off the editor!

  18. Loop skratch

    Loop skratch12 hours ago

    Songs like this?

  19. Dayana Silmara

    Dayana Silmara14 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍 delícia de som

  20. Ryan Robinson

    Ryan Robinson15 hours ago

    Don't you feel like Bryson pulled out the Drake out of Drake for this song?

  21. KayWay

    KayWay15 hours ago

    Be still at the top of that building it’s giving me anxiety 🤣

  22. Dáblio Gê

    Dáblio Gê15 hours ago

    Quem veio pelo meme "Gangster não chora"? Kk

  23. John Cesar Tanudra

    John Cesar Tanudra15 hours ago

    2021 still my vibe

  24. Phillip Conner

    Phillip Conner15 hours ago

    This song is healing

  25. Jorge Suárez Guerra

    Jorge Suárez Guerra16 hours ago

    2:33 is a masterpiece this part i wish full version of this Deserved another full song

  26. Montana Burton

    Montana Burton16 hours ago

    All his songs sound the same

  27. Matt_Best11

    Matt_Best1117 hours ago

    Thought it was Austin Dunham in the thumbnail

  28. Lehakoe Sibanda

    Lehakoe Sibanda17 hours ago

    Tiller can never go wrong with his flow. Legendary

  29. allan ngamau

    allan ngamau17 hours ago

    somebody pissed the booy !!!!!!! fire

  30. Datop Beats

    Datop Beats17 hours ago

    Nice I enjoyed it, I like the beat selection too, I make similar style beats

  31. Sbusiso Glason Mtimkulu

    Sbusiso Glason Mtimkulu17 hours ago

    Big Sean Verse 🛀

  32. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson18 hours ago

    @BrysonTiller can you please add "Bryson Tiller" album into Spotify and the song "Scream And Holla"

  33. Lyssa Fondy

    Lyssa Fondy19 hours ago

    I love you bryson marry me ❤😁

  34. Amanda Santana

    Amanda Santana19 hours ago

    Luv this music

  35. ReviewsLifeStyle&More

    ReviewsLifeStyle&More19 hours ago

    The song. The subtitles. The visual. All hits different as you are going though it. I wish this song would never finish.

  36. Tory Miller

    Tory Miller19 hours ago


  37. Mya Renee

    Mya Renee21 hour ago speaks to the heart when u dont want it 😭

  38. leen zoubi

    leen zoubi21 hour ago


  39. Baby Foxworth

    Baby Foxworth21 hour ago

    Well didn't kno I needed this ...💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  40. greddington

    greddington21 hour ago

    2021 March??? 🥺❤️

  41. Mariyah N.

    Mariyah N.22 hours ago

    Bryson Tiller never disappoint.

  42. scrilli

    scrilli23 hours ago

    This that Trapsoul Hunger .... def gave me 2015 Vibes 🔥🔥🔥

  43. JJ Magnificent

    JJ MagnificentDay ago

    So Dope, Love This 🤍

  44. Locoya Sain

    Locoya SainDay ago

    I admit it.....

  45. Fayy Monreal

    Fayy MonrealDay ago

    Here for you cousin ❤️🥺 this is your song in your profile and today your fighting for your life in that hospital bed and I pray my Father God covers you in his blood and bring you back to us. Your way too young beautiful soul god help us.

  46. Teal Stitch

    Teal StitchDay ago

    My moms wig flew off dancing to this song

  47. Tamia G

    Tamia GDay ago


  48. Tarsha Weaver

    Tarsha WeaverDay ago

    So raw!!!

  49. T. Bell

    T. BellDay ago

    Super glad. Im jus now hearing this im late. Dope song.

  50. Alexis Kelley

    Alexis KelleyDay ago

    He’s the best modern r&b artist in my opinion

  51. Halyma Aakouk

    Halyma AakoukDay ago

    Alhamduli'Allah/ThankGod/etc..., for giving us this blessed genuine ARTIST..I live& you hear what he just did with this song..? Lyrically, musically& all that comes with it, that what specially makes good music 😍😍😍😍😍🤗 Bombaklatzz..wish Bob Marley was alive, if only to vibe on this magnificent track 😉 1LOVE & Salaam aleykom

  52. DEJANVYE magazine

    DEJANVYE magazineDay ago

    If you gonna sang stick to it, if gonna rap stick to it, can't go wrong

  53. MARIII marii

    MARIII mariiDay ago

    Who listening in 2021 ?

  54. Lil_ Addam2021

    Lil_ Addam2021Day ago

    Nigga kllin it...🧨🧨🧨

  55. Cyril Lewis

    Cyril LewisDay ago

    Only when your lonely by Ginuine right? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Premium Tint

    Premium TintDay ago

    Who instantly got memory flashbacks when they heard this? Besides me.



    I was waiting for him to say “Boi” Lol I thought it was big Sean for a moment


    DAVID YBGDay ago

    Fireeee YoungTiller T R A P S O U L Family!!

  59. Shazae Alexander

    Shazae AlexanderDay ago

    The beat hard asf‼️💯🗣

  60. DobloDiablo

    DobloDiabloDay ago

    31k people don't enjoy music

  61. V 33

    V 33Day ago

    My favorite off the album!❤️🔥🔥🔥

  62. Jon Hosey

    Jon HoseyDay ago

    been waiting on a tiller big sean collab for a minute day is officially made

  63. Gavin Linco

    Gavin LincoDay ago

    This album really makes me so inspired and keep grinding ever since brotha

  64. KAZI 300%

    KAZI 300%Day ago

  65. KAZI 300%

    KAZI 300%Day ago

  66. J.A BobbieDoll

    J.A BobbieDollDay ago

    Anyone listening in 2021?🙌🙌🙌🙌

  67. KAZI 300%

    KAZI 300%Day ago

  68. KAZI 300%

    KAZI 300%Day ago

  69. Sonia Davis-Bey

    Sonia Davis-BeyDay ago

    I love when he talk like this. 🤲🏿

  70. Boujee Dee

    Boujee DeeDay ago

    Love hurts. Worst feeling is losing someone.


    REBEL DONDay ago

    This 🔥

  72. Jose Garza

    Jose GarzaDay ago

    I like the fact that this song has a music video after so long. Thanks man 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  73. Teddy Lebon

    Teddy LebonDay ago

    Je sais pas comment il a fait

  74. Jose Garza

    Jose GarzaDay ago

    This shi always hits difrent every time u come back to it after a while i felt that shi in the first seconds of it starting

  75. Dj Nakly mind music

    Dj Nakly mind musicDay ago

    Yeee yee Gango keep shine brosk Nakly mind music

  76. Mat

    MatDay ago

    Still waiting on the visual like

  77. Brian Rungano Temba

    Brian Rungano TembaDay ago

    That Bass

  78. Leandro paiva

    Leandro paivaDay ago


  79. Nima Abdi

    Nima AbdiDay ago

    stories about life and wrongs im still rightin hmm hmm OMGGGGGG

  80. Jose Garza

    Jose GarzaDay ago

    Glad my man tiller releasing again 🤘🤘🤘🤘🙋🙋been a while this ones it he gonna come back like its trapsoul up in this B