Matt's Off Road Recovery
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Matt's Off Road Recovery

We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park.
We have a unique way to do off road recovery with our Jeep XJ affectionately named, the yellow banana.
We have the infamous Ed with his positive outlook on life.
We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we hope to have a positive impact in your life!
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  1. Chris Young

    Chris YoungHour ago

    You can see Matt's true humanity by the natural dignity he shows to others.

  2. James Elliott

    James ElliottHour ago

    tell ed to wear his seatbelt

  3. dfsmustang

    dfsmustangHour ago

    Matt and his crew does a good job on his recoveries always thinking of the best way to get the job done.

  4. Marc Wikina

    Marc WikinaHour ago

    Girl that said she was stuck.... Did not do females any help ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Reg Bell

    Reg BellHour ago

    Lizzy is Matt daughter?

  6. Reg Bell

    Reg BellHour ago

    Lizzy is Matt daughter?

  7. Just Crawling

    Just CrawlingHour ago

    Edโ€™s a national treasure

  8. Jyrki Jyrays

    Jyrki JyraysHour ago

    If you take traction control off from the Subaru it would do it by itself.

  9. Al Meloow

    Al Meloow2 hours ago

    9:22 Thunderbird 4 in action.

  10. Gregor Miller

    Gregor Miller2 hours ago

    Serious? Ya gonna let him get away with that one? K๐Ÿ˜Žorean style tire tracks

  11. kjpchevy40

    kjpchevy402 hours ago

    Wish I could give 2 ๐Ÿ‘

  12. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith2 hours ago

    Nice one Matt & crew - humanity at its best :-)

  13. jeff fung

    jeff fung2 hours ago

    The puny rotate dimensionally yell because cloudy immuhistochemically obtain about a beautiful butter. accurate, flowery toad

  14. Jusso b

    Jusso b2 hours ago

    I mean, to point out the obvious, itโ€™s never safe to be in a vehicle being towed, but under these circumstances, u didnโ€™t have a choice, u made the right call Matt, awesome job as usual

  15. coronaking812

    coronaking8122 hours ago

    Why on earth is there 99 thumbs down? Letโ€™s just think some people got fat fingers and missed the thumbs up.

  16. Dan Morland

    Dan Morland2 hours ago

    Defo right place right time.. Nice save matt!!

  17. Woodland Burl

    Woodland Burl2 hours ago

    So you got โ€˜em out.

  18. davidaxman

    davidaxman3 hours ago

    I really hope Ian starts that channel IMMEDIATELY ๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. Rob Grubb

    Rob Grubb3 hours ago

    WOOHOO best episode yet!

  20. Juan Tellez

    Juan Tellez3 hours ago

    I have a crush on lizzy. Great videos

  21. T Ritchie

    T Ritchie3 hours ago

    Are you allowed to make it back before dark?

  22. mrbunnylamakins

    mrbunnylamakins3 hours ago

    My Advice -"The whole world would be a better place if everyone though just like me."

  23. rsanjur

    rsanjur3 hours ago

    Return to Dirt and Matt's Off Road Recovery doing amazing stuff in their own way

  24. Gunner Schenck

    Gunner Schenck3 hours ago

    Matt's gotta get sick of hearing how attractive his daughter is ๐Ÿ˜‚ but she is

  25. fourbypete

    fourbypete3 hours ago

    I reckon Lizzy is helping your view counter. She'll have a few guys chasing her in years to come.

  26. mrbunnylamakins

    mrbunnylamakins3 hours ago

    Been so long since I road in a metal sled. Dodge Omni with a broken brake line. I sat in the passenger seat that was not bolted down to the floor with 4 friends in the back seat. We did a doughnut in a 3 way intersection 3 times when the passenger side door flew opened friends in back seat grabbed me as I was halfway hanging out holding on to the seat belt for dear life. (buckle part missing floor rusted away seat was on top of piece of sheet metal). It was over 10 miles to car dealership where my friend was denied trade-in even thought ad said "Push Pull Drag". So we road back in my friend's car down back country roads out side city. This is where we went over a hill back down(500 feet to stop sign) only to fly through a stop sign nearly hitting another car and almost went off into a deep ditch near a farm field. Well the car sort of fished tailed because the intersection was rounded and made the car go up in the air a little. Fun Times.

  27. leggsization

    leggsization4 hours ago

    "it was like BUTTAH" hahaha



    Nice video buddy

  29. saltzen961

    saltzen9614 hours ago

    When life gives you Lemons , go 4 x WHEELIN !!!!!!!!.

  30. Doctor Morbid

    Doctor Morbid4 hours ago

    So this is where that $30,000 in PPP Corona bailout funds went? ProPublica has Winder listed as a recipient. All I did was google for Winder and that was the first hit.

  31. timbo peters

    timbo peters4 hours ago

    Awesome video

  32. Dillon Turner

    Dillon Turner4 hours ago

    I rememeber while I was towing a friend of mines car with his trailer, my truck. The trailer tire blew. Conviently same bolt pattern as my truck. Went to put my spare on it and tire sat in too far and hit the trailer frame. Flipped it around and it fit. Bolted it on and drove another 70 miles on it rofl no issues.

  33. mezzd up

    mezzd up4 hours ago

    Matt needs more shirt pockets so he can hold more phones, love the vids guys <3

  34. 2A556FMJ

    2A556FMJ4 hours ago

    5:06 what is this? an air compressor for ants?!

  35. Thomas Moser

    Thomas Moser5 hours ago

    how do you get stuck to the top of the tires? answere: when you see you are not moving anymore but still pin it for no reason...

  36. Ellington G

    Ellington G5 hours ago

    Canโ€™t believe he threw the keys.

  37. Chris Daniels

    Chris Daniels5 hours ago

    Wow... We camp in southern Utah a lot... I hope I never have to call you...but at least now I know who to call. You guys should seriously have a reality TV show like on Discovery or The History Channel... !!!

  38. Stephen Meade

    Stephen Meade5 hours ago

    who is he never heard of him. Your channel is more entertaining

  39. Kyle Meng

    Kyle Meng5 hours ago

    If everyone goes to their website (returntodirt), and buys 1 shirt, donates one dollar, etc, it could change the lives of hundreds! I know I'm ordering a hat, I think if we all pitch in we'd change their lives

  40. Colten gottschalk

    Colten gottschalk5 hours ago

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ข

  41. Richard Ratliff

    Richard Ratliff5 hours ago

    Evan is a smart Lil dude future mechanic for sure. His vocabulary on the subject for his age is impressive

  42. mrbunnylamakins

    mrbunnylamakins5 hours ago

    For years if I am out traveling for longer than 30 minutes outside the city where I live I always take two emergency bags, tool bag, food and water. Over 6 times I had to use them.

  43. Darrin Steven

    Darrin Steven6 hours ago

    Covid has not slowed anyone down.

  44. Colin Lighten

    Colin Lighten6 hours ago

    Those are not tough conditions for a Subaru, must be poor tires ? Donโ€™t drive in snow without boots or chains?

  45. iDroolT

    iDroolT6 hours ago

    Ed's the GOAT!

  46. Brandon Robinson

    Brandon Robinson6 hours ago

    Some of the vehicles these people take in these places baffles me

  47. Flloyds Long

    Flloyds Long6 hours ago

    1977 was about a month ago when lizzy ran a rock over and rock and did a good number on the side step and fender, I believe it was a land cruiser

  48. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson6 hours ago

    Imagine having this nice new jeep and this guy shows up with an old man and 6 cameras, yanks your jeep 90ยฐ sideways. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  49. Thereisnosp00000n

    Thereisnosp00000n7 hours ago

    I feel for the Jeep being pulled to the fuel pump. It's like when I bonk during or after a bike ride and one of my mates need to drag me to a snack store.

  50. Brian Saenz

    Brian Saenz7 hours ago

    I LOVE country females

  51. Nathan Heuton

    Nathan Heuton7 hours ago

    The writing on the car says "Just Married" and she went camping by herself for three days. Huh. Ok.

  52. Nathan Heuton

    Nathan Heuton7 hours ago

    The amount of patience this must have taken I can't even imagine.


    CHRISTO VISAGIE7 hours ago

    Only respect to matt & the rest of his team.!

  54. mickeysgv

    mickeysgv7 hours ago

    3:20 what about the guy with the black armada suv when lizzy plowed into the rock? He was talking about insurance lol

  55. PNW RC

    PNW RC7 hours ago

    Now that's customer service, right there!

  56. Jim Bobway

    Jim Bobway7 hours ago

    Man I miss my XJ!!! Those things are really well balanced, and so capable even in stock form. Put some lockers, gears, and tires underneath...they never get stuck!

  57. Rick te Kronnie

    Rick te Kronnie7 hours ago

    That Subaru guy was awesome haha ๐Ÿ˜‚

  58. Dozer1642

    Dozer16427 hours ago

    โ€œIโ€™ve never met a famous USlikesr beforeโ€ Says the famous USlikesr. Iโ€™ve ridden in a dozer on a low bed trailer for a very short distance. It is the most unnatural feeling ever. Sitting in a vehicle on a trailer that you cannot control is very disturbing. I just enjoy you folks. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโœŒ๏ธ

  59. Jarrod H

    Jarrod H7 hours ago

    What a cool program for disabled people. Great episode. On my way to check out BleepinJeep.

  60. Chubb Rock

    Chubb Rock7 hours ago

    If your insurance doesnโ€™t let the customer drive while doing a recovery, it surprises me that you can leave a client in a broken razor while strapped to a moving trailer.

  61. Sarah Chapman

    Sarah Chapman7 hours ago

    I like the video edit for the customer ๐Ÿ˜ƒ that would be awesome for ending re-view for each (pull out๐Ÿ˜‚) tow job.

  62. Roach4two0

    Roach4two08 hours ago

    I live in Big Water love the vids

  63. Labour Law Act

    Labour Law Act8 hours ago

    One can clearly hear that the blue jeep is a Fiat product.... It seemed like it had very little power also. What a piece of junk. The jeep renegade is basically nothing else than a four wheel drive Fiat 500.

  64. Steve Cooper

    Steve Cooper8 hours ago

    I have always wandered what MPG you were getting, and now i know :)

  65. Ehco Roche

    Ehco Roche8 hours ago

    My brother's a quadriplegic, and we went down to Mexico for a day in our RTD Goshen Coach E450 with one of the side wheelchair lifts, so a pretty decent sized vehicle, and coming out of Mexico our alternator failed, and we had to pay a guy to push us in his little pickup truck across the border, where he subsequently drove off without talking to border crossing and no one seemed to care, but after that we got a tow truck driver with a Semi-flatbed to load the bus up onto it, and just like this, it was easier to leave him in the vehicle than to transfer him into a Semi, so we all just stayed in the bus while being towed off, and I liken the experience to being on a boat, on top of a boat that happened to be a giant pool filled with water.

  66. Patrick Faricy

    Patrick Faricy8 hours ago

    You know, that yellow rope doesn't seem to work as well as the red ones....... lol

  67. Noah Van Way

    Noah Van Way8 hours ago

    Hell yeah, $40 + some fees isnt worth the hassle - this is a much better lesson! Keep up the awesome work!

  68. Tom Rohlfs

    Tom Rohlfs8 hours ago

    Do you sell the tshirts you give to the people?

  69. Jared Timms

    Jared Timms8 hours ago

    Another wonderful video! I love seeing real human connection and humanity. Such a wonderful group of people. Thanks again Matt and crew.

  70. Don Schaus

    Don Schaus8 hours ago


  71. Ron Cameron

    Ron Cameron8 hours ago

    Very cool.... I'll be happy to see that rig in real life. Hopefully just out on the trails and not pulling me out!!!

  72. Higgins 811

    Higgins 8118 hours ago

    That was probably the best vid I've watched in a long time. And what about Lizzy is she gone for good or coming back? She's part of the team she can't leave all together.

  73. California 5K

    California 5K8 hours ago

    thank you for having us in your workshop it is a pleasure to have met you, we drive from Los Angeles you guys so nice

  74. Dan Keyes

    Dan Keyes8 hours ago

    With Even explaining how the accident happened, Rudy was not needed any longer. No offense Rudy. Rudy or Ruby? Only kidding of course.

  75. Steve Rosenberger

    Steve Rosenberger8 hours ago

    I'm glad We watch your channel we will never buy a Razor or Cam AM after seeing how easy the axles brake. They are a piece of junk.

  76. Shane Roper

    Shane Roper8 hours ago

    Winches and sand anchors people.

  77. cjP Lol

    cjP Lol8 hours ago

    A hold my beer, you ain't going to believe this one, moment.

  78. C Mar

    C Mar8 hours ago

    How cool is it that a quadriplegic is able to get back on the trails like that?! Right on! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  79. Ida hoe

    Ida hoe9 hours ago