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  1. BL

    BL20 hours ago

    Show that witch! Corporate bending over backwards apologizing for some bull

  2. Todopoderoso

    Todopoderoso20 hours ago

    Yeah sure Che made it about religion... not the fascists who run the government in Israel and call it a Jewish state....

  3. Timothy Hill

    Timothy Hill20 hours ago

    I'm a Domino's Pizza delivery driver also and know how he does get really stressful because alot of the customers r extremely rude and can't be satisfied and alot of times they end up getting their money back but still get to keep the food for free.they do it just to get free food and and sometimes they will eat it all and a few hours later call and complain about and want us to remake it.

  4. Theodicist Eddie

    Theodicist Eddie20 hours ago

    You need to change this title

  5. Jason Ficcone

    Jason Ficcone20 hours ago

    You sign up for a job knowing full well what entailed. sometimes you get no tips so, sometimes you get shitty tips, sometimes you get great tips. I did pizza delivery for 3 years, experienced all of it. Grow the fuck up.

  6. Norbert The Bearded Dragon

    Norbert The Bearded Dragon20 hours ago

    That lady looks like she is on drugs

  7. Semaj odaravla

    Semaj odaravla20 hours ago

    Well there some gready ass people that don't tip and don't care but I go with thw delivery driver he goes beyond to deliver your pizza on top he is wasting his gas just to delivery it to your lazy ass not wanting to pick it up so word of advise tip your drivers regardless some people are unfortunate that they don't have the life that you have college material as you technically is a mama's boy or Inherited the money so leave other people alone

  8. Jennifer Brenner

    Jennifer Brenner20 hours ago

    that woman is flipping stupid! you knew what the product does, she was using it around her house. I dont feel bad, my 14 yr daughter even asked, "why would she put glue in her hair?" "because people are stupid." was my response. wow. SHE SHOULD GET A BILL

  9. Kyle Sirico

    Kyle Sirico20 hours ago

    Felt chills. Don’t believe in ghosts or such but wow. Whatever logical explanation is freaky af.

  10. huh woah

    huh woah20 hours ago

    Every1 has a meltdown. But people wont hesitate to record or judge you for having one instead of trying to make you feel better.

  11. Sergio Martinez

    Sergio Martinez20 hours ago

    Hahaha nailed it , I’m melting!! 😆

  12. nev soul

    nev soul20 hours ago

    fuck the drivers. thats their problem. people love playing the victim so much in this generation

  13. Jordan Boteler

    Jordan Boteler20 hours ago

    You Democrats are Karen’s not accepting. Someone’s opinion and call her a Karen bc she’s supporting someone that is truthful

  14. Tania A Illig

    Tania A Illig21 hour ago

    Liberal Trader Joe’s!

  15. Debate Me!

    Debate Me!21 hour ago

    0:58 So why you went to Cancun?

  16. Jennifer Brenner

    Jennifer Brenner21 hour ago


  17. Jennifer Brenner

    Jennifer Brenner21 hour ago

    people are pissed bc they didnt think to leave the state

  18. Jennifer Brenner

    Jennifer Brenner21 hour ago

    straight up freaking, so sad.

  19. Nasser Najjar

    Nasser Najjar21 hour ago

    Truth burns its Israel responsibility:- Article 55 Geneva conventions: To the fullest extent of the means available to it, the Occupying Power has the duty of ensuring the food and medical supplies of the population; it should, in particular, bring in the necessary foodstuffs, medical stores and other articles if the resources of the occupied territory are inadequate. The Occupying Power may not requisition foodstuffs, articles or medical supplies available in the occupied territory, except for use by the occupation forces and administration personnel, and then only if the requirements of the civilian population have been taken into account. Subject to the provisions of other international Conventions, the Occupying Power shall make arrangements to ensure that fair value is paid for any requisitioned goods. The Protecting Power shall, at any time, be at liberty to verify the state of the food and medical supplies in occupied territories, except where temporary restrictions are made necessary by imperative military requirements.

  20. Diane Gross

    Diane Gross21 hour ago

    Some crooked customers never learn.

  21. Ricart0713

    Ricart071321 hour ago

    Love your short videos bro. Thanks 🙏

  22. Cool Postcode

    Cool Postcode21 hour ago

    Hahahaa ok

  23. Christian Wood

    Christian Wood21 hour ago

    I ain’t going to bed today then

  24. Dawn Shepard

    Dawn Shepard21 hour ago

    Freaking ghost. Had a life. Leave the kid alone.

  25. Prince Angel

    Prince Angel21 hour ago

    Ebro a BITCH

  26. little dude from across the street

    little dude from across the street21 hour ago

    Who saw Zack snyder justice league trailer..

  27. mike mack

    mike mack21 hour ago

    he needs to be fired and put in jail so he can chill out unreal

  28. MrTextris

    MrTextris21 hour ago


  29. Thrill

    Thrill21 hour ago

    Karen: "I did nothing illegal" Also Karen: *Resistance Level: 10000*

  30. Ana

    Ana21 hour ago

    Omg she was cushioning his fall.

  31. eyemme ohigho

    eyemme ohigho21 hour ago

    Needs to stop the pills sorry been there done that

  32. Maze Keen

    Maze Keen21 hour ago

    Wow, you can tell the donuts clogged up her brain, no wonder she's fat. I'm really trying not to be very rude but these Karen's really ask for it. It's a matter of clarifying her order but she was to lazy or stupid to do so. Kids stay in school, and stay away from donuts😅😁

  33. Jesse Lucero

    Jesse Lucero21 hour ago

    On with the next story this shit has been on all day

  34. Antonio Fitzgerald

    Antonio Fitzgerald21 hour ago

    Ted Cruz the run away Congressman 😂😂😂

  35. LayDRaccman

    LayDRaccman22 hours ago

    If she were black she’d be in jail 🙄

  36. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin22 hours ago

    "Treat each other as human beings, have some respect." The irony of his words is too much. 🤦‍♂️

  37. wanderlust

    wanderlust22 hours ago


  38. J.D. Lechliter

    J.D. Lechliter22 hours ago

    Its probably not as good as the one he was listening to in Cancùn! Poor Ted when will he ever learn or resign? At least he treats all the snowflakes equal.....four n two legged!😎

  39. Fabian Raines

    Fabian Raines22 hours ago

    Just imagine how some veterans feel

  40. Collin Collin

    Collin Collin22 hours ago

    I think what the f... Is funny.

  41. Doomerbeing45

    Doomerbeing4522 hours ago

    Guy was like Tom Brady Superbowl MVP 7 time.................

  42. beth williams

    beth williams22 hours ago

    Fire Megan!!!

  43. Shane Fuller

    Shane Fuller22 hours ago

    We don't have to tip you, if we don't want to tip....

  44. D N

    D N22 hours ago


  45. PuebloTronic

    PuebloTronic22 hours ago

    She is a "Trash-karen"

  46. Rafael Fernandez

    Rafael Fernandez22 hours ago

    As for Meghan McCain saying the Biden administration it just it's not even three months this falls on Trump for his stupidity and everyone who helped them and it's for you Megan saying that Dr fauci should be fired, no you should be fired and if your dad was alive he will be ashamed of you.

  47. annette leliaert

    annette leliaert22 hours ago

    I am sorry Joseph that you are so threatened by Trump. He has done nothing but good for this country! This channel needs to be canceled because this channel is censoring the American people’s voice

  48. Cory Anthony

    Cory Anthony22 hours ago

    You don’t get invited to parties much, do you?

  49. Jay

    Jay22 hours ago

    Everyone can make jokes about catholics, muslims and other religions but soon you call out the jews for atrocities committed to the palestiniens. You become anti semite. Stfu.

  50. Aj

    Aj22 hours ago

    It was a joke and it was true, not anti-Semitic.

  51. TheAmma007

    TheAmma00722 hours ago

    We all need a laugh lol .. have a sense of humor.

  52. Jack Dou

    Jack Dou22 hours ago

    Your a joke dude learn how to do journalism

  53. krisko713daclarke

    krisko713daclarke22 hours ago

    Shoulda got scalped.

  54. christopher nava

    christopher nava22 hours ago

    Karen wanted to pull the reverse card

  55. Andrea Davis

    Andrea Davis22 hours ago

    Serves them right!!

  56. Brian Valentine

    Brian Valentine22 hours ago

    Tiger, you had the courage to support Donald Trump while disgusting, overrated Labron James was supporting Hilary and Joe and race-baiting all the while. We all wish it was Labron whose legs were mangled today but sometimes life isn't fair and good and decent people suffer while the evil thrive. Your POLITICS makes you great, not just your extraordinary golf skills.

  57. Demarco Forgé

    Demarco Forgé23 hours ago

    He said the customer should apologize for the rain. Did the customer make it rain? I didn't think so. No logic. Too emotional.

  58. Demarco Forgé

    Demarco Forgé23 hours ago

    Just imagine how many people wish they could get a job working at Dominos and he complaining about a tip. Fuck your tip and be happy you got a job.

  59. Parasomnia

    Parasomnia23 hours ago

    *Note to people who have sleeping pets nearby:* Don't watch this video with no headphones while they're still sleeping! The second the video started, both my cats bolted awake in a panic 😅

  60. flex1nut

    flex1nut23 hours ago

    The joke is funny bc it’s true! They have 50% of their Jewish people vaccinated bc they have the largest percentage of vaccines per capital! I wish America had that Jewish privilege. Now they wanna buy more vaccines to give to Syria to release their Jewish people. What about our people that are dying???

  61. Moped Mike

    Moped Mike23 hours ago

    I would get a megaphone

  62. Devotee of George Smiley

    Devotee of George Smiley23 hours ago

    Heidi ain't gonna like this... lol

  63. Jason Luong

    Jason Luong23 hours ago

    I used to work in a movie theater as a teenager where a moviegoer went through the same shit every time he came in. He would fall asleep in the theater, and after we woke him up, he would ask for a refund, saying that because he did not see the movie, he was entitled to get one. One day, I refused to give him a refund. He asked to see the manager. I told him that I was the manager. The guy was either too sleepy, drunk, or high to notice that a 17-year-old couldn't possibly be the manager.

  64. abcd34545

    abcd3454523 hours ago

    Should’ve picked up a book my guy

  65. Paintball fanatic

    Paintball fanatic23 hours ago

    Did this just happen?

  66. Tracy

    Tracy23 hours ago

    Idiots like her prey on the customer is always right. Well nope and businesses/employees shouldn’t have to take this they should just ban her from the store.

  67. Fabian Raines

    Fabian Raines23 hours ago

    Sounds just like this generation, let's film our frustrations instead of actually working harder

  68. Angelina McDowell

    Angelina McDowell23 hours ago

    Clearly he's burnt out and needs to step away from teaching.

  69. Fabian Raines

    Fabian Raines23 hours ago

    If I was his parents I would be totally embarrassed... Completely poor work ethic

  70. Singer's Dream

    Singer's Dream23 hours ago

    TOTALLY on his side. I do Doordash n Grubhub and I know how it is. I've gotten some awesome tippers. Nice people too. And then there's some that treat us as "favor doers". Expecting us to wait 5-10 minutes,rain or snow, like this dude and giving chump change or zip. Shame on them is what I say. I feel you,bro.

  71. artie patino

    artie patino23 hours ago

    If I'm a neighbor, I'm throwing tri tip on the grill. AOC raises $4M in 3 days & gets to those in need. She is not even from TX

  72. Fabian Raines

    Fabian Raines23 hours ago

    I wonder was his ignorant ass going to get online and make a video of how the people gave him a tip if they did tip him...

  73. Fabian Raines

    Fabian Raines23 hours ago

    see back in my day we'll just go get a better job, or work harder, this young buck is crying like a little b**** over a few dollars, damn...

  74. CacheStache

    CacheStache23 hours ago

    I use to deliver food for a living so I know the feeling of being stiffed, but being a grown man screaming in a Domino's cause someone didn't give you a tip is childish. "You got one more pizza to deliver", get over it, do your job, then go home. Yea Domino's is cheap, and yea wait staff should get a real minimum wage and not 2 dollars an hour, but I know drivers get real minimum wage if not more, plus tips. Is that person shitty for leaving him out in the rain and not tipping him? Yes, does that give him an excuse to go back to the store and throw boxes and scream about it like a child? Probably why he's still at Domino's at that age and not in a more professional environment getting paid better if I'm being honest.

  75. The Sunny J Show

    The Sunny J Show23 hours ago

    she isn't alright she is in the hospital

  76. Phinal Flash

    Phinal Flash23 hours ago

    Don't worry, fellas. I'm sure it's just Anifa.

  77. The Sunny J Show

    The Sunny J Show23 hours ago

    bay area is mainey!!!!!

  78. The Sunny J Show

    The Sunny J Show23 hours ago

    thats my cousin bruhhhhhh

  79. Ares Marte

    Ares Marte23 hours ago

    Maga karen alternative trumpian facts.