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  1. Ray Pellerin

    Ray Pellerin2 minutes ago

    My ex wife moved out for almost a year and refused to sign the divorce papers. She only took a few things out of the house like the ice cube trays in the freezer. I boxed up all her stuff and put it in the garage, she would not pick it up. I gave away a treadmill she had to a friend and she said it was not mine and I had no right to give it away. I am like? When will you take our other shit? I can't right now and I want to save the money to get my wedding dress stored. I put her dress in a trash bag, took a piss in it and put it out with the trash along with 12 boxes of his shit. I told her either pick it up today or the trashman will take it. It was all gone that night. What a bitch.

  2. Tiffany Henderson

    Tiffany Henderson3 minutes ago

    3:42 girl you had me dying here!

  3. Johnny SoftPejorative

    Johnny SoftPejorative3 minutes ago

    Thank you for confirming in this video what I had thought was going on with you in the past few days !! Human biology IS a very fun science !

  4. Viking Queen

    Viking Queen4 minutes ago

    Had this girl who went to highschool with me (old friend) trying to convince me to let her live with me for a few weeks. Her best thought to drive it home was to compliment me as follows: Hey, you remind me of someone I've seen on TV... (Thinks) oh yeah that chick from Ugly Betty πŸ§πŸ€”πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‘ not sure how to feel. Then she proceeded to ask for $50 after I declined... She smoked like a train so I know where the money was going if I lent it. πŸ˜‘ Ugly Betty doesn't want this problem.

  5. Ruby Kay all mut

    Ruby Kay all mut5 minutes ago

    πŸ†. Wow first time I’ve used that one. Lol. Keep up your amazing work Charlotte.

  6. Johnny SoftPejorative

    Johnny SoftPejorative8 minutes ago

    You are an engaging individual Miss Dobre.

  7. Mary Musgrove

    Mary Musgrove13 minutes ago

    peach emoji? me? lmao lets just say I always stay to da end thanks lady!

  8. Simo B

    Simo B13 minutes ago

    Nooooo, I don't care who you freak out, I love it when you burp, and you say "E che cazzo!" LOL

  9. Savannah Storm

    Savannah Storm18 minutes ago


  10. Lady MF Unicorn

    Lady MF Unicorn19 minutes ago

    I smile at everyone. They either enjoy it or become worried. Lol there is no in-between. I have a scary smile depending on my mood. This is what I have been told lol

  11. Lady MF Unicorn

    Lady MF Unicorn21 minute ago

    I came to complain. IO is using your old videos, yet will not allowing anyone to sharing your channel. They deleted my post. I leaving their bs there, I am done watching them. That's just petty as hell. Rant over.... peace and love

  12. Sha'Taurus 'Fam

    Sha'Taurus 'Fam21 minute ago

    Too much responsibilities, maybe bcuz I stay sick alot. But having my babies is the best about being adult

  13. Christine Koay

    Christine Koay22 minutes ago

    So entertaining πŸ˜† For you Charlotte πŸ†

  14. Horus175

    Horus17529 minutes ago

    I would tweet that last convo or put it on Facebook or something.

  15. Nair

    Nair29 minutes ago

    Also those guys gives off Armie Hammer vibes....πŸ€‘πŸ’€

  16. Nair

    Nair30 minutes ago

    πŸ† they say "let me worship youuuu" when we just wanna be treated like a human being😐 can't they just do that? Creeps

  17. Scott McMillan

    Scott McMillan30 minutes ago

    *shakes head in disgust at the behaviour of some fellows* πŸ†

  18. Monae Webb

    Monae Webb32 minutes ago

    I don't think chivalry is dead. I just think guys have a tendency to say the wrong thing just to get a reaction. Like a puppy dog that pees on your floor just to get a reaction. πŸ† I feel very weird putting this emoji by the way.

  19. Skulls & Luvbugs

    Skulls & Luvbugs34 minutes ago

    πŸ† lol sometimes I think it really is dead. But I hope it’s not. As a single person I hope it’s not. Fingers crossed

  20. Charidy Fyre

    Charidy Fyre39 minutes ago

    *eggplant emoji*

  21. James

    James39 minutes ago

    Why do you assume all the creeps are guy's πŸ˜‚


    www.keyznguitarz.com41 minute ago

    I want a part 2. I'm not entirely freaked-the-f-out yet.

  23. Ela Explorer

    Ela Explorer41 minute ago

    That guy who wanted to dress her up like a doll, reminded me of a criminal minds episode with that very same thing...

  24. JackOfAllRAIDs

    JackOfAllRAIDs49 minutes ago

    I snicker when you burp.

  25. Michelle Albrecht

    Michelle Albrecht52 minutes ago

    This was totally radical dude!

  26. Rachel Horwitz

    Rachel Horwitz52 minutes ago

    πŸ† Love ya Charlotte! Xx

  27. Becca Flanigan

    Becca Flanigan53 minutes ago

    Eggplant Emoji

  28. Melissa Meeks

    Melissa Meeks54 minutes ago

    Im saving this video lol

  29. Suri Jo

    Suri JoHour ago

    Just wondering: Is it alright to say these things from the past that cause you nightmares even years into adult life later, as PTSD? Or you need to consult doctors first, like before you declare yourself having mental illnesses? πŸ€” I'm reaaaaally curious, because I still suffer and cry in my sleep from past traumas related to schools and childhood; and I cannot actually control it. πŸ˜… Thanks, guys!

  30. Lucinda Eulalie

    Lucinda EulalieHour ago

    Worst part is when you’re not a native english speaker, you know the difference between Β« your Β» and Β« you’re Β» and Β« their Β», Β« there Β» and Β« they’re Β» but you see a lot of American people on social media who can’t do it. Not saying I’m perfect, I still make mistakes sometimes, I don’t mean to be a dick about it but it can be frustrating. 😭

  31. Rachel Hatchet

    Rachel HatchetHour ago

    * - Astrix & - Ampersand Only bc you couldn't remember what they were called. I have moments like that ALL the time ☺️

  32. Leo B

    Leo BHour ago


  33. Cristina Z

    Cristina ZHour ago


  34. Beth Wiegand

    Beth WiegandHour ago

    I tried Do Terra. The cost was high and I ended up going with the Target brand instead. Better results all around. I love your cast. I've come find entitled people soooo amusing! I would imagine every one has a tale or two to share. You may have a gold mine!

  35. Haley H

    Haley HHour ago

    πŸ† and definitely dead lol

  36. RawBDoll

    RawBDollHour ago

    Doesn't inspire my fallopian tubes to release eggs!!!! Hahahaha Charlotte

  37. Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen SmithHour ago

    For the guys in those texts who were spouting out such high IQ numbers, they sure can't spell.

  38. Mariah Phillips

    Mariah PhillipsHour ago


  39. Amalie Shelby

    Amalie ShelbyHour ago

    What's sad is that there one day might be someone actually using their own picture and someone thinks they are catfishing lol

  40. legacy1X

    legacy1XHour ago

    "You sit on a throne of lies." Sorry I have been waiting to use that line for a while.

  41. Christina Brady

    Christina BradyHour ago

    πŸ† Yes I believe chivalry is dead. Younger generations are only concerned about instant gratification & themselves. Love your videos. Ty for the laughs!!!

  42. Brian B

    Brian BHour ago

    * asterisk, & ampersand

  43. Sara CΓΊrio

    Sara CΓΊrioHour ago

    eggplant emoji

  44. LGB LGB

    LGB LGBHour ago

    πŸ† RE: Burps. Nana always said, β€œBetter to bring it up now than to make a stink about it later.”

  45. TheBijouxStarr

    TheBijouxStarr2 hours ago

    πŸ† lol. I have a love/hate relationship with creepy PMs. On one hand, creepy weird and unconfortable. On the other, also wildly entertaining. And yes, I do show them ti my friends and we laugh. πŸ˜† Also, chivalry is partly dead i guess. I do know of some chivalrous gentlemen but also a lot of jerks so....

  46. Trick Simpson

    Trick Simpson2 hours ago

    I loved this! Nope chivalry ain’t that dead, I do often still get a nice guy messaging me, they aren’t all πŸ† β€˜s

  47. Danielle Geremia

    Danielle Geremia2 hours ago

    Sorry about your horrible visitor 🩸😡, I hope it's not too bad πŸ’™πŸ’œ


    LIANY GUZMAN2 hours ago

    πŸ₯ kiwi emoji because I feel like being a rebel today 😎

  49. deny2294

    deny22942 hours ago

    anyone else here happily living with absolutely no social media or pics of yourself online ?

  50. Pablo and Friends

    Pablo and Friends2 hours ago

    Tee hee

  51. ma ra

    ma ra2 hours ago

    wooooow, human stupidity is indeed endless πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ was it 2017 that actually more people died while taking selfies than because of shark attacks? modern darvinism i guess πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  52. Nahovi Nomad

    Nahovi Nomad2 hours ago

    Saying that others not experiencing college debt is a slap in the face to those who already paid off their debt is like saying β€œthose not experiencing slavery is a slap in the face to those who did” some people never pay off their debt their whole lives. And some people never have the opportunity to go to college. Both is a trap. But thank goodness some people have USlikes money to pay it off. That means everyone can solve it the same way.

  53. Amanda R

    Amanda R2 hours ago

    πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† is that too much? I noticed I didn’t see very many eggplants πŸ₯Έ

  54. Bored At Home

    Bored At Home2 hours ago


  55. mario garcia

    mario garcia2 hours ago

    Man I watch your videos every fucking day why is your face all white today

  56. Marisa Ishmael

    Marisa Ishmael2 hours ago

    What about the rest of us indeed!

  57. evakatrina a

    evakatrina a2 hours ago

    I kind of regretted not keeping screenshots, but years later I saw five or six women on Twitter posting screenshots from the same guy 😁😭😱 Chivalry may not be entirely dead but don't expect it, even if he has a few special letters after his name.

  58. Theresa Schat

    Theresa Schat2 hours ago

    πŸ† lol too funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think its dead with the younger generation LMAO

  59. Cat Clark

    Cat Clark2 hours ago

    I like how you weren't nasty :)

  60. DeaDoubleU

    DeaDoubleU2 hours ago

    πŸ† It's getting there... Also, you burping never fails to make me laugh. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  61. Katlyn Rupp

    Katlyn Rupp2 hours ago

    I don't think chivalry is dead, Im engaged to guy who I knew in middle school, he would hold the door for everyone to enter the lunch building and would always be last in line in the lunch line but he still did it everyday for almost 2 years

  62. Teresa

    Teresa2 hours ago

    β€œThirst trap”? Where does this jargon come from? πŸ˜‚ I can infer what it means, but who sits around and comes up with these colorful descriptions?πŸ˜„

  63. From parts unknown, Weighing in

    From parts unknown, Weighing in2 hours ago

    The more advanced technology gets, the more regressed human communication gets, sadly.

  64. Frank Ayres

    Frank Ayres2 hours ago

    I am part of the watching to the end gang! πŸ†

  65. Trick Simpson

    Trick Simpson2 hours ago

    I love the note!

  66. M H

    M H2 hours ago


  67. jamie silaban

    jamie silaban2 hours ago

    πŸ† as you wish πŸ₯”πŸ‘‘

  68. Mallorie McCune

    Mallorie McCune2 hours ago

    So glad I'm not dating these days, apparently I was able to find a match and bounce before all this texted role play shit these days I swear!! :D

  69. Imasillylady

    Imasillylady3 hours ago

    Ok. You are hilarious πŸ˜‚

  70. C Rego

    C Rego3 hours ago

    πŸ† does this emoji answer your question?

  71. Norma Jeane

    Norma Jeane3 hours ago

    It’s soooo dead πŸ†

  72. jamie silaban

    jamie silaban3 hours ago

    2:15 this happened to me so many times!! I always told them contact me again once you've decided to tell me who you got my number from. Sometimes I got called arrogant or a prick but anyone who started with that is no one I I'd like to get to know anyway.

  73. Rain Falls

    Rain Falls3 hours ago

    I made it to the end. So I will just put 🌱 eggplant seedling

  74. AlyssasAdventures

    AlyssasAdventures3 hours ago

    I'd be mad if I was your neighbor too windex is toxic to cats

  75. Nicole Nichol

    Nicole Nichol3 hours ago

    I thought there would be a plethora of πŸ† in the comments. I get that it can be hard to find someone. I just don't understand why people think calling someone a b#!$* when they are not interested is going to do besides confirming why they're single. Those people don't have the ability to see how it comes across. They think it's cute but it's not.

  76. Rick Noriega

    Rick Noriega3 hours ago

    Seriously? You post a picture of your in a bathing suit and people are looking at the trees. Maybe i'm just a typical guy but ai didn't even notice the hair, I was just looking at you. Anyway, points for you for owning up to it.

  77. Samantha Cook

    Samantha Cook3 hours ago

    @Charlotte Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries

  78. Ismael Rodriguez

    Ismael Rodriguez3 hours ago

    PEACH! Since I can't find the emojis on my laptop keyboard. :)

  79. JustDucky

    JustDucky3 hours ago

    That's Martha's call sign for snoop.jk idk

  80. A Hollingsworth

    A Hollingsworth3 hours ago

    There was a Criminal Minds episode about being turned into a doll