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All good vibes


    FARAJ HOMS2 hours ago

    Every time I clean my watch history i watch the video again


    FARAJ HOMS2 hours ago

    Every time I clean my watch history I watch the video again

  3. Darkzy FN

    Darkzy FN2 hours ago

    When my classmate tells everyone he got a ps5 that came out yesterday. 3:12

  4. BasicsEU

    BasicsEU2 hours ago

    What u boppin yo head for 🤣

  5. Tajudeen Emmanuel Oluwashinayomi

    Tajudeen Emmanuel Oluwashinayomi2 hours ago

    they be talking bout the movement of titties and ass like Harvard scientists

  6. Cam_CJ

    Cam_CJ2 hours ago


  7. Nice Garry

    Nice Garry2 hours ago

    clearly fake

  8. Sebastian Villarreal

    Sebastian Villarreal2 hours ago

    Zias yall need to freestlye to. Still tippin by mike jones that beat is hard

  9. choppagojuan

    choppagojuan2 hours ago

    Brucey pooh in the back

  10. Riandra Agustian Putra

    Riandra Agustian Putra3 hours ago

    girl:"i'll be always w u even you're in the shit" the boy:"1:57"

  11. Datboii

    Datboii3 hours ago

    Bro how do they be getting all these rappers to feature on their videos. It’s dope as hell I’ve never seen any other youtuber do it 🐐🐐🐐

  12. Khavoghi Mitchell

    Khavoghi Mitchell3 hours ago

    Y’all might not see this but do young pappy round here

  13. NOSMTG

    NOSMTG3 hours ago

    This is a track you should definitely react to uslikes.info/house/ho2q0qh7y4hkddA/video.html

  14. Kimberly Cole

    Kimberly Cole3 hours ago


  15. vlone killa

    vlone killa4 hours ago

    Another lesson of Assology with Zias and B. Lou

  16. Chiante Williams

    Chiante Williams4 hours ago

    6:56 what the hell was B lou doing & saying 😂😂😂

  17. Ardak Adeihanov

    Ardak Adeihanov4 hours ago

    Русский есть

  18. Seth Mitchell

    Seth Mitchell4 hours ago

    When you realize b Lou a better freestyler than half the rap industry

  19. Uno Juune

    Uno Juune4 hours ago

    How's this man but say sada & he got songs with him 💀😂

  20. Vlad Maystruk

    Vlad Maystruk4 hours ago

    Just realized how similar Yachty and Zias look alike. They could be brothers man!

  21. YoDaddyAlex

    YoDaddyAlex4 hours ago

    who watching this in 2021

  22. Bryson Howell

    Bryson Howell4 hours ago

    est gee from louisville

  23. sartas ee

    sartas ee4 hours ago

    شكلي العربي الوحيد الي يتابعه

  24. Kartrez Andrews

    Kartrez Andrews5 hours ago

    B- Lou ass high 😂

  25. Samantha

    Samantha5 hours ago

    i promise i watched this video like a week before he passed its crazy how events fall in place may he rip

  26. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf5 hours ago

    Props to this guy he made millions with no talent talking nonsense

  27. King Essential

    King Essential5 hours ago


  28. Zenridon

    Zenridon5 hours ago

    Bro how is lil yatchy a rapper freestyling worse than youtubers

  29. Kae Gang Kei

    Kae Gang Kei5 hours ago

    He said Detroit if u know he meant flint

  30. Therealcrisisplan 1028

    Therealcrisisplan 10286 hours ago

    How he make it

  31. Gabriel Remy

    Gabriel Remy6 hours ago

    0.19 😂

  32. It'z. StogDiesel

    It'z. StogDiesel6 hours ago

    The guy in the middle seems like he knows a little something about rapping, freestyling. He should think about making rapping as a career. Good shit. Play on, playa. Play on!

  33. CBG_ Thomas

    CBG_ Thomas6 hours ago

    Lmaoooooo ain’t no one gonna talk about Bruce in the beginning

  34. Khief Skrilla

    Khief Skrilla6 hours ago

    What’s the freestyle beat ?

  35. Jujitsu kaisen

    Jujitsu kaisen6 hours ago

    Imagine this two sitting next to eachother

  36. ya boi Ham and chedder

    ya boi Ham and chedder6 hours ago

    Yachty wasn't trying on the freestyle that's why he sound like dat

  37. ya boi Ham and chedder

    ya boi Ham and chedder6 hours ago

    They acted weird af bout cloning even before he gave a answer

  38. khipsywtf

    khipsywtf6 hours ago

    wassup ya'll ilike the vids keep it up

  39. 1990BISHOP

    1990BISHOP6 hours ago

    I think bro was trying to say "elegantly" LMFAOO

  40. Shuri Witwicky

    Shuri Witwicky7 hours ago

    Nobody did better then Juice Wrld

  41. aQua

    aQua7 hours ago

    Yatchy is so fucking trash

  42. Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving7 hours ago

    10:25 look at that pause

  43. Jimxx

    Jimxx7 hours ago

    The first beat for the freestyles is a beat Travis Scott sampled for one of his songs

  44. B G

    B G7 hours ago

    Make a $b reaction with someone

  45. MMA MMA

    MMA MMA7 hours ago

    Z has better lyrics but b lou has better flow

  46. Erol Bayraktar

    Erol Bayraktar7 hours ago

    Always used to be so impressed by your freesytles but now harry mack spoiled us

  47. G & G Outdoor Adventures

    G & G Outdoor Adventures7 hours ago

    Peanut butter😂

  48. Coop Dinero

    Coop Dinero7 hours ago

    No sada baby ??????

  49. david aguilar

    david aguilar7 hours ago

    7:10 make me laugh every time 😂😂😂

  50. kurt steinrock

    kurt steinrock7 hours ago

    I’ve never geeked hard then at When y’all died at him for saying that dunk shit

  51. Rx W.

    Rx W.7 hours ago

    3:13 stop the cap pu HAHAhahAHahA

  52. Qwntln

    Qwntln8 hours ago

    Y lou wap sound like easy e

  53. Love Ranger

    Love Ranger8 hours ago

    3:14 MEME BRUH

  54. Luis Ramos

    Luis Ramos8 hours ago

    Bro it’s ugly god and chance the rapper😂

  55. Mia Nicholson

    Mia Nicholson8 hours ago

    6:19 that f word so hard bro

  56. Aren Tyoumad

    Aren Tyoumad8 hours ago


  57. Nikki XO

    Nikki XO8 hours ago


  58. IssaBriana

    IssaBriana8 hours ago

    the ding a ling song playing in the sponsor part lmaooooo

  59. tristen3737

    tristen37378 hours ago

    Me and bhad bhabie you we be WHAT NOW?!

  60. Dekl- Ann

    Dekl- Ann8 hours ago

    von just on his phone

  61. Keith Harrison

    Keith Harrison8 hours ago

    Get ya hair out ya face u look goofy. Anybody who does that look goofy imo.

  62. tristen3737

    tristen37378 hours ago

    Bro spent like 1/4 of the video laughing at dis dudes name lmfaooo

  63. Shmuel Dejen

    Shmuel Dejen8 hours ago

    'Watch your man you should your mouth' f*ck you talking about i'm trying to watch that ass again 😂 5:52

  64. dark xo00

    dark xo009 hours ago

    1:06 🤦🏻

  65. RAfael MUnhequete

    RAfael MUnhequete9 hours ago

    I thought I was watching the video but whole time it was the intro😭

  66. RAfael MUnhequete

    RAfael MUnhequete9 hours ago

    1:05 That boy Bruce in the back being inspirational

  67. brett polard

    brett polard9 hours ago

    i love with zias free styles lmao

  68. Cantbetrill _

    Cantbetrill _9 hours ago

    yachty aint the best at frestyling but he just got that rapper voice

  69. GrizzINK

    GrizzINK9 hours ago

    10:40-11:00 smh

  70. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou9 hours ago

    “I ain’t even have that fantasy ,I don’t even know why I said dat”

  71. Niko Laborde

    Niko Laborde10 hours ago

    How come yall all have braids

  72. Niko Laborde

    Niko Laborde10 hours ago

    Boat is the only person that rap with you guys

  73. Ricky

    Ricky10 hours ago

    Somebody put me on some Detroit rappers💯 I only know rio

  74. Niko Laborde

    Niko Laborde10 hours ago

    Zias look lik lil yachty

  75. Devontai Mitchell

    Devontai Mitchell10 hours ago


  76. zinx ϟ

    zinx ϟ10 hours ago

    stop the cap

  77. Cedric Bost

    Cedric Bost10 hours ago

    Damn zias done lost the bars he usually snap wayyyy harder

  78. Philder P

    Philder P10 hours ago

    5:20 😂😂 Bruhh When: You Can't Get Yo Thoughts Out🤯

  79. sleep 3 hours a day

    sleep 3 hours a day10 hours ago

    Is he high in this video?

  80. Catracho Aguilar

    Catracho Aguilar10 hours ago

    they make you turn up with em 🤣🤟🏽