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  1. Jemand Jemand

    Jemand Jemand22 hours ago

    funny... the generic music is back again

  2. M1louš Igor

    M1louš Igor22 hours ago

    "It works the best when you pull thr trigger"

  3. pinsel bube

    pinsel bube22 hours ago

    oh noooooooooo

  4. Jeremy Victor

    Jeremy Victor22 hours ago

    Let put Westley snipes in a matrix movie

  5. madtical1

    madtical122 hours ago

    Bruce is too old for a movie like that.

  6. Carlos

    Carlos22 hours ago

    Resident Monsters

  7. William Holton

    William Holton23 hours ago

    Why isn’t it more super hero’s of color (African dissent) or a Spanish superhero

  8. Dominic Rosmini

    Dominic Rosmini23 hours ago

    these are TERRIBLE ideas 😭

  9. j archont

    j archont23 hours ago

    Russian movies are the best, deep not like the shallow Hollywood garbage. Doesn’t matter what movie from Hollywood you watch, it gives you nothing.

  10. Pedro Saldanha

    Pedro Saldanha23 hours ago

    One more movie about zombies?! How much more original Hollywood can get?!? Fu.. me!!! Comeback Thanos, you're forgiven!!

  11. ritik kumar

    ritik kumar23 hours ago

    clint first one to give kneel

  12. George Jones

    George Jones23 hours ago

    Full plate for marvel

  13. Eicikle

    EicikleDay ago

    Gamora: Because you love nothing. No one! Thanos: Very poor choice of words

  14. IloveBaklava

    IloveBaklavaDay ago

    Bruce Willis sucks

  15. lennymccartney1

    lennymccartney1Day ago


  16. Matt C

    Matt CDay ago

    Why does this look like a Halo movie?

  17. JR Soto

    JR SotoDay ago

    No really!

  18. Erwin Querrer

    Erwin QuerrerDay ago

    Hit girl become Valentine after break up with kick-ass

  19. Sereya Lopez

    Sereya LopezDay ago

    The captions are amazing, be sure to turn them on

  20. Citizen- 7XL5

    Citizen- 7XL5Day ago

    The taking the knee should have stayed in

  21. gabriel gomez

    gabriel gomezDay ago

    alguien notó que está la sexy argentina Eva De Dominici???? seguramente pela físico seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. Neyonius

    NeyoniusDay ago

    Doom meats Halo? I can dig it.

  23. Tatiana

    TatianaDay ago

    Last movie looks trash.

  24. _iambelle_

    _iambelle_Day ago

    i cried so hard when they kneeled


    AD BLOCK 4 LIFEDay ago

    Bruce Willis? After his last movie I don't think so. He cant fucking ACT. SKIP!!!!

  26. Cesar

    CesarDay ago

    Pretty depressing saying, I believe a lot of people can relate. Something you really really wanted and couldn’t get it or achieve it. Sad hour on repeat I guess....

  27. JaggedBird

    JaggedBirdDay ago

    Honestly I'm more curious rather than excited. Yes, I loved the first one, but the nervousness is there.

  28. Jack Silverhand

    Jack SilverhandDay ago

    Where is deadpool 3?

  29. Eric Hicks

    Eric HicksDay ago

    So cage has finally made a movie.


    SCOTTOCASTER '66Day ago

    Boss Level: "Take this to the next level" Scottocaster: "Ok, I'm Out, next!!" Director hires Katana as a sword guru, please.

  31. A F

    A FDay ago

    Hard Kill in space no stars .......

  32. JUST'!NOUR#?

    JUST'!NOUR#?Day ago

    0:53 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔.

  33. Ivorson Dohn

    Ivorson DohnDay ago

    I watched this movie but 3:15 sounded like ree kid from joshdub

  34. frere jacques

    frere jacquesDay ago

    The Shore is NOT a movie. Its a video game. Thumbs down on this channel.

  35. Your Dad

    Your DadDay ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣for a moment I thought I was watching movie so relaxed positioned lol

  36. Ivan Staffen

    Ivan StaffenDay ago

    this will be very bad movie. i will watch it anyway.

  37. HIS

    HISDay ago


  38. Growling gaming

    Growling gamingDay ago

    Tysm for the video

  39. Hollie Rice

    Hollie RiceDay ago

    Ughhh. I love Jared leto in 30stm but as the joker.... Shit. Totally shit. Joaquin phoenix was amazing as the Joker. Should have put him in justice league instead.

  40. James Cheatham

    James CheathamDay ago

    Looks like total trash except for Cage, why do we expect more? Pitiful

  41. James Bennett

    James BennettDay ago

    Not one of these movies look entertaining.

  42. mermer

    mermerDay ago

    this looks awful lol

  43. Not Me

    Not MeDay ago

    Marvel used to made the best movies, now its lame af

  44. Lackadaisical

    LackadaisicalDay ago

    Bruce willis looks like he was dragged into making this movie because his daughter is kept hostage

  45. Karsh

    KarshDay ago

    Omg is big yelow from amogus

  46. sanction015

    sanction015Day ago

    This looks like a cheap made for tv SyFy movie.

  47. Berkant ÖZMEN

    Berkant ÖZMENDay ago

    KİNG KONG. ❤️

  48. Serjohn

    SerjohnDay ago

    i glad the red skull appreciates adopted parents

  49. ninjammer726

    ninjammer726Day ago

    thanks for the upload

  50. Luft Waffle

    Luft WaffleDay ago

    4:44... The time when you realize she is actualy able to joke and have fun with others...


    MANSQUITODay ago

    All total shit

  52. Ferhat Kaya

    Ferhat KayaDay ago

    Hulk vs Juggernaut ?

  53. Edo Conti

    Edo ContiDay ago

    i wont repeat this again, bethesda. WE. WANT. DOOMSLAYER. as mick gordon once said: prepare the torces, we have an hous to burn

  54. Marcio Martinez Colque

    Marcio Martinez ColqueDay ago

    Nombre de la música de fondo por favor

  55. Phuloc6a5

    Phuloc6a5Day ago

    this is not deadpool movie is deadmeme movie

  56. tigerbalm

    tigerbalmDay ago


  57. Anubhav Sinha

    Anubhav SinhaDay ago

    Best horror series without any ghost.

  58. Ethan Baker

    Ethan BakerDay ago

    Man am I fuckin missin something when they say Kong bows to no one? Because what in the HELL makes her thing Godzilla will give him the chance?

  59. Teemzy Gamer

    Teemzy GamerDay ago

    We need kong and more camera man

  60. Mad drake

    Mad drakeDay ago

    "We need Kong"

  61. Gathas of Persia

    Gathas of PersiaDay ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Hollywood................... pure wokeness.

  62. Blackout YT

    Blackout YTDay ago

    Animation and effects are way better than ninja steel and beastmorphers WOW

  63. José Neto

    José NetoDay ago

    Looks fun.

  64. Patrick

    PatrickDay ago

    This scene is such a Fucking cliche now.

  65. Sean Hunter

    Sean HunterDay ago

    He’s the Juggernaut, biiiiiitch

  66. pاnnاcle-milkweed

    pاnnاcle-milkweedDay ago

    Deadpool even when situation is bad he just cant take it seriously

  67. dan M

    dan MDay ago

    This looks like shit lol 😆

  68. Deathjoker

    DeathjokerDay ago

    i have watch a few chinese movies, they were all really bad, only one animation NE ZHA 2019 which is really good. But i will give this a try as i like disaster movie.

  69. white wolf2002

    white wolf2002Day ago

    A black peter quill damn.

  70. GOOD1 GOod One

    GOOD1 GOod OneDay ago

    the accent make me feel i am stepping on a mellow candy🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥

  71. Right Left

    Right LeftDay ago

    I smelled popcorn watching this

  72. Darkman Walker

    Darkman WalkerDay ago

    I would watch this if it's in English. I hate to have to read subtitles!

  73. dennis jump

    dennis jumpDay ago

    Another Bruce " Why Am I Here " Willis movie. He only has 2 facial expressions now .. bored and less bored.

  74. Jhunu Debbarma

    Jhunu DebbarmaDay ago

    Well, I think they shouldn't have cut the part where they all kneel for Tony

  75. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan KenobiDay ago

    0:23 I understood that reference

  76. CraftyArts

    CraftyArtsDay ago

    I didn't see no cgi shark boy, where is it?

  77. Soviet Doom Slayer [UTTP]

    Soviet Doom Slayer [UTTP]Day ago

    Worst doom movie ever

  78. Holly Wyatt

    Holly WyattDay ago

    Stupid scammer

  79. Danta Holt

    Danta HoltDay ago

    "It was at this moment she realized she fucked up"

  80. Dvine Lovin

    Dvine LovinDay ago