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So I PRANKED Josh...
I have to address this...
  1. Arache Bailey

    Arache Bailey7 hours ago

    Callus would be the type of dude to simp for poki

  2. Rotten Ham

    Rotten Ham7 hours ago

    anyone here in 2020?

  3. Balkrisna Korgaonkar

    Balkrisna Korgaonkar7 hours ago

    10:31 he said vikk and not sir

  4. PlayboyTony

    PlayboyTony7 hours ago

    10:24 he called him vik instead of sir

  5. Dark.Matter_Gaming

    Dark.Matter_Gaming8 hours ago

    POV: you came back to this video to see the old house and memories

  6. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy8 hours ago


  7. LittleBitSmol

    LittleBitSmol8 hours ago

    Anyone else getting this recommended in 2020

  8. Thomas Bronstrup

    Thomas Bronstrup9 hours ago

    Shout out to Vik turning his head with the turn of the plane lmaooo

  9. Toby RN

    Toby RN9 hours ago

    vik and tim r in a relationship There team name is Viktim Ksi approved

  10. Mason Fenaux

    Mason Fenaux9 hours ago

    Who’s watching this in season 6 and it bothers you that they don’t slide cancel

  11. Wise Loaf

    Wise Loaf10 hours ago

    *I'm sorry sir, it's time for you to leave.*

  12. Addison Marriott

    Addison Marriott10 hours ago


  13. Marco Rivas

    Marco Rivas11 hours ago

    Why does he look high

  14. Oscar Davidson

    Oscar Davidson11 hours ago

    Β―\_ΰΌΌ ΰ²₯ β€Ώ ΰ²₯ ΰΌ½_/Β―(β”›β—‰Π”β—‰)┛彑┻━┻

  15. Jad Bro

    Jad Bro11 hours ago

    when that little chicken act up in front of a wolf

  16. Chrischamp69

    Chrischamp6911 hours ago

    In before Vik makes a channel called 'Channel for that one space on the other wall' and gets it to 1 mil

  17. Swifty Gamer

    Swifty Gamer11 hours ago

    This was all 4 million?

  18. Blurr

    Blurr11 hours ago

    U should do pistol only

  19. Ishi

    Ishi11 hours ago

    Its really sad to see that vikkstar doesnt play warzone with any of the sidemen anymore

  20. love shaq

    love shaq11 hours ago


  21. TropicK kdae

    TropicK kdae11 hours ago

    no hate but tbh these vids are kinda boring with no impostor

  22. Zack Frost

    Zack Frost11 hours ago

    Come on guys, he admitted to his so called mistake and made up for it, after all they're friends and all real friends do these kinda things to each other, sure he used his friend's trust and lied but it was just a game, and if you say split was an option so was the steal, don't know why you're taking it so far and just don't leave the man alone...

  23. MollyWasHere

    MollyWasHere11 hours ago

    notice how much tommys volume is turned down on viks discord

  24. Jacob Held

    Jacob Held11 hours ago

    Vik has been MIA this whole Halloween event. Weird

  25. Nikheil Ghosh

    Nikheil Ghosh12 hours ago

    Harry looked like a baster 2:47

  26. flamestorm

    flamestorm12 hours ago

    this was on disney xd

  27. Isaias MMmmm

    Isaias MMmmm12 hours ago

    What was this revenge for ?

  28. Kwangbae Enthusiast

    Kwangbae Enthusiast12 hours ago

    They live in the same house together- Imagine the screamsπŸ˜‚

  29. Alan Lionel Guzman

    Alan Lionel Guzman12 hours ago

    Vikk went from godstar123 to botstar123. Rated's back must be hurting from the carry.

  30. Carter Dahl

    Carter Dahl12 hours ago

    The tv is not a 75 inch probably a 65 inch my 72 inch TV is alot bigger

  31. Prasad Kolluri

    Prasad Kolluri13 hours ago

    I used your code in warzone

  32. Hiro Is Better

    Hiro Is Better13 hours ago

    nogla ruins the whole game

  33. Daniel Fraser

    Daniel Fraser13 hours ago

    I'm here for Lando

  34. Nathan_McG_06

    Nathan_McG_0613 hours ago

    Like the way how at one point he’s with showtymes and poki in office, when he’s actually with Nogla and showtymes πŸ˜‚

  35. King Bling67

    King Bling6713 hours ago

    12:55 if u guys were waiting

  36. BroadBro

    BroadBro13 hours ago

    If I’m being honest, Jj and Vik are like me(I’m Indian) and my Nigerian friend lol πŸ˜‚

  37. Mr. α—©Ξ£α–‡Ρ²

    Mr. α—©Ξ£α–‡Ρ²13 hours ago

    you should’ve just made him spend the $100,000 dollars he had on something for you

  38. PiaFiona

    PiaFiona13 hours ago

    i'm fckn CRYING at josh unmuting himself so quick

  39. Fuzail Sajjad

    Fuzail Sajjad13 hours ago

    I’m in Canada

  40. Tari-Starre Michael

    Tari-Starre Michael14 hours ago

    Wait how did callux simp for her? I don't get it


    PHIL FISHES14 hours ago

    i laughed so hard

  42. Freestyle Beat

    Freestyle Beat14 hours ago

    This sound like w2s

  43. Beatsbydanzy

    Beatsbydanzy14 hours ago

    He RaCiSt CoZ tHe FaCt He PiCkEd A bLaCk MaN fOr ThE ViDeO iSnT a CoiNciDeNcE...

  44. Cassidy Burns

    Cassidy Burns14 hours ago

    I have just realised that Vik has a scar over his bellybutton

  45. King Fett

    King Fett14 hours ago

    Love it! Check my latest UK Drill beat see if it’s any good❀️ I know it’s not relevant but from one USlikesr to another we all support eachother

  46. 5Stein

    5Stein15 hours ago

    who was the other imposter besides nogla

  47. kin9con07 YT

    kin9con07 YT15 hours ago

    This is just god tier πŸ˜‚

  48. CaboosterSeat

    CaboosterSeat15 hours ago

    no one: KSI: "Apologies"

  49. AB0X

    AB0X15 hours ago

    5:53 Damn Vik you was a fat ass baby

  50. Joe L

    Joe L15 hours ago

    lol teh snap is strong with this one

  51. clay opold

    clay opold15 hours ago

    Fucking water from concentration

  52. Prav Chap

    Prav Chap15 hours ago

    Just watched this disstrack... Now my phone is on fire.

  53. Jake Charles

    Jake Charles16 hours ago

    history has replayed itsef

  54. Always Cx1utch

    Always Cx1utch16 hours ago

    So much recoil

  55. Detective Taties

    Detective Taties16 hours ago

    Cold water by Major Lazer

  56. Clayish Leader

    Clayish Leader16 hours ago

    Play with Tommy please

  57. Lolo Mikel

    Lolo Mikel16 hours ago

    I’m buying it

  58. I'm KiiR

    I'm KiiR16 hours ago


  59. ghoster

    ghoster16 hours ago

    How do I get your camo

  60. Marvin A

    Marvin A16 hours ago

    Anyone know which glasses he is wearing??

  61. V B

    V B16 hours ago



    NOW THATS GOSPEL!16 hours ago

    That doesnt look like Β£4000000

  63. Skull Max

    Skull Max17 hours ago

    1:44 vikk: I'm about to get my oden Everyone: no no please End of the game Everyone: max damage oden is πŸ’œ

  64. Jnstarpm

    Jnstarpm17 hours ago

    This video was posted on my birthday. This is the best gift I could never ask for.

  65. LokiiCharm

    LokiiCharm17 hours ago

    Tobi is a sweet boy

  66. connor woodhall

    connor woodhall17 hours ago

    oh look console players mad cuz they cant control recoil like pc can XD

  67. avinash crc

    avinash crc17 hours ago

    Nice indian music

  68. The Tabla King

    The Tabla King18 hours ago

    you came here for 13:02

  69. Oro Yeet

    Oro Yeet18 hours ago

    Fun fact you’ll watch this over 1 time

  70. Anish Pandey

    Anish Pandey18 hours ago

    Anyone else want the diss track to be edited and have a beatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  71. inaktiv

    inaktiv18 hours ago

    How can they see the skins?

  72. Jack Blomme

    Jack Blomme18 hours ago

    tobi is like jj’s momπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  73. Adam Ali

    Adam Ali19 hours ago

    An Asian guy controlling a black man see what I see

  74. Yasmeen

    Yasmeen19 hours ago

    Callux said wallahi at 22:35 and jj said astagfurallah in a different video. Guys I think this is a sign 🀣🀣

  75. Will Shaw

    Will Shaw19 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ πŸ˜‚

  76. Ash lynx

    Ash lynx19 hours ago

    Where is eiji

  77. Fitch Salt

    Fitch Salt19 hours ago

    ppl be like: sMaSh tHe liKe bUtToN iF yOu loVe ThEsE dUdEs

  78. uncooked ham

    uncooked ham19 hours ago