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DAX - History (Audio)
  1. Citrix

    Citrix12 hours ago

    Yah... Fire...

  2. Mario Nichols

    Mario Nichols12 hours ago

    I'm just so speechless right now...

  3. Dragon Maker

    Dragon Maker12 hours ago

    Once again not a remix you just repurposed the beat and mase new lyrics and used a flow that seems to fight the flow of the beat also in every remix video you are in the same place which shows you dont utilize creativity like many rap fans would want

  4. akhEX

    akhEX13 hours ago

    Black people can't rap without using the word nigga

  5. Owen Davis

    Owen Davis13 hours ago

    Wow amzing

  6. J_D Tb

    J_D Tb13 hours ago


  7. qwertyhull1

    qwertyhull113 hours ago

    Dax remix woopty u would be sick on that instrumental

  8. DramaticBro

    DramaticBro13 hours ago

    All of the answers of these questions are available in HOLY QAURAN!

  9. Shaleen Marshall

    Shaleen Marshall13 hours ago

    3 best rappers:eminem, nf and dax👌

  10. hatata batata

    hatata batata13 hours ago

    pac of that generation

  11. Mary Maryy

    Mary Maryy13 hours ago

    omg I slapped myself

  12. David Ukaegbu

    David Ukaegbu13 hours ago

    Man... you’re damn GOOD!!!! 🇳🇬

  13. Davan Cleere

    Davan Cleere13 hours ago

    ur such a goat how does nobody no it


    TERMINATOR13 hours ago

    I'm sorry..that's dax

  15. Eyesberry music

    Eyesberry music13 hours ago

    This man will surely shine in 2021, waiting for your more songs ,you r doing a great job # DAX 🛸🪐🦈

  16. plot nation

    plot nation13 hours ago

    dax is the best!!!!!

  17. Echo 43

    Echo 4313 hours ago


  18. João Paulo

    João Paulo13 hours ago

    very good no i get tired of hearing too much top day i could sing here in Brazil

  19. Echo 43

    Echo 4313 hours ago

    stupid track. tp's live on all our picture's and movie's!!

  20. shiku judy

    shiku judy13 hours ago

    I wanna know him @Dax🥺🥺 he's such a great guy gosh...he's talented

  21. Justin Just In Justin J.

    Justin Just In Justin J.13 hours ago

    Eminem sees this video: "There's one problem........." *LUNGS*

  22. Big Show

    Big Show13 hours ago

    What’s the original song for this beat

  23. Painstate Production

    Painstate Production13 hours ago

    😂 the intro tho

  24. Echo 43

    Echo 4313 hours ago

    One of my favors!

  25. ayo phantom

    ayo phantom13 hours ago


  26. MiniM&M201

    MiniM&M20113 hours ago

    The fucking CAR THO. Fire as always obviously, but the CAR got me dead🤣

  27. moe

    moe13 hours ago


  28. Echo 43

    Echo 4313 hours ago

    Insane rap brother. Keep up the good work ;)

  29. Jon

    Jon13 hours ago

    Dax is quite a character. Rapper these days rap about car, money,... Dax raps about everything that we can relate to. Thank you, Dax.

  30. Hope Chikerema

    Hope Chikerema13 hours ago

    I’m not overrated ... I’m over hated 🙁💔

  31. Villain Wei

    Villain Wei13 hours ago

    Those drivers in the car that passed by be like: 👁👄👁

  32. Marcelle Tohme

    Marcelle Tohme13 hours ago

    I'm dead

  33. Marcelle Tohme

    Marcelle Tohme13 hours ago


  34. davidson chitalu

    davidson chitalu13 hours ago


  35. Rita Grable

    Rita Grable13 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 better than ememena

  36. Simnikiwe Damane

    Simnikiwe Damane13 hours ago

    Dax is one of the greatest...ever.

  37. Rita Grable

    Rita Grable13 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 dang he’s back

  38. nathaniel walker

    nathaniel walker14 hours ago

    i gotta say this is a pretty good song but the misspelling of invisible at 1:04 is kinda distracting for me

  39. HSN EBG

    HSN EBG14 hours ago

    I'm a fan

  40. Robert Young

    Robert Young14 hours ago

    Yo its DAX howz you bruv

  41. Shenzen

    Shenzen14 hours ago

    I think you are looking for this lit moment 3:45

  42. Kamea Mpoveu

    Kamea Mpoveu14 hours ago

    #fiiiiirreeeeeeee!👀👀👀👀 ❤❤❤❤

  43. Albert iawkoh Albert iawkoh

    Albert iawkoh Albert iawkoh14 hours ago


  44. Muhammad Yaseen

    Muhammad Yaseen14 hours ago

    Ary Wah Bhee Wahh!!!

  45. Cypress Jenkins

    Cypress Jenkins14 hours ago


  46. Cypress Jenkins

    Cypress Jenkins14 hours ago

    Dax is ill

  47. Craig Russell

    Craig Russell14 hours ago

    Well done Dax

  48. Keith thebat

    Keith thebat14 hours ago

    D A X

  49. Declan Lysaghtprice

    Declan Lysaghtprice14 hours ago

    Hanging mage

  50. Anku negi musical

    Anku negi musical14 hours ago

    Next level 🚫

  51. Nitu Subedi

    Nitu Subedi14 hours ago

    I'm just shocked seeing your flow , timming , the melody you choose..... you nigga gonna lit the fire like no one have done 🥰🥰just wow dax

  52. JayMeetsGrace

    JayMeetsGrace14 hours ago

    imma use subtitiles... wait no subs? noooooooo...

  53. S. K

    S. K14 hours ago

    Indians attendance 👇

  54. Cynical X

    Cynical X14 hours ago

    So underrated

  55. Cynical X

    Cynical X14 hours ago

    Shoulda asked for 500k

  56. Cypress Jenkins

    Cypress Jenkins14 hours ago


  57. Cypress Jenkins

    Cypress Jenkins14 hours ago

    If dax keeps this up he will be in up there with the greatest

  58. Cynical X

    Cynical X14 hours ago

    Giving me logic vibes

  59. John D

    John D14 hours ago


  60. ll Kaizo ll

    ll Kaizo ll14 hours ago

    Rapping for 6 minutes long 😳

  61. Otsile Ortega

    Otsile Ortega14 hours ago

    Cyber bullies won't run their mouth in person, the dudes 6 ft 2 and works tf out!

  62. P.Varsani

    P.Varsani14 hours ago