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Here on the channel I do reviews of firearms and related gear. I'll probably throw in the occasional how-to video here and there as well.

I'm a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and I've served in the USAF as well as the US Army and have experience on a pretty wide variety of small arms.

My Dog Died

My Dog Died

7 days ago

The Top 5 Guns Of 2020
  1. T. Wallace

    T. WallaceHour ago

    It's good for defense against boomers and their 380s

  2. Chase Dunbar

    Chase DunbarHour ago

    Late to the party, thanks for taking the time to explain the different models and what the letters mean as well. Helped me in my purchase. Thanks man!

  3. Scott Grossman

    Scott GrossmanHour ago

    So sorry you got me emotional from you getting emotional and I only know you through this small screen on my phone but I also struggle to explain a dog's memories sucks royally so sorry wish you guys the best remember all the love going both ways!!!

  4. John Davis

    John Davis2 hours ago

    I am looking at this right now at PSA for $668.

  5. Luka Lukić

    Luka Lukić2 hours ago

    Gun of modern Dirty Harry.

  6. Electbee

    Electbee3 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss. My rescues are 9 and 7 years old. We just had breakfast for Mr. Glock.

  7. RedBeard

    RedBeard3 hours ago

    In a baccor field. Has to be NC lol

  8. Noah Fowler

    Noah Fowler4 hours ago

    So will the lwrc 68 magazines fit and work with lowers other than the lwrc lower?

  9. Sal Fox

    Sal Fox4 hours ago

    Good rundown. I concur with your conclusions.

  10. Fuck You

    Fuck You4 hours ago


  11. Punished Wolf

    Punished Wolf4 hours ago

    Anyone recognize the watch? Been wanting a good looking large face timepiece for a while and that one seems to be just what I'm looking for. Great video, and thank you for your service.

  12. Brian Dean

    Brian Dean5 hours ago

    When mentioned the table comment, I said, wait a minute, and then you mentioned, with the exception of Scott at KB, 😂, yep, I doubt anyone destroyed as many tables.

  13. QB1

    QB15 hours ago

    Excellent video.

  14. Whysit Matter

    Whysit Matter5 hours ago

    You Rock Sir. THANK YOU for the STEADY flow of FREE CONTENT.i wish u and MAC were PRESIDENT

  15. SouthPaw Yeti

    SouthPaw Yeti6 hours ago

    I shot a deer with that same round took off couldn't find it

  16. joey15151

    joey151516 hours ago

    Mrgunsandgear made NFA maracas!

  17. Rob Babcock

    Rob Babcock6 hours ago

    I wound up ordering an OWL yesterday. The REIN might be a tad more versatile but I was impatient; Fortress Tactical had the OWL in stock as well as the REIN but no tape switches in stock for the latter. Probably I'll get a REIN down the road for another rifle if I like the OWL.

  18. Kris Bapman

    Kris Bapman6 hours ago

    Mr. Gun n gear..can you see the front sight through the optic at 6x? I'm learning I have a fixed front sight..thankyou sir.

  19. sam hicks

    sam hicks7 hours ago

    So sorry to hear about your dog. We are dog people too. Dogs are family.

  20. AlmostOn TimeHero

    AlmostOn TimeHero7 hours ago

    My Top Mags: Okay D&H Lancer Pmags I only have 15 total, but they all work well and don't give me problems.

  21. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf7 hours ago

    I'm actually running Radical's MHR handguard on my Stag upper. It's very similar to Stag's SL Quad handguard, but with two important differences: it has a QD swivel hole on the front rails, and it hard-indexes to the barrel nut via a threaded screw. It also cost quite a bit less. Given I like to run with a lightweight bipod, I wanted those dedicated rails at the front. You can always upgrade to a Gemtech bolt carrier to reduce how overgassed it is.

  22. Knuckle_Bump

    Knuckle_Bump7 hours ago

    I think it would be interesting if there was a modern shotgun capable of chambering .410. The benefit would be increased magazine capacity.

  23. Shane Pitzer

    Shane Pitzer8 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss. I too know that pain. It is not easy to lose such a loyal companion as a dog.

  24. RidgeTac

    RidgeTac8 hours ago

    Rest easy Mr. Glock!!! Videos will never be the same but we have archives of the old ones to remind us of your approval.

  25. BizzeB1983

    BizzeB19838 hours ago

    So sorry man...I feel your pain. I lost my 9 year old Boston terrier very unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve 2018. Glad you shared his story, he deserved his 15 minutes of fame

  26. Addison Aker

    Addison Aker8 hours ago

    Anyone know what sight that is

  27. tim76239

    tim762398 hours ago

    Expiration date is just a way to keep selling government agencies more gear

  28. Gary R

    Gary R9 hours ago


  29. D Nice

    D Nice10 hours ago

    Grow some hair??

  30. Tony L

    Tony L10 hours ago

    Haven't shot this ammo yet, but I've noticed that my upper is having trouble manually ejecting the round. The charging handle gets firmly stuck after pressing the bolt release to chamber a round, requiring some significant fiddling to finally get the charging handle to move and eject it. The upper manually ejects Fiocchi 220 gr just fine, so I don't think it's my upper. Thinking it is the length and thickness of the round perhaps.... I'm hoping that ejection is not an issue with live fire.

  31. Minimum Wage

    Minimum Wage10 hours ago

    “Until One Has Loved An Animal, A Part Of One’s Soul Will Remain Unawakened”. ~ Our Prayer’s 🧎 Are With You Brother.... ~

  32. Ram_Diesel_Power

    Ram_Diesel_Power10 hours ago

    I think the description of that vest was a flac jacket.

  33. Tbone Moon

    Tbone Moon10 hours ago

    Does the C85 have any sort of meaning besides a cage number?

  34. Scott Braico

    Scott Braico11 hours ago

    So sorry....😥

  35. Jake Wyatt

    Jake Wyatt11 hours ago

    We’re can I get some of those??? In 10 rounders??

  36. Steve Wiswell

    Steve Wiswell11 hours ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my Pit Bull in November, and my wife lost her boxer approximately a year ago. They’re only there for part of your life but you are their whole life.

  37. john175the2nd

    john175the2nd11 hours ago

    I had issues with my Beretta steel AR mag. Need to test more but it appeared to be the mag causing the feed issues.

  38. cru jones

    cru jones11 hours ago

    Be wary of these "weapons". My fm-9 is a pile. Factory Glock 33 round mags, Federal 147 grain flat nose subs. Fail to feed over and over. Contact foxtrot mike,pay $30 to send the weapon back to "repair". Received an email stating we cleaned and lubed your gun,should be good to go. Receive my weapon back,not cleaned or lubed. Hey J**** this thing still hangs up with 147 gr flat nose subs. Well I assure you we tested it here using the same stuff and it was great.....however if you have issues please keep in mind we recommend loading your mags to half cap during break-in. Ugh ok what is your break-in count...?? Never heard back and the last time I tried to reach out J***** is no longer there and the entity at the other end of the endless emails is basic at best.

  39. Connor Williams

    Connor Williams11 hours ago

    Thanks for the video, any chance you'll look at some of the Swampfox stuff? It seems like a reasonably priced option out there and I've read some good reviews on forums about their LPVO's, but haven't seen any big youtube reviews on it yet.

  40. Dave Bone

    Dave Bone11 hours ago

    Loser couldn't even get a genuine vest , wouldn't trust any of your tests after that.

  41. Jason Burdzy

    Jason Burdzy11 hours ago

    Can you still run iron sights on rail with 3x?

  42. Adrian W

    Adrian W11 hours ago

    I've wondered about these "expiration" dates. My armor in the past has had a 5 year expiration on it. But, I recently got issued some new body armor since my last one was hitting the 5 year limit, and now the new issue has got a 7 year life now...

  43. dj jd

    dj jd11 hours ago

    45 would have been a cool test. It's a big heavy bullet moving at a slow speed. Did I mention that its a BIG Heavy bullet.

  44. Brian Stillion

    Brian Stillion12 hours ago

    At a quick glance, it doesn’t appear that many saw the 9mm actually DID zip right through. You can clearly see bullet splash in the dirt behind the target.

  45. James Owens

    James Owens12 hours ago

    I held one of these the other day at the gun shop it was smooth.

  46. Paper Street Soap Milieubluez

    Paper Street Soap Milieubluez12 hours ago

    What about fluted barrels?

  47. alec

    alec13 hours ago

    Hey mike, any chance you know if your pws upper will work on your aero m5 lower? Dont need another lower, just want mk2 mod 1 upper. Bought my full aero m5e1 308 because of your review. Thanks!

  48. Troy Alan Guillotte

    Troy Alan Guillotte13 hours ago

    I lost my white boxer about 2 years ago, I still think about him often!

  49. Faceplate

    Faceplate13 hours ago

    thanks so much for the easy to understand video!

  50. Jason Sizemore

    Jason Sizemore13 hours ago

    Dogs bring us so much joy! You will see Glock again, tail wagging, waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge❤️

  51. Ron 556

    Ron 55613 hours ago

    Will an m4 BCG run in a rifle like this? Is it the same thing?

  52. Henry’s Creations

    Henry’s Creations14 hours ago

    would a TLR-1 fit on this pistol???

  53. J.H Shell

    J.H Shell14 hours ago

    Hmmmmm...for those still here?? You mean for the racist trash like you? In my department there are a number of brave, committed and accomplished Black officers. I served in the U.S.M.C. and there were a lot of brave Black marines there too. If you want to see mishandling of firearms...Blacks certainly don't hold a monopoly on that.There was nothing funny about any of this foolishness. Man banned from gun range after gun play - USlikes 8 Surprising Gun Handling Fails - USlikes

  54. Daniel B. Waugh

    Daniel B. Waugh14 hours ago

    Damn that blows. Sorry about your loss, losing a pet is just like losing a family member :(

  55. Pedro Romero

    Pedro Romero14 hours ago

    I haven’t been seeing your posts. I’m sorry for your loss. My boxer, Barkley, died 3 years ago and we are still in mourning. He had never been replaced. Boxers are the greatest dogs, tons of love and energy. I feel this deeply.

  56. Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson15 hours ago

    We lost our rescue dog of 10yrs in October. We found a new rescue that needed a home in December. As much as we miss our old boy, the new boy looks almost like him and is just as sweet. Your heart needs to heal for sure. I have been amazed how much the new dog has helped our healing process. Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope everything is well for all off you.

  57. techi9

    techi915 hours ago

    What about a romeo5 juliet magnifier combo?

  58. Danny G

    Danny G16 hours ago

    Sorry brother. Rest in peace.

  59. Gun Sense (drmaudio)

    Gun Sense (drmaudio)16 hours ago

    That is something I've been through a few times. It always sucks.

  60. This is the way

    This is the way16 hours ago

    Swampfox Trihawk 3x BDC Green

  61. Wheeler 79

    Wheeler 7916 hours ago

    I’m sorry for your loss bother

  62. LHsweiss

    LHsweiss16 hours ago

    I don't want to say it was USlikes but I was on unsubscribe from your channe.lm sorry about your dog 🙏

  63. David Simon

    David Simon16 hours ago

    Can't find his FB page

  64. L R

    L R16 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss man

  65. Danny Spence

    Danny Spence16 hours ago

    If you get your $200 tax stamp for a suppressor, does that allow you to own a short barrel rifle without another $200 payment? I would guess you would still have to fill out a form to register the weapon with the ATF...

  66. Nick Archdekin

    Nick Archdekin17 hours ago

    So for us left handed oddides do they make a left handed rifles?

  67. 8slipster

    8slipster17 hours ago

    Common with 38spl. It’s partly why I’d prefer 357mag. I shoot 45 Colt in my SASS club but most shooters use 38spl. They constantly have squib loads with 38spl. especially in their lever action rifles. I shoot 45 Colt because I want the recoil of a 45 because it’s more realistic of the old west and I know that bullet shouldn’t have any trouble getting out of the end of the barrel compared to a 38spl.

  68. B H

    B H17 hours ago

    damned onions. Sorry for your loss. Love your channel and your reviews.

  69. Michael Schaffer

    Michael Schaffer17 hours ago

    So the magazines are interchangeable?

  70. Glen Promise

    Glen Promise17 hours ago

    I’m sorry it took so long for me to watch this video, being I’m a dog lover I knew it would be difficult. You and your wife blessed him with a great life, for that you should be proud. I’m very sorry for your loss, God Bless 🙏🏼

  71. Scott Amy

    Scott Amy18 hours ago

    Just ordered a White Label Armory nitride BCG for my 10.5" AR with Aero Precision upper and lower, its running an Aero BC currently with a BCM bolt...I picked this up as a spare or alternate BCG.

  72. TwoBuckets Prospecting

    TwoBuckets Prospecting18 hours ago

    Sorry bro

  73. 1984

    198419 hours ago

    First of all love my comment from 2 years ago, but I just want to say what I use these the most for is working out in my yard, the bluetooth combined with the hearing protection is awesome for mowing the yard, using my chainsaw or weed whacker, it allows you to protect your hearing from loud 2 strokes and listen to your favorite podcast or music at the same time.

  74. 00 00

    00 0019 hours ago

    Mine passed 3 years ago,still heartbroken. I am sorry for you.

  75. Myles David 5

    Myles David 519 hours ago

    Hey Mike, How do you feel about this being a solid urban city get home or bug out gun? Say suppressed! Would you rather have their 8.5” barrel? Would it matter much in 300BLK? Would you rather have their Mil-spec bcg for parts accessibility which makes it a bit longer? And finally, would you consider putting a folder on the butt stock instead of the collapsible, just to make it more compact in a bag etc? Thanks man! Been waiting for some solid reviews of this gun! 👍🏼

  76. Raju Miah

    Raju Miah19 hours ago

    Looks like a 80s flak jacket

  77. Derrick Rayford

    Derrick Rayford19 hours ago

    This hurts! Thank you for sharing these memories this with us. Mr Glock ❤️

  78. Tommy Moore

    Tommy Moore19 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss...our fur buddies are integral parts of the families and it is difficult to lose them.

  79. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.19 hours ago

    When my neighbors (USMC family) are gone I'm always watching for them even though they never ask me to. It's a blessing to live in a close knit neighborhood where every single house is armed. 'Merica! 🇺🇸

  80. victor stella

    victor stella20 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Too many of us understand your grieving- but it’s worth it.