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Building the Chad PC
  1. Jeremy Skibba

    Jeremy Skibba3 hours ago

    No one would know since you can't buy one!

  2. VaL Narciso

    VaL Narciso3 hours ago

    Pauls I got question i have asus turbo RTX 2070 mod into water cool can handel my msi optix ag32cq 144hz free-Gsync can i far i can push my GPU to its OC limit with water cool

  3. Jez B

    Jez B3 hours ago

    Your monitor max refresh is 60fps. Why can you tell if the frame rate above 60fps changes? I think this needs explaining. Personally I would consider 60fps at 4k to be solid and the golden land of gaming

  4. Grokh

    Grokh4 hours ago

    Why are ppl buying the 1050 ti when there are 1660s around

  5. Eric Carr

    Eric Carr5 hours ago

    Great vid. Thanks still on hunt... I do have a question I have leaning toward 64g ram 32x2 so i can max later In part i dont have to remove 4 slots and buy a complete set to upgrade 2nd it is cheaper my the gig So question is.. Is it ok to run 64g ram (32x2) 2 or will 4(16×4) run better? Looking at 3600 and 3200 speeds. Sales over for 3600 . Thanks

  6. brownboii305

    brownboii3055 hours ago

    What parts do you recommend for 4k video editing, photo editing and gaming?

  7. Syukri R.Robert

    Syukri R.Robert5 hours ago

    Its liberating knowing I get them gpu and cpu at mrsp before the price went up. Good luck to others getting the same

  8. Mongo Go Bang

    Mongo Go Bang5 hours ago

    Thanks Paul for the info. Fry's Electronics, Yup, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya". I want to spend $699 for a Founder's Edition 3080 Graphics card. Unfortunately, I am not a Bot so I can't have one. NVIDIA and Best Buy and New Egg, don't care, they just want the money. I don't know why we need 3090, 3080, 3070 and 3060, when all I can get is 30-Nothing. Not buying from scalpers on eBay and Amazon - F'em. My PC Graphics card sounds like an airplane at take-off and I can't even play the games I bought for Hi-Res gaming. Not buying games and don't wanna watch USlikes videos by influencers that got cards for free, what's the point. Taking a break until I can buy the card I want in 2022, 2023......SUCKS. Not your fault Paul, just needed to rant.

  9. Funky Monk

    Funky Monk6 hours ago

    Wait wait wait, are we not going to acknowledge that my man threw up a pic of what I can only describe as the OMEGA WEDGIE!!! That person could taste it in the back of their throat and just called it "tech breifs" and just went right on with it!?!?!?!?!? #savage

  10. Erik

    Erik6 hours ago

    the only part i would change from your list is the case. i mean, i want a nzxt case, but i dont need a nzxt case. i would buy the $30 case.

  11. Skott62

    Skott626 hours ago

    I've always enjoyed this series but frankly I think its pointless until the GPU shortage is resolved and that won't be a for a long time to come. Just my opinion.

  12. Rembrandt Peertze

    Rembrandt Peertze6 hours ago

    Does it fit in the nzxt h210

  13. Nate C

    Nate C7 hours ago

    I have same top 6 fan sandwich set up like the computer behind you and I connect bottom 3 fans to the pump and motherboard and top 3 fans to CPU. I'm trying to connect all 6 fans to the pump with using 8 fans Huv. Is it possible to control your fans speed when you connect them to AIO?

  14. jabuki

    jabuki7 hours ago

    it's nice to see a case maker other than silverstone SG10 finally figure out where the psu actually belongs. This PSU placement needs to become the standard now that optical drives are dead. Next I want to see a case like this but with a full size psu, an matx mobo, and dual 140mm front fans or even a single 200mm fan w/ MESH FRONT.

  15. Benjamin Abano Jr.

    Benjamin Abano Jr.7 hours ago

    Hi Paul i have B550M PRO-P AORUS Motherboard do you have a Detailed Step by Step Computer Assembly for a None Tech Person Kindly let me know Thanks

  16. TR1X

    TR1X8 hours ago

    when i try to pick where to install it too i only see partisions

  17. Mr beeznz

    Mr beeznz8 hours ago

    No cpus in New Zealand

  18. Cameron M

    Cameron M8 hours ago

    Holy shit this explains why everything I have plugged disconnects and reconnects after a few seconds!!

  19. Moe's vlogging channel

    Moe's vlogging channel8 hours ago

    I swear I had thought that that u said CVS instead of CES XDDDD

  20. vario pl

    vario pl8 hours ago

    CPUs are gonna trickle down slowly with availability because there are no gpu to buy.So people are stopping new builds >:-[

  21. Brian Landers

    Brian Landers9 hours ago

    First, I love the videos Paul - you always speak so concisely and respectfully - as a long-time teacher a really appreciate that. However, I feel smothered with info and need a bit of guidance. I'm raising my 6 year old nephew and he and I have become somewhat of a badd-azz team in COD and COD Mobile. I want to build a comp that he and I could use to stream games - mostly COD-M and Fortnite. I'm good to spend 1K (without monitor) on something with a little bit of an upgrade path. But after watching your videos I'm like, um... do I get this one, r that one or this bit then that bit, or.... I just want someone to lay out a simple parts path with a bit of wiggle - not interested in rgb - just performance. Thanks again for the great videos!

  22. TR1X

    TR1X9 hours ago

    what to do if it wants drivers while i install

  23. Geek's View

    Geek's View9 hours ago

    Paul: CPU's are available Who knows when Miners start buying Apus and start mining on them.

  24. Vlad Ionuț Banuta

    Vlad Ionuț Banuta10 hours ago

    Could you even image how bad this world sucks ? why ? couse u are spending at least 700£ for a video card and u geting 1500£ from work hahah

  25. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis10 hours ago

    Consider the Dell M5 PC's, you can get one with the RTX 3060 Ti then swap the 3060 Ti to your game rig and push the rest of the M5 off to an inlaw.

  26. Christopher Sample

    Christopher Sample11 hours ago

    NewEgg 5600x is $384 for me at this moment, But there is a $299 option on Amazon

  27. Tom Brown

    Tom Brown12 hours ago

    Definitely gonna keep my Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 580 until I can afford to spend a lot of money on a CPU and GPU or the prices stabalize. Cause right now only the most expensive PC parts are on sale at least in the UK.

  28. gammaraider

    gammaraider12 hours ago

    I personally don't think failing 3x as often should be played down as a trivial difference.

  29. Moh Wright

    Moh Wright12 hours ago

    I check constantly on Amazon and just happened to see that the Ryzen 5 5600X was being sold yesterday for MSRP at $299 instead of the usual $349 - $399. I have never bought something so fast in my life. =)

  30. Fighting Tyranny nun

    Fighting Tyranny nun12 hours ago

    waiting for the 3080 for 350

  31. George Veeneman

    George Veeneman13 hours ago

    What, no pcpartpicker update?

  32. gertjan van der meij

    gertjan van der meij13 hours ago

    There are a lot of *4Gb - RX 470's on the second hand market, for between $100 and $150* It's an good GPU "to get by" And ..... it is also better/faster then an GTX 1050 & 1050ti !

  33. Andrew Luc

    Andrew Luc14 hours ago

    the Ryzen 5 5600x has been sold in Microcenter now for months. in stock. along with the 7 5800x. if you want a Ryzen 9 then good Luck

  34. Landry Saathoff

    Landry Saathoff14 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone

  35. Fernando Viñan-Cano

    Fernando Viñan-Cano15 hours ago

    I was lucky and managed to grab an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X for €700 from a German online retailer, used it to upgrade my old 2700X - I know someone in the US that spent twice that for their one a few weeks earlier. Of course now they're back to out of stock.

  36. yonson racing

    yonson racing15 hours ago

    RIP Fry's...

  37. Marek Tomas

    Marek Tomas16 hours ago

    Unfortunately, two days ago I build pc with Asus TUF B550m plus, ryzen 5 5600x and evga 3070. Everything seems to be ok until I installed amd chipset driver. From that momet my 3Dmark score drop to 2700 points! (normal score is 12400 points for 5600x+3070) I was looking for problem for hours. GPU run ok, with ok frequency but was cold, it take only 160W of power. After checking forums I tried to set PCIe to 3.0 and it is working. But I didn´t change my motherbord from B450 to B550 to not go on spec :( I tried update lates bios. That seems to better score in 3Dmark to 7700points (power 190W), but still not good as it should be. I found on reddit some post where some guy has similar problem and it helps to change secure boot from other os to windows uefi. It sound crazy, but I try it. New score was 9700points in 3Dmark. Here I end. I finish trying PCIe 4.0, I put it on PCIe 3.0. At least I can play some games. Maybe I should complain the board, or sell it and buy intel.

  38. Armando Problemas

    Armando Problemas16 hours ago

    I don't get it.......the idiots that are praising amd for having a 12 core cpu are not happy that the 6 core cpus are back and the more cores the better..........yet we know that more than 8 cores is a waste of money. If 12 and 16 cores is your dream, why bother with puny 6 core cpus? amd users logic............imbeciles.

  39. Spicy Trash Panda

    Spicy Trash Panda16 hours ago

    First build in a decade and I can't wait to see what kind of sick performance I get out of my 1030 I got for MSRP from...sigh, Best Buy. At least it was the GDDR5 model so there's that.

  40. mi chan

    mi chan17 hours ago

    Gpu: good luck Damn i cant hold my laughter here, i gonna stick with my 1660s until i could buy 3060

  41. wireless black

    wireless black17 hours ago

    1050 Ti costs 3-400€ in Italy. Is it the same all-over the world?

  42. FunMushizzle

    FunMushizzle18 hours ago

    Setting PCIE to Gen3 is for 99% of people a perfectly acceptable workaround. Unless you are running a heavily overclocked 5900X+, with lots of RAM and a Geforce 3090/6900XT type video card with a couple of GEN4 M.2 NVME drives you'll never need PCI Gen4's bandwidth....PCI Gen3 will be more than enough and you will not be bottle necked.

  43. Mik H

    Mik H19 hours ago

    There are 5000 series owners?

  44. Myles

    Myles19 hours ago

    Pc is better if you are rich enough to spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands to pay for your set up

  45. Corey N

    Corey N20 hours ago

    Thank you Paul for continuing to post, I love everything pc and have actually been working with computers sense 1985! When John W. North High School, in Riverside California had the first ever summer education volunteer computer programing class in the united states, (Yes you had to volunteer to go to Summer School), I did, we programing before basic, was basic, (lines of binary like .. .. . ... (00_00_0_000)= equaled YES and -. .. (10_00)= NO. Oh yah it was based out of Morse code, Binary grew when the internet was a fax modem, phone call on a dial tele phoneline recorded on a 8 track or cassette MAG (for you new timers magnetic tape) tape. Me and a good friend would write lines and lines of code than fax ... -------- ....----... over the old house phone to each other carefully recording it on or cassette recorders to capture each others self written Adventure Program, all those dots and dashes and lines of what now days they call code made an adventure program were you had to type back Y(YES) or N(NO) to simply decide your choice. Hope you enjoyed my old school rant LOL, don't even let me started, on Pascal programming, or DOS 1.0 (all rights to IBM). LOL, 8 BIT games (8x8) my generation programmed them to paly chess or checkers. Keep up the Great Videos, Yes even OLD SCHOOL IS WATCHING, AND LOVING YOUR VIDS...

  46. n310ea

    n310ea20 hours ago

    One thing about OEM licenses is that Microsoft can dick around with your OS without your permission like force upgrades etc.

  47. cyber punk

    cyber punk21 hour ago

    price now 2000 0.0

  48. Jacob Williams

    Jacob Williams21 hour ago

    I only have a 9400f and a 1660ti

  49. Otakar Lojkasek

    Otakar Lojkasek22 hours ago

    What is your cpu? I hope I didnt miss it in the video. :O

  50. Pierré Grobbelaar

    Pierré Grobbelaar23 hours ago

    I see the ryzen 5 3600x as the best price to performance cpu here.The 5600x are ridiculously over priced.I have the same mob just the non max version and they are pretty good and it also supports 5xxx cpu's.I just doubt i will upgrade anytime soon and even if i upgrade,i'll rather go for the 3600x.

  51. ScoobySnacks

    ScoobySnacks23 hours ago

    It’s a funny world we live in when I have a 5600x and only a 1070 in my system. Hey at least red dead 2 is no longer a stuttering mess. RIP 6600k 2016-2021

  52. Sinsanatis

    Sinsanatis23 hours ago

    oh hey that first build is pretty close to what im trying to build rn currently have: case: corsair 4000d airflow(same price as the 275r and imo arguably better looking) mobo: msi b550-a pro ram: crucial ballistix 16gb 3600mhz cooler: h100i rgb platinum psu: corsair cx750m for cpu and gpu im looking to get a 5600x and probably a 3070. was originally going to go with amd with theyre new lineup actually being neck and neck with nvidia and SAM is a nice addition, but went with nvidia instead for better raytracing performance and also amd hasnt come out with their version of dlss yet. but since i dont have the gpu yet, if amd ends up catching up in all that before i do then i might go for either a 6700xt or 6800. hmm looking currently, amazon is actually selling the 5600x for cheaper than newegg....oh shit wait amazon is actually selling it at msrp 300 usd, its under a different buying choice. well sick, just ordered it. all thats left is the gpu

  53. priceandpride

    priceandprideDay ago

    wow this channel has a million subs

  54. David H'ee

    David H'eeDay ago

    Is an m.2 heat sink recommended on a m.2 evo plus?

  55. CaptainCosmic

    CaptainCosmicDay ago

    5600x is still showing up on newegg for msrp(299$) and hasnt disappeared or shown "only # left in stock" the fog is finally lifting... but the human eye still cant see GPU

  56. Ja'Winswell Joyner

    Ja'Winswell JoynerDay ago

    I feel like as soon as devs get the hang of raytracing effects, rtx 3000 series cards are gonna struggle.

  57. Garrett R.C.

    Garrett R.C.Day ago

    Newegg guy

  58. Stuntzii1

    Stuntzii1Day ago

    built my computer over 4 years ago and somehow have 3600mhz ram cl14 anyone care to explain why the ram is slower 5 years later

  59. 8man _

    8man _Day ago

    Good thing I got a 5700xt even before the mining craze returned and before the realization that the new cards were not going te have enough supplies.

  60. Martyn Kernighan

    Martyn KernighanDay ago

    Hey, I'm from the future, it's now been 6 months since launch and stock still isn't available

  61. danny blackhorse

    danny blackhorseDay ago

    do recycling of parts to make a nice mid-level gaming pc with an rx470 or rx580

  62. Mathew Hex

    Mathew HexDay ago

    I’m doing this right now, it’s the only way to get parts at a reasonable price. On eBay the 5600x and 3060ti would cost the entire price of a prebuilt with those two parts. Unfortunately it’s luck of the draw on what specific parts you get and whether or not you get 2x8gb or 1x16gb ram for example. Crucial p5 is a better nvme, beats samsungs offering.

  63. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan EdwardsDay ago

    No they are not. Oh did you mean they are back at very low stock very occasionally so sorry

  64. Bjørn Bentsen

    Bjørn BentsenDay ago

    I bought my 3080 on FB not so long ago.. paid like 50USD more then msrp.. im happy about the deal.. no more w8 time.. just game and Poul time :)

  65. D C

    D CDay ago

    First time that I hear about failures on the 5000 series

  66. Not so Hotshy

    Not so HotshyDay ago


  67. Dave P

    Dave PDay ago

    Considering the state of things for the unknowable future length of time, is there a possibility that one of these Monthly "Builds" videos would be a Monthly "Prebuilts" where you could show off builds that have the parts you would recommend but also crucially a GPU, not at in insane price, though I am aware there is a premium involved. You know for first time PC enthusiasts that want a good system at a decent price that is actually attainable right now. Could point out potential pitfalls, better or worse System Integrators and if/how much of a deal it is if you were to parallel a parted out monthly build alongside it like you normally would show.

  68. Gregory Lee Parks

    Gregory Lee ParksDay ago

    Checking today (March 5) the 5600x is sold out at AMD, but in stock at Newegg. 5800x is showing in stock at both site. Amazon also has both CPUs, but the 5600x says it won't be shipped till April.

  69. Tashinga Nyandoro

    Tashinga NyandoroDay ago

    Hope y'all are well. I have a 1650 super and thinking of getting one of the new GPUs. Would you recommend i go for 3060 or 3060Ti. Mainly use my pc for graphic designing and casual gaming( ets 2 and acc).

  70. George Gonzalez

    George GonzalezDay ago

    So, would a 5800x be considered, lower-high end?

  71. Jacob w

    Jacob wDay ago

    Chicken or egg situation. Need to have both a CPU and matching GPU available (along with other system parts), to make the purchase of one of them to be logical. Otherwise, you have a system that simply does not work at their weakest chain link.

  72. Pax V

    Pax VDay ago

    I fixed my voltage to 1.08v with all 16 cores of my 5950x at 4.3Ghz. I'm at 70 C with a Prosiphon Elite. Power and Temps are good now. Placing the cpu at 4.4 gives crash due to undervoltage, putting it at 4.4 @ 1,10v gets me 90+C. All Temps at 100% load on CPU and 2070S Gpu for cloud compute.

  73. Bick Dig

    Bick DigDay ago

    This video needs an update

  74. Coury Swan

    Coury SwanDay ago


  75. alamakluke

    alamaklukeDay ago

    I just filled up a warranty form as per directed by AMD support for my Ryzen 5 5600X as it keeps failing with WHEA errors which crashes my PC while I am just browsing the internet. If I game it does't happen.

  76. GatesTech

    GatesTechDay ago

    meanwhile these gpus are sold for avg 850 - 1100 euros in the Netherlands lol shoutout to my 6900xt at 11👋

  77. Amateur Hour

    Amateur HourDay ago

    Never had an issues with my 3600 but now after swapping to 5800x im getting random reboots with error type Bus/interconnect error

  78. wedgoku

    wedgokuDay ago

    I would suggest buying a used RTX 2080/RTX 2080ti on ebay if you can get it under $650USD, otherwise your only option would be to buy a entire pre-built gaming PC from HP, Dell,Alienware,Orgin,Digitalstorm.ect. In 2019 I paid $1399USD for my EVGA RTX 2080ti XC Gaming Hybrid (watercooled) & TBH there is no need for me to upgrade for another 4+ years.

  79. Teardown Dan

    Teardown DanDay ago

    "4.0 isn't necessary." Well, current GPU prices being what they are, the 4GB RTX 3050Ti may be the most a lot of people will be willing to pay for in the foreseeable future and if the 4GB RX5500 on 3.0x8 vs 4.0x8 is any indication, 4.0x16 may very well be required to make it viable.

  80. Shane Meow

    Shane MeowDay ago

    17:32 Sid from Ice age :D