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  1. Daulten Thomas

    Daulten Thomas55 seconds ago

    prayers for you and your children brother I’m glad to see you’re okay

  2. Lenox

    Lenox2 minutes ago

    Really sorry to see this bro.

  3. Southpaw TV

    Southpaw TV3 minutes ago

    Try Pea gravel.. yes

  4. Christian Cebollero

    Christian Cebollero4 minutes ago

    I really don’t understand how he only has 700k subs somebody hating this man content is dope ya average person not doing this

  5. M Charge

    M Charge5 minutes ago

    Nehemiah 8:10 do not grieve, for the joy of the lord is your strength. God bless man one step at a time.

  6. Cod Vet

    Cod Vet6 minutes ago

    You’re amazing man, keep pushing

  7. Nick Cruikshank

    Nick Cruikshank11 minutes ago

    Dude.... I’m so f**king sorry man, what a complete nightmare.

  8. Muhid Hassan

    Muhid Hassan11 minutes ago


  9. Torlan Triplett

    Torlan Triplett11 minutes ago

    Tarzann you are what I aspire to be in my life , living how I want to with what's important to me. The beautiful young lady ...HOT AS FISH GREASE!!!

  10. MichaelO G

    MichaelO G13 minutes ago


  11. Austin Keefe

    Austin Keefe13 minutes ago

    Why does the worst shit happen to the nicest people?

  12. hugs swole

    hugs swole15 minutes ago

    I’m so sorry, we love you man!

  13. EarlandoXDaGreat

    EarlandoXDaGreat15 minutes ago

    Your an amazing person and I feel for you man this was truly tugging on the heart ❤️ Praying for you man 🙏

  14. iBeOnThat Kryptonite

    iBeOnThat Kryptonite16 minutes ago

    Wait why are there captions in English? He’s speaking perfect English

  15. Remidyz Pyro

    Remidyz Pyro17 minutes ago

    Damn I can’t even lie I cried

  16. Welton Marshall

    Welton Marshall17 minutes ago

    Oh my I hate that this happened hard seeing his pain.

  17. Julianna Nicole

    Julianna Nicole21 minute ago

    I can’t imagine this pain 😞😞😞 if you need a foster home for any baby’s until you get situated, my homes opened

  18. Regan morris

    Regan morris23 minutes ago


  19. Angela Conley

    Angela Conley25 minutes ago

    Prayers my brother. So sorry this has happened. ❤ and hugs your way!!!

  20. Ryan Latchman

    Ryan Latchman32 minutes ago

    That snake he was using is fake the snake didn't move once

  21. RGL_ Disobey

    RGL_ Disobey32 minutes ago

    I wanna know how to travel like this dude be like him play and work with animals and travel I don’t know where to start tho I’m 17 living in New York I don’t really know how to start

  22. Erick Cercado

    Erick Cercado33 minutes ago

    This is so sad I’m sorry for your lost ☹️

  23. Roland Roy

    Roland Roy33 minutes ago

    Wow, I just watched an old episode of him on Ridiculousness,, hope he was able to get all his babies out!! 😥

  24. John Goon

    John Goon34 minutes ago

    You definitely gotta add more content up weekly! Good shit!

  25. Mattariety

    Mattariety35 minutes ago

    this is the first time of me ever seeing a video of yours and all i can say is im truly sorry , you seem like a great person and this should have never happened to you. i understand how one can be so attached to their pets ..mine are kids as well to me. sorry for your loss Subbed <3

  26. Angelo Spinosas

    Angelo Spinosas40 minutes ago

    Come fai ad amare gli animali se li tieni in gabbia e poi li fai morire?

  27. Q MARK

    Q MARK42 minutes ago

    Seeing the Fire Video made this Video touching to me.

  28. Dendroaspis Polylepis

    Dendroaspis Polylepis44 minutes ago

    Prayers up man 🙏🙏

  29. ry

    ry44 minutes ago

    Real man 💯

  30. OutTheGate TM

    OutTheGate TM48 minutes ago

    So sorry man, thoughts with you

  31. Natural Vybz

    Natural Vybz49 minutes ago

    I feel your pain man 🥺 shit

  32. Priscilla Lafoga

    Priscilla Lafoga49 minutes ago


  33. SAL

    SAL55 minutes ago

    Alot of shytt to pick up aye

  34. NICK

    NICK56 minutes ago

    I am sorry to hear this my condoleance i hope you can get back up and if you ever need help you can always text me 🙏🙏

  35. Gekke Gerrit

    Gekke Gerrit59 minutes ago

    This was just in my recommendations, hope everything will be good brother!

  36. Mr Eskahbar 420

    Mr Eskahbar 420Hour ago

    Sorry for your loss brother 🙏

  37. Wale' A

    Wale' AHour ago

    My condolences bro, I hope you get through this, we love you and we arm will be here through everything. Rest up the rest of the family!!🙏🏾

  38. Hammer_Time 716 Jungleboi

    Hammer_Time 716 JungleboiHour ago

    They did same thing to me wouldn't let me in but I went in anyways I got all my babies out lost a few but it suck worst shit ever

  39. Stephen Dixon

    Stephen DixonHour ago

    My prayers go to you and your family stay strong much love💪🏽

  40. Starky

    StarkyHour ago

    Thoughts go out to you man ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Hicham canari هشام كناري

    Hicham canari هشام كناريHour ago

  42. Palkia792

    Palkia792Hour ago

    I'm so sorry that happened to you.. :( the animals would've known you tried save their lives, and you gave them good lives... blessed to have spent their days with you.. I can even hear the camera man's crying as you did the walk through near the end of the video.. :( As you said, materials can be replaced and lives can't... You did everything you could to save them... <3 You cared more about the animals and doing everything to save them.. A strong man... and you can only move up from here.. Be strong.. <3

  43. Courtney Scroggins

    Courtney ScrogginsHour ago

    So sorry for the animals you lost I know those where your kids and that is an especially hard loss. You are strong and with God by your side you will rebuild and everything will work out. I am praying for you.

  44. Lil Latte

    Lil LatteHour ago

    This shit made me cry

  45. Eric Lindsay

    Eric LindsayHour ago

    Bro I love what ur doing keep up the good work 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  46. Антон Якубович

    Антон ЯкубовичHour ago

    В ленте почему то появилось видео!!!

  47. MarQ D

    MarQ DHour ago

    Always keep GOD first over everything and everyone. I will pray for you bro.


    CJ THE GREATHour ago

    Everybody in the comments put him his animals in your prayers

  49. Ajla Halilovic

    Ajla HalilovicHour ago

    My heart is breaking for you, wouldn't wish this on my worst anemy ❤

  50. Oliver the curious cat Nice

    Oliver the curious cat NiceHour ago

    My heart breaks for you -

  51. Gromie Boi max

    Gromie Boi maxHour ago

    I hope u got all the animals

  52. Amar Sands

    Amar SandsHour ago


  53. Gustavo Godinho

    Gustavo GodinhoHour ago

    First time we see kamaru getting scared by something

  54. Dark4V57

    Dark4V57Hour ago

    This is the type of video I don't know if I should like or dislike... I just empathize with you on this horrible event ! Stay prayed up and strong everything will come out right !

  55. CorporatExotic Hugh

    CorporatExotic HughHour ago


  56. Jesse Charland

    Jesse CharlandHour ago

    Like a G. If that's the price I got to pay for my loved ones fucc it!

  57. Monte B

    Monte BHour ago

    GOD has something big for you ❤️😁and I’m here for it🙏🏾

  58. Kid Slay

    Kid SlayHour ago

    Smfh 😠 😪

  59. Josue Harding

    Josue HardingHour ago

    Put some sprinkler system in your house, just case of another fire. Keep your head up brotha

  60. Michael Logothety Jr

    Michael Logothety JrHour ago

    House and you had a barn burn too man hope everything is better know I know you love your kids I'll keep you in my prayers

  61. Tristan FINCH

    Tristan FINCHHour ago

    He’s not a hero , he’s a father

  62. Miracle Mericle77

    Miracle Mericle772 hours ago

    I'm sorry man. This is horrible

  63. Mariana Salloum

    Mariana Salloum2 hours ago

    What caused the fire?

  64. richard boyce

    richard boyce2 hours ago

    this made me cry

  65. Skateboarding

    Skateboarding2 hours ago

    Hey bro I know you care about your kids more then material stuff this really made me cry bro idk what we can do other then donate bro but I know that won’t fix the lives you lost

  66. Andrew Martins

    Andrew Martins2 hours ago

    God bless you brother

  67. BENJI 75

    BENJI 752 hours ago

    Damn man im sorry that happened to you

  68. HistoryHunter

    HistoryHunter2 hours ago

    Sadly it is illegal to have every baby he has in florida as of today...

  69. Drippyboi Tv

    Drippyboi Tv2 hours ago

    Shit so sad to see💯🤦🏾

  70. pxgers

    pxgers2 hours ago

    I liked the video hoping that it can help you start over and get everything up faster

  71. Drippy_

    Drippy_2 hours ago

    Prayers for u man. Lost sum animals. Get a great recovery glad ur ok

  72. Og Skrilla

    Og Skrilla2 hours ago

    Why not help instead of recording tho?

  73. YL

    YL2 hours ago

    Aye man praying for you 🙏 such a massive and unfortunate situation for you man. But God got you brother

  74. Bookiemooks

    Bookiemooks2 hours ago

    30 yrs olddd!! Fromm Haiti 🇭🇹 damn! Fa sho . I wonder how old they live, rhino iguana dope

  75. Creepa 0121

    Creepa 01212 hours ago

    Damn this is my first ever video of yours iv seen not a nice one watch id be a lier if i said i didnt nearly cry for you bro, your passion for your animals is truly incredable and shows what type of man you are, fuckin sorry you had to go thru that man keep ya head up and stay strong

  76. Bookiemooks

    Bookiemooks2 hours ago

    Playa a straight G , I love it . Glad I was introduced to this ... much love and success 🌴🦮🦜🐢🙉🐸🕸🦉🐤🐻🐶🐸🪲

  77. NzymeeHD lol

    NzymeeHD lol2 hours ago

    fuck everything else animals first nuff repsect

  78. Island Daniels

    Island Daniels2 hours ago

    Seeing this makes me so damn sad bruh ..

  79. Ryan Maher

    Ryan Maher2 hours ago


  80. astrorocket-texan

    astrorocket-texan2 hours ago

    When I saw foam coming out of his snake's mouth at 11:40, it really touched me... This is sad.. I 🙏🏿 for ur family, yes animals are family, and that y'all can recover to be stronger than ever.. Much love