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  1. jahedamilasan187

    jahedamilasan187Day ago

    This is some joji vibes

  2. Yann Bunzll

    Yann BunzllDay ago

    Beautiful 🤩

  3. nijuo joing

    nijuo joingDay ago

    He sang too well in this video! If you are not admitting , ignore!!

  4. Erin Chan

    Erin ChanDay ago


  5. Marley moe

    Marley moeDay ago

    Jaden needs soul...hes too young too have real emotion tbh goid voice but he still needs to learn how to use it.He can sing but can he act😉Lol Guess not☺he should beg post malone or cryptic wisdom to be their understudy so Jaden can improve...my message to him keep trying kid..

  6. Astra Beats

    Astra BeatsDay ago

    anyone talking bout the girl?

  7. Arjay

    ArjayDay ago

    CTV3 > ERYS > SYRE

  8. Wallace Millner

    Wallace MillnerDay ago

    Come to the boro? Friend

  9. Pwnda Bamboo

    Pwnda BambooDay ago

    Highkey tho, Jaden is a vibe

  10. ToadyTone

    ToadyToneDay ago

    This is dookie

  11. Jamie Lange

    Jamie LangeDay ago


  12. Omphe M

    Omphe MDay ago

    You don't need anyone, you need yourself

  13. 347 MLUE

    347 MLUEDay ago


  14. Rajim Nafisa B.

    Rajim Nafisa B.Day ago

    Life in a Year if you know, u know.

  15. Santiago Sanchez

    Santiago SanchezDay ago

    Cuadrado eres tú

  16. Odracirf c.

    Odracirf c.Day ago

    Bruh stop with the hate the Karate kids jokes are not even funny anymore y’all don’t no where to stop fr

  17. kudos Tv

    kudos TvDay ago

    We love your music here in Pluto, it keep us warm when there is cold❤

  18. Gbolabo

    GbolaboDay ago

    Jaden you’re the best ❤️

  19. Mutiara Pasha

    Mutiara PashaDay ago

    It's hurt but beautiful

  20. Beimar Mc

    Beimar McDay ago

    Que hermoso🤎

  21. Mutiara Pasha

    Mutiara PashaDay ago

    you made it the mv, this song is my fav in the album

  22. Whitney Guyton

    Whitney GuytonDay ago

    I can see why yall like it

  23. Tetstarraw

    TetstarrawDay ago


  24. Alya Zuhra

    Alya ZuhraDay ago


  25. serenityシ

    serenityシDay ago

    ily 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  26. halal dougie

    halal dougieDay ago

    I'm in Tears this is so Beautiful

  27. Mauro Saiglia

    Mauro SaigliaDay ago


  28. Yodashii NUU

    Yodashii NUUDay ago

    Or a manband

  29. Yodashii NUU

    Yodashii NUUDay ago

    Since im a man I count as a man friend

  30. Timothy Belle

    Timothy BelleDay ago

    Lowkey sounds like xxxtentacion

  31. Aaa N

    Aaa NDay ago

    Greatest thing ever

  32. spiyer x

    spiyer xDay ago

    Dre Parker has grown up😢

  33. Amporful’z Lifestyle _

    Amporful’z Lifestyle _Day ago


  34. Jorge LG

    Jorge LGDay ago

    Muy buenas canciones pero muy cortas

  35. Amaan Khan

    Amaan KhanDay ago

    When I see Jaden, I see jada his mum and then I see .... tupac

  36. El callado

    El calladoDay ago

    8 o 9 veces al dia, y despues de haberla repetido , minimo, y aun no me enfada esta BESHESA!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

  37. Aslina Ferrer

    Aslina FerrerDay ago


  38. RED ZONE

    RED ZONEDay ago

    Fuck I cry

  39. Awab MohamedNour

    Awab MohamedNourDay ago


  40. mega man

    mega manDay ago

    My god what happened to him

  41. Rosangela Jose

    Rosangela JoseDay ago

    eu gosto de como a musica começa

  42. Dev Gurung

    Dev GurungDay ago

    Good to see you😊❣

  43. Bowie Brees

    Bowie BreesDay ago

    I have a friend who kill himself, and today i dreamed about him, then i listen to this song and reminds me of him somehow, and my suicide attemps, and my loneliness, and idk, i feel like i wanna live more now, Jaden did a good job w this one

  44. Ayasha Lunetta

    Ayasha LunettaDay ago

    nice music video karate kid no really.. I love all of your music bro

  45. Kazeumi

    KazeumiDay ago

    Love this song and I love how he included that iconic scene from the come close video with common. The vibe is is just right with this, the lyrics are fun and very emotive. It makes you want to get up and sing and dance.

  46. Bass Fusion Official

    Bass Fusion OfficialDay ago

    *This Is Beautiful!🔉❤*

  47. wayne renolds

    wayne renoldsDay ago

    man does jaden have any other songs like this? ive never really been a fan but this shit is fucking phenomenal.

  48. Livvy's World

    Livvy's WorldDay ago

    Best song for my bithday

  49. Livvy's World

    Livvy's WorldDay ago

    Iove your music

  50. Basically SAinT

    Basically SAinTDay ago

    "jacket off " "jacket on"🔥

  51. Jonathan Escobar

    Jonathan EscobarDay ago

    Did I just realize this song is in nfs

  52. wiz Brahim tv

    wiz Brahim tvDay ago

    Jaden love❤💘👋

  53. Bizuti

    BizutiDay ago

    Aaaaaaaa música triste, amooooo

  54. Lucas Silva

    Lucas SilvaDay ago

    Ele merecia muito mais reconhecimento. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

  55. Lucas Hideki

    Lucas HidekiDay ago


  56. NXNE

    NXNEDay ago

    damnn didn't know he dropped the smith from his name, kinda feel bad for that other jxdn artist thats coming up. he's about to be overshadowed name wise looll

  57. Dwayne Morrison

    Dwayne MorrisonDay ago


  58. Gabe

    GabeDay ago

    My fav song , good job Jaden ^^

  59. Nathan

    NathanDay ago


  60. Rashi Bhalerao

    Rashi BhaleraoDay ago

    I love this song I really doing okay, Loads of love from end ❤

  61. DMOB DC

    DMOB DCDay ago

    Had to come back watch this.. still fireeee🔥🐐


    ELEVEN BOYDay ago

    Just a icon living 👏👏👏

  63. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongDay ago

    Janden + beach + sunset= Perfection

  64. Jonas A

    Jonas ADay ago

    Anakin would hat this video

  65. Free

    FreeDay ago

    Yo this some fuckin dogshit bro where Will Smith at?

  66. DMOB DC

    DMOB DCDay ago

    Thought I might write a song... hopes you might sing allonnnggggg❤️😭😭❤️✨

  67. Daxter_kid

    Daxter_kidDay ago

    Easily my favourite song from him! Absolutely love it

  68. Rohmah Nurfadilah

    Rohmah NurfadilahDay ago


  69. Angela Gallero

    Angela GalleroDay ago


  70. lutfia ega

    lutfia egaDay ago

    i love it i love it i love it i love it

  71. Hugo Almeida

    Hugo AlmeidaDay ago

    I knew Jaden music since 2014, I never thought he would me turn into a fuckin´sad boy :((

  72. Cab Zan

    Cab ZanDay ago

    Because of the lyrics of this song, you got a subscriber from me

  73. slayying mami

    slayying mamiDay ago




    hermosa cancion campeon

  75. Mica_Editour

    Mica_EditourDay ago

    Jaden's whole aesthetic and sound is so beautiful 😍

  76. Cab Zan

    Cab ZanDay ago

    i cant watching this video on youtube because its the best that i have ever heard on youtube. thank Jaden Smith for the song. Love u ☺️😍👍👍

  77. Candela Lozano

    Candela LozanoDay ago

    te amo

  78. Playboy

    PlayboyDay ago

    This nigga so talented

  79. Bruno Menezes

    Bruno MenezesDay ago


  80. Shadow Force

    Shadow ForceDay ago

    Does anyone know what shirt he has on or is it custom made just for him?