From Suits to Boots
From Suits to Boots
From Suits to Boots

While Hurricane Harvey destroyed the tiny map dot Plum Grove, TX.. I had no idea it would change my life from half a country away. I was living a completely different life. I traveled the world as a business executive and my home life was a son, Xander, a cat and two Beagles. My cup was full and sometimes overflowing... After Harvey hit Houston I found myself volunteering with my physician friends. Unwinding from that lead me to youtube and a video appeared of a man coming home to his animals. I wanted to help, I reached out and did just that. That connection came easy and so did the lunch that followed .. eventually I found myself in pastures chasing Paty the pig and running for my life from a goat named Ringo. Together we started an animal Sanctuary and now, over three years later and over 75 animals to care for, I'm still learning all it takes to be a "farm girl". Some days there is not time to switch anything but shoes. This is my journey: This is "From Suits to Boots"

  1. Irene Howard

    Irene Howard9 minutes ago

    I'm just curious to what happened to one of our golden girls Dorothy?

  2. Kristy Brown

    Kristy Brown11 minutes ago

    Really think its grose to keep on always watching cornholio having sex with peoples feet was funny in the beginning but now its abit sick 🤮

  3. Sharon Easley

    Sharon EasleyHour ago

    Thanks for your walk down memory lane because Wow it brought bring back memories for me. My dad used to sing that to me when I was a little girl and I now sing it to my grandkids. I thought he made it up! 😂🤣 No I am just kidding his grandma used to sing it to him. He always saying this in between the two verses. “She couldn’t come out and play It was a rainy day With tearful eye she breathed a sigh And I could hear her say” then he went into the second verse. If my dad was still alive he would be 101. Again thanks!💛

  4. Sandy Gilbert

    Sandy GilbertHour ago

    you should sing more often.. you have a beautiful voice.

  5. Pamela Amberson

    Pamela Amberson2 hours ago

    Dixie needs to go back. Her kick will gravely injure or kill whom ever she targets. Can you imagine how upset everyone will be!! I love Ringo and Pig Trudy and Dixie but it’s not if it happens but when. No one in the littles pasture is a match for a horse or donkey kick. Please put them back with the bigs. Didn’t I see Ivy kick Ringo the other day as well! The littles follow Ringo he is their leader. He is a protector along with Annie , Ernie, Pig Trudy and the dogs. I’m not ragging on you I love y’all too but I can’t stand the thought of seeing one of the littles injured or dead. 💔😢 this is love and concern for all of you not criticism.

  6. Paul Hellewell

    Paul Hellewell4 hours ago

    Jami, just stay as aware as you have been and just keep loving on her.

  7. Tracey Turner

    Tracey Turner4 hours ago

    I especially enjoyed watching Hank the cat taking a piss in front of everybody.. 😂

  8. Mel Logue

    Mel Logue4 hours ago

    I have watched these videos with little Beverly and her new coat! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!💜💜💜

  9. Jeff

    Jeff4 hours ago

    Lester i think that intro of the gold ring is a hint for you

  10. Debbi Lynch

    Debbi Lynch4 hours ago

    Loved the song! Love what you shared about your Grandma❤

  11. Mary C Lentz

    Mary C Lentz4 hours ago

    Jami, thank youso much for sharing your beautiful voice with us today! 🎶 😇🎶💞💓 I haven't sang that song in over 50 year's! Back then, my mommy sang it with me.🥰😀💕 She was a strong woman in my life and she was a firm believer in soap 🧼 and sunshine, 🌞 just like your Granny. She kept her house spic and span clean . We had a wood burning stove for heat in our home all the days she was alive, yet you could eat off her floors too, I bet, lol 😁😁. She was a firm believer in letting the children play out in the sunshine she said it helped make us kids grow up strong and healthy. And my parents installed a strong work ethic and my brothers and I as well. I raised my children the same way. You have a beautiful singing voice Jami. I believe that's part of your love language to your family and to us, yet we only experience it in minute amounts, it it very beautiful indeed . It is a gift from God, imho 😇

  12. Alexandria Aplin Skipper

    Alexandria Aplin Skipper5 hours ago

    🤣 chaos as usual!!

  13. k p

    k p5 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣just another day at the sanctuary.. so fun to watch!

  14. Dana Edwards

    Dana Edwards5 hours ago

    When I saw Hank my first thought was, “when did they get a lemur!?”

  15. Galinda Wright

    Galinda Wright5 hours ago

    I must have missed something. What are the wiggles Jami keeps mentioning.

  16. Sandra Lee

    Sandra Lee6 hours ago

    LOVES JAMI FROM SUITS TO BOOTS 👩‍🌾👗👠👢WE SO MISSED IN AUSTRALIA FOR FB ONLY KEEP UP ON USlikes📱, Adam or Steve 🦆 on Pig Trudy🐗, Dixie 360 ° 🐎 onto Ringo 🐐 and to see Girl IVY n CornHoli 🦃🦃 calling Gloria for Dinner 🦆🦆🦆🪶

  17. Brenda Snider

    Brenda Snider6 hours ago

    So scary to watch 🙉🙈🙃🙄 maybe one day they can all get along 👍😁🤏❤

  18. Amy Kirby

    Amy Kirby6 hours ago


  19. frosty mutt

    frosty mutt6 hours ago

    I know fur a long time u all have had 2 name's fur one of your feathered friend's and it got me thinking the poor winged man needs his own. Now I thought long and hard about it and came up with a name I think would fit him well (Sroa). Now y'all kan pronounce it however you would like but it's meaning will all be this... The S is for Steve. The R is the second letter in the second word of his first three word name. The O is of course the first letter in the second word of his first three word name The A is for Adam. This way even though one has been lost he will still always be remembered.😊

  20. KristenAnn Mosley

    KristenAnn Mosley6 hours ago

    Stand your ground, Thelma! Those mean girls won’t know what him! Lol!!

  21. Judy Vititoe

    Judy Vititoe6 hours ago

    Jami, you are so special.

  22. Bryan Conner

    Bryan Conner7 hours ago

    (my USlikes is set up under my husband's name ) anyways Jami I love your videos I absolutely love the way you talk and treat the animals. You could never tell you were once only a city girl. I love the way you narrate your videos you keep em interesting and that's why I stay coming back and looking for your videos to watch. Thank you and lester and the rest of the family for sharing your lives with us. Y'all just don't understand how much joy you guys and specially the animals bring to my life. If I'm having a bad day I turn on one of y'all's videos and that video can make everything all better

  23. Toni Sue Smith

    Toni Sue Smith7 hours ago

    You have a beautiful voice Jami! You sound so much better than Lester haha!.

  24. Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith7 hours ago

    Cranky Littles...🤣

  25. becca gross

    becca gross7 hours ago

    Dixie looks great to be a dressage horse

  26. becca gross

    becca gross7 hours ago

    Lester that's not lunging lol I always lunge my horses because it helps horses that r not brok one need to learn how to get used to it and a saddle it's not inhumane it's good for the horses

  27. Louanne Norman

    Louanne Norman7 hours ago

    I was singing the first verse with you Jami .... Thanks for the memories

  28. mbpenningtonful

    mbpenningtonful7 hours ago

    You had me in tears, Jami. Come on Ivy Girl‼️❤️

  29. Sherri Miller

    Sherri Miller7 hours ago

    I’m 55 & we use to sing that & clap hands with each other too! What memories thanks Jami! ❤️ your voice too!

  30. Nona M

    Nona M7 hours ago

    Dixie ain't putting up with Ringo nonsense

  31. Terri Baker

    Terri Baker7 hours ago


  32. Shell Shock

    Shell Shock7 hours ago

    Did Dixie just give Jami the raspberry for telling her she can go back with the Bigs? The Sanctuary Sagas ....tune in next time to see who ate what and who popped first! (as in having babies not a type-o. 📽️🎬📺🎆

  33. Beverly Weaver

    Beverly Weaver8 hours ago

    Dixie is such a pretty girl with her sparkly hooves. ❤

  34. Laura Roberts

    Laura Roberts8 hours ago

    Pond is beautiful like voice!!

  35. Heather Miles

    Heather Miles8 hours ago

    Does the mean girls have a name?

  36. Stephanie Sarli

    Stephanie Sarli9 hours ago

    It’s Pig Trudy’s turn lol!!!😀👌

  37. Colleen Hughes

    Colleen Hughes9 hours ago

    Awe Jamie this is awesome! Thank YOU for bringing back my Memories of my Aunt Ruthie, and growing up on her farm! ❣❣❣🥰 Your voice is BEAUTIFUL, JUST as YOu Are!

  38. Julie Howard

    Julie Howard9 hours ago

    I also sang right along with you !!! Good memories

  39. Tracy Dunbar

    Tracy Dunbar9 hours ago

    We sang that song growing up too!

  40. Shena Jones

    Shena Jones9 hours ago

    WOW Ringo has really taken some kicks lately but this time he started it.

  41. Dorene Frank

    Dorene Frank9 hours ago

    I felt as if I where right there with you. Been thinking of this video off and on today.

  42. Jimmy Delancey

    Jimmy Delancey9 hours ago

    Ya made a 57 yr old Jersey boy cry like a baby. Im as bad as Lester !!!!!

  43. Dee loves animals

    Dee loves animals9 hours ago

    Dixie is a beautiful horse. Smart too!

  44. Angela Beckley

    Angela Beckley10 hours ago

    Jami, I absolutely love to listen to your stories ❤❤ you also have an Amazing voice!!! Thank you for such an amazing video.

  45. Anda Cochran

    Anda Cochran10 hours ago

    How many geese do you have?

  46. Dee loves animals

    Dee loves animals10 hours ago

    Can you please give us an update on these 2 horses? Thank you.

  47. Kaye Shackelford

    Kaye Shackelford10 hours ago

    My mother sang that song plus a few dads named Bill; one I thought she made up but now I'm thinking is a real song.where have you been Billy boy Billy boy where have you been charming billy? I have been to see my wife shes the apple of my life shes a young thing and cannot leave her mother. Anyone know that one?

  48. Dònalee Slack

    Dònalee Slack10 hours ago

    Silly Ringo ,Lester maybe a side chat with him about how Dixie could have very easily kick out both legs and send him into another field. 😂😂😂 the cheeky boy standing up to ram her after she warned then kicked him.😂😂😂🐐🐴

  49. Mrsred2u

    Mrsred2u10 hours ago

    She’s prob going to stop eating. Bc she’s upset you took her baby. They are not dumb. We had a mare go on Hunger strike until we brought the foal Back. Just give her Ivan and supplement him. It’s horrible you took him. She wanted him so bad.

  50. Marcia Borg

    Marcia Borg10 hours ago

    It must be a full moon coming up soon.

  51. Dònalee Slack

    Dònalee Slack10 hours ago

    😂😂😂looks like a typical family dinner😂😂😂 a little food ,a little fighting,someone storming out.😂😂😂

  52. Nancy Griffith

    Nancy Griffith10 hours ago

    Always makes me chuckle seeing Cornholio's reaction every time Lester says his name. He's a proud turkey with beautiful tail feathers.

  53. Doris Wiesike

    Doris Wiesike10 hours ago

    Way to defend yourself Dixie!

  54. Donna Newman

    Donna Newman10 hours ago

    Jamie beautiful voice I think I remember this song from Shirley Temple I think 💭 Love you Jamie❤️

  55. Mona Lisa Tello

    Mona Lisa Tello11 hours ago

    When does Ivy get to see her son again?

  56. Mona Lisa Tello

    Mona Lisa Tello11 hours ago

    Those stalls offer these animals protection and a sense of personal space and home.

  57. Georgia Brackett

    Georgia Brackett11 hours ago

    Must of been a full moon night

  58. Martha Reichhold

    Martha Reichhold11 hours ago

    Oh boy....another night at the Littles Circus folks! These rowdy times are some of my favorites! SO darn sweet how Adam-or-Steve left the buffet to go back to Thelma & Louise....what a honorable gentleman!!! And Dixie, you go girl...give Ringo a taste of his own medicine! Such an awesome video, Jami...Thanks so much!! <3

  59. Debi Cline

    Debi Cline11 hours ago

    Ringo better look out

  60. Aaleyah Sanez

    Aaleyah Sanez11 hours ago

    How old are the golden girls and who is huck's mama he favors shirley alot

  61. Zella Melville

    Zella Melville11 hours ago

    Love the rolling commentary. 💕💕

  62. ME Ogden

    ME Ogden11 hours ago

    Oh Jami, I haven’t thought of that song in 60 years! My mom used to sing that to we kids which brings back soooo many memories. Thank you for the song & the wonderful memories it brought!

  63. Carrie Lucas

    Carrie Lucas11 hours ago

    What’s up with all of the kids today?!?! Jeesh!!!!!! 😹😹😹😹

  64. P Marksberry

    P Marksberry11 hours ago

    We did hand clapping with a friend to that song in elementary school during recess

  65. Nancy Pride

    Nancy Pride12 hours ago

    Feeding #shitshow Watch out Hank! I’m really surprised Annie went easy on him. Pig Trudy, behave., he won’t listen. Thelma & Louise said, ya’ll can have the worms, grains & corn...we’re going for more Wiggles. Corny puffs up right on cue!

  66. Jl Ellison

    Jl Ellison12 hours ago

    It's like when you're wife get angry with the waitress and walks out so you have to leave your dinner as well.


    PROXIE DELIT12 hours ago

    You need 2 swans

  68. Daniel Rodrigues

    Daniel Rodrigues12 hours ago

    WIGGLES. . ? Are that dry Worms or Mealie Worms... ?

  69. Lesa Re

    Lesa Re12 hours ago

    Rewatching this video today, wondering if both Ima Jean and Peggy were both pregnant at this time but no one knew it? Wasnt sure since it is Feb 23, & Peggy just had babies from that feral hog breakin, Ima Jean had Beverly, just a thought!❤🤗

  70. Sarahjane Young

    Sarahjane Young12 hours ago

    The song is great. What is also interesting is the geese are not chasing after you like they do Lester. LOL

  71. Nancy Pierce

    Nancy Pierce13 hours ago

    I was singing too. My daughter would swing outside and sing that over and over again. She was an only child then and wanted a playmate

  72. Sue Hinze

    Sue Hinze13 hours ago

    I sing that song and do the hand jive part with my 6 yr old granddaughter. Very fun and great memories to carry on.

  73. DianaLWalker

    DianaLWalker13 hours ago

    Y’all need a nice bench swing out there by the pond to enjoy the pond and while away the hours with the feathers. Nice singing Jamie!

  74. Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee13 hours ago

    Ivy knows! She’s yanking your chain 😂. She’s still a bit bitter about Ivan I think. When can they see each other again?

  75. Debbie C

    Debbie C13 hours ago

    I wanna ride Dixie so bad! She seems sweet for riding. Not Voodoo! 🤣🤠💕

  76. Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee13 hours ago

    The feed needs to hang off the side for horses. I know people have said that. Just off the ground so they don’t have to reach down so far.

  77. Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith13 hours ago

    Can Dixie's get pregnant when you had them two little ponies in there because she looks like she is just asking you guys love you all

  78. TF Smarts

    TF Smarts13 hours ago

    just realized one of the mean girls is a MEAN GUY 😂 i saw that drake feather on the white one

  79. Janet LeBaron

    Janet LeBaron13 hours ago

    That song took me right back to my childhood. I had totally forgotten about that song. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory.

  80. Rana Fair

    Rana Fair13 hours ago

    I'm so sorry. Poorgirl. Prayers she can be back With her baby sooon