My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

  1. Brennan Money

    Brennan Money5 hours ago

    Replace the charge pipe..?

  2. Robaroo

    Robaroo5 hours ago

    Too bad the 6 speed is weak. 😔

  3. Todd Frazier

    Todd Frazier6 hours ago

    You really should try to find more of these. It was my favorite show and it was great to see the van fixed. I've heard that most of them ended up like this one. You could probably find some cheap and get lots of views...

  4. carlosrvra

    carlosrvra6 hours ago

    14:13 - Lovin' that Cannonball Run reference! :D

  5. Hunter Priest

    Hunter Priest7 hours ago

    brooo i want to get a supra soo bad, better start saving.

  6. Eliot Boily

    Eliot Boily7 hours ago

    So EBay paid you to talk about a shitty car you found on their site?

  7. simon wang

    simon wang9 hours ago

    The picayune witch really drag because collar clearly tie circa a tall beam. abiding, smoggy stick

  8. Condore Computing

    Condore Computing9 hours ago

    I cant stand my personal car in that kind of shape, how can you rent out a car in that shape to another person in good conscious ? Its also a good way to have the renters of the car not give a crap about the condition and beat on it more because it's obvious the owner doesnt give a crap about it, so why should the renter ?

  9. Colabro From SC

    Colabro From SC9 hours ago

    And Freddy got a ticket.

  10. Gene 3067

    Gene 30679 hours ago

    Is that a Mick Beth Mcnugget T-shirt you're wearing Tavarish?

  11. Pizza Sounds

    Pizza Sounds9 hours ago

    You should build a vaydor and v8/v10/v12 swap it...

  12. Bernardo Roque de Pinho

    Bernardo Roque de Pinho9 hours ago

    Guys, considering buying an Audi S5 2013/2014 with around 60k miles... thoughts? Reliable? Money pit? Total crap? Need some tips...

  13. Light Bulb

    Light Bulb9 hours ago

    im livid that lady thought it was a BMW

  14. G Wilko

    G Wilko11 hours ago

    This is insane. Just bought a Ls430. Cant wait for some adventures in it

  15. milc4444

    milc444411 hours ago

    Pls be aware, if the extinguisher is powder you must keep the stuff away from electrical connections in particular, since the powder will corrode them over time say 3/4 months. In addition powder does not meet the FIA 8865 running fuel extinguisher requirements, just look at the vid of the Grojean accident. There is a lot more to complete the picture, and if you would like more, put out a message on the channel and I will be happy to help. In addition, DONT breath in the powder it will make a mess of your tubes and lungs. Great vids guys.

  16. U N K 0 W N

    U N K 0 W N11 hours ago

    Kid : mom can we have a Lamborghini Mom : we have Lamborghini at home Lamborghini at home :

  17. Bernardo Roque de Pinho

    Bernardo Roque de Pinho12 hours ago

    Guys, considering buying an Audi S5 2013/2014 with around 60k miles... thoughts? Reliable? Money pit? Total crap? Need some tips...

  18. ac0rpbg

    ac0rpbg12 hours ago

    Let's be realistic guys, the amount of money and effort put into this was not viable and is not worthy. Even tho the car will be perfect it will always have salvage title. The only way this is possible is thanks to sponsorship, and youtube income generated from the content. It was basically car build from scratch

  19. El Conquistador

    El Conquistador13 hours ago

    where is your brain and your bra? :))))

  20. El Conquistador

    El Conquistador13 hours ago

    you will literally go to hell

  21. El Conquistador

    El Conquistador13 hours ago

    leave youtube pls

  22. Chris Watts

    Chris Watts14 hours ago

    Gentlemen, Hats off to you🎩, I’m in the auto collision industry and run multi-million dollar repair facilities and watched your progress. Although, some methods are questionable for the OEM or consumer, if I was doing it for myself personally? It would go very similar. Keeping things cost effective and playing with what cards are dealt to you. And now having a running driving chassis. Great work. That car was pretty messed up....seeing you drive it leads me to write a comment. I surely enjoy watching all that you guys do. Thank you and be safe

  23. Roger Partner

    Roger Partner14 hours ago

    The Aston Guy doesn't actually like to touch his steering wheel much. Well weird

  24. Roger Partner

    Roger Partner15 hours ago

    These guys haven't got the car show paradigm at all. .. is it a house show. I'm just confused. And it's boring. . Bye bye guys take a leaf outa UK SHOW. TOP GEAR. 🤓🧐

  25. Edgar Reyes Torres

    Edgar Reyes Torres15 hours ago

    Y show ur trick when FBI or police can watch youtube too u know...

  26. Xtream Gamer

    Xtream Gamer16 hours ago

    I have a badging idea for the rear. Get a Gallrado badge like on the doorsill and stick it on top of a rear taillight.

  27. Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison16 hours ago

    I've had 6 Aston Martin Vantages over the past 12 years - two bought new (a V8 and a V12S). My 2007 (new) Vantage 6 speed I drove 25,000 aggressive miles - zero issues. Lost it in the recession. My used 39,000 mile 2009 Vantage - I drove 10,000 miles - zero issues, traded that for an almost new 2015 V8 GT and under warranty, was constantly in the shop with over 20,000 in warranty repair, so I traded that for a 2015 V12S, which Aston had a 2 year timeless warranty, after at least a dozen issues in a few months, I discovered it was a factor 'tracked car' which was not divulged and hired an attorney, which Aston traded with a very low mile locally owned pampered V12S (at a huge cost to the factory - the deception came from the UK factory, not the local dealer!). No Issues with the V12S, but traded that for a 2017 V12S new. Was supposed to keep that, but Covid hit my business hard, so I traded it for a C8 I had ordered that arrived 6 months ago, as was able to pay cash because of the equity I had in the Aston. Most likely I'll look for another older Vantage just to have one in a year or so. The C8 handles and power curve is very close to the V12S and I have a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty for less cost than the mandatory $2K inspection just to keep the Aston warranty valid!

  28. Brennan Money

    Brennan Money16 hours ago

    See a roach run across back seat😂

  29. Troy Sia

    Troy Sia16 hours ago

    my fav build 💯

  30. Wayne Fitch

    Wayne Fitch16 hours ago

    This is a blatant top geat rip off. I like these guys though so I'll stick to your other videos. Good luck and please be more creative, I'm begging you.

  31. Omar Issa

    Omar Issa17 hours ago

    Watched the build from the start, truely inspirational

  32. Brennan Money

    Brennan Money17 hours ago

    I disagree

  33. Elikem Amalek

    Elikem Amalek17 hours ago

    This guy really has issues with BMW, seems to be the only one who does lol.

  34. Armando Luli

    Armando Luli17 hours ago

    Anyone else see that r32 at 9:41 ?

  35. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams17 hours ago

    Wheres the McLaren build?

  36. Struis cK

    Struis cK18 hours ago

    Hahahahaha im crying😂😂😂😂

  37. RedViKing

    RedViKing20 hours ago

    This is better than top gear America

  38. iOXiC

    iOXiC22 hours ago

    Everybody talking about BMWs being unreliable especially the ones after E39, but only the legends know that if you buy the M57 diesel engine powered BMW, you are basically problem proof, the only issues being the EGRs and swirl flaps, which is a walk in the park to fix and be done with.

  39. Squat Penguin2

    Squat Penguin222 hours ago

    You go to ChrisFix to learn, you go to Tavarish for entertainment.

  40. Xtream Gamer

    Xtream Gamer22 hours ago

    When he says that 'My Lamb is back'. Neighbours be like 'Ohhhhh god. Hell is back'

  41. Xtream Gamer

    Xtream Gamer23 hours ago


  42. sol star

    sol starDay ago

    COVID-19 ☠️😢

  43. Martinni Lpez

    Martinni LpezDay ago

    I want that car,,

  44. ilhan halil seyhan

    ilhan halil seyhanDay ago

    Poor Maserati. It was so pretty car.

  45. Dan _

    Dan _Day ago

    Once again: If you can dream it, you can built it, confirmed. 👍

  46. Alex ツ

    Alex ツDay ago

    8:35 When V-Tech Kicks In! Lol!!!

  47. John Cruz

    John CruzDay ago

    I can see a great colab with Rob he's awesome

  48. Adam Schafer

    Adam SchaferDay ago

    You my friend are a truly wonderful soul

  49. MrWestHimself

    MrWestHimselfDay ago

    This guy a genius

  50. Marcellus Coleman

    Marcellus ColemanDay ago

    How tall is Ed??? He makes everyone look so short

  51. ilhan halil seyhan

    ilhan halil seyhanDay ago

    I wish you guys didn`t script it..

  52. Gerben Riezebos

    Gerben RiezebosDay ago

    Omg love the build, and it sounds amazing. U guys build my dream car.😍 Sadly i live in the Netherlands so probably can't win the car. But if 1 person should get it it is jared. U guys did a beautiful job 👏

  53. W.J. Hammer

    W.J. HammerDay ago

    I feel like this leaves you with a unique opportunity. This car will likely never be worth what a minty fresh one would be. Why not get with some of the right people and build a custom 675. Build the kind of thing that most of these owners never would because they are worried about wrecking the value of the car. Just a thought.

  54. Ernest Pfannen

    Ernest PfannenDay ago

    Don't say anything bad about it, how about badass.

  55. erectrode

    erectrodeDay ago

    "Mr. anderson..."

  56. José

    JoséDay ago

    If you really want to have a real awesome rotary engine car you should work with any Puerto Rican dude they know everything about rotary engines. For example Loquito Killer he really knows what he’s doing when it comes to rotary engines.

  57. ilhan halil seyhan

    ilhan halil seyhanDay ago

    Ed should be president. He is so equal tho. He saw he wasn`t gonna pay much he crashed his car so he can be equal with them. Great personality.

  58. Greeks Garage

    Greeks GarageDay ago

    I love seeing how these are actually put together. Love the videos! Can’t wait to see it all finished. Here’s a video of the same car with the scoop I have on my channel. uslikes.info/house/gXek28uS1H2Dir4/video.html

  59. mike lyles

    mike lylesDay ago

    Consult an attorney and eBay to see how you can get your money back and if not, sell that SOB for scrap metal. I'm shocked that you thought you could get a 2 million dollar car for 4500 bucks. LOL!!!! Even if it was a real Veyron, for this amount of money, it is stolen and sold by drug addicts, so you STILL could not keep it. LOL! This was supposed to just be a youtube joke of yours, right? LOL!!!

  60. Leo Eisele

    Leo EiseleDay ago

    So glad you're feeling better and putting out some new vids. Got my 2 T-shirts today and am super psyched to get my piece (#50) of car. Keep up the good work

  61. munky 1806

    munky 1806Day ago

    That steering wheel is the same as the last one they look almost identical

  62. bkurt

    bkurtDay ago

    ad singing was priceless hahaha

  63. bkurt

    bkurtDay ago

    poor tyler man hahahaha

  64. bkurt

    bkurtDay ago

    what a fucking shame on you cadillac/gm

  65. Got2Glove

    Got2GloveDay ago

    I want it i can fix it please

  66. veronica ferraro

    veronica ferraroDay ago

    Douche Move calling a car you give to homeboys wife Roach infested.

  67. Jacob Bergeron

    Jacob BergeronDay ago

    Yo just stay safe.

  68. HypebeastSK 15

    HypebeastSK 15Day ago

    I have a car I would like to remodel I’m interested if u can do it

  69. Rohan Lowe

    Rohan LoweDay ago

    really sick of the constant penile humour. I think i’m out.

  70. CorvetteStinger

    CorvetteStingerDay ago

    Nothing nothing nothing, vtec+turbo, bwaaaaa papappapapapppppapapapaapaap bwaaaa papappapapaappaapapapapap

  71. Fred Ernst

    Fred ErnstDay ago

    I'll give you $9000! OK? Can you send it to Germany? But really, I really enjoy your videos! I enjoyed the video about getting rid of the ABC so much that I added it to my 350 SL, and then removed it.....just kidding. But keep up the good videos!!!!!

  72. Ruzbyk

    RuzbykDay ago

    this guy is the car guy version of bitwit kyle.

  73. Nacho

    NachoDay ago

    Ah good you had the seatbelt on

  74. Shadman Rahman

    Shadman RahmanDay ago

    Pleased to hear that car trek is up and running

  75. Kaden Wijayatilleke

    Kaden WijayatillekeDay ago

    Get a cls

  76. Shadman Rahman

    Shadman RahmanDay ago

    No one will have launch control flashbacks like Tavarish

  77. thomas buck

    thomas buckDay ago

    how much hp can the stock engine and trans handle

  78. unanonymous person

    unanonymous personDay ago

    Do they know you are putting the brakes on a rear engine car

  79. unanonymous person

    unanonymous personDay ago

    DDE inspired

  80. Martin Boulter

    Martin BoulterDay ago

    Have i just seen your veyron at the Freedom Factory with Cleetus McFarland