The Wendy Williams Show
  1. Aris Fuller

    Aris Fuller19 hours ago

    I wanted her to finish what she was saying about cutting her hair Wendy 🙄 that was more interesting than hearing about how she lost the weight.

  2. Becca Makela

    Becca Makela19 hours ago

    I agree with Chris, she was not at a plantation party. She not a racist.

  3. ForeverBella

    ForeverBella19 hours ago

    7 kids at 21 years old, wow I wonder what attracted her to him.

  4. Valerie Underwood

    Valerie Underwood19 hours ago

    Don't even think about dating now deal with your baby don't bring no man around your baby . Take this time for you.

  5. Antonio Johnson

    Antonio Johnson19 hours ago

    Kanye told all her personal business to the world. That's really fucked up.

  6. Dina Jalero

    Dina Jalero19 hours ago

    The smule advertisement is so cringe 😂😂😂

  7. Sheena Rehema

    Sheena Rehema19 hours ago

    7 kids at that young age? WOW how many will he have by 30 or even 50

  8. High Priestess

    High Priestess19 hours ago

    Wow Yaya looks SO MUCH younger than she does in pictures

  9. Ashley McGinn

    Ashley McGinn19 hours ago

    So excited for this documentary! But Diddy better not rip Biggies mom off like he did everyone else... dummy.

  10. Valerie Underwood

    Valerie Underwood19 hours ago

    First as far as card I b is concerned how you shy but you have no problem showing your body and you feel stupid cause why? Ya ya has no business being out after giving birth and to expose a baby that young is horrible we supposed to protect our babies and you are taking him to the germs. No to the old Diana Ross singing through her nose. Last time I saw her pubs she looked and sounded horrible. As far as Tereasa she a non factor at this point.

  11. Roxanne Mua

    Roxanne Mua19 hours ago

    His other best friend Bobby Heyward also sadly died from tragic overdose Jamie was such a character he died from flesh eating disease from heroin use so tragic he also lost Rob Kardashian as a little bro those are so much losses :( Im glad god gave him a second chance at life. Its nice and admirable that Lamar never bashes the any of the Kardashian family . He has a pure kinda soul about him it takes alot of class not to be bitter about unfortunate circumstances Wish lamar all the best

  12. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith19 hours ago

    Wow ur guest favors Rihanna a lot to me

  13. Nope

    Nope19 hours ago

    10:02 “Remmy Martin.”

  14. Molly Smith

    Molly Smith20 hours ago

    Yes!! Good for you Wendy!! I love you!!!! Still with us! Xoxoxoxo

  15. Emily Kozel

    Emily Kozel20 hours ago

    I like Mike for her

  16. Project Scenes

    Project Scenes20 hours ago

    Ten years ago was when wendys husband met his future better wife. Ironic that Wendy said “ten years ago when things were perfect”. Right when it gets perfect, really means it’s TOO PERFECT LMAOOO SHE GOT BAMBOOZLED

  17. Justa Mess

    Justa Mess20 hours ago

    Yaya should go to jail. I don’t think 99 yrs is good. Maybe 9 yrs in a special women’s facility where she can have actual time with her son & family. There’s people out here going to jail for crap they didn’t even do! So I don’t if yaya is the queen of England...I do the crime, you do some time!

  18. Focus DivineLee

    Focus DivineLee20 hours ago

    Chilleee. I think they gone give sis Yaya some time.. I don't think it will be 99years. But prolly 1-3yrs and out on probation. Prolly some anger management.




  20. 13127 IIÛF

    13127 IIÛF20 hours ago

    Wait what Nicki Minaj has to do with their interviews? And why you always bringing her name in this stripper's conversation leave her alone please

  21. Katelyn Sousa

    Katelyn Sousa20 hours ago

    Guess 3rd time isn't always a charm.

  22. #!1Besh638

    #!1Besh63820 hours ago

    7 kids at 21!! Sounds very careless. Not married to any of the. Women or long term relationships last at least 5yrs with any of the women. 😒 Anyways, children are a blessing. Hopefully he'll be still wealthy to afford them all long at least 18years! 👌

  23. Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist

    Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist20 hours ago

    Wow! I had a dream about Diana Ross singing last night 🤩💕

  24. Randy Kern

    Randy Kern20 hours ago

    When you’re Diana Ross this is how your children turn out. Beautiful, respectful, talented, graceful, and full of love. Who ever said anything about him being gay? Sounds like a lapse in judgement

  25. Molly Smith

    Molly Smith20 hours ago


  26. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers20 hours ago

    I can’t imagine not being nearby my Grandchildren! 😥😥😥

  27. C. Hayes

    C. Hayes20 hours ago

    I love these segments!! Wendy seems like she’s in good spirits, I love that for her 💕

  28. Christine Brown

    Christine Brown20 hours ago

    Andra Day your voice is hypothesizing. Beautiful! 💜

  29. KU4EVER100

    KU4EVER10020 hours ago

    She’s mad at sharina but still plays nice with Kelvin. Wendy acts like a pickme sometimes

  30. McCharles4

    McCharles420 hours ago

    Dorian Missick is a voice actor for Victor Vance from GTA vice city stories. Childhood games(2009)

  31. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers20 hours ago

    OMG! Andra Day’s performance was incredible!!!💕💕💕

  32. No one

    No one20 hours ago

    She just mad that nicki went to Ellen, stay mad

  33. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller20 hours ago

    Guy with stripe pajamas, so gay

  34. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers20 hours ago

    Andra Day is an incredible singer! Looking forward to watching “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”! 🎉🎉🎉

  35. Faith

    Faith20 hours ago

  36. Karen Taylor

    Karen Taylor20 hours ago

    I am convinced Wendy is PAID to I talk about those low life jersey housewives and that moronic batchelor show. In radio it's called payola.

  37. Taj

    Taj20 hours ago

    I love Wendy’s outfit. I would wear jumpsuits everyday if I could.

  38. Genny Kumako

    Genny Kumako20 hours ago

    Andra Day........ Exquisite, gorgeous, sensational......and many more. Loved it!

  39. Asha Asha

    Asha Asha20 hours ago

    Very Happy to see u as a mj fan..

  40. Asha Asha

    Asha Asha20 hours ago

    Cunning lady

  41. CallShells

    CallShells20 hours ago

    Diana Ross😍

  42. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers20 hours ago

    The “countdown” is on-only 2 more days! 🎉🎉🎉 I hope that Julian is one of your three finalists! 💕💕💕

  43. Eva S

    Eva S20 hours ago

    They can go live the private life they so desperately want and I never want to hear about them again. BYE 👋

  44. Maria Romano

    Maria Romano20 hours ago

    Wendy doesn't care!!!.BLAH BLAH BLAH .... DIANA ROSS IS A TRUE TALENT!!! An INTEGRAL part of the HISTORY and SERVICE to HUMANITY..of this COUNTRY!!! ....wendy FLATTERS ITSELF .....empty vessel that itis

  45. bigpink pencil

    bigpink pencil20 hours ago

    13:22 - not a fan of the gay trouser on a straight man.

  46. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers20 hours ago

    Love Diana Ross!💕 I would listen to her new music!

  47. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers21 hour ago

    Seven children when he’s only 21 yrs. old? Another horrible mess! 😡

  48. bigpink pencil

    bigpink pencil21 hour ago

    'fair game' - god that expression. again with the internalised misogyny.

  49. Krystle Day

    Krystle Day21 hour ago

    WTF YAYA!?!?! You are a Mayweather...why the hell would you be messing with a man who had 6 kids before you!?!?! I hope it's just immaturity and you've learned your lesson!!!!




  51. Angelina L

    Angelina L21 hour ago

    i haven't watched wendy's hot topics since december.. It's not the same anymore

  52. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers21 hour ago

    Yaya is a horrible mess!😡

  53. bigpink pencil

    bigpink pencil21 hour ago

    I really do not like the way domestic violence is treated so casually on this show. Just because Wendy normalised it doesn't mean the show should. She also finds very dark things funny.

  54. shadow 008

    shadow 00821 hour ago

    I've been watching Wendy's Ask Wendy segment and I always luuuuuuurrrvvveee how she answers those questions. Like. Always. Love. She's Sooo smart, straight forward and funny. 👍👍👍👍😍







  57. Amber Hatfield

    Amber Hatfield21 hour ago

    I don't think even Nikki M likes Nikki M.

  58. bigpink pencil

    bigpink pencil21 hour ago

    How many days worth of food-bank food could that rolex have paid for?

  59. t a

    t a21 hour ago

    Wendy quit! Tyra is just like Halle Berry. Child She’ll be like liking dem you know what ‼️ #iygmd

  60. Chris Spiers

    Chris Spiers21 hour ago

    Yaya Meriwether dancing on a boat cushion while holding her one month old son? How stupid and dangerous! 😡😡😡 Someone needs to call Child Protective Services!

  61. goska es

    goska es21 hour ago

    what a bunch of nonsense,this program and its topics are.

  62. Groovin Granny

    Groovin Granny21 hour ago

    Sat next to Cardi B on a Delta flight about 3 years back. Knew she was famous, but it took this old lady half the flight to figure it out. She was so sweet to the flight crew (and me), the only sign she was "somebody" was the very large men (security) who met her at the flight.

  63. Yava Tay

    Yava Tay21 hour ago

    That may be the best of his body count tattooed on him 🤷🏾

  64. Sherese Jordan

    Sherese Jordan21 hour ago

    She felt after 20-25 yrs she deserved that "WENDY!"... HaUDoin'?!?!?

  65. A G

    A G21 hour ago

    "Mary-Mary was real cute right...Amen!" 😅😅😅

  66. Ana Bella

    Ana Bella21 hour ago

    Dating someone 20 (or more) years your junior when the person is in her 30s is a whole lot different that when she’s 19. When I was 18, I dated a guy 10 years my senior. We were together for 7 years. Now, in my 30s, I realise just how manipulated I was and had I met him at this age, I wouldn’t have even gone on 1 date with him, let alone drag it for 7 years.

  67. ari kim

    ari kim21 hour ago

    10:25 paris hilton

  68. Simma Downow

    Simma Downow21 hour ago

    Wow Andra, amazing. A-fukking-mazing. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  69. Ta'jee Presswood

    Ta'jee Presswood21 hour ago


  70. Rosalyn Jordan -Hill

    Rosalyn Jordan -Hill21 hour ago

    Wendy have great confidence doesn’t she.😘

  71. Amber Hatfield

    Amber Hatfield21 hour ago

    JACKIE DIDN'T SAY GIA WAS!!! SHE WAS GIVING A COMPARISON TO WHAT TERESA WAS SAYING... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! you didn't like it when folks put out wrong info about you... KARMA

  72. Victor Rodriguez

    Victor Rodriguez21 hour ago

    They set her up got her Jacked up and drowned her. Why don't you tell the truth

  73. Angie

    Angie21 hour ago

    Dear asian gurl, how can she take a break from Vegas Show when she's not even in a position to make business decisions? ughhhh 🤦‍♀️

  74. Ta'jee Presswood

    Ta'jee Presswood21 hour ago

    I feel like Wendy back on Drugs g