Cole The Cornstar
Cole The Cornstar
Cole The Cornstar

Just an 'ole farm boy growing crops and fixing stuff. I am just a young buck but join me on my journey as I learn the ropes to farming and everything that comes with it.

Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad and brother on the farm. His vision is to teach people what goes on during day to day farm operations. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.


  1. Charles Smith

    Charles Smith18 hours ago


  2. Aaron Starko

    Aaron Starko18 hours ago

    Calling a straight cut header a bean head is like calling headlands endrows.... it just ain’t right!

  3. Missy Cronk

    Missy Cronk18 hours ago

    Don’t rush just for us. Sometimes when the excitement comes really fast things don’t go as planned and we got no excitement to look forward 2.

  4. seven eleven

    seven eleven18 hours ago

    Why do you feel the need to always add in the price of the bin site and equipment you purchase every time you talk about them? Id think telling price is certainly enough

  5. Kyle Richardson

    Kyle Richardson18 hours ago

    I had to smile when DC was checking the load, "that ain't going nowhere!" Me strapping down load on a trailer: "that ain't going nowhere!" Wife: "why do men always say that after checking a load? Why would it move if you are the one securing the load?" Me:😶😶😶😶😶😶

  6. Mikesdyna55

    Mikesdyna5518 hours ago

    Your really getting things done Cole great job to all of the Cornstar Clan and we cant forget or Nave

  7. Judy Judd

    Judy Judd19 hours ago

    Dad Cornstarch, you are gold!

  8. Kit Sturm

    Kit Sturm19 hours ago

    I just stumbled on your channel and can’t stop watching your videos... Cole your a bright, sensible funny and charming young man.. your parents should be proud they raised a good son... you are years beyond your youth! looking forward to watching and learning more from you!

  9. CurrentChoices

    CurrentChoices19 hours ago

    how's the lawn though?

  10. Rachel Guess

    Rachel Guess19 hours ago

    Remember that I mentioned you should put in a jetted garden tub in your new master bedroom for soaking because I am sure that right about now your coccyx would REALLY appreciate it!

  11. Judy Judd

    Judy Judd19 hours ago

    This channel is epic!

  12. Gerry Hartung

    Gerry Hartung19 hours ago

    Cole, I think you need a separate chanel about remodel of your old house. "This is Coles Old House" !!!!.

  13. mark iowa

    mark iowa19 hours ago

    Steel prices are going through the roof. Energy prices to follow. Interest rates to follow that. I hope you locked in pricing on the million dollar bin site. If not locked in on price, probably should start calling it the million plus 100k bin site. Other than that, all is well. Great channel, and love Daddy C.

  14. Polite Rude Guy

    Polite Rude Guy19 hours ago

    AOC thinks that the electoral college is just land voting. Ignorant.

  15. Amy Norman

    Amy Norman20 hours ago

    Wow Cole! You did a lot of demo! It is going to be a big Master bedroom with bathroom and closet! Can’t wait to watch the progress videos! 😊

  16. Judy Judd

    Judy Judd20 hours ago

    Good work keeping track of your woodwork placement! You are a can-do kind of guy! Awesome channel!

  17. Calvin Prull

    Calvin Prull20 hours ago

    Cole- "well if you would have bought a green one we wouldn't have this problem" Daddy Cronstar- "well...….. yeah I guess" lmfao go green or go home

  18. Ivan Kastin

    Ivan Kastin20 hours ago

    Things are getting worse, it's so bad that having a job doesn't mean financial security

  19. Bill Hansen

    Bill Hansen20 hours ago

    Very excited for your plans Cole!

  20. Cliff Johnson

    Cliff Johnson20 hours ago

    Cole, love your videos, can you please give us more info on that investment class you took? I have a 14 year old son I want to introduce that to him. Thanks much :-)

  21. Darlene Hanfmann

    Darlene Hanfmann21 hour ago

    Gods best for Cornstar Family♥️

  22. ThatSly B

    ThatSly B21 hour ago

    You lost me at the Jesus thing. And it dont make sense. Every day you pray to Jesus. So why doesnt he make you some money lol

  23. S. Smith

    S. Smith21 hour ago

    my great uncle was farmer in Iowa, he grew corn for jolly time.

  24. Dana Sperling

    Dana Sperling21 hour ago

    Need to get some farm glove merch.

  25. AEStaley1

    AEStaley121 hour ago

    Wow, Coop! Just ....Wow....smh...

  26. id104335409

    id10433540921 hour ago

    O man! I had forgotten how walls are made in the US. In Europe those walls would be brick. These walls look weeeeird.

  27. Michael Shepherd

    Michael Shepherd21 hour ago

    I think Cooper was apprehensive of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and rightly so......those 2 people were so phony.....

  28. Carson Weber

    Carson Weber21 hour ago

    Are you going to get a air reel on that 45 foot draper

  29. Martin Cross

    Martin Cross21 hour ago

    My life, you really look after your stuff !!

  30. Big Rich

    Big Rich21 hour ago

    men dont say they broke their butt, or anounce they have to piss. women do tho. them moments you might have wondered why Pops corn star doesnt talk...well now you know why. us old dogs dont talk bout it. you never heard of a man calling his friends, and ask them does these boots go with my Levis..or do these levis make my ass look big. (lmao)

  31. AEStaley1

    AEStaley122 hours ago

    That is Huge!!!!! (Hope you're ok, Cole)

  32. Robert Fisher

    Robert Fisher22 hours ago

    We appreciate all of your hard work Cole and also your great family for allowing us to come along for the ride. God bless you all.

  33. Amy Vargo

    Amy Vargo22 hours ago

    Make sure the walls aren't load bearing before you start yanking them out.

  34. jacobje125

    jacobje12522 hours ago

    How warm do you keep the heated shop ?

  35. Rasmus Mogensen

    Rasmus Mogensen22 hours ago

    I know, you probably could care less, what I think. But... That is a very nice old house, with some really great details and finishes. It would be a very good idea, to actually get some blueprints and plans done, in order to keep the nice, original features and also make the rooms work for you, now and in the future. Save that bathtub! It is probably cast iron, and like alot of the original parts of the house, they just don't make them like that anymore. And while bubblebaths might not be your thing, it might be great for future wife and kids. Also, when you start designing the new bathrooms, kitchen, etc, try to use things, that goes with the age and style of the house.

  36. Bruce Thomas

    Bruce Thomas22 hours ago

    Monsanto/Bayer - GMO Poison, 24D, Glysophate, face mask also required.

  37. Stacy Kelly

    Stacy Kelly22 hours ago

    Awww....Daddy Cornstar! 😭😭😭

  38. Olaf Schmidt

    Olaf Schmidt22 hours ago

    Cole the cornstar! Now on tv! 😉 Thanks a lot for the video! 😊👍🏻

  39. Russell Petrie

    Russell Petrie22 hours ago

    you say cockits i say cocsiks totmatoe potatoes lol

  40. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal22 hours ago

    Stop exploiting animals for money. Your industry is cruel and destroying the environment. STOP SUPPORTING DAIRY FARMERS.

  41. tiffany

    tiffany22 hours ago

    "look at that view!" Who's a Demo Ranch fan...

  42. Russell Petrie

    Russell Petrie22 hours ago

    257 gained the haircut for it anallll lol

  43. Rosanna Blake

    Rosanna Blake23 hours ago

    I have nothing to do with farming. However I finding it interesting to watch videos on diffrent types of farming. And I really appreciate how you take the time to do videos like this one breaking things down so people like me can have a better understanding.

  44. Donald Gulledge

    Donald Gulledge23 hours ago

    I thought I saw Weird Al Yankovick in your shop!

  45. Mitchell M. Keithley

    Mitchell M. Keithley23 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful sunset thanks Cornstars!!!

  46. maureen bullock

    maureen bullock23 hours ago

    You all are so humble!

  47. Daniel Mansour

    Daniel MansourDay ago

    I've enjoyed the last year watching and seeing how you all grew and changed the farm. It's impressive to watch Daddy Cornstar listen to his adult children and allow the boys to steer the farm's future.

  48. Chrissy Francis8

    Chrissy Francis8Day ago

    What are you apologizing for? I’m amazed at all the skills farmers have. Watching all the farm-tuber winter projects, highlights that. The family farmers I watch are:CEOs, CFOs, COOs, office workers, entrepreneurs, carpenters, mechanics, welders, metal fabricators, botanists, land managers, chemists, engineers, truck & forklift drivers, vehicle detailers, cameramen/anchors & oh, farmers. It takes a bit of all those skills & very hard work to do what you do, which feeds the world.

  49. Jef Larremore

    Jef LarremoreDay ago

    How ironic, the auger grave yard is leaving a family that ... digs graves.

  50. david ford

    david fordDay ago

    Don't buy everything you see on the internet kids. I'm a farmer unless this guy is a moron he's lying.

  51. Janis Osborne

    Janis OsborneDay ago

    Hope u r ok from your fall, Cole.

  52. Steve Neal

    Steve NealDay ago

    sorry about your leg. Hope it will feel better very soon. Great video tho

  53. Ryan Beauchemin

    Ryan BeaucheminDay ago

    Can we get another skiing video?

  54. Caleb Vandervelde

    Caleb VanderveldeDay ago

    I liked the timelapse of different things at the beginning

  55. mrbunny8050

    mrbunny8050Day ago

    According to KCCI they are planning on running their story this coming Monday during the 6 p.m. news.

  56. A McD

    A McDDay ago

    I always assumed the warsh wash thing was just the accent in that part of the world.....learn something new everyday

  57. mdhunsche

    mdhunscheDay ago

    Cole, love the channel, I’m a CPA in Indiana and have a request, farmers have a massive resource to them with the changes to the PPP program, but not all are aware, can you make a comment telling them to call their CPA or Banker to get access to this money? I’m not out to make $, just want them aware as many are not being told about it

  58. Steven Hoberg

    Steven HobergDay ago

    NAVE sighting at 3:03!

  59. Leonard Sanders

    Leonard SandersDay ago

    Cole just remember the bug in its a bugs life. That will keep you from looking at the light. Remember the bug zapper he hit. Love ya'lls videos cooper looks like a pro welder these days.

  60. Mod Squad

    Mod SquadDay ago

    I was on the news one time. Freaking I drop my big hammer on my foot lmaooo

  61. Douglas Lodge

    Douglas LodgeDay ago

    Get rid of the knob and tube ,keep the old switches.

  62. Kim Bain

    Kim BainDay ago

    I enjoy seeing the winter months "down time", to see how you pass the time during the winter, whether it be snow-skiing, doing do-nuts with homemade convertibles, plowing snow off the driveways, or machine maintenance, as well as drinking chocolate milk and regaling us with stories, and cooking for the family after your own long day of outside work (go you, Momma CornSTAR). I love it all. My mom's dad (with a rare college degree in agronomy in the 1920's which made him the "go to" guy for farming help and advice) was a farmer in Idaho. My mom left for the big city of San Francisco as soon as she could escape the farm life and never looked back. I wish we had more of a family record of farming life in the northern United States back then. Though we've got Grandpa's letters home from WWI (very interesting but not good -- he was mustard-gassed), we don't have any kind of a diary of daily life on the farm once he got back. We do know that my grandma, who also was one of the first women to get a college degree back then, also supplemented the family income by teaching (a kindred spirit Momma C.). So even though your farm is 100 years further on it's still interesting to me to see how farmers pass the winter. Not all of us are farmers ourselves, so thanks so much for taking us along on your day-to-day and showing us farm life in the north. I love how down to earth you all are, it's like we are kindred spirits.

  63. The Alberta Farmer

    The Alberta FarmerDay ago

    Straight pipe with the chrome exhaust in Pete’s shop to rial coal going through town

  64. Allen Walters

    Allen WaltersDay ago

    You will love the y drops!!!

  65. NickD 94

    NickD 94Day ago

    15-20 min videos would be better

  66. Jim smith

    Jim smithDay ago

    I love this channel! I grew up in northern Iowa. Worked on farms all of my teen years. I went in the military and never returned to Iowa to live. But one thing is sure. You can take the kid out of Iowa but you can never take Iowa out of the kid! Chocolate milk! I get teased all the time for drinking it at my age. Mountain Dew, Tombstone pizza all Iowa staples. What this channel really shows is that farming is a hard life. Its always season to season. I really appreciate the candor the Cornstar family shows. Daddy Cornstar you are the richest man in Iowa! Great family!

  67. Becky Stancliff

    Becky StancliffDay ago

    Beautiful video and beautiful family ❤

  68. Chickel 2006

    Chickel 2006Day ago

    Cole drooling over that office attached to the garage you could see his wheels turning. And Daddy Cornstar better be careful, all these proud papa moments might make his chest burst!

  69. eoin heaney

    eoin heaneyDay ago

    Can't moive the secreting bord moove the wall 😊🔧

  70. GoServ Global Domestic

    GoServ Global DomesticDay ago

    The new farm shops that have been built in the last 10 to 15 years are amazing. We have a couple donors that let us use their and it is a huge blessing

  71. GoServ Global Domestic

    GoServ Global DomesticDay ago

    Love the shot of the fog rolling in when you opened the door

  72. Pawpaw

    PawpawDay ago

    I noticed the wind turbines in the background. Are they part of your operation? Also as an old guy I enjoy getting up in the morning and watching your videos while drinking my coffee. The positive upbeat energy of your videos are great and much needed these days.

  73. Landon

    LandonDay ago

    What do you use to edit your videos?

  74. matthew paul wark

    matthew paul warkDay ago

    i like your t shirt and jeans and to show my belly button and tummy i take off your t shirt i walk around with no t shirt and i stick out my lovely tounge i lay down on the grass i stick my feet on the grass i put my hands above my head to show my lovely hairy armpits i put my hands in my pockets in my jeans

  75. Knifemakerthor

    KnifemakerthorDay ago

    Yeah, that shed is pretty small.

  76. Julie Engel

    Julie EngelDay ago

    AWWWW DC when you got a bit choked up about your kids, my eyes got that darn ol' onion burn! ❤❤❤ How proud you are of your children, it shows everytime you speak of them! I'm positive they look at and admire you the same way!!

  77. Grandprixtop

    GrandprixtopDay ago

    Cole, you should have washed the Geo before the news people got there, it looked dusty. :) Also, hope you keep growing your hair LONG LONG LONG. It's looking great so far!

  78. Carol Costello

    Carol CostelloDay ago

    Two years already it's been great love you cx Scotland.

  79. Sign In

    Sign InDay ago

    Your head looks unbroken

  80. Luanne M. Ashe

    Luanne M. AsheDay ago

    It's fun watching you fellers in whatever you're doing. I used to ride around with my Grampa and Great Grampa on the tobacco farms when I was teeny tiny. You make me feel good!