1. Jenice Rosas

    Jenice Rosas7 hours ago


  2. slime

    slime7 hours ago

    I want two hundred days

  3. Leena Gammon

    Leena Gammon8 hours ago

    OMG I LOVED MINECRAFT STORY MODE! rueben's death had me in tears

  4. Jackie Li

    Jackie Li8 hours ago

    200 days?

  5. Jaxon Miranda

    Jaxon Miranda8 hours ago

    i would build a house out of a fortress and make a bubble elevator to go down to the actual netherack

  6. Ink 7mmoood

    Ink 7mmoood8 hours ago

    Pls do 500 days

  7. Claudia Lego

    Claudia Lego8 hours ago

    I love these type of videos

  8. RobloxKidGaming

    RobloxKidGaming8 hours ago

    please do part 2! and do 200 days (100 days for that video)

  9. legokid animations

    legokid animations8 hours ago

    How did you know it was the next day

  10. Federico Jaramillo

    Federico Jaramillo8 hours ago

    You were a piglin, eating porkchops... ik you needed to sorta but thats cannibalism...

  11. ali Hassan

    ali Hassan8 hours ago

    Bro from first u had 8 hearts but later u had 20 hearts I don't understand

  12. Nastacia Snegirev

    Nastacia Snegirev8 hours ago

    You can't summon harolbrian in minecraft!!!

  13. Caleb Prisco

    Caleb Prisco8 hours ago

    TIP: if you rename armor/weapons when using an anvil, the EXP cost will not go up.

  14. Jackson Ergun

    Jackson Ergun8 hours ago


  15. Adem KSONTINI

    Adem KSONTINI8 hours ago

    thats the same idia iwas wana do but not be piglin

  16. Victor Pacheco

    Victor Pacheco8 hours ago

    Will u make a part 2?

  17. LandonSizzle

    LandonSizzle8 hours ago

    Why is your voice so soothing?

  18. Ink 7mmoood

    Ink 7mmoood8 hours ago

    That scared the sh!t outta me

  19. The Real Rotties

    The Real Rotties8 hours ago

    Do another 100 days of this

  20. agoodplayer

    agoodplayer8 hours ago

    POV: You are seeing positive comments but also looking for LukeTheNotable comment.

  21. R Khan

    R Khan8 hours ago

    You should create a bee farm.

  22. Alexander Søndergaard

    Alexander Søndergaard8 hours ago

    Im pretty sure you didnt kill a Stray,,


    MMJ PLAYZ8 hours ago

    Here’s a tip: try put a one block hole on your bottom then put a Minecart try trading piglins

  24. Blaze King

    Blaze King8 hours ago

    This was very epic it was also very interesting

  25. Unbreakable 457

    Unbreakable 4578 hours ago

    200 Days

  26. Lucas Schimpf

    Lucas Schimpf9 hours ago

    I like how herobrine who is normally very scary sight is just a Troller

  27. Masons land Chanel

    Masons land Chanel9 hours ago

    I don’t think you. Have a pillaged or a evoker or a vindicater

  28. Nothuman

    Nothuman9 hours ago

    The life of the piglin before dream comes

  29. PlagueDocX

    PlagueDocX9 hours ago

    Everytime he gets ancient debris: A fine addition to add to my collection

  30. Mason Schaal

    Mason Schaal9 hours ago

    Im pretty sure you can use nether wart to breed chickens

  31. DynamicSoulz

    DynamicSoulz9 hours ago

    Any chance on a tutorial for the lab? 😂

  32. Ink 7mmoood

    Ink 7mmoood9 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thinks herobrine is his friend?

  33. bloxy _dev

    bloxy _dev9 hours ago

    Me: Lalalala it’s a nice day *looks up and sees lava* AaaaaaaaaaaAaAaAAAAaAaA

  34. Leo

    Leo9 hours ago

    he used a mod

  35. Roblox Bro’s Gaming

    Roblox Bro’s Gaming9 hours ago


  36. GD RadRyeGuy

    GD RadRyeGuy9 hours ago

    Me: Hhhmmm Everybody: DONT CHOOSE THE OCELOT!!! Me: o c e l o t

  37. Darth Vader16

    Darth Vader169 hours ago

    Hi you’re good at Minecraft and you get the harder advancements

  38. GH01LxSurplus

    GH01LxSurplus9 hours ago

    How did he now how many days it was?

  39. Maylgo

    Maylgo9 hours ago

    Can i try too?

  40. thisislegitness C

    thisislegitness C9 hours ago

    i think fake herobrine lol

  41. Jailwastaken 2.0

    Jailwastaken 2.09 hours ago

    How can you tell what day it is

  42. Duane Bell

    Duane Bell9 hours ago

    Make one but you are a zombie

  43. Good Harvest

    Good Harvest10 hours ago

    That time I got reincarnated as a piglin

  44. Sans

    Sans10 hours ago


  45. Wowza EPIC

    Wowza EPIC10 hours ago

    When you were sheep you were a water sheep

  46. Adrenaline Gamer Games

    Adrenaline Gamer Games10 hours ago

    What server is this

  47. william lim

    william lim10 hours ago


  48. sky smith was taken

    sky smith was taken10 hours ago

    he was a pigeon he c0ould trade with himself

  49. Radíò çh 69

    Radíò çh 6910 hours ago

    Can we get a 100 - 200 days for piglin

  50. Elliott Smith

    Elliott Smith10 hours ago

    Gold sword has less slash cool down then stone

  51. rrodriguez041

    rrodriguez04110 hours ago

    Dude ngl people seem to be liking this vid, you should make a part two.

  52. Arcade33

    Arcade3310 hours ago

    Never played pixelmon but i might try it out!

  53. Keirah-Rose Allison

    Keirah-Rose Allison10 hours ago

    I love this please do a part 2

  54. Aria Stefanova

    Aria Stefanova10 hours ago

    I would be ender dragon because me and my friend ALWAYS pretend I’m the ender dragon.

  55. Aria Stefanova

    Aria Stefanova10 hours ago


  56. LuckyCreeper

    LuckyCreeper10 hours ago

    One time me and my friends died to something and a zombie took all the armor shield and sword having full netherite stuff it sucked to kill

  57. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez10 hours ago

    Can you pls do 200 days

  58. BirbBoi

    BirbBoi10 hours ago

    Herobrine is a very nice twist to a 100 day challenge.

  59. Ana Alves

    Ana Alves10 hours ago

    On 500 days u should make a room with obsidian for the wither to get killed

  60. This can only go well

    This can only go well10 hours ago

    Ah yes Playing Minecraft as a Druid

  61. the real g3579arh

    the real g3579arh10 hours ago


  62. Spintrome X

    Spintrome X10 hours ago

    That's a nice mod🙂 Love your stories

  63. Erick J Esquivias

    Erick J Esquivias10 hours ago

    This is pretty cool but how did you keep track of time in the nether?

  64. gen ren

    gen ren10 hours ago

    Part 2

  65. I am Obama

    I am Obama10 hours ago

    Maybe you should build a piglin shrine

  66. Jaxon Cookie

    Jaxon Cookie10 hours ago

    And Frost Walker Work On Lava?

  67. Lazar Boricic

    Lazar Boricic10 hours ago

    u can smelt with lava bucket and its very good

  68. ThatNoob

    ThatNoob10 hours ago

    Finally a video that really spawns hero brine😫😟

  69. Not Fad3d

    Not Fad3d10 hours ago

    This dude is playing on a gaming laptop I respect that cause I have the msi gf75 thin but he is still makeing better videos then most youtubers

  70. Evergreen

    Evergreen10 hours ago

    This reminds me of everything at once

  71. DforDaniel

    DforDaniel10 hours ago

    Gonna get some tropical fussy. If you know, you know

  72. VlogMom WithoutOnions

    VlogMom WithoutOnions10 hours ago

    Oh my Village how Did you get so lucky

  73. Shada Mega

    Shada Mega11 hours ago

    MAKE A 200 DAYS

  74. RobloxMiner

    RobloxMiner11 hours ago


  75. w3kc

    w3kc11 hours ago

    Retitle this 100 days as your mom

  76. runw1thscissors

    runw1thscissors11 hours ago

    frick u herobrian!!!!!!

  77. nickname375

    nickname37511 hours ago

    Make a bucket. To smelt

  78. Leafeon June

    Leafeon June11 hours ago

    You are so good at building! Also, nice job at surviving 200 days.