Ryan Hurd has written songs recorded by Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, among others.

In 2015, he celebrated his first No. 1 as a songwriter with the GRAMMY \u0026 CMA-nominated single “Lonely Tonight,” recorded by Blake Shelton.

No stranger to the road, Hurd has been tapped by Thomas Rhett, FGL \u0026 Maren Morris for several tours, both domestic \u0026 international. In addition, Hurd was honored to join elite artists, spanning all genres, to be featured in Vevo's dscvr program, named one of Rolling Stone Country's "Artists You Need to Know" \u0026 a CMT "Listen Up" Artist.
In March 2018, He surprised fans by releasing a song, “Diamonds Or Twine,” before his wedding with singer-songwriter Maren Morris. The emotional song hit No. 1 on Sirius XM’s The Highway, thus beginning a new era of creativity for Hurd.

His latest release of “To A T” is a taste of what’s to come from the Kalamazoo, Michigan native’s debut album via RCA Records Nashville.

Ryan Hurd - To a T
  1. Vanessa Fennell

    Vanessa Fennell2 hours ago

    Hits right in the feels

  2. Sarah

    Sarah3 hours ago

    Me 😅

  3. Arica Hans

    Arica Hans4 hours ago

    Ryan looks great with his short hair. Love the song & video

  4. Mark Fagernes

    Mark Fagernes7 hours ago

    I wonder if the one I chased will think of me when she hears this song. ✌️❤️

  5. Dina Sembiring

    Dina Sembiring19 hours ago

    That's voice always whispering in my ears. Love u both❤..ur music is fire ..cool

  6. KissyAdair

    KissyAdairDay ago

    Heard it for the first time this morning, and I love it already.

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  9. Anastacia Jacquin

    Anastacia JacquinDay ago

    This is giving me Tim McGraw and faith hill vibes.

  10. t2hookem

    t2hookemDay ago

    The next Tim and Faith..... Ryan and Marren... this song right here!!! Amazing

  11. meepo merp

    meepo merpDay ago

    how does tekashi new song get close to 40 mil in a week, when this almost getting 1 mil

  12. A L

    A LDay ago

    There was only two reasons why I left and two huge pieces of that puzzle.

  13. Louii 24th

    Louii 24thDay ago

    The best complex sound in this year, so far...

  14. Andrea Hatch

    Andrea HatchDay ago

    I love chasing after you.....have for years. ❤ Wish I could quit you, but it feels too good. Don't know why, but I love chasing after you.....Schmoopies! ❤😉🔨🔨🔨

  15. Rachel Garland

    Rachel Garland2 days ago

    Holy hot but why does Ryan look like he is CGI / from the polar express / a sim?? Plz tell me I’m not alone in thinking this. I don’t hate it. Watching on this repeat. Obsessed. Stan.

  16. Daelynn Seiler

    Daelynn Seiler2 days ago

    This hit different for me and is absolutely some twin flame energy. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet though.

  17. AJ White

    AJ White2 days ago

    Easily one of my favorites since I learned it

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  20. HmongGirlsTravel IG: hmonggirlstravel

    HmongGirlsTravel IG: hmonggirlstravel2 days ago

    Story of ❤❤❤❤

  21. Nathaniel Kuhn

    Nathaniel Kuhn2 days ago

    This was our wedding song, love it.

  22. Andrew Myrthong

    Andrew Myrthong2 days ago

    Goals, man 🥺😍

  23. LaDawn Rushing

    LaDawn Rushing2 days ago

    Love it !!!💯

  24. Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy3 days ago

    Blake and Gwen I hope you are taking notes, this is what a duo should sound like.

  25. Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy3 days ago

    Such a simple video which makes it beautiful. That guitar tho. Be still my heart. :)

  26. 6.0 King

    6.0 King3 days ago

    You and luke combs should be ashamed of your race baiting, will be listening to morgan wallen or Upchurch in the meantime yanno real country music.

  27. Noah Kipp

    Noah Kipp3 days ago

    This song is 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Deborah Bons

    Deborah Bons3 days ago

    Thanks for the music ♥️

  29. Lindsey Burrow

    Lindsey Burrow3 days ago

    Ryan is much better than Maren.

  30. Kashaka Fifia

    Kashaka Fifia3 days ago

    I have just subscribed and😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. Gerri Leid

    Gerri Leid3 days ago

    Love her Curves. Amazing song and Beautiful dear.

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  33. Joshua Van Essendelft

    Joshua Van Essendelft4 days ago

    Nice pop song

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    Love love love this !

  36. Sheila L

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    Love this ❤️

  37. Lexie D.

    Lexie D.4 days ago

    ❤ damn this song lol

  38. Tonya Vance

    Tonya Vance4 days ago

    ❤️I love chasing after you ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Kat M

    Kat M4 days ago

    Got it on repeat...just one mo' time....❤️🎵🎶

  40. Tonya Bursey

    Tonya Bursey5 days ago

    The two sexy voices of country... “Wish I could quit ya but it feels too good” 😉

  41. Monica Peck

    Monica Peck5 days ago

    Who else loves Ryan’s new dad haircut 😍💇

  42. Glory King JJ

    Glory King JJ5 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥😢❤️ beautiful song

  43. Bonnie Collazo

    Bonnie Collazo5 days ago

    Love, love love, this video. Such a good looking couple. More Ryan Hurd songs.

  44. Brian Call

    Brian Call5 days ago

    Love maureen, never really listen to ryan before. But dude great voice. In the beginning you seemed nervous but by the end the way you look at her you can see she believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. I will be checking out some of your music my friend. Great song

  45. Sochan Shimray

    Sochan Shimray5 days ago

    Am gonna make sure it hit million by listening everyday....😎

  46. K Jorgensen

    K Jorgensen5 days ago

    Mmmm ❤❤🔥❤❤

  47. Marie K

    Marie K5 days ago

    why hasn't this been more promoted????????? like wtf are their teams doing???


    MADAKS AMB5 days ago

    Maren moris is just lovely i don't know how to explain how my heart beats when i see her and hear her voice.

  49. Nicole L

    Nicole L5 days ago

    Twin flames vibes (runner/chaser dynamic), coming back to a person that feels like 🏡! Such a great song & cute couple! 💑

  50. Arlie Krismer

    Arlie Krismer5 days ago

    I Used to LOVE Mary morris Intel She cried her way to the top and now wantes to dog the best singer ever morgan wallen it so messed up she just Want the Country fame and it is not right

  51. Susan Flowers

    Susan Flowers5 days ago

    And who ever said new country has nothing on old country, you've done it again! 👏I🤩🥰❣

  52. Lainey Kleever

    Lainey Kleever6 days ago

    Holy starz!! I love this song, and the video is hot 🔥. So much talent between this twisted pair! I relate hard core to these lytics...Ahh- mazing!!

  53. Heather White

    Heather White6 days ago

    New fan of Ryan. I've always loved Maren. You guys nailed it with this song <3 The voices are perfect and the instrumental gives me chills. That guitar...delicious. Great job.

  54. Susie Reynolds

    Susie Reynolds6 days ago

    Don’t like anymore

  55. Nicki smith

    Nicki smith6 days ago

    Why haven’t I heard this song before today .??? Yes 🙌 top song for me

  56. Hannah Beaumont

    Hannah Beaumont6 days ago

    They are so cute! I just found out they are actualy married.

  57. Courtney Boudreau

    Courtney Boudreau6 days ago

    The tune does it more me!! Ryan has a beautiful voice

  58. VernettaSingleeton Singleton

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  59. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams6 days ago

    This guy has a great voice and Maren always deliver amazing song

  60. Kate Wiley

    Kate Wiley6 days ago

    Such a beautiful and soothing song

  61. LiLah

    LiLah6 days ago

    me finding out that they're married 👁👄👁

  62. Lisa Kennington

    Lisa Kennington6 days ago

    Lawd!! I need a cold drink of water after all that hotness!!! Gorgeous people with gorgeous voices singin a GORGEOUS song!! Thank you!! 😘❤️💕

  63. LiLah

    LiLah6 days ago

    this is such a vibe

  64. john rains

    john rains6 days ago

    This woman is not a country artist shes a liberal freak I wouldn't listen to this shit at all she has alot to.say about so.e of our true country artist dont.listen to this crap uf you don't like the south then dont try and be something your not girl

  65. Elize Botha

    Elize Botha7 days ago

    Wow! Beautiful Song ❤️❤️❤️

  66. HappyEndings

    HappyEndings7 days ago

    I love the height difference between them.

  67. Elize Botha

    Elize Botha7 days ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  68. Waylon Hoss

    Waylon Hoss7 days ago

    Music video is a music video..... But that was beautiful. Incredible.

  69. julie begley

    julie begley7 days ago

    Oh and I love the song too.

  70. julie begley

    julie begley7 days ago

    Wow they are beautiful together

  71. Dustin Hanoum

    Dustin Hanoum7 days ago

    I love u Nikki , u need to open ur eyes and see what’s goin on around you

  72. sherry parker

    sherry parker7 days ago

    we love you

  73. Niki Turner

    Niki Turner7 days ago

    Love this ♥️

  74. Sarah Winters

    Sarah Winters7 days ago

    Can you please make an album together?

  75. Marcia Gordon

    Marcia Gordon7 days ago

    Hands down best song! Love you both as musicians and what a beautiful family!

  76. Kahmal Tosis

    Kahmal Tosis7 days ago

    Where muh kuntry gone?

  77. Kahmal Tosis

    Kahmal Tosis7 days ago

    Maren morris is not country

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  79. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo

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    absolutely beautiful...brings back a lot of memories this song xo

  80. Spenster

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    Complete Masterpiece