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  1. Izzy

    Izzy7 hours ago

    Kudos to the student for staying so calm i honestly don't think I could in that situation 👏👏

  2. Jacob Woodward

    Jacob Woodward7 hours ago

    Something I’ve noticed is that when the text is there it’s far easier to hear the right words out the of atc mouth and for us since we know what’s gonna happen we have a confirmation bias, if you close your eyes so you can’t see the text and listen it sounds like “continue onto runway 25, traffic on the runway.” Now you’d think that you wouldn’t move after hearing traffic on the runway but the word traffic could have been messed up when played through the planes radio, we are listening to the atc recording. That’s why atc is so clear and Ford isn’t. After seeing that it makes it easy to see how the mistake could be made. Ontop of this people are mentioning the fact that he has made two mistakes now. The problem is when a pilot makes a mistake you generally don’t know the pilot and if you do know the name you Likely will forget because they have no fame. I’m sure there are hundreds of pilots that make mistakes like this all the time but don’t make headlines cause it’s not someone that’s famous.

  3. Aviator Gamer

    Aviator Gamer7 hours ago

    First time hearing the ELT going off

  4. moncorp1 Inc

    moncorp1 Inc8 hours ago

    good lord I don't even fly and I started to figure it out...

  5. Phil m Photographic

    Phil m Photographic8 hours ago

    Tower was definitely at fault _ continue to...Is a terrible call to a pilot holding expecting a cross instruction!!! He was happy holding !!! Just speak when it's clear to cross fool!... Boring conversation anyway...Luke we are going to have company!!

  6. Ros

    Ros8 hours ago

    The amount of information this ATC has to juggle is obscene

  7. David Powell

    David Powell8 hours ago

    Rookie pilot. I would have accepted the landing, "confirm, we are cleared to land on Delta?" How often do we get to be Han Solo and get away with it?

  8. Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith8 hours ago

    Mad respect to her

  9. Boat Docks

    Boat Docks8 hours ago

    Glad to see so many folks were able to collect their carry on luggage during the evacuation

  10. Grimm Ace

    Grimm Ace8 hours ago

    at 17 i was still picking my nose and trying to figure out what to do with the booger

  11. Grimm Ace

    Grimm Ace8 hours ago

    good job maggie...i'd say anything else you do in life will seem easy compared to this

  12. Jason Thomas

    Jason Thomas8 hours ago

    How long has this guy even flown international much less IFR

  13. kk doc

    kk doc8 hours ago

    What’s the follow up with the instructor? Why did he lose consciousness?

  14. Grimm Ace

    Grimm Ace9 hours ago

    glad all involved made it out of this with their lives.

  15. Swiss003

    Swiss0039 hours ago

    A Dash 8Q400 is an *aerobatic* aircraft

  16. Jean Xza

    Jean Xza9 hours ago

    Talk about baptism by fire

  17. Airbus Express

    Airbus Express9 hours ago

    TSA can confiscate shampoo out of your bag in 20 seconds, but it takes law enforcement 20 minutes to respond to a guy breaching the airfield.

  18. Nadejda Kopanova

    Nadejda Kopanova9 hours ago

    hya do you have any recordings on the incident happening for Air France on the flight Paris - New Delhi the other day when an unruly passenger was treating other passengers and the cabin crew causing the flight to request emergency landing at Sofia Airport?

  19. Space JAGA

    Space JAGA10 hours ago

    First ATC was kinda bitchy....

  20. Space JAGA

    Space JAGA10 hours ago

    Is the flaps failure new hip thing or something?

  21. Noah Stabler

    Noah Stabler10 hours ago

    How did he manage to get a solo?! He’s nowhere near ready.

  22. meRyanP

    meRyanP10 hours ago

    Call dispatch with the new route, get an amendment to the release, add fuel, off you go. That flight almost certainly could have taken that route.

  23. Emi Hirst

    Emi Hirst10 hours ago

    4:05 Dalek?

  24. Adam W

    Adam W10 hours ago

    HL1004 say type of aircraft and how many souls on board.? HL1004 a rubber band wind up glider plane I got as a child. with two souls on board HL1004 . say agin you are in coming broken and screwed

  25. VMC Aviation Videos

    VMC Aviation Videos10 hours ago

    Good JOB!

  26. Skyven Razgriz

    Skyven Razgriz10 hours ago

    Hey jetblue, ever heard of a PAN PAN call ? I mdan the were so persitence of not declaring a emeegency in the befinning...

  27. Mauri Silverman

    Mauri Silverman10 hours ago

    rest in peace

  28. Kristopher McCamis

    Kristopher McCamis11 hours ago

    Darn right UPS should give them permission to use their ramp 🤣

  29. Trevor Williams

    Trevor Williams11 hours ago

    Sounds like the ELT coming through in the TRACON, so most likely coming from the ramp?

  30. William Cotton

    William Cotton11 hours ago

    Whenever something goes wrong on JFK Ground: "Get me Car 99 immediately!"

  31. D W Conrad

    D W Conrad11 hours ago

    Interesting... I watched a different video that put some of the blame on the pilot. They broke the conversation down into segments and explained what was happening.

  32. tha Real Mike Zee

    tha Real Mike Zee11 hours ago

    Okay I'm not sure why you'd leave out captions...but I've never seen this channel before I'll check it out

  33. R A

    R A11 hours ago

    Were gonna try to extend it to make the runway. If it's questionable then it's a dumb idea.

  34. Speedster14 5

    Speedster14 511 hours ago

    Why Shannon is useful in this age

  35. That Guy

    That Guy11 hours ago

    You never brandish a weapon... unless it needs to be used.

  36. GodsWork InProgress

    GodsWork InProgress11 hours ago

    Wow, a friend sent me this video.. I just watched this with tears in my eyes.. Gone but not forgotten- Amen!!!

  37. Channel Dad Bryon Lape

    Channel Dad Bryon Lape12 hours ago

    Cell phones don't work very well 10,000 feet above the tours.

  38. 12345fowler

    12345fowler12 hours ago

    SO all people usually bragging thatthe F-15 is the cream of the cream fighter, unsurpassed, THE BEST. Here is the truth. The guy needed intercept instructions from ATC and could'nt event paint the hostile on his radar at a distance of less than 12 NM. But maybe the pilot forgot how to switch his radar on.

  39. forceinfinity

    forceinfinity12 hours ago

    First time I've ever heard an ELT. Thanks to those that answered on other threads what an ELT is. Learning something new every time I listen to this channel

  40. Dinstaar

    Dinstaar12 hours ago

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting all these videos together.

  41. Channel Dad Bryon Lape

    Channel Dad Bryon Lape12 hours ago

    They see each other and still hit. Listen, don't just talk.

  42. Grimm Ace

    Grimm Ace12 hours ago

    do these communications sound this bad to the people actually doing the communication at the time? or is it a lot clearer in reality?

  43. Paul Downey

    Paul Downey12 hours ago

    SIA634 is a B-777 from the radar tag. Most airliners come down final with about a ground speed of about 120 knots or so and on a 3 degree descent path. This gives about a 600 foot per minute descent rate required. I have a Boeing 777 type rating btw. ANA111 and SIA634 were doing about 111 knots ground speed inside of 5 nm. Air carriers and the governing bodies set rules for when you have to configured, on speed and stable on final. An unstable approach can often times be a key cause of a landing problem. 1000 feet above field elevation IFR (weather poor) configured, stable on speed with the power up is about the norm. Here we find the two aircraft are about 4 nautical miles apart (nm) and are doing about 2 nm per minute. ANA111 lands and on a 3 mile final SIA634 is sent around at about 1000 feet above the field and 90 seconds before touch down approximately. ANA111 is clearing when SIA634 is at 2nm final and 600 feet above the field or 60 seconds before landing. It should be noted the usual go around point on a category 1 ILS (instrument landing system approach) is 200 feet agl (above ground level). It appears the controller was a new guy in training. Most controllers would just tell the landing aircraft to expediate clearing the runway, traffic short final and tell the traffic on final to slow to approach speed. The captain of the plane on approach would say to his/her first officer that he had someone still on the runway, and they would both mentally get ready for a go around. The ATC facility may have had a very conservative 1000 ft go around rule if traffic was still on the runway. If this were chicago ohare KORD the controller would just tell ANA to expediate his ass off the highspeed taxiway and tell SIA to keep coming and he would call the go if necessary and he would do it with absolutely not missing a beat. If this was KORD or New York ATC and there was a go they would just say sorry for the go around, we will bring you right around in a tight box pattern and fit you right in and they would ask how are you doing on fuel..... The controller was doing the best he could and I don't think I could learn Japanese and be a controller, he will get better at english.... the SIA pilot is running out of fuel and ideas, I have been there many times and he is not angry but assertive... he needs to be very assertive because he is burning fuel fast and the controllers need to understand a problem has developed. Asking why he was sent around is necessary because it may affect his next attempted landing. For example the runway may be temporarily closed due to a problem. Stuff breaks, people make mistakes, as a pilot you learn to gracefully recover from problems.....

  44. Analog Weapon

    Analog Weapon12 hours ago

    Why didn't they just send AFL122 down to Yankee once they learned about the cones?

  45. George Washington

    George Washington13 hours ago

    that pilot is an idiot / the controller referenced helicopters numerous times making it obvious the pilot should have mentioned he was a fixed wing

  46. Bill Mussetter

    Bill Mussetter13 hours ago

    It always amazes me how calm pilots remain in an emergency, even significant ones. I once heard they call it the Yeager Effect, because he never got excited in any circumstances. Man had nerves of steel and testicles to match!

  47. Alabama Coastie

    Alabama Coastie13 hours ago

    This is a PERFECT example of why the ATC system needs to get away from voice comms. There's too much unnecessary babble that could be accomplished electronically. There's also too much room for error in 2 people trying to relay complex and exact instructions over a sometimes static-filled radio.

  48. Paladin 06

    Paladin 0613 hours ago

    Air Canada....again. At least they took "go around".

  49. Gabe C

    Gabe C13 hours ago

    It's always fairly easy to back seat the pilot, but in those case, there are some concerns with the First Officer's (I assume) radio communications. He's not speaking particularly clearly, missing questions from ATC, and causing the Captain to come over and correct multiple times. Of course, it's an emergency situation so he has other obligations, but it just seems rather subpar especially in this situation.

  50. TSM _Lloyd

    TSM _Lloyd13 hours ago


  51. Random Acts of Video

    Random Acts of Video13 hours ago

    I was going to say this was a re-upload until I remembered the other one was a JAZZ flight.

  52. Alabama Coastie

    Alabama Coastie13 hours ago

    This dude corrects people's spelling in comment threads as a hobby.

  53. Bryce Grounds

    Bryce Grounds13 hours ago

    Rip sky guy he was a good guy and like he said he had a few screws left

  54. José Francisco

    José Francisco13 hours ago

    15k views, 0 dislikes, that's why I love this aviation community

  55. Christopher Steven Lydick

    Christopher Steven Lydick13 hours ago

    Something I've never understood (not a pilot, just an enthusiast) - are emergency declarations supposed to report fuel remaining in minutes/time or in pounds/weight? The ATC at 3:14 asks for pounds first and corrects to minutes. But I've definitely heard other recordings where they ask for pounds, not minutes. What's the actual requirement here?

  56. norbert1636

    norbert163613 hours ago

    WOw, just yesterday I tried to land flapless 738 and on short final stall speed was 150kts or so and it's not a problem unless in winter condition you have poor breaking action, good decision to divert as there was accident on KLGA Delta MD applied to much breaking on snowy runway ending up in rwy excursion

  57. radtech21

    radtech2113 hours ago

    Untrimmed aircraft or untrimmed video? Either way, we’re going sideways!

  58. mr_nice_hearted

    mr_nice_hearted13 hours ago

    And hen they are shocked when planes crash!

  59. Gordo

    Gordo13 hours ago

    Isn't really surprising. The plane flew once prior to this flight back in February after storage at Pinal Park.

  60. Protoka

    Protoka14 hours ago

    Could you imagine it's some guy dressed up in a giant cone standing on the runway playing chicken with airliners.

  61. j4c3kp

    j4c3kp14 hours ago

    "Endeavor 5578 contact the Road Traffic Control at ..."

  62. Michael Mustillo

    Michael Mustillo14 hours ago

    Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle... dana wise?

  63. Blake Kercovich

    Blake Kercovich14 hours ago

    Main lesson from this: get better headphones for the student aircrafts! LOL Amazing job by ATC an Max, perfect you walk away from.

  64. Sean Ring

    Sean Ring14 hours ago

    what was the alarm?

  65. chad f

    chad f14 hours ago

    Wow. ATC was awesome! Very calm and professional but not too stiff. Probably helped settle the kid's nerves. Kid did a great job of staying calm as well.

  66. Ken Clark

    Ken Clark14 hours ago

    Ok what do you mean by untrimmed? Flaps and trim are two different things. Do you mean editing ?

  67. Bob Crone

    Bob Crone14 hours ago

    First officer or PIC probably should have stated the nature of the issue before being queried about it (by ATC). Kinda sloppy on the comms.

  68. Adepic

    Adepic14 hours ago

    That ATC controller almost had a stroke

  69. Flapppy tAppy Bird

    Flapppy tAppy Bird14 hours ago

    First officer sounds incompetent, 54 souls (forgot the count the pilots) captain keeps having to step in on the radio for him. Geez private pilots have better radio skills than him.

  70. Jeremy Tong

    Jeremy Tong14 hours ago


  71. nightw4tchman

    nightw4tchman14 hours ago

    Jesus christ that emergency response, they were on it!

  72. John Hart

    John Hart14 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the controllers declare emergency for them? As soon as they mentioned the flaps.

  73. Jonathan Stewart

    Jonathan Stewart14 hours ago

    Why divert? Longer runway?

  74. Janice P Ellis

    Janice P Ellis14 hours ago

    I know controllers don't have a lot of time to get their instructions to pilots, but do they have to talk THAT fast? I'm surprised there aren't many more situations like this, resulting from how fast the controller talked.

  75. Nat Pavasant

    Nat Pavasant15 hours ago

    Was it cut or JBU1262 wasn't given clearance to KJFK? ("Cleared to Kennedy via radar vector", etc)

  76. Escaping from New York

    Escaping from New York15 hours ago

    The a**hole comment was correct. Sounds like a spoiled teenager. This is the type of guy you have to stop yourself from punching in the face

  77. Ax Xx

    Ax Xx15 hours ago

    This is heartbreaking to listen to if that poor woman is having a stroke. She still really tried to continue her job, I can't believe a supervisor didn't notice this.

  78. dcf4psu

    dcf4psu15 hours ago

    Good to have a 14,000ft runway in the neighborhood.

  79. Ruben Villanueva

    Ruben Villanueva15 hours ago

    Another day at the office, back to lunch.

  80. gomphrena -beautiful flower-

    gomphrena -beautiful flower-15 hours ago

    Good job, all! A couple of questions: What was that goshawful audible alarm in the Tower? And what is an ELT? (Not to be confused with a BLT; *that* I could eat right this minute!)