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  1. ZH_Racin

    ZH_Racin13 hours ago


  2. I Like Pink

    I Like Pink13 hours ago

    0:34 Quin Houff!

  3. The54Car

    The54Car13 hours ago

    I like the touch of adding Brads smoking brakes lol

  4. Kathy Satterfield

    Kathy Satterfield13 hours ago

    I love collecting nascar diecast

  5. John Vandeventer the MLB baseball fan 2020

    John Vandeventer the MLB baseball fan 202013 hours ago

    Congrats to Bell

  6. Nikkiv_2020 YT

    Nikkiv_2020 YT13 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the customs

  7. Ryan damon

    Ryan damon13 hours ago


  8. Doug Dunbar

    Doug Dunbar13 hours ago

    Hell Yeah!!! C Bell is IN THE PLAYOFFS! 🏁🏁🏁

  9. RonaldBackmarkersFan

    RonaldBackmarkersFan13 hours ago

    Cool stop motion!

  10. Jayden Sanchez

    Jayden Sanchez13 hours ago


  11. Duplo_Maestro

    Duplo_Maestro13 hours ago

    Kurt Busch hates that track

  12. IanHD

    IanHD13 hours ago


  13. Caeleb 22

    Caeleb 2213 hours ago

    I read it wrong I thought the it said " Christopher bell's first win like Nascar wanted" XDD

  14. Natethesnake3

    Natethesnake313 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how they already have di-casts of cars that don't even have them yet?

  15. Movement

    Movement13 hours ago

    Bell is the best

  16. Bell Fam

    Bell Fam13 hours ago

    I am the biggest Bell fan out there

  17. anandguruji83

    anandguruji8313 hours ago


  18. ninjaXavier2

    ninjaXavier213 hours ago

    when you block but fail

  19. Stefan Helms

    Stefan Helms13 hours ago

    Its My Dream Nascar Live😊🤔

  20. A Froghair

    A Froghair13 hours ago

    Yates power; you gotta' love it.

  21. Stefan Helms

    Stefan Helms13 hours ago

    Hey Grüße aus Hamburg Ger.😊🤘🤣

  22. Gress Nelson

    Gress Nelson13 hours ago

    No race could ever beat this race

  23. removedd

    removedd13 hours ago

    Please get rid of the stages on road!! Also, not everything needs safety car..! Double waved yellow can also work

  24. Sabastian Moore

    Sabastian Moore14 hours ago

    Can we get rid of stage racing please? Especially in trucks. The races are short enough in trucks they don't need stages

  25. BuckshotLOL

    BuckshotLOL14 hours ago

    If that was at talledaga those flag men would have not had fun that week

  26. lightningcount123

    lightningcount12314 hours ago

    Rubbin's Racing!

  27. Vell Baria Official Channel

    Vell Baria Official Channel14 hours ago

    9 and 11 are closed to each other too much.

  28. MrWillyP

    MrWillyP14 hours ago

    That rain caution was stupid

  29. theoboegoddess

    theoboegoddess14 hours ago

    He’s like lightning McQueen before he got humbled 😂

  30. Nascar Boy Navy 1

    Nascar Boy Navy 115 hours ago


  31. Christopher Estes

    Christopher Estes15 hours ago

    glad to see it represented

  32. Christopher Estes

    Christopher Estes15 hours ago

    I stand behind Ford

  33. Andy Garcia

    Andy Garcia15 hours ago


  34. Christopher Estes

    Christopher Estes15 hours ago

    FORD- i believe

  35. Erratic Aspect

    Erratic Aspect15 hours ago

    His team screwed him over he had the championship in his hands. How do you forget what tires go on which side?

  36. ThA MAN C MAcK

    ThA MAN C MAcK16 hours ago

    BUT I CAN’T STOP! No breaks Chief.

  37. Matty Green

    Matty Green16 hours ago

    I wish I could apply for a job there It looks like alot of fun With 15 years of landscape construction experience I think I'd be good at it But I'm in Canada with no intention of leaving

  38. NASCAR Harper42

    NASCAR Harper4216 hours ago

    Well DW, I think if you need any proof for your theory on the heat tornado thing, lap 55 (I think. It was the 6th caution, it just says 14 to go and I did the math off the top of my head) of this race is the thing to look at.

  39. Cenon Saranguero

    Cenon Saranguero16 hours ago

    And They Are The Tanks Destroyed

  40. Jojo Reyes

    Jojo Reyes17 hours ago

    Bristol: turning cars into nothing since 1990

  41. Karol Zawislak

    Karol Zawislak17 hours ago

    Concerning that the guy with the disc cutter no dust mask doesn’t seem to have hearing protection or eye protection

  42. Диана Школа

    Диана Школа17 hours ago

    i love nascar

  43. Conor Horn

    Conor Horn17 hours ago

    This was when they realized he was their guy for the booth

  44. pinky

    pinky17 hours ago

    ditch the stages, ruins the racing.

  45. Allthatyoutouch

    Allthatyoutouch18 hours ago

    How is this "Xfinity" ?

  46. PugsNotDrugs4

    PugsNotDrugs418 hours ago

    NASCAR is the new WWE. Manufactured entertainment.

  47. mawsan thu

    mawsan thu18 hours ago

    31: GAS GAS GAS

  48. YayneYayne

    YayneYayne18 hours ago

    imagine how annoying it must be to (probably) accidently turn someone and be like "oops, sorry" then this happens

  49. Cody Ngo

    Cody Ngo18 hours ago

    I remember when someone was telling us that the Daytona 500 is gonna get postponed and it was gonna get rained all day for several days but he got MOST OF THE information wrong that's what you get you were listening to the wrong stuff!

  50. Arby's And teh chief

    Arby's And teh chief18 hours ago

    So within a Month: 24 hours Lemans: Road course config Daytona Clash 1: Oval Daytona Clash 2: Road course Daytona 500: Oval Daytona road course Whatever these people get paid, they deserve a raise.

  51. Chad Cudi

    Chad Cudi18 hours ago

    That shadow through 1 and 2 to start is wild or maybe my screen

  52. Rommie Khalil

    Rommie Khalil19 hours ago

    Need better commentators, it’s like nails on a chalkboard

  53. Jojo Reyes

    Jojo Reyes19 hours ago

    Looks like he lived up to that M&Ms crispy commercial.

  54. Dont ask

    Dont ask19 hours ago

    Children playing with themselves.

  55. brandon jodrey

    brandon jodrey19 hours ago

    Car on fire

  56. Source One News

    Source One News20 hours ago

    Walter Ballard was funny 😁 ! I grew up with him and his kids

  57. Cenon Saranguero

    Cenon Saranguero20 hours ago



    HMS SIGN SHOP20 hours ago

    What's up Chris!!!!! That's my homie!!!

  59. Swindell Mack

    Swindell Mack20 hours ago

    On other example of 'meat and taters' unseen, that makes all this possible. Thanks guys! Seriously...Thanks...🙂👍


    ANGELO RACER 2021 hour ago


  61. that one farmer gaming

    that one farmer gaming21 hour ago

    Who's here after he won the 500

  62. XG Official

    XG Official21 hour ago

    Theres so many sim racing haters here. You do know sim racing has been going on for 20 years right? And these guys are just trying to have fun. You seriously can't tell me that if you played this simulation, you would say it wasn't fun. I used to be a hater too, until I tried iRacing. Seriously, its fun. And that's the whole point in the end, its supposed to be fun. And who cares if its fake racing? It doesn't matter at all. Its supposed to be entertaining. And if you're hating on sim racing, theres literally other eSports that you can watch that might be your interest. And the funny thing is, I never see people calling eSports "fake sports"

  63. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude21 hour ago


  64. toolman thetim

    toolman thetim21 hour ago

    the rolex 24 didn't always have a speed limit on pit lane. with 8 minutes to go, danny ongias needed a splash of fuel. he was radar slocked at 184 miles an hour ON PIT ROAD!

  65. caden symmes

    caden symmes22 hours ago

    I think of him about all the movies has has been a mall cop grown-ups

  66. Troy Paauw

    Troy Paauw22 hours ago

    **s1apsh0es has entered the chat**

  67. Araaf gamer

    Araaf gamer22 hours ago

    "You know what they say rubbins racing"

  68. Pilotkrish

    Pilotkrish22 hours ago

    Guys he won the daytona 500 but I have a question did he cheat he caused so many cars to crash before winning even Kyle busch got wrecked completely in the daytona 500 last lap. Because of him