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Over The Moon

Over The Moon

3 years ago

THERE'S 20,000 OF US!


4 years ago

The Sochi Hotel Games
  1. Sleepy DeadFOX

    Sleepy DeadFOX17 hours ago

    Guuuuuys, I think I have covid. Help I’m scared.

  2. Charlote'ann Taumoepeau

    Charlote'ann Taumoepeau17 hours ago

    I can totally relate to a sister blaming one a another my sister dose that to me all the time LOL

  3. Sandy Wordinger

    Sandy Wordinger17 hours ago

    Hey make sure Noble videos because you know you should really visit Chernobyl there's like freezer band houses yeah you can go on the actual exclusion Zone yes you're right you can go inside of the exclusion Zone and you can also take a tour of the power plant oh fun fact and BP number four reactor or you will be dead in our don't even ask it's it's just too much in the exclusion Zone exclusion Zone

  4. Charlote'ann Taumoepeau

    Charlote'ann Taumoepeau17 hours ago

    Your videos are amazing! And I LOVE THEM!

  5. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust17 hours ago


  6. _-* Just_Some_Weird _Hooman*-_

    _-* Just_Some_Weird _Hooman*-_17 hours ago

    . O /|\ /\ _Why did I make this random stick figure dude_

  7. Jemma Soto

    Jemma Soto18 hours ago

    You are so cool and i also played to.

  8. Krislord C. Albania II

    Krislord C. Albania II18 hours ago

    Rebecca; ''there is a darkness in this squishy soul of mine.'' me; ''OMG,same''

  9. Malachi King

    Malachi King18 hours ago

    That princess has a game my friend Jenice and I played but never finished the game so if you can find it make a video on it and Im a big fan 😀😀

  10. dio brando

    dio brando18 hours ago

    I got sick literally 8 years ago

  11. Yanyan xd Young

    Yanyan xd Young18 hours ago

    How are you today Rebecca 🙂🙂

  12. Bubbles King

    Bubbles King18 hours ago

    She used the same intro last year

  13. MJ Mike H

    MJ Mike H18 hours ago

    hey I heard ur having trouble with music! I’ve made these lyrics and a song named love for u to use if u want? :> Is it so easy to say that, when I met you, I had butterflies *in ,* my head will you ever love me? Love my little heart to the sea ~~ well I think so, I love so! And you can thank, me, *later!!* It’s so hard to say that I love you It’s so lovely to think that you, do, too!! Will you guide my heart, will you brew a human love? (reference sentence) Not just a curse, of a witches (witch’s) love!! It’s so lovely to say..that you love me! I love you too, but will you ever say, the, *truth?~~* love! love! In a million ways! I say love! love! In a thousand ways! Oh, oh, it’s so grudging for you to sayyy That you hate me, that you will never hold a piece together But I won’t care, for I’ll go shoo those, moths, *away!!* would it be crazy to say that you are my love! (x2 while calm music) may be cringe but it’s a song ok I’m not a singer I’m a scripter

  14. Tynarlo Walton

    Tynarlo Walton18 hours ago

    “It’s not stealing if she was gonna buy it anyways!” Rebecca - 2020

  15. Steph Dean

    Steph Dean18 hours ago

    my brother hit my in the face with a spade Blood.....

  16. Channel Bug

    Channel Bug19 hours ago

    *no nope nah nu no nope nu nah nah uh no no no! No! No! I’m No! NO! NO! IM NO! yE- NO!*

  17. Channel Bug

    Channel Bug19 hours ago

    *IM NO*

  18. brunt spaghetti

    brunt spaghetti19 hours ago


  19. brunt spaghetti

    brunt spaghetti19 hours ago


  20. Game start

    Game start19 hours ago

    I hate how at schools the teachers are like “oH IF YoU aRe bEINg ATtaCKEd Go To thE teAchER BeCaUSe You’RE NoT aLOuD tO Be deFENsIVe Teachers and principals are usual stupid as fuuuuu

  21. Katie Brown-Farquhar

    Katie Brown-Farquhar19 hours ago

    How have I never seen this before

  22. Danyle Shreve

    Danyle Shreve19 hours ago

    It’s dolls

  23. Cyber Kat Impostor djfjhdsjvuksoh

    Cyber Kat Impostor djfjhdsjvuksoh19 hours ago

    *I love you Becca*

  24. Game start

    Game start19 hours ago

    0:08 aBITCHally

  25. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones19 hours ago

    Is it dolls I think its dolls you know what it is? its dolls I think it is I think

  26. Michael Young Jr.

    Michael Young Jr.19 hours ago

    Optimism has 100000000000 ping

  27. Redundant Girl Gacha UwU

    Redundant Girl Gacha UwU19 hours ago

    *me seriously rethinking going to animation school when I get older...*

  28. Sugar Sweets

    Sugar Sweets19 hours ago

    Anyone in 2020?👁👄👁

  29. Tynarlo Walton

    Tynarlo Walton19 hours ago

    3:27 gave me a lot of idea for gacha life characters

  30. Kendra Chavez

    Kendra Chavez19 hours ago


  31. Keept1 Down11

    Keept1 Down1119 hours ago

    Huh okay her voice and attitude on it feels like me when im always sick on November-December (Kept puking thoses two months btw feel good soon baaaai)

  32. Is Me UwU

    Is Me UwU19 hours ago

    I love this vid

  33. Sara E

    Sara E19 hours ago

    Too much rhyming ugh oh no I’m dead

  34. Charlotte Chimchar YT

    Charlotte Chimchar YT19 hours ago

    soo you're saying perfume is evil ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. rafflesia_flower LOL

    rafflesia_flower LOL19 hours ago

    Press F to pay respects for Chris Miller. (Original comment's replies was full so I made a new one)

  36. Black Widow

    Black Widow19 hours ago

    Becca is not in a good mood

  37. Hiba Rao

    Hiba Rao19 hours ago

    0:43 : the english *(Auto-Generated)* subtitles: while the other kids on the street were like *benefit better pom pom pom pom pom pom fight butter butter butter butter butter bum bum bum fight butter butter butter butter * _ect. i don’t wanna write butter no more :’)_

  38. Jordan Is Cool YT

    Jordan Is Cool YT20 hours ago

    (' ')

  39. Darrell Tyaga

    Darrell Tyaga20 hours ago

    Sickness-exists No reason why Rebbeca ur. Crazy

  40. R3B00T3D

    R3B00T3D20 hours ago

    2:37 Shameless NITW plug

  41. Confusion TNT

    Confusion TNT20 hours ago

    The odd1sout 3am time

  42. Darrell Tyaga

    Darrell Tyaga20 hours ago

    Umm u dead rebbeca

  43. Maggie Hedges

    Maggie Hedges20 hours ago

    Omg u live in TX!!!!!!!!!

  44. Wolfy_Human UwU

    Wolfy_Human UwU20 hours ago

    "Mabel" i guess cuz that's the only five letter words i see in this two las phrases .-., hope i get it right ÚwÙ,,,,, oooh and also "alack"

  45. Harleen Singh

    Harleen Singh20 hours ago


  46. hank mation

    hank mation20 hours ago

    If anyone in my school did this even if fighting in defend we would've get a woop to the ass

  47. Natasha May

    Natasha May20 hours ago


  48. Alyvia Cullum

    Alyvia Cullum21 hour ago

    You have 3.17m

  49. Sam Studio

    Sam Studio21 hour ago

    Dog: arf...arf...arf You: huh?

  50. Lovley Rea

    Lovley Rea21 hour ago

    me: does math in my head ok 1x6 is 7 right oh no nvm- my dad: u know that's incorrect right?

  51. gracelyn Atkinson

    gracelyn Atkinson21 hour ago

    You sound like lauranzside

  52. Ryan Rieder

    Ryan Rieder21 hour ago


  53. Jay_killer360

    Jay_killer36021 hour ago

    thx for making this song, i really appreciate it

  54. deewandafields

    deewandafields21 hour ago

    3:11 made my heart beat fast and race That was creepy AF

  55. Alexis McCracken

    Alexis McCracken21 hour ago

    Why where you singing?

  56. Heng Shu Wei

    Heng Shu Wei21 hour ago

    once i ate an ant it actually wasn't that bad

  57. xxzoe._.bearxx :3

    xxzoe._.bearxx :321 hour ago

    She reeks of theatre kid And lemons 🍋

  58. Bene Akiu

    Bene Akiu21 hour ago

    Worst thing

  59. WildGamer Here

    WildGamer Here21 hour ago

    poor beckie :<

  60. Bene Akiu

    Bene Akiu21 hour ago

    No nobody else does it blood

  61. Bene Akiu

    Bene Akiu21 hour ago

    chamber chunk child hoping I chose to be in my choose the...

  62. K&W Channel Tv

    K&W Channel Tv21 hour ago

    Adam voice like planton

  63. HylianMango

    HylianMango21 hour ago

    I get the feeling that land line wasn't very good. But as I was born In 2007 I wouldn't know.

  64. Timberthistle YT

    Timberthistle YT21 hour ago

    Is anyone else feel really satisfied that the clock noise matches perfectly with the movement of that little red line at the bottom? Just me?

  65. Diimxn

    Diimxn21 hour ago


  66. The nerd bird

    The nerd bird21 hour ago

    Heh I had 4 shots in the matter of 1 minute rebecca would die

  67. sena cario

    sena cario22 hours ago

    Okay, before i go on with this story, reminder that i am emotional and sometimes get overdramatic so expect to read some things being over dramatic and im telling this story from my point of view and i didn't talk alot because im introverted like everyone else. So it was a Friday, my teacher was with his family so we had a substitute teacher and i was just chilling with my friends, it was getting close to the final recess. We were all doing our work when a student started talking and this women, instead of just punishing just them or just giving them a stern talking to, this women just punished the whole class! So we were all sent to the wall and i cried into my knees because i thought i was a bad student. When i got home, i told my mom this story and just wasn't in the mood to take anybodies crap...this was also the year i got out of a toxic friendship and was the year before my friend who was a grade above me went to virtual learning. My class was in 4th grade and when i went into 5th grade, i got into another toxic relationship so that was a hell of a time!

  68. Bene Akiu

    Bene Akiu22 hours ago

    Chuck Norris child support of the guud building blocks away with a lot to hmmm boom buying

  69. Love_Cherry

    Love_Cherry22 hours ago

    HELLO!!! Edit: im considering buying da merch UnU (if my mom will even order it ;-;)

  70. Manha Nigar

    Manha Nigar22 hours ago

    this makes me sooo mad too

  71. Max Does Stuff

    Max Does Stuff22 hours ago

    Small question did you ever see hamilton

  72. Dorla Davenport

    Dorla Davenport22 hours ago

    That happend to me also but my dad stop the car by knoking on it

  73. Avery YT

    Avery YT22 hours ago

    Finnally someone knows about over the garden wall

  74. Dorla Davenport

    Dorla Davenport22 hours ago

    Why do you have no mouth

  75. Brooke Pearson

    Brooke Pearson22 hours ago

    Is the word "sugar"?? Just because 1.) It mention sweet a bit 2.) It's five letters 3.) I can't remember exactly what the last stanza said but I knke it was something bad and sugar makes everything better and 4.) Ik this kind of a stretch but Mabel kinda sounds like Maple and maple sugar (idk)

  76. Nightflight The Nightwing Animus

    Nightflight The Nightwing Animus22 hours ago

    Becca, my talent is not from practice, but from inspiration, I can draw animals, but not people. But still, I was inspired to change my art style, can see that on my amino, or channel. No one can steal my art, as I know my art style. *_I f**king love dragons._*

  77. True Marrior

    True Marrior22 hours ago

    What's the song that plays around 4:00 ? It almost sounds like a Priest song.

  78. Bad Peter

    Bad Peter22 hours ago

    I have space in my bunker. Reply if you want in.

  79. Cameron Wright

    Cameron Wright22 hours ago

    I would’ve round housed her in the so she had to get it wired after that. Forget being a good person I’ll go anti hero on her ass

  80. TriforceOfWisdom

    TriforceOfWisdom22 hours ago

    I remember in the summer between 6th and 7th grade, I ripped out 11 teeth and a few days into 7th grade, I got braces.