Liana Jade
  1. Shadgirl2

    Shadgirl2Minute ago

    This could actually be an allergic reaction to your toothpaste

  2. 41 VII D Purva Pardeshi

    41 VII D Purva Pardeshi5 minutes ago

    What does she say nungu-nungu😂😂😂that sounds too funny

  3. BrookLynn Kelley

    BrookLynn Kelley5 minutes ago

    Just u

  4. xXKatlolcrazy3Xx

    xXKatlolcrazy3Xx8 minutes ago

    Yall Got cake,Lucky.I Got Popcorn Chicken With Chocolate Milk-

  5. Nikita Turner

    Nikita Turner10 minutes ago


  6. Loz xox

    Loz xox13 minutes ago

    45k likes, jesus wept

  7. Clark C

    Clark C14 minutes ago

    He noticed, knew what you were doing and was too respectful to call you out for it. Yeah, shame on him...?

  8. x

    x16 minutes ago

    Plot Twist: He didn't notice because normally there's nothing to look at, why would he be looking there?

  9. lo lilNikki

    lo lilNikki17 minutes ago

    “Thomas the Tank” *~~Ęerie Thomas the tank them song starts~~*/*~~War flashbacks~~*/*~~All your Nightmares~~*.

  10. Clarien Braxton

    Clarien Braxton20 minutes ago

    The cat looks like he/she hates the dancing XD but I want dat penguin sweaterrr plez

  11. La Weird Queen

    La Weird Queen24 minutes ago

    Wait your school had cake

  12. mag pie maxie

    mag pie maxie25 minutes ago

    Cute cat

  13. Clarien Braxton

    Clarien Braxton28 minutes ago

    Lol ty for reminding me to put on me lipstick 🤣

  14. SlimJim 96

    SlimJim 9631 minute ago

    Plot twist: it’s syphillis

  15. Melanin Qu33n

    Melanin Qu33n38 minutes ago

    Her boyfriend noticed nothing. Typical. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Irene Koh

    Irene Koh39 minutes ago

    Baby powder!?!

  17. Ari Games

    Ari Games39 minutes ago

    -her- Regrets it -me- THROWS HOLY WATER

  18. Norman Dsouza

    Norman Dsouza42 minutes ago

    Why did u cut your hecking hair WTH

  19. The Weird Squad :3

    The Weird Squad :343 minutes ago

    Nobody: Not even a speck of dust: Me:nice PPG sweatshirt ya got there

  20. Ethan

    Ethan47 minutes ago

    I hate to say it but your mans is dense

  21. Jess Storey

    Jess Storey53 minutes ago


  22. Jacob Drummond

    Jacob Drummond54 minutes ago


  23. Ryoma Hoshi

    Ryoma Hoshi58 minutes ago

    Wait... your school had cake?

  24. Madison Sheets

    Madison Sheets59 minutes ago

    MASKS 😷 masks are doing ittttttt

  25. Ruby Spring

    Ruby Spring59 minutes ago

    M we all chocolate lovers At least I think it's chocolate cuz it went cronch

  26. Nëzukø Chan

    Nëzukø ChanHour ago

    We don't have cake in our school-

  27. Ruby Spring

    Ruby SpringHour ago

    At first I thought she'd turn into shrek

  28. A Multistan

    A MultistanHour ago

    Guess what....babi in malay is pig and it is use for cursing 😂😂😂

  29. Prk2008

    Prk2008Hour ago

    Lol you always have that wierd neighbor that you talk about with your fam

  30. - Chērry Bløssøm -

    - Chērry Bløssøm -Hour ago


  31. Coleslaw bollslaw

    Coleslaw bollslawHour ago

    He’s the one for you he doesn’t care about your body

  32. Kennedy’s World

    Kennedy’s WorldHour ago


  33. Brianna Richardson

    Brianna RichardsonHour ago

    I read about someone who had the same problem. Turns out they're having a weird allergic reaction to their new toothpaste. Maybe that?

  34. akaashi keiji

    akaashi keijiHour ago

    At least you have a good childhood while me i got bullied since 4

  35. Rosa Alamo

    Rosa AlamoHour ago

    It could be a reaction to the lip filler or you're licking your lips to much another thing is eczema because i be having that happen to me when my eczema starts getting worst or when i lick my lips too much

  36. Potato Tomato

    Potato TomatoHour ago

    TOENAIL You are going to talk about toenails

  37. Sofiya Habib

    Sofiya HabibHour ago


  38. Sofiya Habib

    Sofiya HabibHour ago

    Tag ue

  39. Lindsay Feniuck

    Lindsay FeniuckHour ago

    Do you use eos lip chap? That stuff destroyed my lips kind of like that.

  40. cheeseoffthevine

    cheeseoffthevineHour ago

    He is vibin bro 😂😂

  41. • Xx_Glitch_xX •

    • Xx_Glitch_xX •Hour ago

    Do I only think about my parents divorce-

  42. Luca The Loser

    Luca The LoserHour ago

    Wouldn’t the fact that they didn’t see the breast size change mean that they didn’t want you only for you body? 🤔



    Liana If u know my country is Malaysia and u know babi in my country is a bad word sry if im being rude😓

  44. Siti Mutiah

    Siti MutiahHour ago

    Did you know 'babi' at malaysia mean ' pig ' (sorry my english is bad)

  45. Cade Hodges

    Cade HodgesHour ago

    Women: men lie all the time. Also woman

  46. Trusfrated

    TrusfratedHour ago

    I have never heard of a school cake ever in my life, well know i know lmfao

  47. Angie Hunter

    Angie HunterHour ago

    His singing in the beginning was really good

  48. P C

    P CHour ago

    This woman is too much work, always starved for attention or doesn't realize she's just not very interesting.

  49. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessHour ago

    I don’t care

  50. Сергей Петровских

    Сергей ПетровскихHour ago


  51. ItsMrPichy

    ItsMrPichyHour ago

    Babi in indonesia is a pig

  52. Laynie

    Laynie2 hours ago

    The fact that the bags were to small made it 1,000,000 times better 😂

  53. branson gibson

    branson gibson2 hours ago

    I have only four words for this guy. Go. See. A. Therapist.

  54. Doglover_ TG

    Doglover_ TG2 hours ago

    Don't worry about ur face istg its super cute , don't worry of people saying ur face is bad ask them to see theirs fast IMFAO.

  55. Ryan Coil

    Ryan Coil2 hours ago

    It’s not that bad Tbh

  56. Hadley Banther

    Hadley Banther2 hours ago

    He is good at singing 😧😯🦋

  57. kristin m

    kristin m2 hours ago

    Bruh she looks like jar jar binks

  58. Jobeth Cortes

    Jobeth Cortes2 hours ago

    I know how to bake cake and you did it wrong Very VERY wrong :^ tip: DONT put baking powder

  59. Leila Neely

    Leila Neely2 hours ago

    Just wondering why you always have a color swipe on your face, not picking on you in any way I actually quite like it, but I’m just cerious

  60. Daisy

    Daisy2 hours ago

    "I wasn't expecting this to work" I mean.. it's mascara.. its SUPPOSED to make your lashes look long

  61. Jude Ali

    Jude Ali2 hours ago

    I don't like this

  62. Ali Findley

    Ali Findley2 hours ago

    The Twist 😂😏😂😂😂😂

  63. Julia's Awesome Adventures

    Julia's Awesome Adventures2 hours ago


  64. maggie the gacha girl

    maggie the gacha girl2 hours ago

    You look beautiful

  65. Kiki Perez

    Kiki Perez2 hours ago

    The accents make it soooo much funnier 😂😂

  66. Julia's Awesome Adventures

    Julia's Awesome Adventures2 hours ago

    “Completely different colour” “Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture” Me: they are the same picture

  67. Julia's Awesome Adventures

    Julia's Awesome Adventures2 hours ago

    “As a first coat...” me: i don’t even wear makeup...😂

  68. pleasejoe

    pleasejoe2 hours ago


  69. Zach McPhearson

    Zach McPhearson2 hours ago

    There was someone in my high school who did this too

  70. Jinx Sourface

    Jinx Sourface2 hours ago

    He might have noticed, I saw him look down. But the fact that he didn't say anything or get distracted honestly means he cares more about you and NOT your body. You got the right man.

  71. Julia's Awesome Adventures

    Julia's Awesome Adventures2 hours ago


  72. Paul Mims

    Paul Mims2 hours ago

    U and ur USlikes videos are my fav

  73. Saree Bosshard

    Saree Bosshard2 hours ago

    The end oh my gosh 😂😂

  74. Evan Ramos ( Student )

    Evan Ramos ( Student )2 hours ago

    I'm going to be honest I don't think that he will just say your body part is bigger because that is just weird

  75. Mia Sweebe

    Mia Sweebe2 hours ago


  76. tori barancik

    tori barancik2 hours ago


  77. Julia's Awesome Adventures

    Julia's Awesome Adventures2 hours ago

    The “Ooooh Eeeeeh Aaaaah” made me laugh like a donkey...idk why...there is something wrong with me 😂 Also made me think of... OOO EE OO AH AH TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG- Reply with 🍩 if you know I can’t be the only one- 😂. But also the grinch-

  78. glitching_game

    glitching_game2 hours ago

    Youre lips will get a rash

  79. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller2 hours ago

    That straight up looks like an allergic reaction to your filler

  80. Tamasine Lewis

    Tamasine Lewis3 hours ago

    Wait what just dance year is that !!!!!!! I need it