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  1. Hannah Van Overbeek

    Hannah Van Overbeek9 hours ago

    WAIT WHATTT yessss the years waiting babe finally paid off

  2. Mohammed Chowdhury

    Mohammed Chowdhury9 hours ago

    Man I been waiting so long thought it was a lie so hyped

  3. Brenden

    Brenden9 hours ago

    The finale of this show was so bad and it didn't even make sense. It's terrible that they decided to bring it back

  4. Attacking Kiru

    Attacking Kiru10 hours ago

    YESSSS! Dexter is back baby!

  5. Kevin

    Kevin10 hours ago

    That moment when you realize there is a body wiggling around in the reflection of the window with some low level screeching... so good! I am so ready for Dexter to return! :D

  6. BnM PorViDA

    BnM PorViDA10 hours ago

    473 thumbs down people, should be wrapped in 5 mill plastic until they switch their choice! Debra will be his dark passenger, Harry did his part.

  7. Zaki Zaheer

    Zaki Zaheer10 hours ago

    Can’t wait!

  8. Kristian Caribou

    Kristian Caribou10 hours ago

    All it took was that iconic smirk 🥰

  9. Jocelyn Rys

    Jocelyn Rys11 hours ago

    weeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy noooooooooo please!!!!!!!!! noommss

  10. Dame

    Dame11 hours ago

    Oh how I've missed the Dark...whatever.♥️♥️♥️

  11. Tom Luukas

    Tom Luukas12 hours ago

    Looks like these new victims will be gettin toasted instead of the watery grave then

  12. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. Mysterious12 hours ago

    I really hope they do an episode that matches the Delphi killer case where Dexter catches him and does some things to him.

  13. Bill Randolph

    Bill Randolph12 hours ago

    All they had to do is rewrite the last 15 minutes of the last episode and continue from there instead of continuing with that god awful lumberjack crap. But I'm just happy its coming back.

  14. Benny Wilson

    Benny Wilson12 hours ago

    Dude than grin smile❤️❤️🔥🔥😂😂🤣🤣

  15. xam goro

    xam goro13 hours ago

    I haven't watched this show since it ended, but I still remember season 4's ending, that's how good this show was.

  16. Carne frita com pipoca

    Carne frita com pipoca13 hours ago

    Num cridito


    DYOGO IZYRENAH14 hours ago

    Estou ansioso pra estreia

  18. Styles!

    Styles!14 hours ago

    YEEERRR! Bodega Hive!

  19. 김동현

    김동현15 hours ago

    한국인 댓글찾으시는분ㅋㅋ Dexter forever~~

  20. Jefferson Cedeño

    Jefferson Cedeño15 hours ago

    Siiiiiiiiii he esperado tanto tiempo por un desenlase final... sera que termina en la silla electrica. Nada me doleria tanto como eso.... NO SOY GAY, PERO TE AMO DEXTEEEER.

  21. dogteethuglyboys x

    dogteethuglyboys x15 hours ago

    Okay but what is this gonna be? Just the same? Him killing and missing his family? Lmao I’m excited because I love him but I just feel like it’s gonna be unsatisfying like come on showtime bring it back or hbo.. take him since I have hbo 😳

  22. Yunus Can Pişkin

    Yunus Can Pişkin15 hours ago

    Kocamışsın reis..

  23. sad little angel

    sad little angel15 hours ago

    2021 isn't sucky after all :'3 ♡

  24. David Gunn

    David Gunn15 hours ago

    Thank goodness, another shot at giving the show the ending it deserves.

  25. HIV Aladeen

    HIV Aladeen15 hours ago

    Paha think the most overlooked joke is the start where he says “your naked, chained to a radiator, when terrorists kidnapp you, ruining your birthday party”😂

  26. Victoria Gonzalez

    Victoria Gonzalez15 hours ago

    I want to be in that snow covered cabin with foxy Dexter. Sigh!

  27. aVo inc

    aVo inc15 hours ago

    i don’t watch a lot of tv but dexter got me hooked. hopefully there will be more than 9 seasons

  28. RNDNikich

    RNDNikich16 hours ago

    Надеюсь не обосрутся...

  29. Trill Ink Tattoos

    Trill Ink Tattoos16 hours ago


  30. Ono T

    Ono T16 hours ago


  31. Jakira Kumahata

    Jakira Kumahata16 hours ago

    "Here Borgia! I have the tools to make more! Want to help out with that?"

  32. Noartist

    Noartist17 hours ago

    Hard to understand how anyone could look at these two guys and think the crack head is the higher moral . If it seems like this world is upside down, its because it is. Thats what satan does.

  33. phenomenalclassic93

    phenomenalclassic9317 hours ago

    I just noticed he has somebody wrapped in the cabin. Oh, Dexter…. You never change

  34. Blessed and Highly Favored

    Blessed and Highly Favored18 hours ago

    I’m here for it!

  35. marius kristensen

    marius kristensen18 hours ago


  36. marius kristensen

    marius kristensen18 hours ago


  37. marius kristensen

    marius kristensen18 hours ago


  38. Park Sony

    Park Sony18 hours ago

    I was waiting for this for a long time now!!

  39. railstoruin

    railstoruin19 hours ago

    Can't wait to see what happens in Iron Lake! ;)

  40. hasan rahmi

    hasan rahmi19 hours ago

    Dexter without debra? I hope it will be as good

  41. Alaxander Abraham

    Alaxander Abraham19 hours ago

    Sooo hyped dexter is back one of my all time fav shows ever in my top 5 for sure just hope this new season is good the new season of prison break that they bought out was pretty bad hope dexter is better

  42. Vlk Red

    Vlk Red20 hours ago

    Finally... tonight’s the night

  43. BohemianAsh

    BohemianAsh20 hours ago


  44. Caroline Lynch

    Caroline Lynch21 hour ago

    Beverly is a tart.

  45. Caroline Lynch

    Caroline Lynch21 hour ago

    Beverly is a tart as she sleeps with Matt leblanc and Rob. That paint and decorator(James Purefoy)💔💔

  46. Nunya Bizns

    Nunya Bizns23 hours ago

    Omg!! I can’t wait!

  47. Camille E Acey

    Camille E Acey23 hours ago

    If it's not one thing, it's your mother. 😉

  48. ppepe Gaming

    ppepe Gaming23 hours ago

    3:13 part you prob came for

  49. Ycfhv Bygff

    Ycfhv BygffDay ago


  50. Mr. Khan

    Mr. KhanDay ago

    It brings back all the memories of Miami Vice

  51. Kane Slayback

    Kane SlaybackDay ago


  52. Ken Tremendous

    Ken TremendousDay ago

    Never been so stoked

  53. Johnathan Houston

    Johnathan HoustonDay ago

    Yes Michael C Hall look's great as Dexter I'm hoping who they bring Dexter even as limited series it would be great show

  54. madame paka

    madame pakaDay ago

    Damn it! Why couldn't they have posted the *uncensored* version?

  55. George Alexander

    George AlexanderDay ago

    icon meeting icons

  56. Clea Counts

    Clea CountsDay ago

    That myth of John Brown being insane was a lie spun by pro-slavers in the South!!!!! It only made sense to them that a white man would have to be mentally ill in order to be willing to die to free slaves. Once he was captured and brought before the court his own lawyer tried to get John Brown to plead insanity in hopes that he would get to walk or a lighter sentence, but he refused BECAUSE HE WAS NOT INSANE!!! I haven't seen the film yet, but it seems like they are trying to insinuate that he was insane. Again, I repeat...JOHN BROWN WAS NOT INSANE!!!! If that is how they portray John Brown in this documentary, then it is historically inaccurate.

  57. Clea Counts

    Clea CountsDay ago

    John Brown wasn't crazy! He was very sane.

  58. tooshay

    tooshayDay ago

    Idk, dexter has some serious competition. . .Klaus Schwab, Fascist Fauci, Billionaire Billy, The Rockefeller & Windsor Klans and the Vatican

  59. tooshay

    tooshayDay ago

    Take out those running this PLANDEMIC

  60. Matthew Powell

    Matthew PowellDay ago


  61. Private Account

    Private AccountDay ago

    Lol.....yea, I'll keep watching. Is DEXTER really coming back? 😀

  62. whiteknightcat

    whiteknightcatDay ago

    My country 'tis of thee, full of hypocrisy, of thee I sing!

  63. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuDay ago

    Guarantee everyone's gonna be like: "Omgg have you seen this new show dexter!??" We're all over here waiting 10 years for season 9 while they just starting season 1.

  64. dennis pashin

    dennis pashinDay ago

    Good video, wish we had more crude comedy like this, cuz political correctness makes for cringe night shows these days.

  65. Thomas Leer

    Thomas LeerDay ago

    In the wonderful words of Doakes: “Stop grinning like a psycho and get back to work...!”

  66. Bigga Bless

    Bigga BlessDay ago

    Let’s Go Ziwe!!!!

  67. David Pulliam

    David PulliamDay ago


  68. Moiz Tariq 27

    Moiz Tariq 27Day ago

    thank god that final season was the worst ending to a show after GOT and Attack on Titan

  69. Vb Bn

    Vb BnDay ago

    عقوبه المقاطع الحرام يضع سم في عينهم محرم من الجنه

  70. The Ethics Of

    The Ethics OfDay ago

    Stop doing the weird puns. Just pick a clicky title. The average person is not going to get this. I just want ziwe to succeed and you’re ruining it!!!

  71. Reneenay FabNayNay

    Reneenay FabNayNayDay ago

    Shanola Hampton is so effing fine! Damn!

  72. The Ethics Of

    The Ethics OfDay ago

    Omg I saw u listened and changed the name. This one is prob worse. Ain’t no one gonna click unless you buy promo I guess. This looks bad!

  73. Adino1

    Adino1Day ago

    I can't wait to grab a couple of beers thrown on a steak and watch my favorite comfy serial killer.

  74. Bibah Videos

    Bibah VideosDay ago

    Quality lol

  75. MAX 1

    MAX 1Day ago

    عقاب الي يشوف المحرمات ٢٠ سنة ما يشوف الجنة واذا نشرها غفر الله له

  76. Bubble Tea Gxcha

    Bubble Tea GxchaDay ago

    I don’t wanna really say any of them is right so I think that if the man is telling the truth the girl has to kind of don’t have too much expectations and a man has to be a little more like he has to like tell his emotions and that would be how they can kinda make a better relationship!!

  77. saeid vatani

    saeid vataniDay ago

    مرسي ك هستي دكستر 😍