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  1. Shay Givenchy

    Shay Givenchy4 hours ago

    Oh what a thrill

  2. Lixuid

    Lixuid5 hours ago

    It’s so funny I’m on the cops side of it was a car meet I’m on your side if it was raging annoying protesters and rioters I’m definitely on the cops side

  3. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles8 hours ago

    I think some people driving on the opposite side could have helped , but decide not to ,

  4. Danielynns Riding World

    Danielynns Riding World9 hours ago

    Praying for those ppl injured and passed on😟✋

  5. Chris Holmes

    Chris Holmes9 hours ago

    And to cover all this up they claim that one of the capital city police officers was beating the head with the fire extinguisher until he was dead fake news but Ashley Abbott is real s*** people a lot of you would not be saying this if it was your sister your brother your wife your mother then you would think totally differently think on that for a while.

  6. May Yeung

    May Yeung11 hours ago

    I love the energy Miley puts into performing and whereas these sort of things sometimes gets awkward I feel like Idol was really good too! Very engaged and I kind of credit Miley for that too. :)

  7. OldTrucksRule

    OldTrucksRule12 hours ago

    1:09 I felt tears in my eyes at that part

  8. friedchicken

    friedchicken12 hours ago

    props to this guy recording. If it was a woman we would have a video of a dashboard with crashing sounds and screams

  9. Maurice Barry

    Maurice Barry17 hours ago

    You have to give credit to these car companies. I mean cmon now, less than 10 people killed? Like holy crap, 100+ car accident, trucks slamming into it at 40+ like..

  10. Trumen Jst

    Trumen Jst22 hours ago

    21st century... and no app or national tracking system in US that prevents pileups on the roads. Sad! Has Silicone Valley ran out of ideas? Or it's just not interesting?

  11. Tammy Trevino

    Tammy TrevinoDay ago

    My bf crsshed in his trailer -truck on black ice.

  12. Jared F

    Jared FDay ago

    I honestly so appalled and kind of surprised at how stupid people are like most of the population is so completely idiotic, ignorant and stupid. These people get behind the wheel everyday killing other people. Then add a winter storm and it gets much worse. How can someone be so stupid as to not know to drive slowly in this weather. Those 18 wheelers were driving the fastest!! They need to spend 6 months to a year behind bars for going so fast in the first place!

  13. Александр Баранов

    Александр БарановDay ago

    Они настолько привыкли к своим "помощникам" системам помощи управления автомобилем, что не замечают гололед! Нахера лететь, если скользко? Идиоты.

  14. Marty Wiggins

    Marty WigginsDay ago

    Maybe if Victims sue Government for Cruel and Unusual punishment regarding always postponing executions which is just an excuse for Dodgy Lawyers to make More money The Just ICE departments show that if your Rich White Female you always receive lighter sentences than Black Males This not Justice its Down Right Racism

  15. Walter White

    Walter WhiteDay ago

    hate the singer and the talker so annoying added extra notes and the talker is annoying in general

  16. WILLIE T

    WILLIE TDay ago

    Tape?? Looks like poor quality cell phone VIDEO to me!!

  17. Lord Vader

    Lord VaderDay ago

    Play stupid games you win stupid prizes. That officer deserves a reward

  18. westernscreen owl

    westernscreen owlDay ago

    Who else thought this was an ARG

  19. Furiosa Sinclair

    Furiosa SinclairDay ago

    Life is precious. Salt is cheap.

  20. redbarron90

    redbarron90Day ago

    Just found out that the guy in the FJ survived! Cant imagine what that must have been like. Heres the news report The guy you see getting up after the wreck was in the black car in front of the white pickup. Not sure about the people inside the pickup though.

  21. Joe e

    Joe eDay ago

    A Mexican guy is recording but a white guy posted it

  22. DaneBeats

    DaneBeatsDay ago

    did yall see the man who got up and walked away after that truck smashed his jeep smh

  23. Nico

    Nico2 days ago

    WOW incredible footage that's a scary situation to be in!

  24. M4ST3RP4C3

    M4ST3RP4C32 days ago

    How fast were those trucks going on this road coverted with ice before they lost control?

  25. j b

    j b2 days ago

    Completely fake


    WYATT BUREAU2 days ago


  27. leonardonarco

    leonardonarco2 days ago


  28. Michael Saeed

    Michael Saeed2 days ago


  29. Michelle Shantel

    Michelle Shantel2 days ago

    Heartbreaking 💔💔

  30. Roman 007

    Roman 0072 days ago

    Any deaths?

  31. Madeline Simmons

    Madeline Simmons2 days ago

    Stupid Stupid

  32. Roy Griffin

    Roy Griffin2 days ago

    Lmfao good cop

  33. Kirk Washington

    Kirk Washington2 days ago

    I’m Kenny Washington’s eldest grandchild and my grandfather left an indelible legacy. Our family is so proud and amazed his story is finally being told. His place in history belongs in the NFL’s Hall of Fame. Ms. Viola Davis did an incredible job with her narration as I’ve watched this countless times. Thanks to all the nice comments it’s very much appreciated.

  34. FirstName Last Name

    FirstName Last Name2 days ago

    It's hard to have sympathy when you realize how aggressively many people drive.

  35. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy2 days ago

    “She got killed for it” lol. “It”being stupid

  36. Chris Ludlow

    Chris Ludlow2 days ago


  37. Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl2 days ago


  38. jjmcwill

    jjmcwill2 days ago

    Normally on the highway you would want to stay in the car if an accident has occurred. In this situation I am running.

  39. vengfull zealots corner

    vengfull zealots corner2 days ago

    Why does it look like a game commercial

  40. Steve Slingsby

    Steve Slingsby2 days ago

    So sad but not surprising....I live in Arkansas and make frequent trips to Dallas to visit a friend and absolutely hate how people drive in Texas especially in the Dallas vicinity where everyone is driving as fast as they possibly can....I could be doing 75 mph and I'm still getting passed like I'm standing still while that driver is cutting across 4-5 lanes to catch their exit/off ramp....just ridiculous, stupid, and most of all dangerous to themselves and others on the road!

  41. Mone G

    Mone G2 days ago

    One of the scariest feelings in the world knowing you can't stop what you're about to run into...

  42. marikie marie

    marikie marie2 days ago

    This is so awful to see !!! I cant even proceess this!!

  43. Laugh For Me

    Laugh For Me2 days ago


  44. Tawney Jorgensen

    Tawney Jorgensen2 days ago


  45. Reich Motion Pictures

    Reich Motion Pictures2 days ago

    21:40 [DATA EXPUNGED]

  46. Dr. Karl Busa

    Dr. Karl Busa2 days ago

    That guy became and instant magician.

  47. Stonks 0

    Stonks 02 days ago

    If I remember correctly the officer did it to get away from the crowd surrounding and attacking his vehicle

  48. Brown Banana

    Brown Banana2 days ago

    how does that even happen

  49. Alberto Reyes

    Alberto Reyes2 days ago

    Should of went reverse

  50. Studi Fenomena Rahman

    Studi Fenomena Rahman2 days ago

    Be strong Forth Worth from sister City, Bandung Indonesia..

  51. My Name Is My Name

    My Name Is My Name3 days ago

    Crazy how nobody thought to jump out their car and into the other lane

  52. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff3 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...

  53. Jojo Apple seed

    Jojo Apple seed3 days ago

    Had they been careful drivers

  54. Davidian Bros Productions

    Davidian Bros Productions3 days ago

    Very sad.

  55. Michael Nulta

    Michael Nulta3 days ago

    There’s nothing to see here. Please stay tuned to CNN for more FACTS.


    CHRIS GAINES3 days ago

    In weather like this... how important could your trips have possibly have been?!

  57. AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

    AH! Why is there poop in your mouth3 days ago

    That guy walking ducked at the last minute 1:11

  58. Barb H

    Barb H3 days ago


  59. graeme smith

    graeme smith3 days ago

    sucks i'm 17 all i want to do is go to space alas i'll have to wait for the next one if they ever do another.

  60. jose velazquez

    jose velazquez3 days ago

    Question there was anything blocking the drivers view like fog or ice roads cause I didn’t see any fog?

  61. Scott Patnode

    Scott Patnode3 days ago

    They were set up by their own people talk about f****** retard country

  62. Scott Siemens

    Scott Siemens3 days ago

    I would shit myself

  63. Kevin Knapp

    Kevin Knapp3 days ago

    Another hit for Boeing. Right after the Max 8 was cleared for service. Not good.

  64. Michelle South Florida

    Michelle South Florida3 days ago


  65. Nancy Romencia

    Nancy Romencia3 days ago

    I felt sorry for the man that are being executed why did they have to commit the crime.

  66. woiow

    woiow3 days ago


  67. Charles Rump

    Charles Rump3 days ago

    Oh, a pileup ahead? Ima just keep going.

  68. Voyager TimeMachine1

    Voyager TimeMachine13 days ago

    End of the world 🌎

  69. Jonathan Trapp

    Jonathan Trapp3 days ago

    If y’all don’t know how to drive on ice, then slow the fuck down or don’t drive. This could have been avoided. I guess thoughts and prayers sent to those involved that they learn how to slow the heck down.

  70. ghost

    ghost3 days ago

    twing kolll twing kolll


    KNOW HOPE3 days ago

    And you thought you had a bad day at the office LOL

  72. Mi M

    Mi M3 days ago

    Do not be deceived by "heartwarming" baloney or clever manipulations! The "Federal" Reserve just gifted $2 TRILLION to its banksters buy their uncollectible, mortgage-backed bonds in 2019 to 2020, when they knew that if the banksters attempted to sell such bonds, they would have had to sell them at ludicrously low prices: particularly, because real estate has been in a huge bubble for years and this pandemic has prevented so many businesses from opening, resulted in their insolvency and defaults on their rents and mortgages, and will result in many, many commercial landlords also being in default on their mortgage-backed bonds given to the banksters. Will anyone give even a fraction of such sums to the poor in Texas or those ordinary Americans who now face huge bills to repair their burst pipes or to buy water to give to their families because the water supply became contaminated? NEVER. There will be federal loans, which the Texas poor and middle class will have to pay for the next decade(s.) They will not get bailouts, because they do not control the USA, like the banksters control it. With this covid pandemic, I also must point out to all minorities but particularly to African-Americans, that you are being fooled by those in power with nonsense, like the tv shows "American Gods," into believing that things are changing. They are not, because those in power just want you to keep voting for them even though they secretly despise you and keep giving them power while you get nothing back, have to attend lousy schools, get inadequate nutrition from companies, like fast food companies that know that their food is hurting you, not qualify for significant sums in student loans, then not be able to get a decent job, and if you got any student loans, have to pay them for the rest of your life, because they are not dischargeable in bankruptcy anymore. Vote for your own people of your own race, poverty level, ethnic group, and religion, who will actually care about you and act in your own best interests and not for the corrupt "elites" who never represented your interests and got the $2 TRILLION in bailouts these last two years or $29 TRILLION during the last bailouts. See "Bernanke’s Obfuscation Continues: The Fed’s $29 Trillion Bail-Out Of Wall Street" in Huffingtonpost. See "The Fed's $29 TRILLION bailout of Wall Street" in multiplier effects d o t o r g. Take it from a fellow minority member. However, to all of you poor whites, wake up! You have also been getting the shaft for decades, albeit those who have been wielding it may have sometimes been of your own racial group. Support people who might care about you, because they come from the same position and poverty level and will return to it after they leave office.

  73. W L

    W L3 days ago

    Slow the fuck down.

  74. Jay Hwang

    Jay Hwang4 days ago

    This is the one big reason why every drivers putting on their hazard lights(also known as emergency lights) just like South Korea. It notices that see something not right ahead. Let's All slow down or stop and as soon as you see the blinkers go off in the car in front of you, you should do the same thing to alert the cars behind you. This is probably because there is something in your lane and this is the warning before you might have to slam on the breaks. God bless State of Texas.

  75. Yarely Silvas

    Yarely Silvas4 days ago

    I hope there were no kids in those cars.

  76. Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce4 days ago

    Why is it blurred out...makes me think on the power of higher people

  77. LYFE

    LYFE4 days ago

    I dont get it!!!! Why do we always see videos like that?! Why don’t the people on the opposite lane honk or warn the upcoming cars?!! Instead they rather film or watch the show :(

  78. Bob Outélama

    Bob Outélama4 days ago

    You can witness here, for all to see, SUV's and Trucks unable to break on bad road. Add to that the false confidence those vehicules will give to their owner. You overspeed and you die.

  79. Revoular Pictures

    Revoular Pictures4 days ago

    Worst thing I’ve seen all year. Heart ❤️ goes out to Texas.

  80. Samuel Ary

    Samuel Ary4 days ago