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  1. Ramitos Premium

    Ramitos Premium42 seconds ago

    Who’s the woman the terrorized him?

  2. SK

    SK2 minutes ago

    He puts a Jesus piece on his sneakers 😅

  3. rat illecebrasque dubitantium

    rat illecebrasque dubitantium3 minutes ago

    What a loser. If I had that money I'd live a simple life and just appreciate it

  4. Matchedmite 3717

    Matchedmite 37174 minutes ago

    Him mom right now:😒😒😒

  5. Blaze

    Blaze4 minutes ago

    Tysm I’m doing a paper on Lebron and couldn’t find anything about his childhood

  6. Shelby Clark

    Shelby Clark4 minutes ago

    Sad that it’s all going to be destroyed one day

  7. Schlong Dong

    Schlong Dong6 minutes ago


  8. Rando Mapping

    Rando Mapping8 minutes ago

    Holy water jordans, bruh what

  9. Becca Ashley

    Becca Ashley15 minutes ago


  10. SKT Faker

    SKT Faker16 minutes ago

    Get Roger Wakefield to join the mma

  11. Eric Heatherly

    Eric Heatherly17 minutes ago

    I wonder is that beat the beat to not afraid by eminem it sound like it kinds I don't want to make a fool of my self though and I also zoned out on that

  12. Abhinav Lahiri

    Abhinav Lahiri22 minutes ago

    Who is first best Canadian player.

  13. Chloe Richter

    Chloe Richter24 minutes ago

    God I’m not a millionaire but I look really good in every still so my mother always ends up spending like 200-250 every month to every other month on a new wardrobe it’s kinda concerning

  14. watch us play soccer and stuff

    watch us play soccer and stuff25 minutes ago

    Don’t care.

  15. Galaxy Doggo

    Galaxy Doggo39 minutes ago

    Now I don’t know much about shack or basketball but 69 at 13 holy crap

  16. The Nazi Party

    The Nazi Party42 minutes ago

    I love how ironic it this is considereing the backround track is about going to a thrift store for cheap clothes lol

  17. KaitheFire1234

    KaitheFire123443 minutes ago

    I'm from the same state as Kyle Kuzma, I. from Detroit,

  18. Brenda Lowery

    Brenda Lowery44 minutes ago

    Wow that is AMAZING

  19. BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars48 minutes ago

    If I was a celebrity you would just see me at Popeyes everyday lol fuck that gold gilded food I like chicken

  20. Leontae Clemons

    Leontae Clemons48 minutes ago

    I really don't give af about drake😐

  21. Emilio

    Emilio51 minute ago

    Im from germany

  22. steve thered

    steve thered51 minute ago

    Of topic... Look up a soccer player named Steven Gerrard, you see what I mean!!

  23. DM G3

    DM G355 minutes ago

    Soooo where’s all the money coming from

  24. freedom45

    freedom4558 minutes ago

    Why doesn't the over paid pr1ck give half a billion to a lab researching childhood cancer? Is the other half a billion not enough to live on? NOBODY should have this amount of wealth for kicking a ball round a field when the world's in this state, everything is totally out of balance on this planet and within our society.

  25. Saurya Shrestha

    Saurya ShresthaHour ago

    Lol Drake ain't even that good. Way too overhyped.

  26. NotKevinDurant

    NotKevinDurantHour ago

    Bruh he became great cuz of the words: Gawk Gawk Hempel

  27. DM G3

    DM G3Hour ago

    No weight calf raises or what?

  28. Sly On Xbox

    Sly On XboxHour ago

    Jamal Murray doesn’t exist

  29. Mista Keez

    Mista KeezHour ago


  30. Genie Le Bottle

    Genie Le BottleHour ago

    "Made 100 mil in one night with floyd" Pink guy: Sounds gay to me.

  31. Kieran_RB

    Kieran_RBHour ago

    I thought you were gonna say the weeknd cause he went from homeless to 100mil

  32. WhiteSythle

    WhiteSythleHour ago

    He probably deserves the money, but rich people piss me off because I'll never get to be that rich no matter how hard I try. And that's the truth. I'm not going be disillusioned and think that I could be rich; that's an American way of thinking and it's part of the issue how it became such a terrible country now.

  33. jordan GOD

    jordan GODHour ago

    He dropped 54 yesterday

  34. Finnegan Whitehurst

    Finnegan WhitehurstHour ago

    You look like Nick Digiovanni off of wish

  35. Stanley Patrick

    Stanley PatrickHour ago

    Song: ms Jackson by outkast Thank me later

  36. Tyler Dutton

    Tyler DuttonHour ago

    Hey Frank your vids are awesome! Can you do a video on Juan Tuscano-Anderson!?

  37. Tyke Van Kekerix

    Tyke Van KekerixHour ago

    Day 17 of asking for Jonathan Isaac

  38. Wraith’s Void

    Wraith’s VoidHour ago

    See kids you can achieve anything

  39. Lol

    LolHour ago

    Ok Connor I’m poor i get it🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  40. smurf account

    smurf accountHour ago

    Quit spreading false information. If you actually watched the video of his clothes then you would know it wasn’t even a million

  41. poophehlol

    poophehlolHour ago

    Do shai

  42. MR Cornholio

    MR CornholioHour ago

    bruh hes was allready that tall at 13, wtf

  43. prod. Young Drxppy

    prod. Young DrxppyHour ago


  44. Eva Danger

    Eva DangerHour ago

    Khabib forever the real king 🤚

  45. Matthew Faino

    Matthew FainoHour ago

    0:02, that’s kinda sus

  46. Līvija. Zalāne.

    Līvija. Zalāne.Hour ago

    Carter sharer is a youtubers and he lives in a 32 million dollar mansion

  47. Hakim Durand

    Hakim Durand2 hours ago

    You dont

  48. R.D.G Playzz

    R.D.G Playzz2 hours ago

    He didn’t spend money on the plane he got it for free

  49. Chad Huber

    Chad Huber2 hours ago

    This dude sucked since he started?

  50. Elim fn

    Elim fn2 hours ago

    Which one do you like more Kentucky or Louisville comment which one

  51. WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

    WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy2 hours ago

    Id like to say i wouldn't do the same but lets be honest from rags to riches ima buy 10 gtr's a few houses and a island

  52. Jason B.

    Jason B.2 hours ago

    Had to come to the “racist” and “oppressive” America in order to succeed. Imagine that.

  53. Eduardo Babyhands

    Eduardo Babyhands2 hours ago

    I don't know anyone called kamaru usman, just a dude called marty from Nebraska.

  54. Abdul Mahmood

    Abdul Mahmood2 hours ago

    All-American when he’s from Canada 😂

  55. • Moonlight •

    • Moonlight •2 hours ago

    The background song is called “thrift shop” and also while you were doing the talkin it rhymed with the music

  56. MR Cornholio

    MR Cornholio2 hours ago

    wait he was a plumber , omfg i didnt know that.

  57. Billy C

    Billy C2 hours ago

    I wonder what Michael Rappaport has to say about this

  58. Suhail Dawud

    Suhail Dawud2 hours ago

    That’s the court I play in

  59. cereal with bleach

    cereal with bleach2 hours ago

    Just me or are those watches hella fucking ugly? If I had and insane amount of money I’d re-create an irl version of the Gmod man gm_construct for fun

  60. Mr. Bacon

    Mr. Bacon2 hours ago

    Lesson learned don't date a kardashian

  61. Olds 88

    Olds 882 hours ago

    Cool he has such a big spending lifestyle. However, if he continues like this he'll have to file for bankruptcy the moment he retires...

  62. AllDay NBA

    AllDay NBA3 hours ago

    This is one of those players who would make a sick documentary

  63. Tasneem Ibrahim

    Tasneem Ibrahim3 hours ago

    So what happened to his mum huh. I can imagine her expression😂

  64. It’sAiden 2Cool

    It’sAiden 2Cool3 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see the 2k cover with him and his gf

  65. Alfreddo

    Alfreddo3 hours ago

    I need context one night with floyd

  66. Colin Steadland

    Colin Steadland3 hours ago

    Dude, I used to not like Conor until I realized why he is the way he is. Fuck yeah I would be cocky too if I came from nothing and worked extremely hard to give myself everything. Fuck yeah I would be proud of myself, and probably a little arrogant. It's deserved in Conors case. He deserves to gloat about the fact that he can tell his fam they'll never have to work a day in their life again. Do you know how happy that would make me? To be able to go to my parents and tell them they never have to work again, everything is paid off, and he's a brand new car and a house. Like it would give me the upmost joy to bring other people in my life up with me. My homies included

  67. Rexyboy Feildman

    Rexyboy Feildman3 hours ago

    Who’s the first?

  68. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown3 hours ago

    This dude bought everyone anything from a store

  69. Patrick Korhorn

    Patrick Korhorn3 hours ago

    Whoo the foookk does dis pipeline think he is ? 😂 can you even think about connor doing your pluming

  70. Travis Hammar

    Travis Hammar3 hours ago

    "charitable* lmao he's worth hundreds of millions and gives out a few hundred thousand maybe. That's like me giving 35 dollars to a charity.

  71. Ya_boiii E

    Ya_boiii E3 hours ago

    Wait he defeated micheal Jordan damnnnn

  72. Eliezer Lopez

    Eliezer Lopez3 hours ago

    Marty did all that?

  73. Emre Atik

    Emre Atik3 hours ago

    in his mind he is still a poor ass plumber. waste of human cells

  74. BackPackfluent

    BackPackfluent3 hours ago

    Do one with Bill Gates

  75. Niggleblade

    Niggleblade3 hours ago

    He aint got much left

  76. Grant King

    Grant King3 hours ago

    all-star snub?????