Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt

The Quest to Beat Matt Turk
  1. Logan

    Logan19 hours ago

    Haha that’s my name

  2. D20d

    D20d19 hours ago

    the moment when u introduce the supergrind at 22:16 is so insane when the music comes in

  3. MrGreg242

    MrGreg24219 hours ago

    Literally waited years for this! What an achievement! Real GOD GAMER!!!

  4. Dashing the Cube

    Dashing the Cube19 hours ago

    jaden ftw

  5. MeatSim64

    MeatSim6419 hours ago

    Did we break the game? Ultra Shortcutters: *HOW ABOUT A LITTLE MORE?!*

  6. cameron reynolds

    cameron reynolds20 hours ago

    "But remember what i said earlier?" Proceeds to show his own clip and still put credits in for his own youtube on his own video

  7. Chillsberry

    Chillsberry20 hours ago

    22:08 Mexicans:

  8. Marc W.

    Marc W.20 hours ago

    I am so excited to watch this video.

  9. DAH Person

    DAH Person20 hours ago

    When youve been here since 200k but thats only been a few months ago. Congrats in advance for getting a mil

  10. Martín Quetzal

    Martín Quetzal20 hours ago

    2:39 "for a multitude of reasons..." I think everyone knows that A LOT of that multitude of reasons are because of SummoningSalt himself.

  11. Hayden Anthony

    Hayden Anthony20 hours ago

    A follow up to my favorite video on youtube

  12. ikanaide0

    ikanaide020 hours ago

    man I love your videos but the fact that most of this one is describing impossible TAS setups is just kinda irrelevant/boring imo

  13. Istlna's Zone

    Istlna's Zone20 hours ago

    Istg, whenever i watch Summoning Salt’s videos, i ready my whole hour up as i know it will be another great documentary.

  14. HomingSword

    HomingSword20 hours ago

    idk why i wanna cry im not even a speedrunner congrats to arthur and thanks to summoning salt for always providing great content :)


    DAVID4GAMER20 hours ago

    This video in a nutshell: How is mario kart wii any better if its an actuall downgrade from double dash? The answer is.... *Its far more broken than any other mario kart game, the dreamland of mario kart speedrunners, its name is incomplete, the actual name is Mario Kart WiiRunners Masterquest!*

  16. Joseph Schmidt

    Joseph Schmidt20 hours ago

    Today I learned the pin location changed...

  17. Joseph Schmidt

    Joseph Schmidt20 hours ago

    Not sure if Cross display time on phone is just super super short or if he needs to hit it like a chess timer.

  18. SnugNap

    SnugNap20 hours ago

    summoning shortcut

  19. Evan Krueger

    Evan Krueger20 hours ago

    take a shot every time he reiterates something

  20. Clemver Pomtato

    Clemver Pomtato20 hours ago

    22:08 when that sound plays, shit's about to get amazing.

  21. Ryan Landreneau

    Ryan Landreneau20 hours ago

    I have a dumb question, what is the song he uses for his intro?

  22. That one guy named Alex

    That one guy named Alex20 hours ago

    Always worth the wait

  23. Arii Price

    Arii Price20 hours ago

    Words cannot express how excited I get to hear this damn intro theme. The Summoning.

  24. Filthy Casual

    Filthy Casual20 hours ago


  25. ExcitedClone

    ExcitedClone20 hours ago

    I physically hurt at him failing by half a kart. Maybe he could come back in a turn of events

  26. Fish

    Fish20 hours ago

    Summoning salt says that basically every track is the most broken

  27. Sarah Samaan

    Sarah Samaan20 hours ago


  28. Sarah Samaan

    Sarah Samaan20 hours ago


  29. Buttons

    Buttons20 hours ago


  30. Jvaschagas

    Jvaschagas20 hours ago

    I think we'll be seeing another "3 weathertenko" soon

  31. bhull242

    bhull24220 hours ago

    I cried at the end!

  32. Jarrod Dobben

    Jarrod Dobben20 hours ago

    Justin the oreo king!

  33. Steven Stevenson

    Steven Stevenson21 hour ago

    Not even 3 months into 2021 and we already have 2 summoning salt videos. 2021 is looking pretty good.

  34. Tokyo

    Tokyo21 hour ago

    God the music at the beginning always gets me so giddy! Thanks for the great vids!

  35. Brendan J. Smith

    Brendan J. Smith21 hour ago

    I love how everyone ALWAYS uses Funky Kong!

  36. BizzLeVrai

    BizzLeVrai21 hour ago


  37. Jeremy Thrall

    Jeremy Thrall21 hour ago

    These vids are getting way too long...

  38. Phil Macdonald

    Phil Macdonald21 hour ago

    I don't get excited for USlikes videos very often, but when I find a new summoning salt video, I get excited every time

  39. SoundBubble

    SoundBubble21 hour ago

    It's almost 4am and for some reason I didn't realise there was a new video till now. Guess I'm staying up another hour.

  40. grimer17

    grimer1721 hour ago

    My uncle works at Nintendo and he can do real time supergrinds with a Wii wheel

  41. Rangi Tm

    Rangi Tm21 hour ago

    Wii Wheel Krew put your hands up

  42. Faraz Mirza

    Faraz Mirza21 hour ago

    "Who was crazy enough to try to get all that? The answer was of course Logan." So true, I remember the day cf came out with the video and I commented that Logan would be on the grind soon. A few days after, I realized my prediction was correct.

  43. Rita Rubary

    Rita Rubary21 hour ago

    When that intro music starts playing the day,.... no the entire month is saved

  44. AniMerrill

    AniMerrill21 hour ago

    Me: Idk, I don't really care about Mario Kart super shortcuts-- Summoning Salt: *releases video* Me: *clicks*

  45. Luke Matthias

    Luke Matthias21 hour ago

    "Who was crazy enough to try and get all of that" Me: "Logan?" "The answer, of course, was Logan"

  46. Minerj101

    Minerj10121 hour ago

    This music you use is the best

  47. Hamish Stein

    Hamish Stein21 hour ago

    This is Logans world we just living In it

  48. Nym

    Nym21 hour ago

    ooooh so that's what google stories was talking about lol

  49. Clarklikescereal2

    Clarklikescereal221 hour ago

    Why am I crying about a Mario Kart lap in a 13 year old Wii game? SUMMONING SALT DOES IT AGAIN! <3

  50. Pxlar Astro

    Pxlar Astro21 hour ago

    What’s new

  51. Hablemos De

    Hablemos De21 hour ago

    I've missed you so much


    TOAST & HONEY21 hour ago

    Not even watched yet I like the video already! Loved every one of your videos so far!

  53. roan yensen

    roan yensen21 hour ago

    Please keep making these videos they are legit so good

  54. timothy sexton

    timothy sexton21 hour ago

    What part of this is actually a barrel roll? Lol why is this called a barrel roll? And how is this actually allowed to top leaderboards? Lol cmon

  55. Ryer

    Ryer21 hour ago

    I do wish I never watched this video.

  56. Prosper Huang

    Prosper Huang21 hour ago

    came here just for the rainbow road section lol

  57. GMDrandom 628

    GMDrandom 62821 hour ago

    wr is done by evadecaptcha right now.

  58. Sophia Walsh Long

    Sophia Walsh Long21 hour ago

    thanks gonna use these to destroy my 7yo cousin

  59. Bromus Anomalus

    Bromus Anomalus21 hour ago

    stop, stop, its already broken!!

  60. Cookiez

    Cookiez21 hour ago

    Time to feel inspired again

  61. Violet Droplets

    Violet Droplets21 hour ago

    I hope you continue to make videos like these, i'm absolutely in love with them. The detail you go into, the time and effort that you take into making these videos... It feels like a journey that we're all going through, it's magical. The Mario Kart videos and the Wii Sports Resort Gold video brings back so many childhood memories it makes me tear up. As someone who adores games like everyone else watching your videos, thank you. Also for the future, congrats on 1 million subs. <3 There's no way you're not hitting that milestone and you more than deserve it.

  62. Colin Taquino

    Colin Taquino21 hour ago


  63. Christmas Ham

    Christmas Ham21 hour ago

    1 2 3.... Blast off! 🙌🏻

  64. Lee 1986

    Lee 198621 hour ago

    Never go away mister salt.

  65. SWAG MAN 818

    SWAG MAN 81821 hour ago


  66. Crash

    Crash21 hour ago

    It's so refreshing to know when you see a new upload that you won't be disappointed.

  67. Nahuel Leiva

    Nahuel Leiva21 hour ago

    The ending is something else, dude. As soon as the "We're finally landing" track started and watching this guy Arthur committing the hardest glitch ever possible in Mario Kart, goosebumps ran through my body, it was majestic. Thanks for everything, Summoning Salt. Your videos are one of the most precious materials the gamer community has ever had.

  68. TheDivineWinds

    TheDivineWinds21 hour ago

    Great video as always. Wish it was interspersed with some regular racing though, instead of repeat clips of the same shortcut during the description.

  69. Tay Man

    Tay Man21 hour ago

    Do a history of Minecraft speedruns pleeeeaaaaassseeeeee!

  70. Willow

    Willow21 hour ago

    These videos are always a treat

  71. YAWG

    YAWG21 hour ago

    Amazing video as always my dude. But you know what I kept thinking? "We gotta get better looking level checkpoint diagrams."

  72. Grant Bevier

    Grant Bevier22 hours ago


  73. Euan Mangan

    Euan Mangan22 hours ago

    I thought he just changed the title of the old ultra shortcut vid but WE BACK BOIS WOOOOOOOOO

  74. Levi Spiegel

    Levi Spiegel22 hours ago

    I swear I gone break my monitor

  75. DatMFDre

    DatMFDre22 hours ago

    Everything he post contains historical artifacts 💀

  76. Mike Main

    Mike Main22 hours ago

    I see a lot of Jon Bois influence in your videos, i think thats pretty good.

  77. Kehan

    Kehan22 hours ago

    The dislikes are people who misclicked?

  78. Jackson Keller

    Jackson Keller22 hours ago

    I like how half of these comments are just about the guy eating oreos

  79. tidq

    tidq22 hours ago

    Over the course of 52 minutes, SummoningSalt turns me from someone who knows nothing about Mario Kart Wii or ultra shortcuts, to getting goosebumps watching a guy pull off the first non-TAS ultra shortcut on Rainbow Road. That’s filmmaking.

  80. Oli X

    Oli X22 hours ago

    Your videos are amazing