1. Tyreese FF

    Tyreese FF12 minutes ago

    can u do a video going in the hood with corvette

  2. Joel Myers

    Joel Myers44 minutes ago

    y do u try to act like soluminati

  3. SFF MonMoney

    SFF MonMoney50 minutes ago

    I need my crib back this not a vacation home should be a meme

  4. Ronaldo Cyrus

    Ronaldo Cyrus4 hours ago

    This vid got me rollinggggg

  5. Mar J’Vion

    Mar J’Vion4 hours ago

    I just got pissed offf 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. jay on the stix

    jay on the stix4 hours ago

    Davine plz make more gaming vids

  7. Trey Demond

    Trey Demond4 hours ago

    Daaamn. I was hyped for this?😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Josh2shiftyy

    Josh2shiftyy4 hours ago

    Bree got beat up😂😂😂😂

  9. miyaa pretty

    miyaa pretty4 hours ago

    man this shit fake that lil fake ass fight was planed

  10. Kylan Loggins

    Kylan Loggins4 hours ago

    We past 30k davine

  11. Th3ylove_Nasaya Purr

    Th3ylove_Nasaya Purr5 hours ago

    Ummm yall it was a prank for USlikes

  12. kapalot gaming

    kapalot gaming5 hours ago

    What yo 2k name

  13. Jerrilius Bruce

    Jerrilius Bruce5 hours ago

    Thought you said you was done smokin that oohwee Jay???

  14. Ty Martinez-hevera

    Ty Martinez-hevera5 hours ago

    Waisted 10:26 seconds of my night 😐 still rugrat fam tho 🤟🏾

  15. Cuba Felder

    Cuba Felder5 hours ago

    This is the best video ever😂🤣

  16. Cuba Felder

    Cuba Felder5 hours ago

    Do the gold digger vids G 💯

  17. cjyounginn

    cjyounginn5 hours ago

    drop tha vid

  18. ThatGirlJay

    ThatGirlJay5 hours ago

    So first he redirected me from the other video to here and now tell me to wait for the full vid Yk what just because I have respect and I really wanna see this imma wait..

  19. Michael Cooper

    Michael Cooper6 hours ago

    What kind of fight was that

  20. jxply

    jxply6 hours ago

    “gimmie the fucking lighter baby”😭😭

  21. JSGotHeat

    JSGotHeat6 hours ago

    Race with other youtubers with lamb is for veiws or gold diggers.That corvette can make u more money then what u brought it for prolly🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. Kiki Simmons

    Kiki Simmons6 hours ago

    Be 💯 With yourself and take back control of yo crib sir u alrdy know how are as a person and bre should know that to knowing the dealing wit u Nd your domain

  23. Niaa Vu

    Niaa Vu6 hours ago

    Ion even want to see part 2- this fight look weak pls-

  24. Myria Myria

    Myria Myria6 hours ago

    davine you ain’t gotta filter 💀💀💀

  25. J Golden

    J Golden6 hours ago

    my question is how u ain’t know the fight was fake when u were recording

  26. J Golden

    J Golden6 hours ago

    i thought u stopped smoking😭

  27. darfy lol

    darfy lol7 hours ago

    its more than 30k likes😒

  28. Miaaakk Kurkura

    Miaaakk Kurkura7 hours ago

    Why you calling nessa out her name I lost respect for you tf. Don’t do nessa period✋🏽

  29. golden lyiahhh

    golden lyiahhh7 hours ago

    ok not how u had the baby all the way over there ...

  30. Rugrat Yahn

    Rugrat Yahn7 hours ago

    Keep it up fam Rugrat 🙌🖤💯

  31. Miaaakk Kurkura

    Miaaakk Kurkura7 hours ago

    Boy stfu damn nessa did nun wrong omg

  32. tk4l vlogs

    tk4l vlogs7 hours ago

    I know y'all seen how Vanessa lightly hit bri this is so cap bruh

  33. Quintin Chaney

    Quintin Chaney8 hours ago

    That funny you said your in Florida, I might be coming down there sometime

  34. Christy Landry

    Christy Landry8 hours ago

    You need to sit down and have a talk with Bri and tell him you're not comfortable

  35. Lil14teen

    Lil14teen8 hours ago

    Bro. Kicker her out. Done ✅

  36. Maya Norwood

    Maya Norwood8 hours ago

    UHT UHT.. she need to leave if she can't keep y'all house clean or keep her baby straight💯because idc if you my friend or my family when you come to my house you gone keep It clean and if you can't you gone leave PERIOODDD!!!!

  37. Jocelyn Griffin

    Jocelyn Griffin8 hours ago

    bruh yall it look like neither one of them can fight bc the way they was jus rolling and doing all that talking

  38. Hyper X craft

    Hyper X craft8 hours ago

    He’ll be back

  39. RUGRAT Xza 2

    RUGRAT Xza 28 hours ago

    Hehe divine back 😂

  40. Sydney Hinton

    Sydney Hinton8 hours ago

    Davine I think it’s time for a vacation vlog. I’m thinking New York or Paris

  41. XxxCP 11!

    XxxCP 11!9 hours ago

    Y’all slow this is also fake😭 (ent)

  42. Theycravedevin •

    Theycravedevin •9 hours ago

    aint no way she fought with her baby sitting there

  43. All about Niyah

    All about Niyah9 hours ago

    Boyyyy this is the fakest fight I ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    HBK DA YOUNGIN9 hours ago

    U got 30k

  45. nutty01 Togafau

    nutty01 Togafau9 hours ago

    U should tell them how u feel

  46. nutty01 Togafau

    nutty01 Togafau9 hours ago

    Beautiful view

  47. nutty01 Togafau

    nutty01 Togafau9 hours ago

    I like how u speak your mind

  48. nutty01 Togafau

    nutty01 Togafau9 hours ago

    Stay strong stay focused keep your head up take charge


    STACKS ENT10 hours ago

    Definitely do the gold digger vids💯💯💯

  50. Elijah Webster

    Elijah Webster10 hours ago

    Travel vlogs

  51. blackhammer2223 Thomas

    blackhammer2223 Thomas10 hours ago

    Wow chill video ok content lol your reaction I enjoyed thanks for telling us your story an trusting us with your story sealing and venting to us.

  52. QueenNana !!

    QueenNana !!10 hours ago

    When she said for ur click bait thats wen it took me

  53. Elijoo John

    Elijoo John10 hours ago

    Only the future Billionaires are reading these, and taking me to the journey of 2k before the end of this month [email protected],,,,,....

  54. KashinLy.

    KashinLy.10 hours ago


  55. blackhammer2223 Thomas

    blackhammer2223 Thomas10 hours ago

    Y'all got got lol.

  56. Kayla Williams

    Kayla Williams10 hours ago

    Still loving the videos we will always support you

  57. Katoine Porter

    Katoine Porter11 hours ago

    Hurry and send it I’m tryna see who gon win

  58. Rose Gang

    Rose Gang11 hours ago

    Lmfaooo yo he got me dying


    KEYSHA SANTANA SOSA11 hours ago

    She can’t fight bc of her nails if I was her my nails would of been gone by now and with the bby yeah no

  60. Opperxtions

    Opperxtions11 hours ago

    Just Tell Her that they gotta go to a hotel it's yo Crib put yo feet down gang 💯

  61. Vanessa Lynn

    Vanessa Lynn11 hours ago


  62. Bill Anon

    Bill Anon11 hours ago

    That is pretty inconsiderate. You need to talk to Bri to figure out the solution here, you need an end date to this visit..

  63. Teresa Teresa

    Teresa Teresa11 hours ago

    This is the reason why I said bri should have not taken his ass back. Now all of a sudden he done because things not going his way. Talking about lust and pleasure, which means he only wanted bri back so bad because he wanted to sleep with her. RUGWACK! that's what this dude is.

  64. Love Life

    Love Life11 hours ago


  65. Jah Tillah

    Jah Tillah12 hours ago

    Davine we are fans of you we growing with you USlikes keep demonetizing your channel because the cursing and stuff if you decide to change your content and switch it up we still rocking with you w.e fr #rugratgang

  66. Heartless Pezo

    Heartless Pezo12 hours ago

    Rugrat Gang💪

  67. Juan Rivera

    Juan Rivera12 hours ago

    These lame ass USlikesrs do anything for views now and day’s

  68. Reality video

    Reality video12 hours ago

    We all waiting for all new music that haven't been released yet even from one video u suppose been dropping a song soon💥

  69. TheLive Spot

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  70. XS_vibz

    XS_vibz12 hours ago

    Fun fact:Just swing swing swing, role role role, stump stump stump and you'll win any fight😅

  71. the beast gaming beast

    the beast gaming beast12 hours ago

    Ming 2:03 i did not get nothing he said 😭😭😭😂😂 and i did not under stand 89 % of the vid

  72. Jesus Tuero

    Jesus Tuero12 hours ago

    its the drug dealer nails for me LMAO

  73. Randall DOWDY

    Randall DOWDY12 hours ago

    We love you davane $RandallDowdy

  74. Tamar McDermott

    Tamar McDermott12 hours ago

    Whos the baby? I’m alil confused😂😂

  75. Wanda Shepard

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  76. Daniel Dewale

    Daniel Dewale13 hours ago

    Ik damn well I ain’t the only one that didn’t understand what he was saying for the first 5 minutes

  77. Darius Blair

    Darius Blair13 hours ago

    $Paytheeboii #backshotsall2021

  78. Daniel Dewale

    Daniel Dewale13 hours ago

    What was the point of this vid

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  80. Live Family

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    Rs bro 😂😂😂