Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian

Hi my name is Bailey Sarian and I am here to talk about True Crime \u0026 Makeup. YES its an odd combination, but I couldn't just pick ONE topic to focus on, why not mix them both together?

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  1. D W Arthur's Little Sister

    D W Arthur's Little Sister7 hours ago

    He married her for her family's money.

  2. Vayne

    Vayne7 hours ago

    I LOVE the lipstick. I think you look really pretty with darker hair, too.

  3. carla robles

    carla robles7 hours ago

    Watching all the way from ph 💪🏼😍🔥

  4. Jami Fitz

    Jami Fitz7 hours ago

    Bailey Could you please bring back the TPFC shirt with Saint on it ?? In plus sizes please !! 🙏🙏

  5. A Healthier Hannah

    A Healthier Hannah7 hours ago

    Have you seen the documentary “there’s something wrong with aunt Diane”? You should do that story!

  6. gRinchY 230490

    gRinchY 2304907 hours ago

    In regards to you giving the backstory to these killers - I didn't think of it as you excusing these people or making us feel sorry for them, they are signs for us to look out for in children's home lives because worse case scenario these children either don't make it or they grow up to be killers (yes there are other outcomes but these are THE WORST). Also, you give us as much detail on the victims as you possibly can too tbf. Big difference between an excuse and an explanation of events

  7. Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Taylor7 hours ago

    Please do the dena schlosser case!!!! Love you so muchhhh

  8. Ece idil

    Ece idil7 hours ago

    I love these colors on you, I will try as well.

  9. Lola Blue

    Lola Blue7 hours ago

    Love your theme song

  10. Amila Hodzic

    Amila Hodzic7 hours ago

    Could you go a video on Dena Schlosser and also an idea, a video on Marc Dutroux? They are truly two people who are pure evil

  11. Tia Lalande

    Tia Lalande7 hours ago

    Your so beautiful!

  12. Mursalin Hasan Chowdhury Alfie

    Mursalin Hasan Chowdhury Alfie7 hours ago

    If I'm not wrong, the nieces moved in as their parents were separating and they went to stay at their aunt's place for some time. I read it in the book 'In a Dark Place', which was based on their story.

  13. Mary Grim

    Mary Grim8 hours ago

    You make my Mondays each week... thank you

  14. Chrissy Cone

    Chrissy Cone8 hours ago

    Signed 👍 We need a detailed tutorial of that eye look.

  15. Maria Palomba

    Maria Palomba8 hours ago

    And abuse, sorry, Aileen suffered a lot of abuse since young age too, like you have rightly pointed out

  16. Rose Chau

    Rose Chau8 hours ago

    I want to go to class for police science. I'm 54 am I to old

  17. Maria Palomba

    Maria Palomba8 hours ago

    Thank you for yet another very interesting and entertaining video. I’ve always felt sorry for Aileen Wuornos. She had a horrible, horrible childhood and life so in my eyes she’s a victim of the deprivation she had to suffer since she was born.

  18. hellman favereua

    hellman favereua8 hours ago

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  19. Kira Leonard

    Kira Leonard8 hours ago

    How u done the story on the blue eye butcher that is a sad messed up story u be into it

  20. Erin Lynn

    Erin Lynn8 hours ago

    I'm pausing here, after Bailey felt, once AGAIN, that she had to tell some of you that by sharing the backgrounds of who she talks about, she's not making them out to be the victims.. WAKE UP- over 90% of lunatics that we read about becoming killers and sociopaths STARTED OUT ABUSED! Does that make their actions okay, absolutely not! But it goes a long way in explaining their actions. If you are too afraid to see the truth of this, maybe this isn't the right channel for you. Part of the reason I like this channel over others is because I get to see the entire story, from beginning to end. Bailey does all this research, and you wanna complain? Give the woman her dues or move on. A person doesn't typically become a psychopath because their life was peachy keen. Stop story blocking!

  21. Kira Leonard

    Kira Leonard8 hours ago

    Found u on Facebook been obsessed with your videos so i type u in on youtube and been watchin every video

  22. hellman favereua

    hellman favereua8 hours ago

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  23. Just Me

    Just Me8 hours ago

    This one freaked me out.

  24. Ganna Lavrova

    Ganna Lavrova8 hours ago

    I love that look

  25. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan8 hours ago

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  26. Nat MShep

    Nat MShep8 hours ago

    Happy you’re back! Always take time for yourself! Love LOVE LOVE tour bat tat (bats yes?)!!! Honestly, love all your ink!

  27. Dmitry K

    Dmitry K8 hours ago

    In Eastern Europe we have a ritual to cover all the mirrors when someone dies because it's believed that the soul of the dead person lingers for some time and they can get upset finding out that they're dead or even get trapped in the mirror.

  28. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan8 hours ago

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  29. sylviane

    sylviane8 hours ago

    lazy masquerade bailey sarian 🤝 my day: 🥳😊💜

  30. Michelle Abercrombie

    Michelle Abercrombie8 hours ago


  31. emma jensen

    emma jensen8 hours ago

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    Allanah Jonas8 hours ago


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    김김성훈8 hours ago

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  34. emma jensen

    emma jensen8 hours ago

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  35. nix t

    nix t8 hours ago

    Just discovered Bailey a month ago and Bailey gives me a little bit of a Jenna Marbles vibe in a way that they’re both just genuine, realistic, funny, and smart individuals and now that Jenna is off of the internet (I miss her so much 🥺) I’m just so glad I still have a ton of Bailey Sarian content to consume ❤️

  36. venomsucks

    venomsucks8 hours ago

    Im a DJ!😅😁Subbed.

  37. Nat

    Nat8 hours ago

    Is it just me or Dmitri and Armin looks so much alike? Is it a cannibal thing?

  38. barbara field coleman

    barbara field coleman8 hours ago

    You deserve any amount of subsribers. You have worked for it and I love your sassiness!!

  39. Emma louise

    Emma louise8 hours ago

    If she always wore her jewellery everytime she went out why wasnt she wearing it to walk the dog? Could witnesses have mistaken someone else for her?

  40. hayley listing

    hayley listing8 hours ago

    Congratulations you are the best part of my week :3

  41. WiLD CHiLD

    WiLD CHiLD8 hours ago

    How is it that I've seen and read so many things about this case, and just found out that there was a tic tac toe game cut into her hip?! Or maybe I did, but it feels like this is the first time I've heard about that. Thanks, Bailey! Love your channel!

  42. Toothdoc

    Toothdoc8 hours ago

    I married a Powell!! they are all over the place a lot are in the movie business in some form or format

  43. Rebecca Kerr

    Rebecca Kerr8 hours ago

    You should totally do the story of Nathan Carman. His grandfather mysteriously was shot by a gun he had purchased , and his mother had mysteriously disappeared while on a fishing trip.

  44. Zaylee ann Vergado-Duclayan

    Zaylee ann Vergado-Duclayan8 hours ago

    but like why do people simp for him? like whenever i hear/see pictures and storys about him it just makes me freeze and say ew.

  45. doudou dr21

    doudou dr218 hours ago

    Baileyyyyyyy can you do a story about nikko jenkins? I don't know if you takes about him before or not but i'd like to hear the story in one of your videos plz! I hope you'll see my comment

  46. Dajaa dior

    Dajaa dior8 hours ago

    It’s a movie out about this I watched it and cried

  47. Quincy Yeubanks

    Quincy Yeubanks8 hours ago

    who's here after watching the netflix doc

  48. Kelly Nichols

    Kelly Nichols8 hours ago

    I’m really enjoying these last few weeks videos! Less heavy and intense! Hope we get some more “mystery” ones!

  49. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan8 hours ago

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  50. Chet

    Chet9 hours ago

    The mother is a flaming narcissist

  51. emma jensen

    emma jensen9 hours ago

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  52. Cassidy Rich

    Cassidy Rich9 hours ago

    The black lipstick is actually stunning

  53. Katharine Crowell

    Katharine Crowell9 hours ago

    This reminds me of the Juggalo murderers.. They go by the motto” if you have it we all have it “and this girl had just moved out of her moms house into a very nice house that turned into a disgusting hoarders den. The girl found an older I Juggalo boyfriend online and one day he just showed up to stay with the younger girl. The bf who started inviting random couples to stay with them. The girl started to get paranoid and want it to be just her and her bf again.... the poor girl gets killed in her own bathroom. And the aftermath is just disgusting.

  54. Mika †

    Mika †9 hours ago

    the woman with the unloaded shotgun really broke my heart😞😞

  55. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan9 hours ago

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  56. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

    Kitty Kitty Meow Meow9 hours ago

    Bailey you have to go on tour!!! I'll be your manager. LET'S GO!!! START PACKIN.

  57. Andrea Holmes

    Andrea Holmes9 hours ago

    It’s amazing people have done far less and have been punished so severely for minor things. The justice system is a joke in this country. Smh ... On another note, love the makeup and presentation per usual!!!

  58. Shelbi Lynn Grottenthaler

    Shelbi Lynn Grottenthaler9 hours ago

    🗣DO ALBERT FISH Sorry I yelled 👀😂

  59. studio a

    studio a9 hours ago

    This one is familiar to me. Was it on the deadly sins?

  60. Simie Dulay

    Simie Dulay9 hours ago

    I typed in the couple's name (came to know about them from a news channel video) & this video is what I found on top. So my first time visiting your channel!!

  61. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan9 hours ago

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  62. Erin Waffle

    Erin Waffle9 hours ago

    I would love to see a video on the Marks McDermott case

  63. Marwa Mouradi

    Marwa Mouradi9 hours ago

    JHON WAYNE GACY AND CHARLES MANSON come ooon , I still don’t know box they’re not on her videos

  64. Nina Laura Dionne

    Nina Laura Dionne9 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, Bailey, using a Gua Sha before it was trending!! Iconic!!

  65. Paul Rooy

    Paul Rooy9 hours ago

    If you have to explain to your subscribers what a "socialite" is..... I'd say it's time to pitch to a more intelligent audience..... Just a thought....

  66. Lola Freeze

    Lola Freeze9 hours ago

    Ugh its back...

  67. Elvy Gunthorpe

    Elvy Gunthorpe9 hours ago

    This story broke me. Like you, I could not and can not accept that someone could be as evil as Gertrude and that so many people got involved and participated in the torture without question. Disgusting.

  68. ronald raegan

    ronald raegan9 hours ago

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  69. Katharine Crowell

    Katharine Crowell9 hours ago

    I love Gingerale ! I’m like the only one that drinks it when I’m not sick... I thought. And Poor Justin long, but then he also chose to do the movie. Lol “The treat” I know what a strange movie!

  70. alex x

    alex x10 hours ago

    Casey is just the fking worst. "in front of my dj boyfriend" cracked me up tho

  71. Glenda Smith

    Glenda Smith10 hours ago

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  72. Serena Garcia

    Serena Garcia10 hours ago

    Brandon Teena story would be awesome!!

  73. emma jensen

    emma jensen10 hours ago

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  74. Lydia Cabrera

    Lydia Cabrera10 hours ago

    Love Fernando! That's my dad's name too! You two are just so sweet together,❤️peace & love☮️💟♾️Lydia Cabrera Ferrer

  75. Swift Li

    Swift Li10 hours ago

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    Bunbun Kun10 hours ago

    Ray fire- sounds familiar ...ray form the promise neverland really likes fire-

  77. Janel B

    Janel B10 hours ago

    If you ever hear a creepy voice saying "come here", don't come here. 😁👹

  78. Emily Meyer

    Emily Meyer10 hours ago

    I don't want to say meow but meow I always do

  79. Kiki Dee

    Kiki Dee10 hours ago

    I did smell once. A grumpy old man who's living alone was my aunt's neighbour. He died but it's only found out after two days, all because of the smell. The stench literally can be smell 3 houses away. Neighbours thought it's a dead rat, turns out it's him. The scent so sharp and nauseous, I still can remember how it is.

  80. Angelina Moeun

    Angelina Moeun10 hours ago

    We need more I videos like this! 🥰