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  1. ItzCinnaboi!

    ItzCinnaboi!11 hours ago

    “I don’t have to explain what a car-jacking is “ Proceeds to explain what a car-jacking is

  2. Obama Worm

    Obama Worm11 hours ago

    I'm glad he deleted his channel. He thought he was popular even though his most popular video was extremely annoying.

  3. Staś Smith

    Staś Smith11 hours ago

    What’s funnier is the fact that these politicians were the same people who defunded the Police.

  4. Cyan Los

    Cyan Los11 hours ago

    You're trying to explain all this to people who want the government to be their daddy.

  5. Nedak

    Nedak11 hours ago

    Can they actually ban it? Most research supports that violent video games don't make people violent.

  6. TopHat Studios

    TopHat Studios11 hours ago

    No No he's got a point.

  7. DavidSoup

    DavidSoup11 hours ago

    For some reason I find this video so cozy. These are my favorite videos to watch while I'm doing homework.

  8. rui guerra

    rui guerra11 hours ago

    "grooming"... That word is starting to piss me off. They tried to cancel carson for "grooming" a 17 year old when he was 19. They tried to make A TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONSHIP come off as grooming. People out here really comparing these guys to onion boi.

  9. Cassidy

    Cassidy11 hours ago

    As someone whos in the Gacha community, yeah, half of the people here are so fucking stupid

  10. Mikasa Best girl

    Mikasa Best girl11 hours ago

    Holy shit he predicted the future

  11. Matthew Herman

    Matthew Herman11 hours ago

    Why are people surprised that the shallow fake people in visuals and aesthetics are shallow and fake?

  12. Destiny Smith

    Destiny Smith11 hours ago

    Oh and, Chicago has always been a violent, high crime city..

  13. Kevin Stafford

    Kevin Stafford11 hours ago

    I'm kinda sick of people pretending that fans have no agency to say no to a creator. Unless that person has direct control over certain aspects of your life the whole power dynamic argument is bullshit.

  14. KZ1994able

    KZ1994able11 hours ago

    i mean.... he is a man 🤣 us men hormones are always off the cuff, especially n our 20s

  15. Viking Gamer

    Viking Gamer11 hours ago got got me good.

  16. Destiny Smith

    Destiny Smith11 hours ago

    My dad use to have to start his first car back in the 1970s with a screwdriver, his car was stolen... He caught up with the person because they didn’t start it right or whatever either way it died at a traffic light lol grand theft auto had never been heard of, I don’t even think pong was invented yet

  17. Insert name here

    Insert name here11 hours ago

    That was also the USlikes prank channel guide.

  18. 1Destro

    1Destro11 hours ago

    Ignoring the actual problem and blaming it on something else is a hell of a drug

  19. J K

    J K11 hours ago

    It’s not just video games. In the 1970s & 80s Dungeons & Dragons was blamed for a bunch of things.

  20. Bruh Rly?

    Bruh Rly?11 hours ago

    at least we dont have guns :)

  21. Oi Josuke

    Oi Josuke11 hours ago

    Do people still do the ban speedrun?

  22. Alex Worley

    Alex Worley11 hours ago

    Whaaaat? James is a creepy ass hole? Say it ain't so..

  23. Abhi Nõw

    Abhi Nõw11 hours ago

    Loved the hindi intro i was shocked for a moment 😂

  24. Masta Hoffman

    Masta Hoffman11 hours ago

    Definitely A and B

  25. Steezus Christ

    Steezus Christ11 hours ago

    SEC: Omai wa moi shinderu Me, a lowly gamestop investor: Nani?!

  26. Drake Mallard

    Drake Mallard11 hours ago

    Hey Nioh 2 is one of the bloodiest most violent games I've played with dismemberment being a regular occurance. 2020 release day and I hope Team Ninja keeps bringing the thunder.

  27. Your Ordinary Twat here

    Your Ordinary Twat here11 hours ago

    if need for speed makes kids speed, what does f&f do to them lmao

  28. ScamBaiter

    ScamBaiter11 hours ago

    This is literally me on siege on Xbox one always getting put with the window lickers

  29. That Quiet asian kid

    That Quiet asian kid11 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  30. MrNoName

    MrNoName11 hours ago

    Don’t take sides or you will end up making an apology google doc In 2 weeks lol

  31. cosmic light

    cosmic light11 hours ago

    I already knew this was about GTA HAHAHA and 4:33 well politics will heavily impact a child; we should ban these politicians first

  32. Alex The Birb

    Alex The Birb11 hours ago

    As said a wise man once said IT'S TIME TO STOP

  33. Thanos Rat

    Thanos Rat12 hours ago

  34. bill Nye the science guy

    bill Nye the science guy12 hours ago

    "Jeffrey Dahmer killed people. Why? Murder mystery 2 on Roblox"-Politician

  35. Аnna R

    Аnna R12 hours ago

    The thumbnail actually scared me until i saw Mutas face and got happy again

  36. Gaffel

    Gaffel12 hours ago

    I send my friend who's a fan of James his response and she still defends him and says that the part in which James talks about asking for a ID is sarcastic....

  37. Sean Price

    Sean Price12 hours ago

    he would calm down if ppl would stop paying attention to him..

  38. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo12 hours ago

    Tbh he could of just generally been stupid and didn't realise the red flags I don't think we should be calling James a groomer yet :/

  39. richard polygamy

    richard polygamy12 hours ago

    Fucking cartography

  40. Alex Carter

    Alex Carter12 hours ago

    7:51 someone needs to clip this

  41. Artbur Soot

    Artbur Soot12 hours ago

    ive seen it on russian news

  42. I_Ziellos_I

    I_Ziellos_I12 hours ago

    Natural selection will do its thing

  43. Nistob

    Nistob12 hours ago

    2:57 xd

  44. SwiftyApex

    SwiftyApex12 hours ago

    blaming video games for violent crimes is like blaming car crashes on bumper cars

  45. ENVY

    ENVY12 hours ago

    Wake up. Muta died and this is a clone.

  46. Easy

    Easy12 hours ago

    boomp boomp boomp, yeaa yeaa yeaaaa

  47. CursorJustVanished

    CursorJustVanished12 hours ago

    I remember spending around 40 dollars in Brawl stars when I used to play the game (yes that game still exists) and I really regret it

  48. terry H

    terry H12 hours ago

    The is a USlikes video of a cop directing traffic in nk only problem is the is no traffic at all 😂😂😂😂

  49. Harp

    Harp12 hours ago

    this part fucking killed me 5:29

  50. notjamie

    notjamie12 hours ago

    Pokimanes tounge looks like tuna

  51. fAppIicationof SeIf

    fAppIicationof SeIf12 hours ago

  52. Acueil

    Acueil12 hours ago

    The city who passed the bill to cut Police funding, ladies and gentlemen.

  53. Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler12 hours ago

    Lmao wtf is that alien 👽 in the thumbnail

  54. Arnold Clock

    Arnold Clock12 hours ago

    Nice thumbnail

  55. pew

    pew12 hours ago

    3:54 is my favourite part. The best rant I have ever seen for quite a while. Thanks Mutahar

  56. Jesse Nicoletta

    Jesse Nicoletta12 hours ago

    technically both parties could be prosecuted in this scenario, because despite the fact that the kid took the photos of himself, they could slap him with a "distributing CP" charge for sending James those photos

  57. Captain DulipQ

    Captain DulipQ12 hours ago

    the same thing happend at my grandma and she was crying because they said that one of her daughter (my aunt) said that had a car crash.They told her that she has to give 10.000$ for nothing.But she knew that she doesnt drive so she closed the call.

  58. Bruh4000

    Bruh400012 hours ago


  59. The guy who gets r/woooshed

    The guy who gets r/woooshed12 hours ago

    My friend loved James Charles. I hated every moment of hearing her talk about him.

  60. SSM4 Bloopers

    SSM4 Bloopers12 hours ago

    "I recorded you through your webcam!" me, who doesn't even have a webcam: right back at ya buckaroo

  61. QK SilentShooter FX

    QK SilentShooter FX12 hours ago

    long hair...they are single..heaha

  62. Blair Jacobs

    Blair Jacobs12 hours ago

    Why is your camera work hazy, cz u look like a fucking brown blur...

  63. Maxxien X

    Maxxien X12 hours ago

    The story of james isn’t really making sense. James saw the guy follows him on tiktok and on his tiktok status it has been saying for weeks “16” so he KNEW he was 16. After tiktok he added him on Snapchat. That means he first looked at his tiktok and then saying he didn’t know he was 16 is also bullshit.

  64. Chipmunkboy

    Chipmunkboy12 hours ago

    Hey all,

  65. MaximusMillion

    MaximusMillion12 hours ago

    Muta, have you heard that soon, Twitter is going to give you the option to make people pay to see your tweets?

  66. Boaz-SHD

    Boaz-SHD12 hours ago

    Mutahar is papa of the internet

  67. Da Tendons

    Da Tendons12 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure the trolling service is meant to target people after something shitty happens. They ain't gonna go do it for u lol. But also they're kinda slow brained cause 12 days for 70 bucks is literally a way better rate than 100 bucks for 14 days.

  68. Totallytrippin

    Totallytrippin12 hours ago

    This is the time he got caught. Bet he have shared with underage more than once

  69. Epica90won

    Epica90won12 hours ago

    In a game,where you drive a jet ski,named Speedophile,with a wetsuit on with the brand name ProLaps......its a crime against brain cells to buy an 8 year old that game.


    GNARLY SHEEP12 hours ago

    Wanna be friends?

  71. Shamrock627

    Shamrock62712 hours ago

    "guy" that's.....debatable.

  72. Ivler

    Ivler12 hours ago

    His/her tiktok account got turned down

  73. Int00ract

    Int00ract12 hours ago


  74. Degenerate Dragon

    Degenerate Dragon12 hours ago

    don't worry he's gay

  75. The Enraged Bull

    The Enraged Bull12 hours ago

    muta i want you to have my babies. fuckin ded from this vid bro

  76. James McGillivary

    James McGillivary12 hours ago

    Thumbnail has this guy looking like a barbie doll without the wig.

  77. Omar Baba

    Omar Baba12 hours ago

    “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent”

  78. Mitchell Gillett

    Mitchell Gillett12 hours ago

    of course, blame the 8 year old game for a recent rise in car jackings. That makes sense.

  79. Snowy

    Snowy12 hours ago

    I’ll go tell him to calm down hopefully he’ll listen :(

  80. ExplodingDuckBrigade

    ExplodingDuckBrigade12 hours ago

    Imagine seeing that thumbnail before bed time